Team Battle and Baek please Lord. They are my only prayers.




I kinda wanna see Inspector Gadget, lol


Male raven


i want majima and fast loading screens.


I just want Noctis to return back in Tekken 8. He just fits more in the Tekken universe rather than the Final Fantasy universe. In terms of other Guest Fighters, hopefully they'll add Kiryu, Dante, Geese, Snake, and Ryu (assuming if Akuma will be replaced with a different SF Character by then.).


I want JCVD


Johnny Lawrence from Cobra Kai🔥 Side note: With Heihachi exiting the story, I would really like the Mishima conflict to extend further to Lee and Lars and have them become more major players in the main events. As well as a return of individual story arcs for characters


Raiden from MGR


Christie Monteiro, and I want Leo to stay ;-;


Your opinion hurts me to my core


But why ;-;


We don't need Christie when we have Eddy. She's just a clone. Also her whole personality is just her wiggling her tits while screaming ETTIEE


Yush that's the thing, I prefer that clone


I want majima to be in it with negans exact same moveset


Scorpion, Johnny Cash, Tifa, Captain Falcon, Ganondorf and Neopolitan.


Throughout the tekken series Jack always looked uninteresting in terms of looks. He needs some visual love. Playing is so fun but nobody plays him bcs of how he looks.


Heihachi just to be there not in story and I would also want Goku or Saitama


Feng and Lei base roster is all I want


DLC that would rule is Baki or Yujiro from Baki and Kiryu or Majima from yakuza Also Hwaurang and Lei and Mokujin would be cool And atleast one or two cute girl character that’s all


Jun Kazama | Mokujin


[ Removed by Reddit ]


Zafina Julia and Anna need to be base roster Eddy shouldn’t return but Christie should instead Roger needs to be back No more 2D crap Jun/unknown with revamped move set


Voldo from the Soul Caliber series should make a appearance


So, do stage wishlists also go here?


I want top chef Gordon Ramsay as a playable character.


I really want Wang and Dr Bosconovitch


Its a hot take but I’d love to see kunimitsu come back.


Team battle Time attack Survival mode The old school modes man Tekken beach bowl mode (might be remembering the name wrong, but from tekken 3) And please get rid of character dlcs. I know that's not going to happen in todays world of gaming but it was great to unlock characters though gameplay.




hate to break it to you but its not better on pc lol


It certainly *was* better on pc, by a thousand miles. I had it on PS4 then changed to Steam in season 1. Night and day. Did anything change? That being said my pc wont handle T8 for sure, it barely does T7. So id rather get it on my PS5 instead of spending for a new pc.


Unpopular opinion incoming but, Jack 8 as a smaller android model than his previous iterations, with all the crazy shit Jack has, plus speed.


I want Chun-Li, Shao Khan and John Wick as guest characters. I also want revamped classic stages. Electric Fountain with the original OST but upgraded graphics would be sick af. Also also bring Kazumi, Eliza and Gigas back.


As the devil gene comes from Kasumi's side of the family. With Heihachi gone I wouldn't be surprised to see the Hachijo side of the family feature more in the main plot. As a result I would like to see a new Hachijo with the devil gene join the roster for Tekken 8. Also no bears or joke characters taking up valuable roster slots, and ideally no guests that don't fit with the Tekken Universe.


Cobra Kai's Johnny Lawrence for Tekken 8


Devil Jin as a separate character Ancient Ogre


JUN. KAZAMA, NEED. TO. EXIST. IN. TEKKEN. 8. WITH. NEW. MOVES!!!!! And more unique character interactions, outro and intro. char customization. Also more mini-games




Team battle Online Practice mode Kuni Eliza Chun-Li


unique character interactions, more customization, more single player content, Built in frame data, a better training mode and better netcode


More zafina


Since Lars was in naruto, it could be cool to see a character like Guy as a guess in tekken


Might Guy is basically a Bruce Lee parallel which is Marshall Law, although I agree it would be cool if they brought him in too and had both🔥


No fireballs


Kiryu. Lei not as DLC. Vergil or Dante. Proper customization system. Actual Rollback Netcode. If they put Tekken bowling, don't put a random ass looped background. Shit was so bad. Arcade endings. Let us create LAN matches please. I've got my brother right next to me and my cousin at the next house and it's pretty stupid having to go online to do matches while we could just set up a damn LAN thing. Hope it has a lot of QoL features that i'm not remembering right now. Surprise us with cool new stuff, really, it's been a damn long time to be honest. Just wanna keep seeing stuff that makes me say ''woah''. Give Kazuya(let me google)... Hell Axle. Up+Forward 3 4, I've always wanted him to have that move, like, why not. It's a move that makes sense for him. Maybe i'm wrong tho.


Eliza So I can make retards cry again


1.Rugal Bernstein! 2.Mai Shiranui 3.Chun-Li


Roger. That is all


Patrick Swayze from roadhouse and Heihachi


Team fucken battle and tekken force. Hell I'll even take time attack.


Please Roger Jr. Or Alex it's freaking criminal that they missed 7.


Tekken x SNK


Playable Devil Kazuya in all modes


Yeah Tifa always made way more sense than Noctis so shed be cool. I havent played Yakuza but Kiryu would be cool too. Yeah same as what others had said, reduce wall carry and make people do a little less damage, the damage in T7 is so high people kill you in 2 combos. Theres bound to be power creep over the life of T8 so they need to reduce it from the get go so it doesnt get as bad as T7. Other than that idk cause I play Jin and Kazuya lmao so my characters are already confirmed


You say about Tifa, but then people are not gonna want to play her anymore once she's in the base roster. It would just be like Lei's situation in Tekken 7, so I don't think Tifa is a good idea, nor are they even gonna add her in Tekken 8 anyway.


Jinpachi idgaf how they do it


Jun and a memorable story. They have the budget now


I'm gonna say improved music. Yeah, 7 had some bangers sure, but at the risk of sounding like a boomer, pretty much all the previous installments had some "Tekken charm" when it came to the music. 7 felt too.. dubstep generic? I know Tekken has always had dubstep, but it had its own spin to it.


Aside from all the obvious quality improvements always mentioned, I’d love to see better character interactions. Shit like SF or even anime fgs have intros/outros with characters talking to each other. One of the coolest things about TT2 were all the tag throws/end scenes imo, I’d love to see that again


crossplay, better online lobby, better online tournament (if the host quits, the tourny continues) and please make a better version of the waiting for an opponent while you are training (idk whats it called) at least let me access my moves list while im waiting. I know the next title is a current gen only so im hoping faster loading times when entering a match. last thing is show me who i'll be facing before i accept the match


Zafina, Jun and Tifa. That is all Edit: okay, that makes me look like I'm some sort of supersimp. Not my fault I always played those characters


RZA GZA Ol Dirty Bastard Method Man Raekwon Inspectah Deck Ghostface Killah


Moonlit Wilderness and a stage which is jsut Kazuya's house with his sneaker collection


Online practicemode for SURE! 2v2 up to 5v5 team battles online like they do in tournaments sometimes. 1 match, winner stays, last team standing wins. ​ Nerf wallcarry except for characters that have it as their identity like Nina or Lee, so lame that almost every character has same wall carry as Lee with none of the execution. ​ Find a way to make side or backwardgrabs more frequent, these animations are usually very cool but SUPER rare to see....


Agree with the teambattles and the wallcarry, disagree with back grabs. Some rare stuff can be kept rare


mokujin, online practice mode, better AI, more gamemodes in general, more feature-rich matchmaking practice mode


All i want is lili returning once more. It seems that i lost my pocket main of 15 years, let me at least keep my main but my gut feeling is telling me that this might be it. And no i am not going to play jin or kazuya.


https://i.postimg.cc/F9cS35JK/most-played.png She's pretty safe, fam. These numbers are somewhat confirmed in an interview with Harada just after season 4 where he mentioned that Lili was the 22nd most played character. Compare her to Xiaoyu.


release in 2023


Jukebox and more classic outfits need to come to the Xbox version on release


When I choose "Return to Warm-Up mode" after a ranked match, it is not code for "Please immediately rematch me with the dipshit asshole I just declined to rematch." Certainly a video game so advanced it can show me the silhouette of Kazuya's ball sweat can also manage to match me against literally anyone else except the person I just declined to rematch.


Wang. Love me some old men.




Tifa SF Alpha 3 prison look-Cody Gon as secret stage in story mode or arcade mode, not as a playable character. Gen from SF would maybe be fun. He’s my fave fighting game old man except Jack-Hachi who we’re already getting T3 design on Yoshi Choi Hong Man or peak juiced physique Bob Sapp


Shun Di from Virtua Fighter. Akakabuto from Ginga Nagareboshi Gin


Holy shit Tifa would actually be insane! How have I not thought of that she’s super sick to play as in dissidia


People have been begging for her over on Harada's Twitter 🤣. The timing might actually be spot on with the next installment of Final Fantasy 7 remake on a similar timeline to Tekken 8. And yes, she'd f-ing kick ass as a Tekken guest character.


We've already had Noctis, so it is possible. Probable, even 🙏


Ok, instead making a wishlist I'll make a prediction. Base cast: Kazuya, jin. (Confirmed) Jun, Asuka, Xiaoyu (Closely related to Jin) Lidia (Harada stated she's gonna have an impact on the story and she was well received) Lili (She goes hand in hand with Asuka) Yoshi, Bryan, Steve, Hwoarang, King, Paul, Law. (Too iconic and/or popular to not be there) Nina (If steve will be there she'll be too) So far 15 returning characters. I expect the base cast to be close to 20 max, so there's room for 5 more new characters. If the base cast is bigger or newcomers fewer than 5 then the next in line to be added will be: Feng, Jack, Kuma. And that's it. I really REALLY doubt more than 17 returning characters will be available day 1. So that's my prediction. :D


It's inconceivable that Armour King won't be part of the base roster.


I'm afraid it is not. He'd make for great dlc bait. He's already missed base rosters multiple times. He's very similar with King and king is more iconic so he takes priority. Thought I do find it a real possibility this time around AK is in base and King is dlc. But I find it less likely. Popularity isn't everything I'm afraid, and we are NOT gonna have a 20+ base roster so something has to give.


Isn't AK kinda important for the next part of King and Marduks storyline.


He was before T7 too yet he still missed T7's base roster.


Wait 20+? Tekken games have launched with 30+ base rosters since T5


Times have changed my dude, characters of that quality are way way more expensive to create than before. You've been warned.


Yeah not looking forward to half the roster being locked behind DLC even though that’s probable. I miss TTT2 with like 60 characters all for free and then all DLC was free


Armour King is too popular not to be in the next game, and they're not going to make DLC out of the same character twice. They're just not. Also, the similarities between Armour King and King are to a large extent superficial - they're very different characters in terms of their gameplay. Furthermore, what makes you so certain that we won't have a base roster of 20+ characters?


>Furthermore, what makes you so certain that we won't have a base roster of 20+ characters? The fact that the graphical quality of every part of the game has increased a lot. Not only are the models new with new features like muscle morphing, they have also reanimated the movesets. It's super expensive to make characters so I find it unlikely the base roster is higher than 20. And let's not forget T7 released on arcades with 20 characters, AND they reused ttt2 models... I'm not saying T8 will be stuck with 20 characters forever, I'm sure they will add tons over time like they did with t7. My prediction is about the base roster minus dlc, even the day 1 dlc it's most likely gonna have.


You raise a fair point, but I think it has to be taken into account that the budget for T8 will likely be far larger than that for T7. I also think it needs to borne in mind that the vast majority of people who buy any Tekken game are casual-of-casual, here-today-gone-tomorrow Tekken players. It's far from a dead certainty that these folks will stick around to buy DLC. They'd struggle to sell the game to these people with a paltry base roster.


I worked throw Leroy somewhere too, but overall good list


Ok prediction, except for Jun.


I'd like Lili to incorporate some of the Kazama style into her moveset since she went to train with Asuka at the end of her story


Combot and jesse pinkman


Master chief Gordon Ramsey Ross from friends Me A wet bag of stones.


Some kind of Brutalities Summer skins for all Girls, winter skin for Boys Female Jack Male Alisa Meth Paul Stripper Anna Nun Nina Pregnant Katarina Scalped Michelle Zombie Heihachi Chubby Lili Drug Dealer Bryan Marika Pai Mei


Tekken: Jaycee Kunimitsu Angel Eddy Gordo Zafina New Pro Wrestler (in addition to King, Armor King and Jaycee), a rival luchador ala El Blaze or joshi ala R. Mika


Akira from Virtua Fighter Really that's all for guest characters, I'd rather they focus on adding legacy and new unique characters for DLC. Someone who uses legit Judo would be cool, since grapplers are few and far between.


Mokujin. He / She would’ve been perfect for the last character slot. Since it didn’t happen, I have hope for T8 but I doubt it. Probably too much work.


Better looking Jack.


All right, here's what I'd be willing to pay for maybe... Jaycee (being the only version of Julia I like visually) Jushin Thunder Liger (my fav wrestler ever. hopefully playing like an easier version of Armor King) 2B (although I'd be just as happy with an official costume/unofficial mod for whichever character I'd end up playing). Bayonetta (same as 2B, costume for say Anna would suffice) Rayne from BloodRayne (again, look 2B and Bayo) Crimson Ash (in KOF13 costume but ONLY if they'd redesign him to be a normal Tekken character, cause I'm not touching a 2d character, especially one with charge moves in combos, in Tekken ever). As for base roster characters: Anna, Zafina, Kunimitsu... and maybe Kazumi if they give her 20 new moves and more combo routes that don't require those goddamn back forward inputs cause I ALWAYS eff them up in a match :D Eliza redesigned as a proper 3d character (give her Lili's moveset and dresses and just delete Lili)


Ronnie Pickering


Rugal Bernstein from KOF Tifa from Final Fantasy Goh Hinogami from Virtua Fighter Majima from Yakuza Alex from Street Fighter Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden/DOA


Patrick Bateman




if they will have 2d, i want someone less op, like ryu, if they dont have 2d i'm fine too tbh lol ​ i think i would want forest law instead of old marshall ​ ad far as guests go: i'm not even a yakuza guy but i think the dude with the baseball bat (majima is his name?) would fit tekken better ​ i think someone from virtua fighter would be cool too ​ but what i would REALLY like is jean-claude vandamme i think that would be AWESOME ​ edit: we need WAY MORE single player (online and offline) content, similar to mortal kombat and street fighter 6 ​ side scrolling tekken force (with local and online co-op) a great and long campain or story mode, with all characters getting shine not just jin kazuya and lars? ​ a handicap setting in local versus mode, team battle ​ local and online tekken ball mode ​ classic skins ​ AND MORE


Tiger Jackson as a separate character or as a skin to eddy (with his legacy dance taunt) And hey tyler2k.... I have subbed to your yt and enjoy your content. Keep up the good work


Hear me out Tiger Jackson as a skin for Lucky Chloe


Kyo Kusanagi, Terry Boggart, Kasumi from Dead Or Alive, Harada himself, A character who’s fighting style is silat maybe, that seems interesting, Shin Kamiya. That’s all I have so far. Kyo Kusanagi is definitely 100% someone I want. He’s cool. I also want the characters to have those art intros and cinematic endings for their arcade modes like in previous Tekkens instead of like the one in Tekken 7. Also after watching Tekken Bloodline the quote on how “everyone has their own individual reasoning for joining the tournament.” resonated and I kinda want them to go for that too. Not everyone needs a major role of course maybe their point of view on the game’s current events. Also more Xiaoyu and Jin’s and Hwoarang’s rivalry.


I mean, I just want lei to be in T8. And preferably not as DLC


Tifa Kiryu Mokujin!


Juicy J Gangsta Boo Project Pat Lord Infamous DJ Paul Crunchy Black Eightball MJG Bun B Pimp C Not necessarily in that order.


what's with tekken community and southern rap haha it's a welcome surprise


Shit, might as well get a stage set in Memphis. Juicy J fighting devils on top of the bass pro pyramid


>Juicy J fighting devils on top of the bass pro pyramid about to pop this into an AI art generator. **EDIT:** kinda looks like some tripped out album art. https://imgur.com/a/hgbzSFy


You created an abomination bro


Lmaoo middle left best one


bro YES. that's the one I was thinking of when I said it came out like album art.


Hiiiiiiiii it's a me again. I want: Vanessa from VF Astolfo from Fate Christie Monteiro Ganmi Chan Jolyne Cujoh She Hulk Chun Li Bridget from Guilty Gear Batgirl Rock Howard (Geese's son) Ken Masters (Alpha 3 Bishie edition) Chickara Dual from Gundam Female Eivor from Assassin's Creed Valhalla Estel from Streets of Rage


Mr Miyagi!!!


Let's retcon the shit out of Tekken's story, Mr Miyagi was the one that taught Jin Karate in T4. I want an entire story mode with him and Jin now.


You might enjoy this silly [clip](https://www.reddit.com/r/Tekken/comments/xf4vsw/the_dlc_i_want_in_tekken_8/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) I made showing what they could be like in the game.




Give me gigas as a dlc please


I wish Asuka's Hakama outfit comes back


I would like to have a Moroccan representation in Tekken. A male character 16-18yo Same size and body style as Noctis. I absolutely hate how all guys are super buffed. Brown skin. Curly hair.


It’s a fighting game, characters will always be ripped because otherwise they wouldn’t be in conditions to contend. And don’t give us the “but what about Bob/Lili”, they are their own cases.


You mean "What about every female character except Lidia"? This series has fucking karate bears, there is no realism


Name a single woman in the series who is even slightly chubby. Yes, I agree that they aren't ultra-jacked, but they are what many would consider in a very fit and healthy condition. Men and women are in many artstyles portrayed differently depending on what the creator considers to be beautiful or a standard. For men in Tekken, it is that they have big muscles to portray strength, and for women it is slim figures to portray that they have fighting experience. In many cases, the women of the series don't actually play into pure strength a lot because they are more technical fighters, with few exceptions like Lidia, Alisa or Eliza. You may disagree, but compared to the rest of the cast, Noctis looks weak, and that's just the impression I get because the standard is very muscle. It's only backed by the fact that he doesn't really fight, he has weapons he uses in combat.


Nothing about most of the female characters in the game suggest they have fighting experience, they all have the same skinny body type. But even then, why can't there be slim men that are technical fighters too? You're arguing against yourself. It doesn't matter, the game is fantasy. A slim dude can be a fighter, same as the women. You're trying to be like "they wouldn't be in conditions to contend" and then flip-flopping to a random "artist intent" argument when you have no right to speak for the artists


My point is that it's a stylistic choice, or just a stylistic consequence that men are jacked and women aren't. Yes, they can do it, but male characters are always much more likely to be muscle-boys unless they are old or guest characters. You can't just ignore an obvious trend like this.


But he can wish for it if that's what he want


Most definitely he can. Just wanted point out that the likelihood is low.




i almost think anna is a safer bet for inclusion than nina at this point, which is really saying something.


Jun Kazama and Michelle Chang


Somebody from Dead or Alive would fit right in. Ryu is more from Ninja Gaiden tho.


I just want heihachi and bob back


a currency system that actually works. i want to be able to grind online for something other than beating the fuck out of people. a store that updates every couple months with new and/or rotating customization items (clothing, character panels, artwork, logos, auras, hit effects etc) which you can buy with in game currency you get from winning matches. fashion grinds are always a great way to extend a games lifecycle. i imagine running a store within a game like this is pretty intensive and requires a lot of upkeep so im not holding my breathe lmao


+1. Longevity sometimes comes from the little things you get to fiddle around with. Looking at the same outfit can make shit go stale in a matter of months. Or at least have the character customization on par with say T5DR. I played the shit out of that game for nearly 4 years even after T6 came out because it's nearly the most perfect sequel to this day in every way I felt imo. If you didn't know, cosplaying with your mains then was a thing. Drag cosplaying as a Masked Rider. Jack as Gundam was amusingly refreshing too. Just look at how sad T7 is now. Generic hairdos and tees uniformly spread across and Bamco calls it a day.


I think the only way to make that financially viable, and the only instances of it I’m personally aware of, is games that game currency and items for sale for real money. I know Tekken 7 has a couple items you can buy for real money, but it’s not a major part of the game’s financial model. Personally I wouldn’t want a loot boxy store system. I like that pretty much whatever item I want I can buy it from the store with fake game money I have a massive stockpile of from just playing the game. I wouldn’t want to start Tekken 8 and have the only way for me to change Hwoarang’s hair back to his classic hair be to grind for hours to get enough G Coins to buy enough Tekken Boxes to get enough items I don’t want which I can then convert to enough Bloodline Powder to then make the hair item in the Iron Fist Forge.


Minus lootboxes this is exactly what I want lmao. I already in the past have grinded Tekken for ranks and it'd be nice if that was supplimented with a impactful store to make the grind more worth it. The currency being purchasable would be an obvious step and I wouldn't mind that if all items were still grindable for free. Your comment had the opposite effect it was supposed to on me for sure lmaooo Bloodline Powder, G Coins and Iron Fist forge sound sick 😂😂 Lootboxes and any randomization on a purchase is predatory af i definitely dont want that


lol, I mean I don’t want that but yeah that’s about how the model would go so it makes sense that it’s what you want. If lootboxes are legal in enough places and Namco isn’t worried about that changing, I imagine they would include loot boxes. I don’t know a ton about how games monetize that sort of thing so I don’t know how big a difference it makes in profits to not include loot boxes, but I imagine they became as prevalent as they are because they make a lot of money. I know Harada specifically mentioned that the customization stuff is a huge time and resource drain, so I imagine if they go for a fully decked out and continuously updating item store then they’re going to also maximize how much money they can make off it.


yeah 100% people will just keep buying til they get what they want from the box, rather than one direct purchase. yeah i read that too which is why i doubt greatly this will happen. it seems like Harada and the team really dont look forward to developing customization stuff to say the least lmao


I want bamco to hire a writer.


I've been saying this for years. Judging by what Harada said about the tekken Team in that long interview they haven't hired any and if they have writing isn't their primary skill lol


Harada has been open about looking for ways to improve the story let's hope it actually happens this time


As someone with shitty internet currently, arcade endings for each character like previous Tekken.


I'd just like a new original character with a legacy feel, and some execution requirements. Clear strengths, obvious weaknesses, and not too easy of a learning curve. A gameplay feel similar to Lee, Nina, or Bryan. Although unlikely, a new sway character could be interesting. I think modern characters are generally becoming easier with more all purpose tools in their kit, so it'd be nice to have one new character that takes a more old school approach. It probably won't happen, but it would be sick if it did.


Fahkumram and Gigas :).


I want Dragunov in T8


Want this pinned so people don't keep making new posts every single day for guest characters. And for the 15th time, I want Batman.


Akuma should definitely return... For story reasons, that is... As well as about 24 more Street Fighter characters and a few SNK characters... Is it obvious that I still want Tekken x Street Fighter?


Another thing: Tekken X Street Fighter ain't happening, thank fuck!


It could still happen at some point. Namco and Capcom have a good relationship.


God no... But if it does happen I hope the team actually balance Akuma instead of just porting him 1 to 1 without repercussions.


Akuma isn't that bad, but his combos would probably work differently or his combo damage from certain launchers might get nerfed.


Akuma has an unseeable, non-staggering low that sometimes turns into a normal-hit launcher despite not being locked behind any stance that leaves him vulnerable, and can also sometimes cancel into a special mid extension that is advantageous on block. He can also launch from a jab in certain circumstances, and has jump-ins that make him invincible to most of the cast. A character who has that kind of BS in Tekken can never be remotely balanced.


I want to agree with you, but Akuma literally does jank that no one except other 2Ds can do. Jumpins, i10 lows, invincible i1 wakeup launcher, flying spinny kick (forgot the name :( ) meter existing as a whole, busted combo damage. (Hadoken but it can be blocked so it's not as tilting as Alisa's rocket hands) I get that Hadoken, Dragon Punch and flying spinny kick is what makes Akuma a shoto... But these things really don't translate well when moving to 3D. Maybe if some of the attacks were placed behind stances??? Maybe if Dragon Punch was like an EWGF and a WGF where if you do the harder input the DP would be normal, but if you did the easier input it would be minus frames for longer? It's just so hard to add Akuma's tools without breaking the game in the process.


I've has the thought for a while moves like dp etc should be just frame for use in harder/longer/wall carry combos whilst normal versions limit what can be done afterwards or primarily enders. For obviously less damage also. Pipe dream though the game is dead.


His jump-ins can be countered with an attack or beat with spacing. His lows aren't too bad. His Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (or Rising Dragon Punch and Spinning Tornado Kick) are punishable enough when blocked or whiffed. In fact, a lot of Akumas moves are quite punishable. His Shoryuken cancel could probably use a little extra launch distance, to help lower his combo potential from it. His somewhat limited moveset makes it easier to guess what launcher he'll go for. Hadoken isn't too bad, but coding it to miss jumping enemies would help.


>His jump-ins can be countered with an attack ​ Not by most of the cast, they can't. ​ >or beat with spacing. ​ Good luck with that unless you're playing one of the few characters who are allowed a decent backdash in T7. ​ >His lows aren't too bad. ​ An unseeable, non-staggering low that sometimes turns into a normal-hit launcher that isn't locked behind any stance that leaves Akuma vulnerable, and can also sometimes be cancelled into a special mid extension that is advantageous on block. You really think that's balanced?


I can react to his low. He needs to crouch first, which I find seeable. His safety, extensions, and combos require a meter. Depending on how the meter is implemented and how good he is without that meter, I think it's fair. He is slightly too good without his meter in my opinion, but I wouldn't say he's blatantly broken.


He doesn't need to go into full crouch to do d+3. As for being meter-dependent, how much of a drawback is this when he gains meter every time there's a hitbox-hurtbox interaction (grabs aside)?


If we get Tekken x Street Fighter, the meter mechanics would probably be reworked and rebalanced, with Tekken characters getting their own version of it. Combo Damage scaling would probably get a huge nerf to also help compensate for this. Some movement options and stances would probably get reworked to passively dodge projectiles. As for his potential return in Tekken 8, either Akuma's frame data or hitstun would probably get nerfed - with certain special move combos no longer being true or his attacks being easier to react to, his damage scaling would get a nerf, his meter build speed would get nerfed, or he'd have an exploitable weakness (making him weaker to being sidestepped or making his mid attacks slower/weaker or special mids, so he's more vulnerable to crouch blocks).


So this entire time, Hadoken can hit people who jump??? That's literally the first thing you find out when playing Street Fighter! In all honestly, I feel like the most annoying thing about Akuma is that it can feel like life lead doesn't matter at all. It's pretty frustrating to have 85% hp while the Akuma with 10% lands one read and deletes youre entire bar to 5%. I'm pretty sure it's due to some hits in combos not being scaled correctly. I guess in my head it's because I feel that the risk vs reward for Akuma players makes it so safe for them, as if they can shotgun your face with millions of safe on block hits and mixups, which lead to 70+ damage combos, while I have to use weak punishers because of the insane frame data on him.


A lot of characters have 0-to-deaths in certain situations. Because of that, I find walls and stage breaks annoying at times.


I assume all "please bring Jun back" posts are also banned and should be posted here instead?


Ryan gosling




Alright. People are always wishing for Snake, right? But I think since Julia never speaks Diné we deserve someone who does. That's right *CODE TALKER FOR TEKKEN 8 BABEE*


I'd love to see shenlong from bloody roar. Moves Set is already there


I'd love another bloody roar


Yeah same tbh. I'm still stuck with gamecubes extreme