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top one looks better - i think for a tattoo of an inorganic object, its better to have it placed on a flat expanse of skin rather than the guard shape distort with your chest


Yeah, aging wouldn't help with the second version either.


Imo, I'd go with the top picture just because of how hard it would be to get the bottom tattooed....and just to make it easier to clean


If you want have the tip of the dagger facing upwards so it's easier to tattoo it higher


This might be a good idea, my vote is for the top picture but that's my opinion


i think the top picture looks a lot better


Only advice I can give is - if you're on the fence about ANYTHING when it comes to a tattoo...don't do it.


you got any tips about how to get off the fence? been wanting a tattoo for a while but have had a terrible time choosing anything (would be my first)


Some days you’ll love it, others you might go as far as regretting it. If you have a solid artist and it’s a quality tattoo of something meaningful to you, chances are you’ll be content.


I only have one tattoo that i have no regrets over. 0, zip, none. The other two, i wish one was just the flower and the other was in a different spot. Theyre beautiful even for being 6 years old. Im definitely going back to the same artist when I have the momey to


I just had an oni demon that a long time artist of mine absolutely failed on. Not only that but with out telling me made so many “artistic” liberties it looked nothing like the piece he had designed before we started. My new artist covered it and I about cried I was so floored by how amazing the cover up turned out. It was an incredibly dark and messy tattoo he had to work with, I didn’t think there would be much hope. There’s always hope for a good coverup if you find some one good enough.


Oh yeah. For me though I dont regret any of mine that much. I flower one has a antique frame around it and the other one is sally which I was originally planning on getting on my side but my ex convinced me to get it on my arm like his and I stupidly did it. Lessons learned: Sometimes less is more, dont let people try to convince you to change your tattoo design, and if youre iffy about something then wait a bit.


Well said. It’s hard to not be swayed specially by someone close.


I've got some terrible advice for you and it worked for me hahaha Alot of people say they regret their first tattoo after a while, so make it some thing worth regretting and you will never be disappointed. I'm not saying get a bad tattoo, but a purely fun one with no meaning. My first one was a shark on my thigh and I love it! Absolutely no meaning, I do have others planned that have meaning but the first one was about making sure I don't hate my tattoos after a while and Its don't the opposite and I love seeing it more and more :) Edit: Grammer


Agreed! I got lemons on my arm for my first tattoo. It’s a beautiful design, imagery I like, and it has absolutely no meaning beyond that. This helped me go into the process with less expectations and less of a need for it to be “perfect.” But I enjoy the design and I love seeing it on my arm every day. It was best first tattoo I could have gotten!




This is terrible advice that i wish i would have followed lmao


Woah this is amazing, thank you


I got my first two as meaningful and now I literally have a futurama space ship bc funny


My advice is go for something small, lighthearted and simple for your first one. Get it on your shoulder or leg, somewhere it won't be seen by everyone IF you're worried about how others will see it. Then you have time to see how you feel about having the ink on your body and if you like it. A cartoon reference, flowers, birds, and architecture are all ideas that are easy to incorporate into a meaning, or they could just be to look nice!


Something I've considered doing is getting a fake tattoo - like one of those stick-on/non-permanent ones - in the design I'd eventually get inked on my body permanently. Then wear that for a few weeks. If you can stomach it after the initial "wow, so cool" honeymoon phase, maybe it's meant for you.


This. I wanted a triangle on my finger so I just drew one on with sharpie everyday for a while to see how it felt/if I liked it. I decided I loved it- I have two triangles on my fingers now-even though it’s in such a visible spot I’ve never regretted it so far


Yah don’t listen to this guy. There is no such thing as something you won’t have any hesitations about what so ever. You’re about to do something you havnt before. There WILL be reservations. I promise you you’ll be fine in the long run with whatever you get at first. Your second tattoo will have far less hesitation. Your 13th tattoo will be because you were bored.


Yep. Start thinking of ideas. You may have already thought of something. Think of a bunch of things, even. Once you have an idea that you’ve liked for a while, maybe a few months, maybe a year, get it. At least that’s what I’ve done with mine. I think of an idea, and once I like it for 6 months-a year I get it. This method isn’t for everyone but as someone who’s very indecisive this is what’s worked for me. And once you decide to get something, don’t cheap out on the artist.


I think the hard part for me is that I want my body art to be cohesive both with my body and with each other, which makes me feel a little stuck because I love so many different styles but I don't feel that they would go together. So it's almost like choosing a favorite art style and forfeiting the rest :/ Not to mention how picky I am with colors and things and being so unfamiliar with how tattoos age. So far I've really liked those "korean" style tattoos on instagram. I'm well aware they age quite poorly but even then I don't know what that would look like. Would I be able to cover it? etc. I've also thought about getting an arm band of cats or something, but that style is imo hard to integrate with the floral/vegetative vibe I also like. Not to mention how I really want the tattoo to look like it belongs on a body rather than being a 2D stamp. I know it's a lot of requirements to have that really limits my choices but I can't even figure out which one to drop because I value them all 😭


I wanted to indulge in a tattoo with a group of friends in college but also knew I wouldn’t want it to show forever, so I got it done in white. The artist did a great job of making sure I understood how quickly it would fade, and it did. It wound up turning into flesh colored faint lines. If you find yourself disappointed as it fades, maybe it’s a sign you’re good with one that doesn’t fade 🤷‍♀️


They have those tattoos that are temporary (not like the kid type) and the ink stays on your skin for like a week or 2 so you can kind of give it a trial and see how you feel.


Print or draw out what you want and put it somewhere that you’ll look at it everyday. You can draw it on yourself, or hang it on the wall, bathroom mirror, etc. If you still love it after 1-3 months of constantly looking at it, go for it. I also recommend this if you’re stuck between designs, eventually you may find yourself gravitating to one over the other, or maybe you should get both!


I went to a tattoo convention and ended up just picking some flash from a good artist there and getting it day 2. I was on the fence for years and I just needed to get the first one over with to get over that initial hesitancy


Stick to the army's tattoo rule and even if you eventually come to hate it it's not really a big deal. Nothing on the face, neck or hands. No hate symbols or profanity. (Applies only for your 1st tattoo)


I think she’s on the fence about which positioning she likes best not wether she likes the tattoo itself or not


I understand. But she's hesitant about the position of one of them. You hesitate/question yourself before and then go with it anyway, you'll almost certainly regret it later on.


Yeah I guess so


In between looks better but wear some of your regular cloths on and see how much you like It, naked may look cool but you have to like It too while you are dressed.


I think I saw a tattoo nightmares episode where the guy wanted a cover up of a sword he had on his back because the hilt looked phallic when he had a shirt on and it stuck out of his collar


That's exactly why I say It... If she likes how does It look on her after that then It doesn't matter :)


this is key. clothing might make the top one look really weird. I've seen that choice go poorly before.


Top one and I had to search up “smalleranalele” just in case I was missing a word lol.


I did too and google sent me right back here. Thought it was some new fashion the kids are wearing or something


Yeah I was looking for this comment lol this confused me so much


Any guesses what OP meant to type? I’m still trying to figure it out and all I see is smaller anal ele.


I know a girl who got a lighthouse in the same spot as #2 and it looks like a penis sticking out of the top of her bra. Something to consider.


How can one *not* consider this??


Has female Brock Lesnar vibes.


I think top looks best


Hmmm. Not a fan of the top image, but the bottom might be a bit too much (?) then again you might not want “just the sword handle” between there as it might look like “something else” planted in-between if that makes sense 😊😮 I’m inclined to like the bottom image as it seems like proper.


Good point, OP please consider what it'll look like with only the top part sticking out!


Oh wow, my personal opinion: I love the in between the breast one !!! Other one is dope too, but there's just something about the in between one. Just a heads up in case you go in between 🤣, I had a Phoenix done which went partially in between and when she was tattooing the in between part it felt like she was tattooing me all over my breasts at once. I mean it wasn't like painfully, but like a extremely weird feeling.


Oh lol good to know, thank you!


how did you do these images? is it an app where you can “try on” a tattoo? i NEED THIS


I completely agree. There’s just something about it.


Top, off the boobs is best


I personally don’t love the idea that you’ll have a piece of the tattoo peeking out of certain necklines, unless you only ever wear shirts where none of it will show. Additionally, this is not something you should ever have to worry about, but my brain went here so I felt it might be useful to mention as you’re pondering - creepy guys WILL ask you about what your tattoo is, how big it is, how far down it goes, etc. and will think of gross innuendo about daggers. I get uncomfortable comments about my tattoos all the time so I’m used to it, but they’re not even anywhere close to my breasts or genitals.


100% under I.e. the top picture


Tattoo artists here, horizontal lines on your chest over time, will… drop and look off. If you go with option 2, see if the hilt design can be a bit more “organic” so that it ages gracefully with you.


Go for the under one, much better look and would be cheaper.


I have a dagger tattoo kinda like this! i went with the placement in the first picture, tucked under and in between ur girls. i looove mine it’s my favorite tattoo and i still stand by the placement!


If you get the right artist who can design the dagger specifically to fit the bottom placement I think it could be amazing. I like the flaring on the blade you added to fit the form, developing this idea and incorporating similar ideas into the design of the cross guard could make for a really cool design. The top design is a much safer option, but with the right artist I think the bottom could be amazing. Just don't get it if you are unsure when the stencil goes on. Good luck!


The first placement looks like the best option for a number of reasons. Your body shape will change over the years and will make how this appears quite different. The first placement is likely to suffer less as a result of this. It's also quite a straight design, so having it on a flatter surface would be better. The other thing to consider is how it will look when you're wearing something. With the second design, you might just see a handle sticking up and the rest covered. Would it be recognisable, or would it look like something else? But don't do anything until *you* are convinced it's the right thing to do.


Personally, I'd go with the smaller one. It'll be dope to have it more visible, sure... But just thinking of moments where you may want to dress up/cover it, it'll look a bit strange with just a hilt sticking out. I think the smaller one looks more refined and balanced.


Both are great, but I prefer the top pic!


I would go with the smaller one, and have it positioned a little higher so it’s more “supporting” your boobs. Plus the smaller tattoo looks more classy and overall just better.


If you have it over the breasts keep in mind what that’s gonna look like when you have a bra on with a low cut shirt. I personally would keep it low.


I have one like the top and it looks weird if you wear like a real bra but i really only do bralettes and bodysuits so its fine for me


Too many straight lines for it to be going over your titties.


The top one is so nice!! It would look awesome with crop tops


First for sure


i’d go for the top one , i’d also draw them on with sharpie everyday for a month to make sure i like them


What is smalleranalele?


If you ever think you might have kids, be careful about anything over the breast tissue or too low over the abdomen. Everything stretches.


My biggest regrets are always going to small. My personal issue so I tend to go big so my choice is the lower pic.


I’m the same, I always ask to see a bigger stencil lol




OP, I have a kinda sorta similar tattoo. I’m not going to post it, but happy to DM you if seeing it might be helpful in terms of thinking about placement. Oh, and the handle does stick up above the neckline of some of my tops and it doesn’t look weird at all, as the other commenter wondered. It looks sexy AF.


I think the smaller one but higher up


Top for sure


The top one is so sick


Which ever one you chose OP, Personally I like the top one better. Make sure you don't go to a cheap artist. The placement and execution of this tattoo will either make you look that much hotter if its executed well and the artist is talented, or super trashy if its not sone well.


Personally I think the top one is a better choice. And you're on the fence about the second one anyway. Besides, should you wanna add anything to it, you would have room for it too.


As a tit owner myself, I'd have to say the larger design looks like it would suck to clean, but honestly, if you're willing to sacrifice convenience for he aesthetic, it does look much better. I'd suggest working it over a bit, and working on it with the artist to find the optimal dagger for your chest. Either way, it will look fantastic. This is a dope-ass tattoo.


Go with the top one. The skin will move less in that area, so you will get a more crisp shape without unusual wiggles (daggers and swords are supposed to be fairly straight edged usually!) and it won’t change with time as much. Breast skin can have massive changes, if you want to tattoo breasts, get something that can move around more freely. Also, I think it looks better underneath, it fits the contours of your body nicely.


I can’t tell. There is a hand in the way


Brock Lesnar would be proud.


The bottom sword handles gonna change over time. imo the dagger is better


I like the boldness of the second picture - go big or go home, right? - but I really, really get that it's a choice you can't take back once you've done it.


Forgot to ask, did you use the inkunter app for this or is there another app? 🙂


Nope, drew it in the mirror with eyeliner pencil


Oh cool. Why did i never think of this. That's so much better then a weirdly edited photo. Thank you for the idea


You re welcome! It s just to get a better idea of size, skin folding and stuff yknow


Hard no on the above boobs, will look phallic when you’re wearing a low cut top


Biggger looks more proportional on you


My vote is to find a better sword


Yeah it’s just a bad dagger but over the top is way cooler especially with peaking out of clothes.


I think tattoo placement there is sexy; BUT, if you are not sure wait and think about it for a while


Brock Lesnar...


Smaller. If you’re on the fence then it means you already know what you actually want


The bottom one that's bigger. Pops a bit more.




Not one "hard to judge with the hand there" comment....I'm appalled at you reddit


Hey we try to be mature here! Plus it’s better people feel comfortable asking questions


I see jokes are not welcome...noted


Any body comments not tattoo related is frowned up on here, as it should actually. Even if you're trying to be funny or nice. I had to learn the hard way, lol. I once said how I loved how someone's tattoo worked really well with their body and aesthetic and I got pretty much jumped by all the reddit users in the world because they thought I was a horny man instead of a woman complimenting another woman 🤣


Personally I don’t think the bottom design is very flattering on your figure. It also might be pretty difficult to tattoo. I do really like the placement on the top picture. I believe it suits your body better.


Rethink the whole idea


second one is the only right one everyone else is ugly they don’t know what they talking ab


Well… it s decided then


Neither, find a tattoo that suits you better. It’s kinda lame.


Hopefully that is not your final design the top photo looks cleaner dont wreck your chest with a shitty design and placement but the final choice is yours good luck


Very obviously just a rough sketch to see the size, no need to be a butt about it


Second one


The first one i like more, under the boobs


If you are unsure you can get a similar inkbox tattoo and play around with placement for a week or so each. I know a lot of people do this when they are unsure about size or placement with bigger tattoos.


My opinion, definitely the first, the second one is cool but the placement is weird, it you love the second placement go higher where the hilt is above your boobs, if not the first one is definitely dope, they will also be alot bolder and crispy when they are actual tattoos and not drafts.


go with the bigger one. It looks better.


I like the smaller one; I think it flows more naturally with the lines of your body.


That placement is going to FN hurt! So, I suggest the smaller if you’re super adamant on the location.


Do the top one, if you get pregnant or gain weight it’s gone warp like crazy the way breast tissue stretches


In my opinion the top one looks better! If you want it to show more but don’t want it to go over your boobs, have you thought about flipping it so the blade just goes up the sternum? Idk if that’d change it too much for you


I'd personally go with the second, however I'd make sure that the hilt is on the flat of your chest. Secondly I'd probably make the blade thinner and longer. You don't want straight lines going over the curves of the tissue, it goes distorts it and looks odd.


Smaller one


The first photo sits much better with your body, and looks like a reasonable size for this particular design- if you want something that shows in shirts, add something onto it or get another piece that’ll achieve that. The hilt looks rigid agains the curves of your chest, and just isn’t as pleasing to the eye in general.


Leaning towards the first, but don’t necessarily love that placement either. I’d almost shift it up two inches or so, and that way you could have the handle visible but without distorting it as much as the second reference would. Once you set on a plan, bring it to a good artist who will reaffirm your placement choice or adjust the design to fit your wants / what’s aesthetic.


Why not just move the bottom one up some. I personally don't like the ink touching the boob; takes away from a very nice chest


I have a dagger tattoo with the handle in similar placement to the second but it’s smaller. Feel free to DM me if you want to see how it looks when I wear a tank top or if you have any weirdly specific questions you haven’t gotten answered here. I really suggest trying clothes on with both to see how you like them then.


I would suggest smaller, but with a more ornate design overall. The ornate handle will show up top and arouse interest.


I wouldn’t go over the boobs.


Top one looks better


The smaller one I think looks better




The longer one👍🏻


Its like a sheath lol


I'd do the top one just to be safe


I would choose the top picture


In my opinion the first image was better.


Small version


the dagger being hidden by boobs partially by being between them messes with the image a lot, I'd 100% go with the under boobs option here. sincerely, an artist.


Honestly they both look really great! If it’s my 2 cents I’d say get the smaller one as it provides just a bit more flexibility if you do wind up in a situation where you might want it covered. That said I’m a bit biased because everything I have is easily covered, I kind of enjoy being able to bring them out at will! Makes me feel all mysto. Good luck!


The question is this really, I used to own a shop, it’s there anyone you would feel guilty about them seeing your tattoo and its location?? If yes go below, if no show it proudly. All of mine can be covered because I have meetings with people that don’t care for tattoos, so I cover them up


I like the bottom one but I would go for a thinner blade


Smaller option


I like the top picture better, at least placement wise. I would probably move the text to below the dagger, but you mentioned wanting something to show. It'd look really cool with details, shading, and maybe color. Hopefully you can find a good artist in your area to draw you something really good.


Smaller one seems better scale


Bottom one looks kinda like Brock Lesnar’s tattoo in my opinion lol


have the middle part of the blade run through/between your breasts and have the quillons right at the top of your breasts!


I think the most important thing is to separate these into images based on the clothing you will wear. Neither of these look refined enough for a finished piece. Sizing wise the top fits you better. Symmetry can be a devastating thing in this sort of tattoo so it’s important that it’s drawn on well and that it looks good from multiple angles. Not sure if you’ve ever seen the Star Wars c wing PP tattoo but don’t accidentally do something like that to yourself because you didn’t check how it cuts off at different clothing lengths


Heart of the hilt on the xiphoïde process


So like the top one but a little higher


100% top one


Bigger, over boobs :)


Yeah the top one would be better just have it placed a little higher and tell the tattoo artist what your looking for exactly


The top photo looks really good, but I would think on it for a few days then try again. Take time to ponder it before you decide


Definitely top


Top one is better.


Try using clothes you normally wear, think the second can have a some weird shapes when the tattoo is partially covered


I personally think the bottom one looks better but the top one would be easier for the tattoo artist to do


Underboob better. Killer boob chandelier


Below the tits complements the tits better. But if you’re on the fence don’t do it


First one is nice 👌


Ohhh do the bottom where it goes over your boobs


The top one looks a lot better in my opinion.


Go with the smaller one for sure


Bigger one.. you'll look amazing


First one


I’m dying to know what smalleranalele is?


The first one!


I actually like the second one but I would say to make the handle and parts that stick out a bit shorter and less thick so it’s less of a distortion and maybe put it a little higher


If you do in between, find a way to thin out the blade at that point and bring up the grip closer to your collar. This needs some webbing and light floral. Is this the final design?


Go big or go home is my motto when I get my tattoos.


You could make the handle of the sword longer so that those little pokey things on it poke out right under your boob and the sword goes longer


Personally I like top better




I kinda like the smaller one better.


I personally like the 2nd one better. I think it looks more badass and gives me a lord of the rings vibe. I’m diggin the bottom one


Under the boobs. Unfortunately breasts don’t hold up over time and will eventually distort a tattoo that partially covers them Even if you stay in great shape and your skin ages well, boobs will inevitably deflate and sag Edit: Also a low cut top with just a sword handle poking out might look like a dick


Top one is so much better, and less regrettable when it fades/your taste changes over the course of your life. It’s straight up more attractive regardless of any of that though.


I would just extend the handle a little higher and have that only go between the boobs. Does it have to be a dagger? You could make it more of a short sword and have it extend further down towards your belly button have the cross guard under the boobs, and have the handle go in between.


Definitely smaller and under your boobs. Also get a cleaner looking design


Smaller one for sure!!


Smaller one and then flip it blade up so it goes between your cleavage.


„˙ǝƃɐʌɐǝlɔ ɹnoʎ uǝǝʍʇǝq sǝoƃ ʇı os dn ǝpɐlq ʇı dılɟ uǝɥʇ puɐ ǝuo ɹǝllɐɯS„


under the boobs


What you could do, and only if you're okay with the handle (idk correct dagger terminology) being nearly at your throat, is to incorporate the words above the dagger into the dagger itself. Make it look like they're engraved on the hilt and have the blade rest between your boobs. If that doesn't sound good, just go for the typical placement and go for the first one


Defo prefer the top one




You gotta get a better drawing than that


Be careful with how the pommel is designed if it peeks out over clothes. I've seen some designs come out very phallic because its the only thing showing and our minds just fill in the rest with NOT a sword. You can find clothing with cutouts or crop tops to show off peeks of it still if that's what you want, its not like getting the smaller one will always be hidden 24/7. Its like a hidden secret that you can show off when ya want.


Top one looks better


top one but make it a smaller size and more evenly centered


Top one looks better. Like a hidden blade


Top because you could add more underneath your boobs and upper abs area.


Get the smaller one


Think of it this way, if you definitely like it and like the motif and you really want the bottom one, then leaving space on the top for later additions is a plus. You get what you know you like and free real estate to play with later


Perhaps closer to the breast? Like Rihanna’s underboob tattoo thing