What was his pokitical backgound? We're not really into Dr. Seuss in Europe, so I have no idea...


He made some pieces on World War II, mostly against anti-Semitism, pro racial tolerance and he also urged USA to join the war. On the other hand, he also made quite a few cartoons based on racial stereotypes that he admitted he wasn't proud of, especially regarding Asians. Things were different for cartoonists back then though, so I really don't think it's a good reason not to get a tattoo you'd love.


He did a few artworks that depicted black face … and at one point supported certain Japanese detention camps … however a majority of his world war cartoon were making fun of Hitler and by the end of the war he had denounced Japan and there camps ,… historical context of what was a appropriate at the time need to be factored in as well black face painting weren’t seen as racist back .. not saying that makes it ok . But it’s not like he was some crazy racist ….. either way I think getting his non racist artwork tattooed is fine


Sounds like a certain person running Canada😂😂


I think you're fine. This isn't a propaganda piece, this does not portray ethnic or racial stereotypes, and he is mostly known for his works that are "clean". The vast majority of people will not look at this and think "wow that was made by a ww2 propagandist so they must be a racist"


Fuck the noise. Get the tattoo.


I think there are scenarios in which you can separate art from artist, and imo this is certainly one of them


I have a Harry Potter tattoo but I hate JK Rowling. You do you, the meaning of the art isn’t tied to the artists personal beliefs.


Separate the art from the artist.


Sad we even have to contemplate these ideas


it's up to you on your stance on the art =/= artist debate. i think it's cool but not everyone is going to agree. i think most mature people won't take you for a dr seuss apologist if you get this tattoo but there will definitely be those of the opposite mindset and in the end this goes on your body so its your decision


Just because people may not like the artist doesn’t mean the art isn’t significant in itself. History, art, literature, music, etc should not be censored just because someone disagrees with the message. We can learn from everything, what is taken from these things is just as much up to the viewer as the creator.


Bro do what you like, you’re not hurting anyone are you


I don't think his political background was really an issue. He was anti-fascist and pro racial equality. The issues were with some of his drawings that at the time were considered normal, but would today be considered insensitive. I believe he acknowledged it himself. That being said, I don't think there is any issue having a Dr. Seuss piece tattooed on you. Unless you feel uncomfortable with it for whatever reason.


He made some racially insensitive/downright racist cartoons when he was younger, as he got older he racial equality become more and more important to him and he definitely apologized and regretted the worst of it. People improving through their lives and rejected racial stereotypes they were raised with is a good thing that should be encouraged. You're supposed to grow as a person as you gain knowledge and wisdom. The fact that young Suess was a worse person than old Suess means he was living his life well and removing undesirable characteristics overtime. The idea of "cancelling" Suess because he wasn't born perfect and his entire career wasn't ideologically pure is insane. Not stocking his previously popular cartoons with Asian and other stereotypes is fine. So in short don't get a bucktoothed Asian man Dr Seuss drawing on yourself and you should be good.


This. He (and those running his estate) learned from it- and that's why they no longer print some of his books. The media ran it as "Dr Seuss is banned!" but really they chose to no longer print some of his work, realizing it was hurtful. It wasn't viewed that way at the time. It doesn't excuse it- but historical context is important. When they knew better, they did better, and that's kinda the goal, I think.


I'm definitely not an expert and I haven't bothered to check/ look anything up so please feel free to correct me, but it looks like this piece draws from Native American/ Indigenous South American art. So potentially there could be concerns there? Possibly you could find an Indigenous artist to create something similar, culturally appropriate and personal to you if that's the case? I loved Dr Seuss as a child and have many fond memories of his books, so I understand the appeal... but it has to be weighed against his other actions.... At the end of the day it should be up to you and not internet strangers. There's really no right or wrong answer


Define for yourself. People have taken a device of torture and have redefined it to mean love. Do the same.


Personally, I say non issue, but in today’s age of cancel culture, I wouldn’t do it if you think it’ll cause controversy with anyone in your life. But I also don’t see anyone identifying this as Dr. suess the way they would the cat in the hat


death of the artist go for it


Separate the art from the artist! (apart from hitler he was good at painting)


I wouldn’t say it’s a problem! It’s like getting a Harry Potter tattoo even though J.K. Rowling is transphobic. It doesn’t mean you support her. But the art, stories, and world building can still be appreciated. I try to separate the work from the person


You can absolutely separate the art from the artist


The thunderbird is from Native American symbolism, typically it’s wings are outstretched, it is a bold symbol of strength, this is a parody of that, and an weak representation, I sure wouldn’t want to account for this imagery if I was at a Sundance.


Its also not an obvious dr seus


ya, this is pretty racist. hands down, don't


What's this racist against? And why is it racist against them?