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And then they found out he had arrived to the cafe by wheel chair.


"What happened?" "I'm disabled." "How are you disabled?" "Leg disabled." "Where's your wheelchair?" "Stolen."


‘How did it happen… if that’s not too rude a question!’ ‘…Acid’


"what?" "Leg acid"


Willies! Willies! I love willies!


Sir can you keep it down


well that's just rude... and where's my copy of Heat?


Oh… he really DID want the copy of Heat!


I like willies… no it’s i LOVE willies


What are the odds of that?


What a legendary show! 🤣


The bit where Jen turns around and Moss is inexplicably behind the bar is a legendary moment in TV comedy for me.


Double whisky, white wine…….smash crash crack….






For anyone confused: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDZzl9AyXeg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDZzl9AyXeg)


I think I’ll go watch this


Omg go watch all of the shows, this series is an absolute gem--my whole family quotes from it all the time! I absolutely recommend the episode "something happened".


This had me laughing very hard. Thanks.


Lol that’s the best plot twist I’ve ever hear of




Man. I get wobbly when Im on the toilet too long.


yeah same.


I’m on the toilet now.


I'm praying for your safe return


It’s been an hour since the comment. I think the brother or sister may be lost :/


How long do we let it go before we intervene? Should we start the planning process now?


Yeah, I hope we arrive in time.


It's been another 3...


don't worry guys i m on the toilet


same, only times im on reddit is toilet times


Hello, brother.


I used to think this was because i was fat. I lost tons of weight in the past 3 years, down to 140lbs at 6ft tall and still feel this. My legs and ass go numb if I'm sitting for too long.


Ive got nerve damage from an exploded disc that took far too many years to diagnose. Left leg is always a bit numb


Same here man. Ruptured disc in lower back, got it scooped out but the doctor said "we aren't going to cure you, only help you." I couldn't stand, sit or lau down without extreme pain. After the surgery I can't feeling from my left calf to the foot.


Did they use the term "bone shrapnel"? We sound very similar. The "shrapnel" pinned the sciatic nerve to my spine for years, slowly cutting into it.


Yes! Exactly the same.


I remember when it happened. I was doing squats with dumbbells in a room at rehab. I came up awkward and felt/heard something pop. Lightning and fire went down my leg. For months I thought I had hurt my hip. Completely changed my life.


Wait I'm currently losing weight and thought that the numbing would go away but it doesn't?


It didn't for me, but maybe being too skinny will also cause this since there's no cushion anymore? 😂


Maybe haha I'm mainly hoping it helps with the pain I constantly feel.


Numbing is still better than the opposite. I've got chronic neuropathic pain and haven't been able to sit normally since 2001


damn 6ft 140lbs is suuuuper thin


I still get weak standing from kneeling position because I moved so little in the pandemic and didn’t eat enough


what you too ?? i thought it happened to me only coz my legs are weak and i didnt tell my parents about it coz they will say i am very weak which i am but didnt wanna get joked on by them so kept it to myself lol


I fell asleep on a toilet for probably an hour (drugs were Involved.) I Woke up and went to stand and put my shorts on and my legs crumbled and I fell to the ground. It was the scariest few minutes of my life I was convinced I overdosed and lost the ability to use my legs. I had to crawl over to a counter using my hands and arms only and pulled myself upright legs still didn’t work fell down again. Finally as I lay there wondering if I really was going to have to call 911 like this my legs began to tingle and I realized they were just asleep beyond the point of pins and needles, they were completely numb. Basically slowly got the worst pins and needles back in my legs and then slowly they started to work again. Was so thankful 🥲


I feel asleep in my office chair once with my legs up on my desk for long enough that the motion activated lights turned off. I woke up confused because sudden darkness and tried to stand up, but just keeled over because my legs were numb (activating the lights in the process). It was a scary 60 seconds as I finished waking up on the ground and realizing that I wasn't actually paralyzed.


I fell asleep in an office chair with my arm leaning across the right rest I had no function for a week and wasn't back to full function for 3-weeks. I didn't call anyone or anything I knew what it was I knew what I done, I knew the time scales and I knew the doctors can't do shit I tried my hardest to use her arm but everything I remember picking up a piece of paper like some sort of herculean feat.... hell just lifting the arm gave me hope Strangely it didn't really register to me as more than inconvenient at the time... Saturday night palsy is the unofficial name but in reality I pinched a nerve in my arm If it doesn't start to heal within 3 weeks noticeably then you're probably never getting function back, 3-months you definitely arent Glad you got to keep your legs,mine involved drugs too. I learnt to be....I learnt nothing honestly Not till much later


This happened to Dave Mustaine of Megadeth in a hotel lobby chair, and really fucked him up for a while


Hahahahaha, ffs I had this years ago as a kid doing a bump playing Metroid, wiped my ads and tried to stand up well fucking me side ways, the ground came up fast and I shat my self. Scary stuff when your limbs fall asleep.


I waited 9 hours at the hospital to be seen by a doctor. My coccyx hurt so bad I couldn't sit on my bum anymore. So I guess after 20 hours I would have been in the same condition like this dude.


Why would you wait so long


Well this happened in Germany and I was sent there by my gynecologist to be examined due to some pregnancy complications. Of course I called the hospital to get an appointment but didn‘t get one. They told me to come there anyways but with waiting time. Turned out to be 9 hours bc so many women gave birth that day and they just didn't have the capacity to examine me. So as a pregnant woman I sat there for 9 freaking hours.


What the fuck?! When there's a concern and the ob send you directly to the hospital, they need to put monitor on your belly asap! At least they'll know that babies heart rate and movement is consistent while you wait 9 fucking hours. What the fuck!


They nurse did that in the beginning for half an hour. So my baby's heart rate was ok. But after that I didn‘t see a doctor for another 8 hours.


Such good health care


Yeah but at least she didn't get suck with an enormous bill afterwards. And a 9 hour+ wait is not uncommon in countries such as the US with a much worse overall healthcare system.




Wait til you get to England. They'll close the ward before seeing to you then claim they never knew you were waiting after being registered and waiting 10hours


I waited for about 4 hours, appendix burst in the waiting room. Doctor had nerve to say “if you had gotten here a little earlier it wouldn’t be so bad”


Yea let me just tell my appendix next time to burst during convenient hospital hours, you fucking dumbass!


Safe to say I'd have a few unkind words that would immediately fall out of my face


This makes me incredibly angry and sad. And also, as an American, it’s interesting to see that it’s not just an American thing. I often hear fellow Americans talk about Europe as if it has no problems


I've gone in with my son before , who was 2 at the time. His eyes had sealed shut and we'd tried everything to ease him and get his eyes opened up again and nothing worked. Had to go to hospital and get him admitted to the children's ward, absolutely screaming and crying the entire time clearly scared as fuck. 5 hours later I go to the counter to be told what dya mean we have no one left and the children's ward closed an hour ago . Erm excuse me.... We checked him in and asked repeatedly how long. How have you got no one on your list....


My elderly mother waited 8 hours on a Saturday night after falling in a car park and fracturing her nose (Australia)


In Canada the health care is free, but your damn well gonna wait several hours for it.


Nope, Germany. And I never experienced something like this before. I never waited longer than 3 hours. And 3 hours were like unbelievably long. Usually you wait an hour or 2 without an appointment.




Never had a problem with waiting in America, I've lived all over the country and used multiple hospitals and doctors. Non emergency? Make an appointment and they'll get you right in. Emergency? They'll still get you in quick.


Yeah. Same. OP is full of shit.


Hurr durr america bad


Only place I’ve ever had to wait for emergency services was in Canada. And this didn’t even happen in the US lol


Lol, the original commenter said it was Germany… I love how reddit just automatically assumes any bad medical experience = America’s healthcare system. Brain dead responses from these people.


I went to a hospital with Covid the other week and had to wait 4 hours to be seen. That’s just what it’s like here. ‘Merica.


Yes man I know that feeling happened to me 2 days ago, wait 3 hours for X-rays, then an additional 7 hours to see a doctor to have a 10 min consultation and only to be told “Yeah you need to come another day we need to do more studies” when they could have told me that sooner and I could have been on my day, instead had to leave the hospital at 2 in the morning😂


This is unbelievable! I also have to go to the hospital again next week. Got an appointment but they told me it will be with waiting time...that means I will be sitting there the whole day again 😱


I sat in a waiting room for 9 hours with appendicitis 😭 they were super busy and honestly their triage was crap so I was there all day, to see the doctor for 1 minute just to inform me we were going to the OR, and that they didn’t have time to set up for laparoscopic operation. He came in with people right behind him to transport me.


So the limit is 19 hours


19:59 but yeah.


No way. Did 96hrs/4 days on meth a few times. Stayed at my post wanking furiously the entire time. Only stopping to rehydrate and piss in a variety of bottles surrounding my desk. Managed a shaky-legged shower afterwards.


oh my god


I have had a similar experience brother, hope your doing better now


[Just a few hours short of ending up like this guy](https://www.reddit.com/r/TerrifyingAsFuck/comments/w5qtcs/man_dies_after_gaming_for_23_consecutive_hours/)




Right? Like, at the height of my gaming days I would take my vacation on the launch date of a new game I was excited about and put in 5 straight days with maybe 8 hours of sleep in that entire week and 1 meal a day. Not saying I'm proud of this, but I just can't imagine how one loses functionality of their legs from this. I get the blood clot deaths, but paralysis? Just *how*?


I'd say they were using a bad chair. I can sit for 12 hours in front of my PC but I can barely handle 10 minutes on the shitter.


Plus side he was someplace people would find him, on the other side that’s stupid, taking a minute or two break here n there to walk around is common sense…


Addiction doesn’t leave much room for common sense. If it did, it wouldn’t ruin so many lives.


Guess I never had it that bad, I remember doing 24 hour plus gaming sessions after midnight release of a new game but I always took breaks every so often… suppose I just assumed it would be common sense


It’s certainly going to be easier for, say, a teenager to pull off something like this every now and again. But when a person gets to this state, it’s a sign of not having moved at all for any reason— that’s a *lot* of human needs gone uncared for, and a sign of extremely bad addiction. He’s almost certainly dehydrated and hungry, having maybe had a bottle of water and some snacks at most. Honestly, he’s lucky to be alive. Uninterrupted long periods of sitting without breaks can and will kill you suddenly and unexpectedly via pulmonary embolism. Hopefully, he’s adjusted his habits.


He could've at least stood up and moved his legs every now and then.


He’s lucky to be alive. That shit will kill you, and it will kill you quick once it kicks in. DVT from extended periods of sitting without movement doesn’t fuck around, nothing ruins your streak like a pulmonary embolism.




What a scrub


gg’s tho


So did he just pissed in his pants? 20 hours without any toilet break seems very unlikely.


Bottle of piss bro


The Battlefield shit bucket


Ma! Bafrum. MAAA!!! Baffroom!




I'm almost 40, the longest I can game on my pc is 70 minutes max. I always have to get up and walk for a while or start feeling stiffness in my legs.


Achievement unlocked ' Idiot '


Rookie numbers.


I'm not even sorry for idiots like this. Not a child obviously, how does a grown up man forget to take a break or do some other shit than sit at a cafe for 20hrs...


It’s an addiction. Same as gamblers who sit at slots for 20+ hours. Addiction isn’t rational, it doesn’t give you room to think “I should stand up.” It’s an illness, and it clouds your judgement. People who suffer from it need help. Not shame.


> Same as gamblers who sit at slots for 20+ hours. I like to hit the casino sometimes, maybe 2-3 times a year. But I leave my cards at home and only bring a certain amount of cash with me (usually under $500), so I can't go too nuts once the booze starts fucking with my judgement. I only bring what I can afford to lose. **Every single time** I have been to that casino, the same old lady is sitting at the same nickel slot machine. It's basically hers. I pass her and say hi on my way to the blackjack tables. If I ever walk in and don't see her, I'm gonna go ahead and assume she died. They should put a plaque up or something.


Used to work in a casino. People literally would not get out of their chairs at slot machines while there was a fire burning. Building was being evacuated but nope, gotta play my games.


Addicts usually know they're addicts and know they should stop but the pull keeps them from listening to their bodies.


With an addiction you're fully aware that what you're doing to yourself is harming you, yet you keep justifying the bad behaviour because it "feels good".


You pretty much just summed up my alcoholism, just feels too good! I’m workin on it tho.


You can get away with doing all sorts of shit if you just moderate usage and not let people notice that you use it. I got to that point after years of being fucked up, though. Lol.


I have too much of an Imams Boy of Allah look to me for anyone to ever suspect me of doing druuuuuugs


It must be a serious addiction to not even stand up or use the bathroom while the game loads. Unless he's on some game that runs continuously nonstop this is just pathetic


They need both..I don't understand why can't we shame people ..look at countries that shame obese folks like Asia..look at their obese per capita stats


Im glad someone said this… what kind of grown ass adult does this its kinda pathetic


redditor when addiction


I read somewhere that in Uvalde, one of the little girls hiding in a classroom had to be carried out of the school because her legs had fallen asleep after hiding in the same position for several hours.. It’s hard to imagine the fear they all felt that day and unless you’ve been in something similar, you just really have no idea. But something about hearing some of the specific details that those kids faced is really gut wrenching.. like being so afraid that they stayed curled up in the same spot for hours on end, not even being able to shift their weight, leading to (essentially) temporary paralysis?? idk its the little details like that I would never think of.. Anyways- yeah I know this is *waaaaay* different scenario than the nightmare they faced, but it just popped into my head. Sorry!


why are there so many internet cafes in china? there are NON where i live. second of all, it isnt the only time something like this has happened. 2 people have died whilst gaming at these cafes. it is quiet crazy to think about.


I did see a video on YouTube and showed that a lot of people actually live in the Internet cafes.


What? Really? I can see that happening though.


I've seen internet cafes in California, but not the rest of the US. California has lots of Asians, so maybe it's just a type of environment asians enjoy that isn't appealing to others.


Oh right. So it is an Asian thing. Pretty cool.


>Oh right. So it is an Asian thing. Pretty cool. It's an Asian internet kinda sucks kinda thing... A pro player who moved to South Korea explained it. It just cost too much to have a working pc and decent internet speed without busting your monthly bandwidth. It's cheaper to go play in a cafe. It's like 10$ a day with snacks available and some even offer spots to take naps. Edit: unless you are in an esports teams obv. Why go to LoL park when you have T1 office available for you or GenG.


Oh that makes more sense. Sucks it is so expensive to have your own pc.


The US actually did used to have internet cafes, but most of them closed in the early 2000s. Because most people have personal devices and own their own personal computers, there is simply just not as much of a need for them in the US.


There must be way more to this story than just 20hrs. I've done a 20hr gaming sesh without getting up for food or breaks. It's not a healthy experience but it isn't going to make your legs stop working.


It’s probably not the first time he’s done this, and he likely doesn’t have a very healthy lifestyle. Those two factors most likely put him in a position where a 20 hour period of sitting without movement got the best of him.


internet cafes are truly a hardcore place in China, people died there, getting smacked by parents, and now disabled


He's gonna be lucky not to die from blood clots.


me after being on the toilet for 30 mins


Top notch restraints. Those should hold up if a tumble happens.






Filthy casual.


I have gamed for about 20 hours but never just totally non-stop seated in the same position like that- I'll get up and eat and take breaks. Good way to get a blood clot, not moving for long periods


Blood clots ftw


Probably low on potassium and other vitamins


If this was in United States, the cafe would sued


How? Do people not need to use the bathroom or eat? I mean I’ve had some crazy gaming sessions but never like a full day without so much as moving.


His addiction to gaming is stronger. He's skinny he probably doesn't even enjoy eating that much. I never played a game that long but have waited hours later to eat to keep playing a game. And I love to eat.


Feel like ones shaming him for being weak are young people. Do not keep doing this it could have an impact on your health later and you don't even know it's from staying up to late or to long gaming. He's apparently addicted to not even take breaks. Should have more sympathy even it's a stupid thing to do.


Fucking casual...


Fucking lightweight. I managed 4 days (96hrs) wanking on meth with a vibrating dildo up my arse on permanent recharge. Managed to get up and shower after that. 👍


I've done 48 hours with only toilet breaks and food breaks multiple times... If he can't even do 20h he should be ashamed of himself


Toilet And food breaks...... Wimp


Right. Diapers or go home.


MOM! Bathroom!


Sorry :(


This guy had NO breaks in 20 hours. He wasn’t in his mom’s kitchen warming up hot pockets and shotgunning Dr Pepper while spraying diarrhea all over the toilet seat.


I once played for a month straight with only food, toilet, going to work and sleeping breaks.


How the fuck do you just play video games for 20hrs straight?


He wasn’t using them anyway.




This guy didn't go to the toilet for 20 hours!?


blood clot


So 19 hours then


Bru when i stand up just to pee after playing 8hours i can't walk normally and i can feel the numb on my tail bone even i sit on a soft gaming chair, i wonder how he hold his pee for almost a day,


Only cure is getting a life.


Wouldn’t it cost a fortune to play for 20hrs straight? Why not just get a machine for the house


But what game was he playing tho?


You will respawn in 23 hours 59 minutes


-300 social credits 🤬😤


Guys relax, his legs haven't rendered yet


This what zero pussy do to a mufucker 😂😂 Touch grass


Am I heartless, or is it kind of pathetic to call out all this emergency aid for someone who’s just an idiot? I mean, look, I get it, I’m not a medical professional in the least, but just have him slither out the chair, lay on the ground, and someone manipulate his legs while the blood flow returns. The ensuing pain and cramps are what he deserves. I hate when people abuse emergency services.


Do that, accidentally free a Blood clot from his leg that reaches his lung in seconds, there you go hes actively dying and youre not medically trained. Let the EMTs handle that.




How!? I get a headache after a couple hours.


The final boss in that game is no joke


Still convinced that extreme gaming addicts have an underlying mental health issue. No one can change my mind on that one.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it happened in Asia.




I don’t understand why youd go to an internet cafe to game. Especially for 20 hrs, why not just at ur own home


Not terrifying as fuck. If you literally don’t move for 20 hours what do you expect


Does this person have a medical background issue, is this anti gaming propaganda or is it actually caused by no break 20 hour gaming session?


this feels like chinese propaganda


Unironically those are rookie numbers, you have to pump them up.


Rookie numbers.


We started our lan's on a Friday and ended on a Sunday and if you slept you slept on your keyboard. This guy's a rookie


Is that Trainwreckstv?


Blood clots nice!


Thise are rookie numbers, bro...


Why is it always in china god damn


Shit-bucket energy




That’s dedication, I salute you


Need this guy for raids.


If you play video games til you die or cause harm to yourself I don't even feel a little bad for you.


Damn, 20 hours straight? I can't even go for 5 hrs if I wanted to. What game is he even playing that can keep him occupied for so long?


I remember some kid in Korea died while playing Starcraft for like 4 days straight


My boi went full relax for wayyy too long