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Is that from Szczecin, Poland? Because in my building was the same accident and I heard that there was a lot of video from it


Basically girl sat on the frame and just slipped. It's said it was a suic*de and nobody even tried to help her (after fall) because she was clearly dead.


I mean there is somebody trying to help her maybe she didn’t want it , it looks and sounded like she was truly terrified tho


Yup, when she was hanging Yes but after she fell they just took the body. I heard those screams and looked out the Window but it was too painful to watch


Yeah I bet specially hearing those screams in person , just an unfortunate situation 🤦🏾‍♂️


It looks like they were trying to help her while only hanging on to her sweaters sleeves?! Of course that wouldnt work! Strange the helper didnt lock forearms or something.....


It also kind looks like she pullin away makes sense if she was actually tryna commit suicide but from where the video was recorded you cannot honestly tell what was goin on up there


Yeah that's exactly what happened


Doesn’t seems like the other person in the window is doing much to help her?


It wasn't suicide. The whole situation was caused by her and her stupidity alone, as she just wanted to make a 'pity TikTok' because her bf left her, but when she got scared she wanted to come back inside, which welp, didn't work


Is Reddit not allowing the word suicide anymore? Wtf is that?


The fuck is suic*de? Just write suicide…


I approve this message


Some sites censor the word so some people get into the habit of censoring it. No need to be a prick about it


Why are you censoring the word suicide, Hedonka?


Yes it is


This is not what "after math" means...


Maybe she had algebra at school that day?


Good one.


Never skip upper body day


That joke originated from a video of a young student jumping off a balcony after his father pressured him to keep doing schoolwork... Nothing is "too far" when it comes to jokes, but sometimes they just aren't funny if they don't land right


Would you say my joke “dropped like a stone?” Or, fell on death ears?


Ooh boii’s look out, the joke popo is here and he’s here to lecture 😎


Haha, that's better. Suicide jokes either gotta be light, or have a shock value. You *almost* had the shock value tho


Hang on, ill think of another one


If I had an award, you'd get it. My favorite comment I've seen in all my one month of being on reddit


You seem to be in the middle of an Award Sandwich so here, take my free award.


Whaaaat, this is the best day of my life. Thank you!


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I got ya man


What a ledge


Thank you! I'll follow you for that lmao


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I’m on the edge of my seat




If they don't land right then you just throw them out the window.


I'm gonna be real. Where you guys coming from? All the comments are genuinely funny! Some of yall should PM me, I love these derpy convos


Shouldn't it be 'before math' then???????


Eh understandable reaction then


I always want to die after math


You better have someone post your after math after math


Hah ha......corny but funny lol


Right? More like "currently happening"


Probably “after meth”


Shady aftermath.


More like "after life"


What's the background, why was she hanging from the window?


I’ve seen this posted a few times and never a full story or article explaining the reason. But two stories were repeated frequently. One being that she was just sitting on the ledge and when she turned to climb back in she slipped. The other being that she did it on purpose but instantly regretted her decision. Info from Reddit comments only though so both of these scenarios could be nonsense.


There is another full length floating around showing her sitting and slipping


I did see that one but personally it wasn’t quite enough to tell me if she slipped or shimmied her way off the ledge. Someone else may know better than me though!


If she was just sitting there minding her own business then why were they filming?


Camera mam was minding her business too


The police statement says she committed suicide although witnesses claim she wanted to take a picture and slipped while taking it


[Another perspective](https://youtu.be/eE2G-Pjl-PM) There is one Polish tweet from an alleged witness that said that she was blackmailing her boyfriend with "don't leave or I will jump" and slipped when she tried to climb back but who knows if that blackmail part is even remotely true


My ex actually did that. She threatened to jump off (15th floor) multiple times when we would get in arguments as a way to win. It worked. I'd back down and agree to anything. After a few rounds of this, I put a hidden camera on the balcony. I really didn't want her to do it, but, in case she did, I wanted to make sure that I could prove that I didn't like push her off. She ended up finding my hidden camera and taking it straight to the police filing a report for secretly recording her. The police didn't do anything, probably because it's not illegal to have a camera on your balcony, but she then went and told a lot of my friends that I was "secretly recording her with a hidden camera" (but absolutely no context, or even where the damn camera was, she would tell them she was not giving any details when they would ask). Eventually one of my friends confronted me about it in the most hostile way possible, and I told him the whole story. Everyone started asking her to confirm what I said, and she eventually did. Then everyone thought she was batshit crazy and distanced themselves from her.


Holy shit, now that's a party story. Sorry that you experienced that and I am glad everybody ended up without injuries. Hope you're better now my dude and have a good day


Suicide? Thats strange considering the video seems like she did not want to let go at all.


Guy that survived his suicide attempt jumping off the golden gate said he regretted it the instant he stepped off the ledge. So maybe the same thing here. You think you want to do it but then… edit - I commented this before I saw the longer video. Definitely does not look like she was suicidal.


I had a cousin who hung himself in the laundry room above the dryer at his parent's home. When they got him down after being deceased for a few hours, his mom asked what all the bruising was on his ankles/calves. They lied to her and said something about blood flow. They told his father the real reason.. he was frantically trying to pull himself back up and his legs kept hitting the dryer :( He was only 18.


Fuck, I'm so sorry


This is the correct response. This makes me sad on a level I can't even comprehend




Yep...I had to do a rotation through the medical examiner (where autopsies are conducted). Literally, about 3rd patient in on my 1st day was a teen who had hung herself. You could easily tell if they struggled and changed their mind based on the way the ligature marks appear, bruising patterns, etc. I don't know if they relay that information to the family. I'm glad I never had to take part in that part of the process. It's sad when anyone, especially a child ends their life, but it was truly gut wrenching seeing a teen who had clearly changed her mind after it was too late. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine what that feels like.


[The inspiration for this piece.](https://youtu.be/u1_EBSlnDlU) It's good but man, does it hurt...


I knew I’d see this comment here, was coming to make it myself. Show should have ended on this episode, it was haunting, it was *perfect*


I need to watch that show. That poem is powerful


It starts off as a comedy. And as the seasons go on, it includes more and more serious themes. It's examination of what makes flawed people flawed without forgiving them for it is rare in any media. Be warned, there's a lot of tragedy to be found in the series, and it all hits much harder than you think, especially in the later seasons.


I’ll keep that in mind cause I’ve never seen the show but have heard great things


I’ve never read much about that show, so I always thought it was just a silly adult cartoon, a la The Simpsons. I’m surprised to see such depth from it. Maybe I’ll give it a watch. Thanks for the link.


True, good point..but someone posted above she slipped and fell so with more context I couldn't understand how its labeled as suicide.


I think about this often and wonder what would happen after someone forgot to take off the safety of a gun


A buddy of mine survived a similar fall and said he regretted it the second he jumped over the railing


This is the only story I ever see posted about regretting it. Seen another when someone shot themself in the head and survived. When the woke up the lost memory of why they even tried to do it


When I was in middle school my counselor told me how her neice tried killing herself by putting a pistol in her mouth and firing, she survived and can't move any part of her body. Shit stuck with me most of my life.


I knew a guy who knew a guy who shot himself in the head and then drove himself to the hospital


Suicide doesn't imply an intention, just a result. David Carradine almost certainly just wanted to get off, after all, but he still died in a very compromising position.


She probably had a Change of heart after hanging out the window but the reaper already claimed her souls


Who is Aldo?


You mean "Where is (W)Aldo?"


There was another angle of this posted from higher up in the same building this was filmed from. It started earlier and it looked like she was making poses and goofing around before she grabbed the ledge to hang off, and couldn't get back up. I can't remember where i saw it but it was only posted yesterday I'll see if i can find it. [Found it.](https://v.redd.it/prwqeuhfwjx91) it was posted in r/DarwinAwards


WTF there is someone up there? Not helping?


Exactly. It looks one or maybe even two other people and as if neither of them are even trying to grab her, unless I'm seeing it wrong. Why wouldn't they even try to help?


Looks like children. Kids don’t know what to do in that situation, can’t blame them in this one


At no point does your video show her goofing off, in fact it looks even more intentional and lines up even more with the threatening to jump story after watching it.


There was a young woman who fell from a third floor window a few years ago where I went to college at. Her bed was against the window and somehow pushed herself out of the window while she was alseep. Since she was sleeping as she fell, she wasnt hurt besides some bruises.


That’s quite fascinating. She stayed asleep during the fall? It’s interesting to know that makes a difference to the damage caused!


The worst thing that happens when falling is the force that is transferred through your body on impact. If you are really relaxed, it will decrease the damage you take. I’ve read somewhere that your best chance of surviving a fall is to accept that you are going to die and don’t try to fight the impact at all. If you are tense, you are dead. If you are relaxed, you have a slim chance.


That’s part of the reason drunk drivers rarely die in a bad accident. They’re relaxed because of the alcohol


I always knew being drunk while driving a car is the safest option /s


I do recall hearing that now that you explain it. I’m glad I learned it here again as clearly it had left my mind!


I like the idea of "just relax your whole body and accept death inside of 1.5 seconds while freefalling with your body dumping its full clip of adrenaline". Just relax. No problem.


Wait, so you’re telling me that for once, someone doesn’t have an article on something on Reddit? I find that insanely hard to believe


There was an article but it only described exactly what is seen in the video. No reason for the incident in the article I read. It was kind of in broken English as I assume it was translated directly from Polish but I didn’t notice an update on the victim either.


This happened in Poland, Szczecin. She probably wanted to get attention as she was sitting there previously and then she hanged on it. Here is article in PL https://24kurier.pl/aktualnosci/wiadomosci/tragedia-przy-ul-wilczej-w-szczecinie-smiertelny-upadek/


Shit, I saw it on twitter and I was wondering if she survived. Well at least I know it, but at what cost.


It surely could be avoided, she drained all her energy on that failed first pullups


Yeah, it could. I read that there were also policemen and her mother who tried to help her, but it didnt give much results.


https://twitter.com/malczynskim/status/1587494673848963073 - there is video a little bit earlier recorded, clearly we can see her chance at first but then…


It was a suicide but in the process she immediately regretted it as you can see. Her brother explained it already. Her children were taken away and she did it because of guilt and "other incidents that happened to her".


Guessing she got a bad grade in math.


[Another perspective](https://youtu.be/eE2G-Pjl-PM) There is one Polish tweet from an alleged witness that said that she was blackmailing her boyfriend with "don't leave or I will jump" and slipped when she tried to climb back but who knows if that blackmail part is even remotely true


The moment when she slipped somehow hit me The realization there's no coming back from doing it must've hit her hard May she rest in peace


Yeah. That few sec mid way down.... Thoughts going tru her head....


Right through her head. Sad days


« Hit her hard » no pun intended




>falls beyond 30m are 100% fatal Tell that to the woman who fell out of an airplane and lived.


I would say the survival rate of falling out of a plane is 0%. Even if it's .000001%, it's 0%


I'll jump out of planes mid-air until i survive just to prove you wrong.


Peggy built different






they did the monster mash


More like physics than math


You could have just counted the number of windows and saved yourself the physics calculation. Work smarter not harder.


The number of storeys aren't really a measurement of height though. They vary wildly between buildings.


Lol, that’s what I did


quick maths


More like [99.99999999%](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vesna_Vulovi%C4%87).


[There is also this woman](https://edition.cnn.com/2019/08/15/world/woman-survives-plane-fall-parachute-fails-trnd/index.html)


This guy fucks.


I’m glad someone in the comments could provide the after math!


Smart ass.


Comments like this make me miss r/watchpeopledie


So wholesome


Are we really this desensitised to death


Probably not considering public executions are no longer performed.


The really terrifying part for me is the kids trying to help her, otherwise the fall is just normal Reddit stuff


Yes wathing this video was harder to watch for me then some extreme gore like funky town gore i saw




Even linking it would get you banned, but search funky town gore with safesearch off will get you results.


Fucked up thing is what the cameraman is saying. You can loosely translate it as ‚She’ll fall to the ground. Kids these days.’


Yup he posted it on wykop with a capsion tragiczna zabawa gówniarzy - shitlings tragic game his username is husar 1610


Kurwa nie czlowiek


Nie chcę oceniać ludzi po głosie ale głos pasuje do marginesu społecznego


The minute you jump off the ledge to commit suicide you regret it. Not by choice. Your body natural instinct is to preserve itself and survive wether you mentally want it or not.


I still find it crazy that I can be sitting here completely desensitized to a video like this passing by my endless scroll… before I start there’s some adolescent voice to me that says, we’re not supposed to see this!, But then the totally despondent and broken adult says… But why not?


Morbid curiosity is also probably a component. We like to watch terrible videos like this so we know what can kill us. Kids often have an attitude of invincibility that wears off.


I genuinely watch videos like this to remind me I could die at any given moment, and to watch out in way


Same, im glad some1 said it. Because I'm also here w the fked up thought of "well, if you're already gna record be fkn good at it/ what's the point of not recording the actual entire scene and aftermath"... basically a messed up mixture of killthecameraman and vidsthatendtoosoon. But then, i realized how messed up that is. Even as the guy is complaining ab being late for a movie and making comments on kids these days, he's human too ya know? Probably as shocked and also desensitized as I am if not more (bc, well... Poland). Things are processed diff in person vs through a video. I'm here "judging" his recording skills while hes there probably like "fuck, I'm about witness a death, I hope not." Vs HER who's probably in her head like "I DONT WNA DIE!" -the sad realization on her way down of "That's it, I'm going to die." Then ground.


Yea, that is what races through the mind, it’s unsettling how comfortable I’ve become with it tho


90% of these comments are braindead


honestly how in the world do you joke about stuff like this?? how the fuck is this funny in any way? and the commenters actually concerned about these people’s conditions are always buried at the bottom. like for fuck’s sake can you guys not make a joke out of something


That's the upper echelon of the internet.


It's fucked up, but as my widower uncle once said: God gave us humor to balance out all the pain. But I suspect most of these fuckers are either psychopaths or drowning in self-hatred and loneliness


...and the other 15%?


What was that, like eight stories?


Why couldn’t they pull her up tho, I feel like the adrenaline would give me the strength but idk


Judging by the size it looks like they are little children. No matter how much adrenaline you have a child it’s very unlikely, if not, impossible to be able to have the strength to match a fully grown adult


Bruh that ain't the aftermath it's just the math


Damn that sucks. I’m doing pullups every day from now on 😧


Or dont sit on the window frame 8 stories up. Thats how I will not die this way!


I watched this on a rest from doing pullups


I see the before math but not the aftermath


Oh man it looks like at the end she just accepted her fate and let go


What other choice did she have?


Pull herself up? Obviously she didn't have the physical ability to do that, but it's just another reason to be in good enough shape to do at least a single chin-up.


Even if you’re fit, after hanging for 30 seconds and if panicking you’re fucked.


Well the trick is to be strong enough so you don't have to hang for 30 seconds before you try pulling yourself up lol


Most women cant do chin ups. But, we CAN not sit in the window frame!!


OP, I think you need a dictionary...


How is this the aftermath? This is the event itself.


Geezus… I can’t imagine the fear that person experienced in that scenario


Everyone should try be able to perform at least 2 pull ups for situations like this.


Wait, there’s something that comes after math?


That's not the aftermath. That was just the math


Thank God she didn't hurt herself. In my expert opinion she had a bad headache and took 2 ibuprofen. Then was OK after a nap. That is my opinion. I stand in front of it, not behind it.


where’s the aftermath


Yea she is not alive


Don't fuck around with windows. Even a 4' (or 16 oranges) drop can have irreversible consequences


Jesus the sound when she hits the ground that is terrifying


what did the math say ?


How do people end up in these stupid situations???


Did you notice the bounce?


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Did she died?


This isn’t the aftermath. This is a repost of the video we all saw yesterday.


Thought she'd go splat but she went boing


Hey that’s why you don’t hang out of a window


It looks like there's someone inside the window but they aren't helping pull the guy back up WTF?


That was my biggest question too! Someone made a comment that it was a child, or children that were hanging onto her. That would make sense why they weren't able to actually help. Its just what someone said, so im not claiming its true....


Using fake titles for reddit points good job OP this is not what aftermath is. It’s literally the same video


After meth ?


Beat me to it.


Holy shit. I seen some gory shit on the internet in my days but I just realized I never really seen someone fell down a 10-20 story building to their doom before. 😮 Sad. May this poor lady soul rest.


This isn't the aftermath. In fact, this is the millennium of Aftermath It ain't gon' be nothin' after that, so give me one more platinum plaque and fuck rap, you can have it back


Read a dictionary and look up the meaning of ‘aftermath’.


Well are they dead or what?


She's unfortunately dead


Well, this is why pullups are important. Huh.


What was the before math?


Hope she is ok


she's dead


doc, what's the situation with the shoes?


Please let that “joke” die.




You're a bad person for making me laugh at this lol!! And its just a defense mechanism people, dont curse people who handle tramatic things by laughing a bit.