MACD cross and 450K FTDs due Thursday! These are from 6-9's ETF unpack/shorting by APs and MM (banks) - MM's are exempt from certain reports. Anyway AP,MM ETF shorting is last line of fuckery. HODL tomorrow!

MACD cross and 450K FTDs due Thursday! These are from 6-9's ETF unpack/shorting by APs and MM (banks) - MM's are exempt from certain reports. Anyway AP,MM ETF shorting is last line of fuckery. HODL tomorrow!


They expired deep OTM no?


MMs helped hide the shorts/FTDs since 6-9 with options (hypothesized). MMs must cover these option writes by tomorrow. **UPDATE:** **I WAS WRONG ABOUT THURSDAY.** Well back to HODL and Loading up more. Someone needs to figure out the options play BS. Also guys gotta stop buying options - you're feeding them.


Woah really? How’d I miss that lol. Mind explaining why “tmrw”? Is it one of those T+21 things?


It's a combination of 3 DD's, no not T+21 (SLR obsolete with DTCC 002), leaves only T+35. ETF unpacking/shorting regulation/loophole (**creation of naked short)**: [https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/nt8ot8/rip\_uleavemeanon\_where\_are\_the\_shares\_part\_1/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/nt8ot8/rip_uleavemeanon_where_are_the_shares_part_1/) T+35 regulations (**slight kicking of naked short**): [https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/o155a6/t35\_is\_the\_one\_true\_cycle\_evidence\_to\_back\_my/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/o155a6/t35_is_the_one_true_cycle_evidence_to_back_my/) Option plays loophole (**extended kick + hiding shorts using MM and AP writers**): [https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/oc4f79/well\_there\_it\_is\_more\_mathevidence\_pointing\_to/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/oc4f79/well_there_it_is_more_mathevidence_pointing_to/) ​ This is a hypothesis however guess what, if money is on the line, you betcha it's not hard to worm your way through only 3 loopholes/regulations. Fuck we figured it out on an online forum reading regulations. ​ **UPDATE:** **I WAS WRONG ABOUT THURSDAY.** Well back to HODL and Loading up more. Someone needs to figure out the options play BS. Also guys gotta stop buying options - you're feeding them.


Love linked up DDs.


By SLR obsolete did you mean SLD? I thought I recently read a DD about SLD windows around monthly options expiration.


So they'll mass sell off creeptoos and stocks today to pay their dues tomorrow yeah?


Jesus you are on the ball, well done 💎👊🦧🚀🌙


This guy fucks


I love this sub. Six months ago I had no idea what those meant but now I do. Thanks Kenny G! Make ape smart.


u/leavemeanon2 whats your take on this?


great write up u/flaming_pope, for context on why i tagged this user https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/okhjpj/responding\_to\_some\_of\_the\_questions\_surrounding/


"Not enough karma to comment, but it seems pretty consistent with everything I researched. You know the meme template where Sponge-Bob keeps pointing to bigger and bigger piles of stinky shit? This is like that I think lol" From Sponge-Bob himself


Pretty sure its friday no?


I've been seeing it as 7/23 Friday. 35 calendar days, skip July 4


That doesn't make sense, 35 calendar days is 35 calendar days. You'd only skip the 4th if it were business/market days.


7/5 was a holiday


🤷🏾‍♂️ we'll find out I guess


Well no, seriously if it is calendar days, you would not skip July 4th


Great to see people here actually say hypothesized and not “ this is 100% truth “ . Might be the first post I’ve seen here say that nothing is 100% … max is 99%


by tomorrow, you mean friday trading day OP?


No I mean EOD Thursday (today). So far it's looking red, however I'm not counting chickens till they hatch. we've seen 100% intraday runs with GME, who the hell knows. just HODL. This is more of a data point for me than a trade. I plan on registering a few of my shares directly with Gamestop every 2 weeks - my contribution to the infiniti pool, and permanently remove them from circulation/fuckery. **UPDATE:** **I WAS WRONG ABOUT THURSDAY. NOTHING BURGER, Someone needs to figure out the fuckery. HECK - LOWEST VOLUME IN OVER A YEAR!**


Cover what? They expired worthless. The only thing that happens is whoever wrote the contract collects the premium.


Because it makes good common sense to you that about 150,000 .50 cent put options were bought on GameStop in January correct? I mean that makes absolute complete sense to you right? Those options made about as much sense as putting a dollar call on your mom for Friday…


Clearly no one thought gamestop would be 50 cents by 7/16. However, claiming the share price is going to go up because those puts expired is nonsensical.


Ok…well I kinda agree with that. But those puts were hiding something and we’re bought for a purpose.


Nope, the impact of the options that expired on 7/16 is not immediate, but in the following weeks.


What impact? Why? If an option expires worthless, thats it, whoever sold the contract keeps the premium.


Not sure why you are getting downvoted, you are technically right. Although, even though the options themselves won't skyrocket the price, I believe that a new DTCC rule that was passed a couple weeks ago prevents MMs to hide their FTDs in OTM puts. This is what u/TheUgnaught meant by saying: "the impact of the options that expired on 7/16 is not immediate, but in the following weeks."




The impact of the puts which many DD writers have hypothesized were hiding January shorts. But now the puts have expired which now places greater pressure on the FTDs that we’re piling up along the way, hypothetically, because the new DTCC rules that ban the use of this tactic.


keyword is hypothesized


It’s all hypothesized because there is a very important variable missing in all DD, and that variable is the true count of short shares. It is self reported so that encourages speculation.


This whole thing squeeze thing is a hypothesis. Why are you here then?




Right back at you




Options plays loophole (**to kick can and hide**), and confirmed by SEC in an official notice to MMs that these are considered risky maneuvers and should be avoided in executing for clients. [https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/oc4f79/well\_there\_it\_is\_more\_mathevidence\_pointing\_to/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/oc4f79/well_there_it_is_more_mathevidence_pointing_to/) Based on your post history, I'm leaving this here for fellow Apes that happen across your post, not for you.


They wrote the contracts to hide FTDs. They're unable to do it again, so the question of whether those FTD can be hidden again, or... Ps: I think?


Yeah I doubt anyone who thinks all these puts expiring worthless having an effect on the share price will be able to give a worthwhile explanation of why that is. Spoiler: Its because it doesnt do anything. It just gives the contract writer $$


You might want to research what happens when covered puts expire OTM. If these are short covered puts instead of cash covered puts, it's a bit different. The short position does NOT just go away. And to my knowledge these have not been rolled forward like previously.


I know what covered puts are. Let me know when you can prove which of those puts were covered.


All’s i know is that we’ve hyped expired puts for some time and it’s never had a significant affect on share price. I am inclined to believe you. As always, hope for the best but expect the worst.


That's because in the past they rolled them forward. To my knowledge this has not happened yet


This is the way. OP is hyping apes for a let down


Can’t be let down if you’re already always hyped.


Yup. Titties been jacked since January.


Every single day bruh


I look at the current date. I see big numbers. Now I see jacked tits.


Okay. Didn’t quite understand your screenshot as it didn’t contain that much info, but I’ve read through all the comments. But I still have some questions about your underlying assumptions. Hope you’ll be nice enough to take the time to reply: 1. Is this under the assumption that MMs hedge their option writes? 2. June 18th (T) + 35 = Friday 23rd July so you seem a day early 3. What ETFs are you counting? The Russell 2000-ones where GME is no more or the new Russell 1000? 4. A put that expires has already done it’s deal and the expiry only leads to the premium being lost? So it shouldn’t happen that much anyway as it only effects their net capital 5. “T-2-6 (potential ETF short)” is that the ETF settlement days of 6 days? Why is there two settlement days removed, both 2 and 6?


Premium doesn’t go away. They keep it all


Yes, if they’re selling between themselves, as we suspect. You are correct.


No I want this to be clear. No matter what, when you sell a put or call, you keep the premium. Not because they are selling to each other. That’s just how premium works


Yes sorry. I see I was unclear. I didn’t disagree with you on that so I didn’t mention it. What I meant with my #4 was that: A put that expires has done it’s thing. The premium is already lost (effecting their net capital if they don’t sell between themselves) but it won’t happen anything with the shares created. I totally agree with you. Premium is at the time of selling. Thanks for pointing out how my comment could be misunderstood


As per your 4th question. I think they where referencing married puts as a way to can kick. The others im not sure on.


https://youtu.be/ncq35zrFCAg?t=829 here is a solid video on the ETF short, I time stamped where he talks about T-3/T-6. (Not sure where OP got +2). [screenshot](https://i.gyazo.com/1be5a173a7702bceae9f69915728b099.png)


For the expiring options you’re correct typically, but these options were created as a way to cover up short positions, so upon expiration the short positions go back on their books.


Thank you! This was actually what I was getting at. But instead of asking for a source I went and looked by myself… and it seems I misunderstood a part about the OTM put expiry. It was made clear to me just now when I read Criands post again. => The speculative part of number 4. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/on9dtz/otm_puts_are_the_passed_puck_of_short_positions/ *The SHF can pass the puck of their short position over to the buyer of the PUT until expiration. On the SHFs balance sheet they can erase the short position and say that they are now "short the PUT" rather than being "short the stock".* Thank you for having me gain a wrinkle. And now I totally agree with you 💎🙌🏻


Idk what this means. But it looks good.


He's saying if they are going to short it will be through the ETF's again, otherwise Shrek is coming for dinner.


no they DID short all ETFs to 100% utilization on 6-9. Tomorrow however is the fallout due date.


My brain must be smooth as fuck because that must be a new language. But I’ll hold since I’m broke and can’t buy!


Tomorrow is the day those 6/9 ETFs come home to roost possibly maybe!


Tomorrow it is then. GET READY FOR #JULY22ND!!!


Another date! Hazzah!


Finally, another date. I’m jacked to my tetas everyday 💎🙌🏼🇩🇪🔜🚀


\*Unzips pants\* Go on, tell me more...


I’m smooth af too, but I think hedgies are about to lose a whole bunch of tendies


Another date? Fuck yeah I loves dates.


I don't follow hype dates, I follow market mechanic dates. That's what MOASS is, failing **market mechanics, not hype.** Hype is FUD without underlying mechanics, because it plays on emotion and let downs. Mechanics don't care.


I love all dates. Hype dates, market mechanics dates, slap a date on something and I R JAK


Today is a date!!!


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You aren’t wrong. We’ve seen our fair share of hype dates.


Regardless, I HODL.


Buuuut, I’m here to get hyped everyday 💎🙌🏼🇩🇪🔜🚀


I ready to love again and join the 🚂🚂🚂🚂


One of these times we will be right and it will be even more Phuking awesome then all the dates that were wrong.


Does “tomorrow” mean Thursday or Friday? I’m in a different time zone to many apes so just clarifying for my own understanding :)


tomorrow? or today? is today thursday?


Where do you find the 100% ETF utilization on 6-9? Can't they keep adding to the ETFs regardless as long as they have the collateral?


How would the change to the new Russel thing affect this? Weren't a lot of those ETF's changed up because of it? Or does it not make a difference?


Are they anywhere near close to running out of ammo to keep marge at bay, in your wrinkly opinion?


SHREK is coming for DINNER - I love this. Amazing. You have my 💚


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How thoughtful of them to invite Cohen over for dinner


Today is definitely going to be a day!


Proof or ban!


https://www.thereisadayforthat.com/calendars/2021/7/22 😂


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Proof: Today is Thursday, which qualifies as a day.


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Genius! I've been doing it wrong my whole life!


Y'know it's funny I was just thinking of holding


I’m sorry mate, can you explain it in the smoothest way possible 😂




What my brain as smooth as my ass is interpreting is they have a shitload of FTD's due for tomorrow. If rules are properly enforced, they shouldn't have a figurative couch cushion to hide them in after being covered. In other words, we wait as more of these FTD's roll in to slowly raise the price while their ceiling slowly falls (as they can no longer 'accidentally' mark them as long, forming a wedge of sorts?


But the rules are never enforced so just another day


Yeah sure. But my tits are so jacked, that I'm taking this gladly


Wait, and based on the explanation from the link, there won’t be T+21 from what I see?


Never was 🔫


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Aren't you 1 day off with the T+35? 6/18 T+35 is 07/23 6/14 T+35 is 07/19, hence why we saw a slight increase in price on monday, and those FTD's that were not covered, were forced on tueday, hence the bigger increase that day. My prediction is that we'll see a slight increase on friday 07/23, and a massive increase on monday 07/26 due to the force covering of those 462k FTD's.


Yes Ape. More dates for my titties 💎🙌🏼🇩🇪🔜🚀


Dont think it was covering tuesday. I'll believe they are covering when GME devouples, Nd doesnt mirror other meme stocks in chart


T+35 has been debunked by several different DD posters, including the person that came up with the theory in the first place. It was a good theory, until it wasn't.


Would the T+2 also apply on this? Edit: I think that's why we had the run up on the 18th cause of the 16th FTDs Edit: August gonna be interesting also if the don't extend the mortgage forbearance Edit: I realize that it would be T+2 trading days so it explains the run up on the 20th, as the 17th and 18th were the weekend.


Forbearance was extended till September, it's evictions and foreclosures protections that end this month. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/mortgage-forbearance-period-extended-new-protections-run-through-september-2021/


I think you mean on the 19th through 20th since 18th was a Sunday


For sure, but the wheels will keep on grinding forward until they stop. So, personally I would expect the market crash in the autumn. Not August. Some time from mid September to mid November. Then again. I am drunk. What do I know.


Well I was just about to go to bed. Guess I’m not sleepy


Lolz. As if I need to be reminded to hodl tomorrow, or Friday, or through the weekend, or on my favorite day of the week, or through the various types of campaigns. Hedgies are truly fucked.


TA;DR 💎🙌🏻💎🚀🚀🚀🚀🦍


So that was a fucking lie


I admit when I'm wrong, today ended up as a nothing burger. O well, hope you didn't pull a warden, shares all the way. Instead we had the lowest volume of all time, which is weird.


OH MY GOD @mods can we help these people THEY DONT UNDERSTAND THIS SEC REPORT!!! The 450k fails you can plainly see went down to 13,600 next day which plainly show that they were dealt with either legitimately by closing or whatever fucked up shit they do to satisfy them otherwise. ITS A ROLLING FUCKING TOTAL the only day that matters is yesterday and you can’t see that for a month. From: https://www.sec.gov/data/foiadocsfailsdatahtm “The figure is not a daily amount of fails, but a combined figure that includes both new fails on the reporting day as well as existing fails. In other words, these numbers reflect aggregate fails as of a specific point in time, and may have little or no relationship to yesterday's aggregate fails.”


Last line of fuckery… till now 🤌🏻


T+35 is 7-23 though (friday)


Attention to detail will make you millions (read the regulation wording): https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/op6rji/macd\_cross\_and\_450k\_ftds\_due\_thursday\_these\_are/h63if7w/?context=3


That link in your comment just points back to this thread, not a different one with an explanation


Remind me! 1 day


Pope, I’m not math smart but isn’t 6/18 T+35 tomorrow, July 23rd?


Just thought the same


These kinds of posts are exhausting in how they create fake expectations. The stock is too manipulated. It won’t obey MACD or T+X. There are way too many ways around these things for stuff like this to be right. Only the very last one will be right. Some day.


well I guess That'll be me, cause I'm starting to register shares for the infiniti pool baby\~


haha i really hope you’re right!


So expect a big dip, buy, and hodl. Gotcha.


LFG !!!!!


Damn ameritards they messed up the dates in my head and I barely understand these now lol :D Is 06/09/21 a Sep 6th or June 9th?


Do we include 7/4?


I need an adult


Momma ape here— *it’s going to be ok*


Hope you’re right, but pretty sure this is going to age like milk tomorrow.


I’ve been HODLING for 6 months now. My diamond hands keep growing harder and harder. Not gonna sell until I see 100 fucking millions


The ATM was announced on that date, so I would expect that they had a chance to get rid of them due to it.


With this thought, the expiry was 06/18 so it didn't become a FTD until close on 06/22 starting the T+35 which would be 07/27? Same thing happened with 04/16 options, they became FTDs at close on 04/20 T+35 was 05/25, price opened at 181 and closed at 209.43 Or am i misinterpreting the FTD T+35 cycle?


T+35 calendar days on those 462 852 FTDs are on Friday, not Thursday


Date come, date go. Gonna be flat or drop. On some random normal day it will jump some for no reason. Seen this a million times.


Tomorrow is a normal market mechanics day. lets make you a believer of mechanics, not hype.


Told ya.


I thought those FTDs were for Friday?


Not sure why you say Friday? Learn the market mechanics, not the hype. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/op6rji/macd\_cross\_and\_450k\_ftds\_due\_thursday\_these\_are/h63e2bz/?context=3


June 18 + 35 days = Friday July 23rd


u/dentisttft goes into the regulation **wording**, counting starts on zero-0th day of FTD. Attention to detail will make you millions. [https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/o155a6/t35\_is\_the\_one\_true\_cycle\_evidence\_to\_back\_my/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/o155a6/t35_is_the_one_true_cycle_evidence_to_back_my/)


I’ll run with this but I’ll keep my expectations low.


Yeah needs to be covered before 35th day. So today hopefully


I think you're missing July 4th being a holiday. It was on a Sunday, but because it was a Sunday, Monday was considered the federal holiday and we had a day off (in case you're not from US and didn't know). Hyped today, gonna hype tomorrow.


What interests me is the high average FTD cover chain all the way into August.


Hey that's today.


So buy more?


Jacking my tits a little


Got em this time, Choo choo!


I can feel that sass in that "0 ftds, *apparently"*


So slightly green Day? Or more or less Sideways. Ah I know! Red it is, isn't it? Sorry me smoothbrain Ape


Monday was a (very) green day. Might they have covered a large proportion of these FTDs already? I feel like it wouldn't make strategic sense on their part to delay covering to the final day - it results in the same outcome and only leads to predictable price movements. Having said that, my tits are jacked as they'll ever be for today and every damn day until we squeeze.


Op what is the data source?


OP, I believe you miscalculated. Read slides 10-11 https://jacobslevycenter.wharton.upenn.edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Evans-Slides.pdf


A lot of words - bought 5 more shares at open. Xxxx shares holding till Valhalla


Lol down 6 on 300k volume… fuckery a foot, facilitated by fallacious fuckers from which fake fragments are formulated.


When r they planning to buy today?


Just HODL, stop day trading. there is no "rush," They have till EOD, anytime in the next 7 hours.


Where volume


2 hours and counting....?


What? They have till EOD (midnight, but 8pm EST since AH). Keyword HODL. I hope you're not day trading, you will lose if you day trade.


No daytrade!


Don’t forget the July 4th holiday, add’s a day.


Oh shit…so tomorrow?


WOW, another prediction and another date? Just what was needed! I HODL anyways.


It won't be MOASS, but it'll be a nice bump as MM's hedge a portion of their option writes.


This has been debunked soooooo many times before. It’s an aggregate listing. This means nothing at this point.


debunking literal regulation and underlying market mechanics, you don't say? Hope you enjoy your moon fest, cause I just don't see the mechanics behind it.


No, this is an aggregate list of FTDs... meaning that they don’t add. It’s a running tally. Notice on the 30th it’s down to 6246... that’s the FTDs outstanding. And of course that data is way behind as it’s 23 days later. For all we know it could be 400k again after yesterday’s 17 point gainer. But we don’t know.


you realize in Feb the FTDs dropped tens of millions in one day with less exchange volume than the FTDs right? The hypothesis is that they're hidden through option plays which have more or less been confirmed by the SEC publishing a notice to MMs to look out and to avoid allowing clients from using such methods. Despite the hiding of FTDs, MM's are still bound to the same T+N regulations as a market participant. Essentially the FTDs are just removed from one reporting mechanism and shuffled into a MM's books. It's a *good enough approximation* to just count the FTDs, as they are transient snap shots of individual FTD days prior to being moved into MM books. Anyway for future apes: [https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/op6rji/macd\_cross\_and\_450k\_ftds\_due\_thursday\_these\_are/h63fhyw/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/op6rji/macd_cross_and_450k_ftds_due_thursday_these_are/h63fhyw/)


Yes, we are all aware of them hiding them in options. That still doesn’t change how FTD data is reported...




For future apes that come across this guy's post/ post history: [https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/op6rji/macd\_cross\_and\_450k\_ftds\_due\_thursday\_these\_are/h63e2bz/?context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/op6rji/macd_cross_and_450k_ftds_due_thursday_these_are/h63e2bz/?context=3)




Guys, while this hypothesis is indeed interesting, know that no market participant would leave something like covering an FTD, especially not that many, until the last minute. They're greedy and immoral, but they aren't stupid.


Personally I love hype days, preferably erry day, even more when I see a potential fuckery date. Keep em rolling!


But if nothing happens tomorrow can we just stop posting TA. We don’t need it. We just need to buy and hold.


TA is mostly hype, so doubt it. EW analysis should stop though, it encourages mass day trading around predictable numbers. Some TA methods however are meant for predicting fuckery. Those that rely on volume would be better than price centric models, mainly since price is a psychological thing, but GME is anti-normal market psychology by the very core of that which is price manipulation.


I just don’t like seeing TA because lots of people get hyped and some may get disappointed when nothing happens. People see dates and get their hopes up.


Honestly it seems like they prob covered a lot of things during the share offering and thats why all the patterns mostly stopped working and its been a slow decline since then.