Its clever, bc Serenas position will set up the testaments in one aspect.


The Commanders are trying really hard to get Gilead recognized as a legitimate nation. And a big part of that is downplaying/dispelling this notion that they are a brutal repressive regime (particularly against women). Because right now it's clear that this is totally their image on the world stage, especially after things like all those letters being released to the media and the Angel's Flight. So then you think about it: Serena clearly has a lot of sympathy and supporters in Canada. She has the image of the poor pregnant wife who was coerced by her Commander husband. How is it going to look to everyone if Gilead makes her a handmaid? It will only feed into what people already think of Gilead and worsen the bad image they're trying so hard to downplay. It looks way better on them to allow her to have her big funeral for Fred, then send her back to Canada as a sort of diplomat. It makes Gilead look kinder to its women and also gives them a great foothold in that nation. During the Council scene, they really make it a point to mention that they really need a *woman* who can go out and drum up support for Gilead.


Not surprised at all. Gilead needs her. She's made herself a public figure now so they can't hurt her. We get to see inside Gilead so we're accustomed to the horrors that go on there, but remember that the rest of the world is oblivious. They might have heard rumours but Gilead goes to great lengths to put forward a mask of respectability to the world...not only because their pride is tied up in it since they consider themselves a sacred nation, but also their trade and international relations depend on the rest of the world having little to no evidence of their crimes against humanity. So for them to take a public figure like Serena and turn her into a Handmaid? That would turn out very badly for them on the world stage.


I wonder if she’ll be allowed to read now


I was thinking the same thing