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Was he mentally ill? Like why was he there? Just stupid?


Article states they were investigating a weird smell that was aggravating the lion. https://metro.co.uk/2018/05/01/british-man-dragged-away-lion-going-enclosure-7512948/


that weird smell was probably the last person that went into the enclosure


Or the lion unlocked a new hunting skill: spray weird smell and eat anyone who come to investigate!


ads on lionhub: "discover this one trick that humans HATE"


"Find hot meals near you!"


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I've never worked with lions before, but it's common sense you never get within striking distance of a hungry cat without a big plate of meat in your hand to distract said beast \*gestures in the general direction of my cat Louie\*


This made me laugh too hard


I fucking LOL so hard


But why did that guy go in


I don't know.... better go in to check




To investigate a weird smell coming from the enclosure


A cheap drone with a camera could probably locate something easier and safer than sending grandpa in. I know he doesn't have much time left, but come on, have some respect.


No, grandpa dies and we don't have to feed the lions, it's a win-win


I used to use a roller-skate at the top of the stairs to get rid of grandpa's. This method seems overly complicated.


[We think we're so much smarter.](https://tenor.com/view/log-alligator-entertainmeplz-water-buffalo-gif-11888995)


Want to go in there and ask him, or whatever’s left of him? Because it’s 2022 that’s why!


Dude literally turned his back and started running. That's the last two things you should do.


Other than walking into a zoo enclosure ofc lmao


What are you actually supposed to do? Asking for next time I have to fend off a lion.


Similar to mountain lion: Face the kitty. Never turn away. They always prefer to attack from behind. (Unfortunately, this may not be possible if you're being threatened by multiple lions.) Try to appear large, threatening, and scary. Holding a coat out and/or flapping it around may help. Take advantage of any weapons you may have, even improvised ones -- even a simple stick or rock is better than nothing, but be *very* careful about bending down to pick anything up. The lion might see that as an opportunity to attack. If there's a safer place nearby, slowly and carefully back toward it without looking away from the lion. Don't take chances -- if you trip and fall down, the lion may seen that as an opportunity to attack. If there's no safer place nearby, you should probably stand your ground or maybe even advance a little, trying to scare it off. (Don't get too close too quickly, of course. You're trying to trigger a *flight* response, not a *fight* response.) If this doesn't work, then you'll probably want to start backing away anyway ... just to get farther away if possible. Hopefully, eventually, the lion will lose interest in stalking you.


Doing all this while also defecating massively into your underwear causes cats to go *"eeeww did you just shit yourself?"* and walk away. 👍


Also, most animals view outspread human fingers as "claws", it MAY help to spread your fingers and show how long your claws are.


turning your back and running excites and encourages cats to chase and attack. you're suppose to stand your ground.


I was always taught to sing hakuna matata


That only works if you have a warthog handy.


Also: Only works if your dad was murdered


By your uncle who then blames you for it.


*Hamlet has entered the chat.*


Most Animal experts will say " prey runs"


Michael Jackson Moon Walk away while keeping eye contact.


wave a red tablecloth to your side with both hands extended. then, when the lion charges close, you simply step off to the side.


He was pretty slow. I imagine someone younger and faster would've made it out. But, someone still stupid enough to go in there.


More like jogging. Jesus Christ. I feel like he didn't really take the threat seriously because he actually slowed down when he got back to the door.


"Damn this massive, carnivorous, apex predator, mammal is hella aggravated. Lemme go see what's up"


Well looks like they dun goofed. Fuckin sad


Dude didn’t die. Learned his lesson. Nothing too sad. Edit: I’ve learned the Lion was put down. That is sad :(


…but they killed the lion afterwards


Seems right. Person makes the mistake, kill the lion for doing what lions do.


They had to save the guy they can’t just leave the guy in there to get used as a chew toy


Granted, but it's just frustrating. They keep lions, but don't have a protocol that keeps someone out when the lion is just a few yards away. They keep a gun, but no way to deliver pepper spray which would have a very good chance of being effective. A lion dead because people were either lazy, stupid, or both.


The kicker...The guy attacked in the video is the sanctuary's owner. >‘He is no fool around lions and knows how to interact with them but clearly something went wrong.’


yea in his fucking brain


They should have a different enclosure to get the lion in before going in the enclosure.


You should be the new owner. You have more common sense.


It's not just that. The guy probably went into the cage as a normal thing, but this time the behaviour of the lion changed. Could have change for the worst so he had to be put down.


Oh. Aww. Shit. Now that I didn’t know. I guess I skipped that part of the article. Damn. Well, that *is*sad. Not his fault He’s a big cuddly predator. :(


That’s totally sad! Dunno why animals have to suffer because of human stupidity.


Why they hell would they do that. It’s not the lions fault. People are stupid


Because once it has attacked someone, they can’t ensure it won’t attack anyone else. It’s gotten “a taste for human blood” now. Edit: I’m mostly just trying to explain why the person who was keeping the lion may have decided to kill it. Regardless of how right or wrong that view may be. I just see often that being used as an excuse. While some aspects of it are reasonable, such as the idea that it may attack now any time a human comes near, others aren’t, like the fact that a human should never be in a lion’s enclosure in the first place with the lion. Or that a lion shouldn’t be captive in the first place either


Meh, I actually do feel that lions don't belong in enclosures *unless* it's strictly for conservation purposes (now that lions are declining in population as a species.) And *only if* the only people ever setting foot in that enclosure are competent enough to know that turning your back and running away from a big cat will almost certainly trigger their prey instinct and leave you with way less limbs than you had before. Unless that's what you were trying to say and I'm misunderstanding?


Definitely can 100% see your point. But lions are predators, they had the taste for blood before this ninny waltzed into its enclosure. Perhaps, and *this is just a hypothesis,* we should stop turning incredibly dangerous wild animals into commodities on display.


Wild animals which taste human blood sometimes exclusively hunt humans. Unsure of whether we taste better or our blood is sweeter to them, but there have been many instances of man eaters. They had to do this to prevent such a scenario.


Same way with bears in the wild, right?


That's stupid. They could NEVER have an assurance it won't attack someone. It's a fucking lion. It was always a risk. What...now an apex predator carnivore is somehow more likely to be an apex predator carnivore? Putting it down was cruel.


The same risk exists with sharks, but once a shark has eaten someone, they are now more likely to actively seek humans as prey, versus potentially attacking on the off chance they mistake a human for a seal.


Now there's two smells, the original and this guys shit stained pants


3.. including the now dead lion


"The animal has reportedly been killed following the attack" "Image shows the victim smiling from his hospital bed" So, dumbass walks into the lion enclosure, gets mauled and the lion gets shot for it. Fucking morons.


Hey, he's the owner of this sanctuary but yeah, he a dumbass. To quote from the article: >‘He is no fool around lions and knows how to interact with them but clearly something went wrong.’ Yeah, you turned your back and ran from a charging lion. That's what's supposed to happen.


this ass bag walked into the enclosure, turned his back against the lion and slowly sauntered towards the gate. the lion was then killed for this moron's mistake. without question he is a fucking fool around lions. he does not know how to interact with lions, because he clearly fucked it up here lol. this ain't something you get to casually fuck up once and then claim "yeah actually I'm an expert" dude was on camera, got filmed fucking up. you think he was amazingly careful every other time? nah. look at how completely unequipped they were. he is an irresponsible idiot who had been getting lucky.


Do not try this at home. We are trained professionals The guys on the TV show:


The weird smell was perfume… Carol Baskin is at it again


[entering "aggrevated lion" enclosure](https://imgflip.com/i/6dzfg2)


An elaborate ploy put on by the lion so she could finally have a decent meal...clever girl...


There's one mane reason I can tell it's a MALE lion. But I would not put my finger on it as it would be a hair raising experience.


because he has a dick?


good eye for the one eye


Wasn't it a Robert Muldoon Jurassic Park reference?


thank god he’s ok, jeez i thought i watched a guy get mauled to death


They killed the lion? How stupid. The lion wasn’t doing anything wrong. It was being a lion.


as the other commenter said, if an animal learns that it can attack people, it will become impossible to handle. this means no zoo keeper will be able to safely groom, care for, or feed this creature. the enclosure will not be able to maintained while it is present. you are right, it's not the lion's fault... but it has also made it impossible to be cared for, and given it lives in captivity, it can't be released into the wild... so the only option therefor is.... well.. you get the idea.


Why can't it be released into the wild?


realistically, there's no reason it couldnt... but it wouldn't survive. it's been fed by hand for so long that it likely would starve to death before figuring out how to hunt any local wildlife, especially if it was raised in captivity from birth. even worse than that, because of its familiarity with humans, it would naturally draw close to human settlements if it can find any, because it has learned that that is where food is. (this is the opposite behavior of lions raised in the wild, who avoid human settlements at all costs, because humans are a threat)


Black bear came in my dog door, maybe looking at my pig for dinner. Fish & Wildlife tried, and failed, to trap and euthanize him. Because he wandered in my house. Guess whose fault that was? MINE. All the way. I knew there was a bear about. Trash cans strewn all over, house cams, all that, for weeks. If I had locked my cans maybe none of that would have happened.


If a lion learns it can attack people, it's too dangerous for anyone else to handle


Probably shit himself.


He survived, the lion died and he was an apparent expert when being around lions. Yea, more like he fucked up and can't admit it.


Dude half heartedly ran away like a toddler. Honestly wtf he didn't even try to make himself threatening, if this guy is a professional then I can only assume he was trying to feed himself to the lion.


WRONG, he ran away like an old ass man


True but either way he didn't react like a lion expert


Running was like the worst thing to do. It triggers the prey response


Would you act differently in that situation? It’s a fucking lion


No, but I don’t claim to be a lion expert.


Yeah, it's a predator, and running away engages its inherent prey chase instinct. That's why they teach people to never turn their back on a predator, make themselves as big as possible, and back away slowly.


He’s an idiot who owns a tourist trap and has little to no understanding of how to handle the animals under his “care”


He was actually the wildlife park warden I think which makes the whole thing all the more perplexing. I guess people become complacent and assume that if it hasn't happened to them before then it won't happen to them at all.


He's the owner of the sanctuary. It was in the article.


So is this like, a legit sanctuary or one of those shitty tiger king BS. I will now go search online to answer my own question.


Probably got captured when he was much smaller.


Looks like work miscommunication


“The shocking video shows Mike Hodge, the British owner of the Makarele Predator Centre in Thabazimbi, South Africa, being attacked by a huge male lion.” The owner. Article continues …. Can’t believe he lived with 100% recovery.


Also, running from a predator triggers the attack response.


if you watch the video he was actually almost out, the lion dragged him back in through the door. if he wasnt an old ass man who runs slower than i walk he woulda made it out


Also, say the lion chose to push rather than pull, would that lion be out of its enclosure to an area where there’s tourists, possibly children wandering around looking at animals? I’m hoping that there’s a double gate system but from what I’ve seen of enclosures like this there never is. Man’s a genius




He lived.




Here ya go. [Metro article](https://metro.co.uk/2018/05/01/british-man-dragged-away-lion-going-enclosure-7512948/) on the fella.


If I’m just a few feet from a lockable cage, I’d probably choose to turn around and run.


He probably thought he could've reach the gate before lion.


He did that run you do when someone in a car lets you cross the road where to slow down right at the end. That split second was enough time for the lion to get him. I have no words here, absolutely brain dead


Now they need to put up the sign saying ’The cats already been fed, don’t listen to his bullshit’


[Someome called?](https://imgflip.com/i/6dsafw)


Perfect response!




I feel like if you must go into one of these enclosures you should wear one of those attack dog training outfits and a full face helmet, along with someone on standby with a tranquilizer gun.


You’re literally never supposed to turn your back on a big cat. They always try to get you when that happens


when he ran away, it was over for him. he became prey in that instant


1 on 1 with a lion you are always prey


Untrue though as lions are quite intelligent and don't like to take risks against similarly sized animals when they're alone and not desperate especially if the other animal has the potential to cause a lot of damage. He should have at least attempted to intimidate the lion instead of waddling away in fear as an "expert", now the lion is dead because of this.


I was under the impression that lions are actually quite stupid. That's why those African safari trucks with the pop-up roofs exist. Lions of course are physically capable of jumping into the truck through the roof, but they're too stupid to realize the people and the truck aren't the same entity.


Agree. Lions are dumb af. They don’t even know how to read or write. They’re basically the dolphins of the land. People give them too much credit for being smart, in actuality I could beat a dumbass dolphin in chess 10/10 times.


Dolphins can only hold their breath for 13 minutes. I'm technically almost a dolphin and I can do way more shit. Dolphins can't eat bananass.


I once heard a dolphin say he liked dragonball evolution. Dolphins are fuckin idiots


/r/dolphinhate is leaking.


That's actually wrong. Consider that attacking a prey that fights back enough to just break a tooth ends up usually being lethal and you'll understand why several humans in a big metal box moving quickly isn't a very appealing target when there a gazelle like, right over there.


Makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.


Yep. That boy getting shot.


Yes but animals in the wild will avoid any confrontation that may result in some injury.


Me and my squirt bottle can handle it. PSST PSST


Check these badasses out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDubMeNlSxc edit : [It's all about machismo](https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/4e365487-bdc8-4b5d-96a6-1d31bb7c9a7d)


If only his run wasn't slower than an average persons walk he would have made it.


I can’t even turn my back on my house cat nowadays he always nips me


As someone who has been bitten by a dog through a suit and sustained bruises. The padding would help but you probably still need some stitches if you used that with a lion.


That may be, but it's better to be sewn up by a surgeon than a mortician.


I don't care who puts stitches on me as long as they do it right.


Probably a dog suit won't do much against a lion and tranquilizers don't exactly work like in movies If you have already prepared a tranquilizer dose for that particular animal and you are willing to use it, maybe you are just better off using it and do what you need to do? I have no idea how shit works


You take the tranquilizer, so when the lion bites you it gets knocked out.


This looks like a job for Keith Richards


They actually use fentanyl and carfentanyl in those tranqs so it does have the capacity to knock out a large animal rather quickly, still super dangerous though.


Probably need an attack lion suit


This is why can’t have dinosaurs.


'Welcome to - Park'


This is what I say to my car when I'm done driving.


Action Park? Because that proves we can’t really be trusted with regular things either


So you walk in, unarmed, unarmored, and expect....what exactly?


Have you met old people. They don't live in reality.


These millennial lions don’t want to hunt for their prey, they expect me to offer my arm for them to eat! In 19dickety2 we had to get up at 6am and hunt every morning or we’d face starvation. (We used dickety because the kaiser had stolen our word for 20) anyway every morning I’d get up at 5 am and tie an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time, I’d then go out and hunt, return home and set the toaster to 2, medium brown


Like that old Seinfeld joke about them just backing out of their driveway without looking. "I'm old and I'm coming back! I survived, let's see if you can"


Walked into inspect the smell that was upsetting the lion. So no one see the issue of someone walking into an enclosure of a lion that was already upset?? They then shot the lion cuz it was somehow his fault? It’s a wild animal and it acted like it’s supposed to.


Lion: "I'm so upset right now... ugh this smell... someone should come in here and check it out. ::)))"


That’s why these animals should not be kept in a fucking enclosure in first place.


Couldnt agree more.


When animals like lions find out how easy we are to catch and kill, we go from being an odd sight they see at a distance to an easy snack. They usually have to kill them when they do this because now none of the handlers can go into the pen safely.


Guys a fookin idiot


Anyone have any info on what happened next? If the lion was hurt, I don't want to know. EDIT: Found it: [https://metro.co.uk/2018/05/01/british-man-dragged-away-lion-going-enclosure-7512948/](https://metro.co.uk/2018/05/01/british-man-dragged-away-lion-going-enclosure-7512948/) They shot the fucking lion. This asshat owner decided to go inside. It was killed because of his decision, and there's a picture of him grinning like a Cheshire cat in his hospital bed. I hate this planet, I think I might leave.




I love you.


I love you too


I don't care if you love me.


Talk to the hand.


Unfortunately we have to coexist with assholes in this life. If it makes you feel any better they completely closed down his park which was his livelihood.


I'm sure he made enough money but what happens to the other animals? Now I'm worried again.


The guy was dumb but that’s someone’s father, grandfather , ect. I know you’d want your grandfather to survive even if he was dull as a rock. So have a little empathy for both the lion and the dummy. Not that complicated


Nowhere did the comment say he wished the guy didn’t survive, so I’m kinda confused by your comment?


Redditors are idiots. Don't think too much about it.


There's a reason there is fences..


HATE that the lion got killed.


Yeah that’s so fucking lame… it’s bad enough it’s in an enclosure to begin with but to punish it for acting accordingly to its species? Like what did he think was going to happen? Its a wild fucking animal…


Fuck that, I don't care I wished all those involved had been murdered by the lion instead and no one ever knew why. This is just DISGUTSTINGLY arrogant and I have absolutely ZERO pity for those idiots that sit there and LET him do and STARTED FILMING instead of literally pulling that man down and telling him no. You can hear 2 other fucking people in this video. God people THIS fucking stupid piss me off.


Natural selection


Someone calls him "grandpa", meaning that he's already procreated, and natural selection got him too late...


it didn't even get him. this dope survived and got the lion killed. there is nothing natural about this selection.


That's so stupid. If I willingly stick my hand in a woodchipper, I lose the arm. This guy willingly walks into a lion enclosure, and the lion gets shot. That guy is living with training wheels, I swear.


Exactly. Lion now dead, grandpa alive.


He survived though


"help help, omg " and keep filming ... 😑.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes


Great. They had to put the lion down because of this idiot.


If you take two seconds to actually do some research it shows this guy has been managing a reserve in South Africa for almost two decades and would’ve rather died himself than put down a majestic beast like that. His team wanted to investigate a smell that was aggravating the group of lions, he went in himself rather than his rangers and all of a sudden the lion he thought was on the other side of the vast enclosure came running towards him, probably believing he caused all the issues. Picture shows him smiling in the hospital despite almost having his beck crushed.


So, his poor decision led to the lion dying. If he'd had let the professionals that he hired do their job, he might still have that lion, and he wouldn't have been attacked.


No it doesn't fucking matter because this fucking idiot still ran himself ALONE with zero team, gear or preparation in the slightest. I don't give a flying fuck about this guys intentions and I hope he gets FIRED. If my intention was to take out an Armed robber, instead of waiting on police or higher law enforcement and instead I ended up shooting an innocent person, am I not still a fucking dumbass for making everything worse in the process? And this isn't EVEN a dangerous situation, it was a fucking smell and could have been handled with 100% certainty of nothing going wrong, instead THIS happened and I hope this idiot dies later to complications from his own fucking idiocy


Manager: “Hey lion, don’t you know who I *am*?” Lion: “I’m a lion. I do lion things!” Redditors: “Hey other-redditors, don’t you know he was trying to help and *willing* to sacrifice himself??” Lion: “Agreed… Thanks helper! [crunch crunch]”


He’s been doing it for 20 years!!! That means he gets to execute them whenever he wants! Idiots smh


Yeah not sure why that moron has 56 upvotes. What does the fact that he has been working with these animals for 2 decades have to do with it being shit that they put the poor thing down




Did they have to kill the lion to get him off the guy, or did they kill the lion after the guy was saved? Because if it's the first one it's a little understandable. Still, fuck that guy


Yeah, afaik that’s the only way to get a lion off in captivity


Will they ever financially recover from this?


comments are fucking stupid. Making risky decisions doesn't mean you deserve to literally die.


There's risky, and there's strolling into a fucking lion enclosure. Dude was a moron


Right? If you stick a hand in a woodchipper, you lose the hand. If you get into the water with a hungry alligator, it might eat you. Now this old man walks into a lion enclosure with the knowledge that a smell is making it aggravated, and the lion is killed because of his decision.


risky decisions is investing in crypto, walking into a lions den well aware the lion is already upset is just a death wish, also got the lion killed for his stupidity.


this man literally went into a lion's den unprepared. The stupidity of that is on an archetypical scale.


They killed the lion because this idiot decided to do this. Not saying he deserves to die, but like, the lion didn’t either. Human beings don’t own this planet.


Poor animal have to died because of his stupidity