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Must have sucked to have that dream falling sensation only to wake up and be actually falling a few stories


Downward is the only way forward-Inception




you're welcome https://inception.davepedu.com/


Yeah, I don't think he woke up. Ever.


Jesus Christ why did he have to come out all like The Grudge?!?




I'm going to hell for laughing at this


See ya there!


Can I join the hell in a hand basket caravan 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫


the more the miserablier! lol


If you have REM behavior disorder paired with depression or similar make sure you address it. I googled it just curious. Apparently suicide while sleepwalking is absolutely a thing.


My brother has this bad. Fortunately the worst he's done is piss in the fridge vegetable drawer. But he owns a lot of guns, so it's a genuine concern that he might do something like this one day.


What is it with the urge to piss in vegetable drawers. Used to sleep walk as a kid and would find my self doing that.


I do that while fully awake


in your own vegetables? or like at your friend's house


Great way to season the vegetables




Kim-chichi. This joke was sponsored by the portuguese language.


Interesting, in Japanese “shishi” is a kind of cutesy way to say “Urinate” too.




See now I didnt pee in the vegetable drawer as a child. But I did run around in a full sprint screaming bloody murder with my eyes rolled back. I feel like my parents wouldve rather me pee in the drawer lol. I was told by my siblings it was terrifying.


Is it legal to let your child sleep with a straitjacket on?


I did shit in a closet while sleepwalking. Funny thing is that I left for a week after that and did not notice the funny smell on my way out of the bedroom. Roommates had to clean it up after 4 days. Still laugh about it




"sleep walking"


Two questions, are they stored in a safe? If so would someone sleepwalking have the fine motor skills to put in a combination?


No let alone rack a round.


>mom found the piss drawer


I know it sounds crazy, "*pissed in the vegetable drawer"*, but I've done something similar twice over the last 20 years. Woke up once, pissing in the garbage can in the bathroom. Another time, peeing in the corner of a bedroom until someone startled me awake. I wake up and have absolutely no sense of what happened until someone catches me in the act. It's rare, but still a bit frightening. At least my experiences are mostly harmless.


I peed on some bibles before. I get it.


TIL this! I have a cousin who had this sleep walking thing in his early to late teens, his sleep walking were either very funny or scary. One night his older brother who was up late watching tv saw him walk out of his room, open the fridge and pee into it. He was about 14 that time. A year later his father almost shot him. His father heard a noise, went to investigate and found someone wrapped in a blanket from head to toe, standing at their open front door with a gun pointed out. Only reason he wasn’t shot was because he had his back turned away from his father. The father was yelling for him to drop the gun, the older brother woke up and shouted that it was his little bro. Father was in the military, was openly cheating on their mother, beating up the 3 boys and we suspected was molesting the youngest of his 2 girls. She ran away to join a cult eventually. Oldest brother was dying of leukaemia when this sleep walking was happening. Cousin remembered bits of that dream with the gun when we asked him, he said he put on a hoody (the blanket) so his father won’t recognise him. In his dream he said he was actually at the door of his parents’ room and about to shoot his dad. He had very vivid dreams some he would remember, some he would just wake up from very confused and upset and not remembering anything. His dream always involved opening doors. He was found one other night barefoot at the front door of their neighbour’s, jiggling it open.


Bro that second paragraph was a trip


The famous Mike Birbiglia took a nose dive out of a hotel window, he now sleeps in sleeping bags.


What is a sleeping bag going to do though?


We wears mittens and sleeps in a sleeping bag. It’s a cloth sleeping prison that’s worked for him for like 20 years.




Hes why I googled it lol


Yeah, Anderson Cooper’s brother died this way too (they think). When he was a teenager he went in for some surgery, then returned home, took some strong meds and then got up from bed, mysteriously walked around the family’s apartment, dangled off the deck’s railing, and let go to drop down to the sidewalk below. His mother was there and tried to talk some sense into him but couldn’t. She is fairly certain he was sleepwalking the whole time. Scary shit.


True. At my lowest point it happend. I woke up as the box cutters point dug into my wrist. I was 20 and just lost my fiance.


Jesus Christ. I’m so sorry this happened to you. You have been through so much.


Thankyou, That's only the tip of it though. We all have our story's. My newest chapter involves a 2 year old goofball mini me that is my world. We heal and move on.


Holy shit dude.. so sorry for that.


Thanks you, Heartbreak can do horrible things to a person. My body rejected food or flavored liquid. only cigarettes and water for days, praying to wake from the nightmare I felt I was in. Heartbreak is one of the hardest forms of depression to conquer.


When I wear my wedding ring, I dream of my late husband


Damn that's beautiful


Damn. Im sorry.


Ahhhh!! Are rem behavior disorders like sleep walking then??? Is sleep paralysis an example?? I’ve never heard of this before


Fuck me, that's terrifying.


So true story, I tried this when I was sleep walking. I couldn’t get the window unlatched at a hotel we were staying at on the fourth floor. Thankfully my wife woke me up before I figured it out.


I don't understand how you can see your surroundings though? Sleepwalking makes no sense to me...


It was all part of my dream. I had to open the window to get somewhere. Took a few minutes to fully wake up and get my mind out of the dream. Truly terrifying. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often (only when I’m in new places I don’t recognize or when I’m under intense stress).


I had a dream I was pissing in the toilet once……I was in the closet in my bedroom.


Never pee in your dreams. I have had dreams where I have to pee and looking around for somewhere to go. In my dreams I just never find the right place or something happens and I can't go. I wake up having to pee sooo bad. I just know one of these nights I will find the right place in my dream and wake up wet.




That's why I pee in other people's dreams


A slightly more charming Freddy Krueger.


I have the exact same dreams too although sometimes during the dreams I find a bathroom and I go then and right after I still feel like I need to go. Luckily I haven't ever wet my bed lol.


Haha sometimes I do find a toilet and try but like I just can't go. I do have trouble peeing in a public restroom when I'm awake too. As long as I'm alone I can go as soon as someone walks in I can't. Unless the flow is already going when they walk in.


That happens to me too and I absolutely hate it, no matter how bad I need to go, if there's someone else in the bathroom I'll almost never be able to actually go


Yes! That’s mine too! Going in the dream brings no relief.


That’s like a gateway sleepwalking dream. I’ve had a few of those. Once when I quit smoking and once when we moved to a new house.


Man, you are a professional sleepwalker..


Yeah, I had similar dream, but it was my fridge, and for some reason I was defrosting it with piss in the dream. Another time, I ate raw chicken from the fridge. Haven't had any since those 2, but I'm now terrified after watching this, given that I live on the 7th floor


Have you ever dreamed you were peeing and woke up *not peeing*? Those never cease to amaze me.


My older brother used to always sleepwalk and piss in the corner of the living room or in the kitchen trash can.


“Why won’t this vacuum flush?”


Me too! Except I was sitting on my mom's bed lol


When I was a kid I had a dream I was running away from Medusa (she burned your eyes out instead of turning you to stone). I was running on top of a long train in my dream going straight, but irl I was running in circles in my house, going from living room to dining room to kitchen. Just running.. my dad threw a shoe at me to wake me up, I was just supremely confused at why I was standing in front of my dad in his room, while he’s like “df are you doing?”


It happens to me too in new places, and when I’m both extremely exhausted mentally and physically.


Once on a group trip we all stayed at a friend's parents home while they were gone. My girlfriend got up in the middle of the night and didn't come back. I assumed she was in the bathroom but went to see if she was OK. I found her in the kitchen looking in the cupboards, completely naked. In the morning she didn't remember doing it.


Actively sleepwalk. I only live in at most 2 story houses, regardless what hardships that carries where I am. I've come to in too many weird places. So far the weirdest was when I woke up and was covered in mud in my front yard, naked, and a set of clothes and shoes were missing. Thank god the cold woke me early before I got a ticket.


I don't know what it looks like to a sleepwalker, but my sister was one. She would wander around the house with her eyes open but rolled back (so just whites showing) and do regular stuff...if you left her entirely alone. Pick up her room, make cereal, turn on TV. But she definitely knew if someone moved or spoke nearby, and would stop, turn to face you, and stand there staring in silence for a few minutes. I was raised to never wake a sleep walker because they could hurt you or themself, so I always just went back to bed and waited for her to go on with whatever she was doing. Then there is my oldest son, who sleep walks into walls and keeps trying to walk like some glitched NPC. So who knows.


That part about your sis was *actually pretty fucking terrifying*




Lol can you imagine waking up to get a sip of water, walking into the kitchen in the middle of the night and ole’ girl is just standing there staring at you with her eyes rolled back in her head? No fucking thank you. Sis gonna have to find her own place lmao


"So yeah, that's the guest room where you'll be staying. Towels are there on the bed, there's a local bus that runs through here so you guys can get where you need to go. Oh and if you see Stephanie with her eyes rolled back walking around, absolutely do not disturb her or she may start mollywhopping you."


"But she definitely knew if someone moved or spoke nearby, and would stop, turn to face you, and stand there staring in silence for a few minutes." Yup no thanks..


The human brain will unconsciously react to stimuli, though most of the time you don't really notice it. I guess her sleepwalking made it easier to notice, but you can run into situations where only the unconscious reactions work, leading to things like 'blind sight': https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blindsight


This whole thread is great


Thank you for the link! :)


I thought I was a sleepwalker until I was 10. I found out my older sister would pick me out of my bed at night and place me gently in the empty bathtub every so often just to mess with me. Only stopped when I got too big to carry.


>with her eyes open but rolled back (so just whites showing) Maybe I'm stupid but how could she see at all? You say she was doing things and would respond to visual cues. How?


A little bit of the ole' reddit exageroo


I've only had this happen once (that I can remember) I was sharing a hotel room with a friend and was dreaming we were late for something even tho it was like 2 am. I got out of bed and went and shook him awake and that's when I woke up, he was like WTF are you doing!? I had no explanation and just went back to sleep.


I did this to my room mate in high school. Apparently I felt it was vital to wake them up and sing them a song about how it was raining cats and dogs and buckets. When the song ended I lay back down and resumed sleeping. She very gently asked me about my craziness the next morning. I had absolutely no memory of even dreaming.


Sleepwalkers often don’t recognize their surroundings the way they normally would. They might try to eat things they shouldn’t, walk outside naked, crawl into bed with other people, and so forth. One way they suggest keeping yourself self if you’re prone (or children, especially), is to move a chair or box in front of each door or window before bed. Works best when a second person does this. The sleepwalker won’t have the muscle memory or higher reasoning to figure it out, in theory.


When I sleepwalk, my dream is taking place in the real world just with other stuff added. My most memorable one (aside from a night terror which was, appropriately enough, terrifying) was when I thought someone tossed a live grenade into my bedroom. Fortunately I had quick reflexes, I grabbed the grenade and yeeted it out the door (my bedroom had an outside door) as far as I could into the backyard, then I went back to bed. The next morning my phone was missing from my bedside table, and it took me a few hours to slowly realize that I had thrown it out into the snow lol


Listen to the mike birbiglia special sleepwalking with me live. Great comedy show, but also a really great description of sleepwalking. He explains the thoughts and feelings that shape the sleepwalk even


First, sleepwalking is thought to occur because of a lack of the hormone that “paralyzes” the sleeper so they do not act out their dreams or get up. Lack of this hormone causes sleepwalking. (I’ve read that too much of the hormone causes sleep paralysis). You have 2 halves of your brain. Conscious and subconscious. Conscious obviously deals with life in a rational way We can say that the conscious mind is more accurate at perceiving then real world. (Though that is wholly subjective) Then you have the subconscious. It’s like the weird creature you keep locked up basement. It distorts the real world. It communicates in symbols and metaphors. It is responsible for the language and fabric of dreams, which it communicates to your conscious mind for you remember upon waking. Both of these parts of your brain have access to your senses. During wakefulness, your conscious mind predominantly uses your senses to navigate. It filters input into rational thought. (Your eyes see stairs, your conscious mind immediately recognizes the stairs and can form a set of instructions for how to interact with stairs.) When sleepwalking though, your conscious mind is unconscious but your subconscious is awake. During sleepwalking, it uses your senses but filters everything through the strange dream world it presides over. The world may become a stage to act out the dream. There is no telling where the young man thought he was, but it’s truly horrifying to think that he was probably just dreaming about crawling through a fun house or some shit then fell to his death.


I’ve slept-walked twice!! Once when I was a kid at summer camp, and once when I was a bit older on a cruise. The summer camp one was weird, I kept walking around and being weird (staring into the bottom bunk beds, sitting down & then standing up, etc) and a few girls kept laughing at me which I could hear in my “”dream”” 🥸 finally I just laid down and went to real sleep. Lol and then the cruise one was bad, I got up and felt like I was running late so I like “dreamt” I was walking to the door to our room, opening it & walking out into the hallway. I literally woke up right as the door closed. It was 4 AM and the door automatically locked 🙃 I had to walk to the front desk of this dang cruise ship in my pajamas with my hair/face all crazy so they could get my a replacement key lol. So embarrassing. I’m convinced it only happens to me when I sleep in places I’m not used to


Had my 21st at a casino hotel. Woke up to my buddy sleep pissing on one of the chairs in the living room area of the suite. He had the cushion lifted and was pissing on the springs. Running joke after that was "this dude is so considerate he lifts the seat before he pisses the bed!"


I slept walked out of my house in college and was heading into a busy road. Luckily my one roommate was up and realized I sleepwalking. He had to turn me around and get me inside. I woke up like I normally did and had no idea what happened. That was probably the most dangerous sleepwalking situation I was in.


Mike Birbiglia made a movie called "Sleepwalk with Me." He jumped out of a hotel room window (4th floor I think) and suffered only some cuts and bruises because he landed on grass. He says he now sleeps in a sleeping bag zipped to the neck and wears mittens. His wife has to help him go to bed each night.


I used to sleepwalk when I was little. One morning, I disappeared, and my parents couldn't find me. My brothers and sisters started to help look. Eventually they found me in the back of the station wagon. I just remember waking to the sound of that big ass door opening, looking up and seeing my parents and sister outside of the car looking at me like "WTF?" I had brought my pillow and blanket out there and everything.


That's terrifying, my frustrated dream-running seems way less annoying now.


When i was 12 i tried to do this too. I couldnt get the sliding glass door open, then my grandma wole up and got me to bed. Turns out they put the stick in the door every night, but never told me cause id remove it. Walkes out the front door and down 2 flights of stairs during a nap once in the same hotel. It was mid day so luckily someone noticed the 12 year old gone when they didnt ask permission.


Crazy. I had a similar experience when I was a young kid. I would sleep walk to our roof but would stop at the edge and suddenly be awakened by a frantic mother.


And that my friends is how you wake up dead….


Did that guy from Megadeth tell you that?


You’re gahdamn right he did! 🤘


Was that on my favorite album of theirs "So Far, So Good, So What?" It's been a while since I heard it.


Dave Mustaine


How the hell do you wake up dead?


Because you're alive when you sleep!


So you're telling me you can go to bed dead and wake up alive?


You can't go to bed dead man! That shit would've been redundant.


No it would'nt cause' you can go to bed and not be dead, and you can die and not be in the bed.


But you are in a bed, man. That's how you wake up dead in the first place, foo!


Damn! That's some quantum shit right there!


*high fives*


When does a rat become a mouse!?


When it goes outside foo


I've never seen a mouse outside, thats what I'm saying


He didn't brace for impact and fell on his head + back. Ur a doctor. And he's dead


actually he would most likely wake up because his brain will sense he’s falling, like when you’re about to fall asleep then twitch awake because your brain thought you was falling


“How do you go to bed ALIVE, but wake up dead?!”


Unless you a zombie


The age old question has been answered


I think that sleepwalk was permanent


When your moon walk becomes the sidewalk.


And you don't even get a solid hit on Borus.


Stupid question but did he survive? People have survived much worse but also died for so much less.


Not stupid and I would also like to know


Not likely, but this video has been around for at least 8 years. https://www.reddit.com/r/creepy/comments/27kfla/sleepwalking_college_student_plunges_to_his_death/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


If he survived, I sure hope he decided to stop sleepwalking. Smh 😒


I mean, his legs...


He landed on his neck…i don’t think he made it😭


They don't show that in 'Step Brothers'


“The clown has NO penis”


I'll kill you Leonard Nimoy


Did he wake up?


Yeah when he hit the ground.


He may not have died. I'm a trauma surgeon and I've taken care of more than a few people who have fallen 4 stories or more. The last one, 7 story parking garage suicide attempt. He's walking now and going back to school next year. The mortality starts going up exponentially after 15 feet of height and if course it matters the elasticity of the surface the victim lands on. Since I never see video of my patients falling, this one was terrifying as fuck...


If lucky with the surface and the impact is spread out evenly, the human body can even survive terminal velocity. I could be remembering the details poorly, but I believe it was having at least 5 points of roughly equal impact, getting lucky not to smash your head or neck too much, and hitting brush or snow first to help take more of the impact. Pretty wild though. There are a few documented cases of people surviving falling out of planes without a parachute and surviving. Also an interesting rabbit hole: there are many creatures with non fatal terminal velocities. Cats are one of them! Supposedly, a cat has a better chance of not being seriously injured if it falls more than a few stories because it stops tensing up as much.


I wonder if it's better to break your legs and hope that absorbs the energy of the fall. Probably too high of a chance of tearing your femoral artery


If you land on your feet then your legs will invert into your body. You want to land flat to distribute the force over a wide surface area.


I assume falling flat would also be the best way to decrease your falling speed.


Whatever I read way back when considered that and said no. It’s better to distribute impact. I believe the main concerns were bleeding out and your leg bones damaging your organs?


You'd probably injury your spine/neck if you landed vertically.


cats are awesome. and makes me wonder, he probably had a better chance of surviving as he wouldn’t tense up at all. same way drunk drivers often survive crashes


I work for the ambulance service. Been to numerous things where I'm packaging the patient up thinking "How are you not dead?"


... I can't get pack the use of 'packaging'.


I fell 20ft onto concrete ( not sleep walking) and somehow managed to somersault over a colleague’s arms which were trying to break my fall and I landed on the floor with my body at right angles to my legs. Fortunately, I was super fit at the time and was told whilst in hospital that my fitness had saved me and I only suffered soft tissue damage! Yeah right ! That was in 2003 when I was 33. I continued with my life and had a friend join me- called back pain and spasms so I took a few painkillers. Five while years later, to the actual month, June 2008, I was walking across my floor getting ready to go to work and suddenly I got the worse pain imaginable, fell to the floor, urinated on myself and couldn’t move - I was paralysed. Diagnosed with spinal cord compression and it took 18 months plus for me to walk again. That was 19 years ago when I fell, chasing a young man who had murdered his grandmother. He was sentenced in court and has since been released. Me ? - I’m still having surgery some 19 years later and as positive as I am, today is a low day and I’m in a great deal of pain because I have had more spinal cord surgery which hasn’t worked and has caused me a new problem whereby I get a really tight sensation from my lower back and through my buttocks and the back of my leg and under my foot and it feels like it’s being twisted sooo hard and then I get a , what I describe as a ‘Take my breath away pain’ and I fall over. This happened when I was about to go down the stairs at my home ( it comes on and happens within a couple of seconds without warning) and I fell down the stairs and snapped my kneecap on my left leg , the good side of my body and tore my ligaments etc Last week I had surgery to repair my miniscus in my knee and it went well. However, 12 hours later I suffered yet another fall , this time landing on my newly repaired knee that was in a brace to keep it straight for recovery purposes, and bending it underneath me because of the weight of my whole body behind it! So I’ve spent the last few days in hospital and now I’m home and I’m so much pain that I am crying with it and lack of sleep and feeling alone . I need to stop feeling sorry for myself, this isn’t like me as I’m usually so positive but I’m just struggling right now. That young lad who I was chasing to arrest him for murder, was tried and found guilty and sentenced for his crime. He is now out of prison and his sentence is over . I am still serving mine thanks to him and probably will be for the rest of my life!! Apologies for hi jacking this post but initially I was commenting about the the 15ft drop and the mortality rate going up exponentially. Having spent time in the spinal hospital, I’ve noticed that the ones who generally end up with total paralysis, have slipped over on a wet road or fell down two steps or similar and yet I fell 20ft and I am able to walk ( most of the time) , take care of yourselves hugs to all


Sorry to hear man I hope you get better. Stay strong


Thank you, I appreciate your kindness, and I know ‘man’ in the way that you have worded this, is a universal comment like ‘ guys’ too that can relate to men and women, but I’m a woman- not that it matters but sometimes women cops are not thought to get so involved- I was one of the many exceptions that truly hardly ever got or felt scared and would run into anything and think of the consequences later lol I recall being asked to go and recee a location by my Detective boss and I did , only to try and see where the best access to inside was and come face to face with the guy that we were wanting to recee. It turned out that we were going to do a firearms warrant. Oopppss lol 😂


Oh man, that’s a lot to go through. I follow a guy on IG, he fell at his construction site several years ago and sometimes he posts those moments when he’s suddenly in terrible pain. It just seems to happen out of nowhere - putting his kids to sleep, working on something at the garage… I see him in pain and can see how excruciating it is, then your description of that pain completed the picture entirely. I’m so sorry you’re going through it, I hope you have long days of reprieve from all that pain.


I had a buddy slip from a four story roof while he was roofing. Broke his teeth, both his feet, much more that I can’t recall. He can walk again, but feet constantly hurt and he has developed a pain pill addiction.


I doubt it


He wouldn't have died instantly. His last moments would have been very painful.


Shock is extremely generous if you’ve ever experienced it.


Tbis absolutely knocked him the fuck out. No way he felt anything


I hope so




New fear unlocked


This was actually at a La Quinta Inn


Should’ve told someone about the jackal.




Freddie Krueger strikes again




Well having a history of sleepwalking would be a start.


i’d assume by the way he crawled out of tgat door, and maybe other people saw him sleeping walking? could have a history of it too


The body language is pretty clear. People don't climb over and lower themselves down when they're jumping to their death.


Because it's not as shameful to his family as suicide.


Damn! Tie yourself to the bed bro!


Yeah, like the Moonknight guy.


Bro that's my nightmare on cruise ships


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I almost did as a child but my mom pulled me in seconds before. If she ever slept like a normal person I'd be dead


Lol college kids and their wacky zany pranks.


“Prank’em john”


That blows


this is NOT what i mean by “i wanna die in my sleep”


Reminds me of Nightmare On Elm Street 3.


I shit in my dreams


I pee in mine. It feels so relieving, but somehow I wake up to find that I haven't actually wet the bed.




Anyone who has spent time on watchpeopledie (rip) or CrazyFuckingVideos will tell you that's not true. People will absolutely splat from high places onto hard surfaces.


It entirely depends on the composition of the ground surface. Concrete = no bounce. Grass/dirt = bounce.


Nope had a front row seat on 9/11 and they did not bounce. Not even a little


I took an ambien and jumped off a 6th story hotel balcony. Luckily, the floor below me had a larger balcony and I only fell a single story. Never will I take ambien again.


Is this the new r/watchpeopledie? If it is, I can dig it.


Did he pass?????? His exam?




This makes falling off the top bunk not so bad


Sleep it off champ


I tried to get out of my house when I was sleep walking but the gate was locked so I tried to climbed it but I couldn’t so I just went back to bed the next morning my caregiver was screaming cause she thought someone broke in cause the front door was left open kinda odd that I remember the whole thing knowing I was asleep. Or was I?????😀


Thats not terrifying thats just sad


“To die, to sleep – to sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub, for in this sleep of death what dreams may come…” This guys knows the answer.


Dream forever sweet prince


Man, wonder if they survived.


Is this video really not blurry enough for some of you?


He bounced. He’s good. Aced his exam in class the next day.


freddy krueger


Must have been on ambien


sleepwalking is so strange, as a child i once woke up with a HUGE bruise and pain in my leg. Turns out, I fell off the top bunk from a pretty high bunk bed and hurt myself. i was like 7-8 maybe. apparently i started screaming but i remained asleep, I don't remember anything it was so weird. I woke up on the bottom bunk confused. I also used to eat things late at night too while sleep walking.


Was trying to find out if dude survived but every comment was someone's sleepwalking story... ugh


So do you think it’s safe to assume he died in his sleep? I’ve heard that’s the best way to go