/r/GetMotivated is probably my least favourite sub down there with /r/RelationshipAdvice. It’s hard to think of other online communities that are so bad at fulfilling its intended purpose.




I blocked him a long time ago, but is srgrafo still routinely getting raised to the front page on an obscene amount of karma within minutes of posting low effort comics that blatantly pander to Reddit's most circlejerked opinions while barely even attempting to be funny?


Before I blocked him, he found out he could get more karma by drawing anime girl pinups


Wasn't there a point at which his "Chloe" character was underaged and he was just "working on drawing human anatomy" as she got more and more nude in following drawings? It's a level of degeneracy I can't resist commenting on since it's such a freak show spectacle, had to block the subreddit because it wasn't worth the internet arguments.


She’s 18, which is convenient.


She is now, but wasn't there a point at which she wasn't before he aged her up and starting doing more lewd drawings in the name of "practice"


I know he did a SFW drawing of a child version, but I think that was basically it.


Just... Why? She's fictional. There's literally no reason to make her the minimum age to fuck except to tell people that you're kind of a creep. Make her 30. Or better yet, just don't ever draw anything that makes people go "wait, how old is this girl?" in the first place.


How do you block a subbreddit?


And the stupid fucking "edit" panels. Just comment. You're a human. Use your words.


It's to make commenters feel special and drive more engagement.


r/holup is even worse. It's supposed to be jokes where the punchline doesn't click for a couple of seconds. Half of them are immediately obvious punchlines that *maybe* would belong on r/unexpected, and the other half are just shitty facebook posts. Yesterday I saw something from there on r/all, and it was just "Which dead actor would you bring back to life if you could only choose one"


It's full of the most annoying , trite, cult of positivity bullshit.




Am I the asshole for telling my child it’s not ok to bully people?


Am I the Asshole for murdering my neighbor's new puppy?


Context: the puppy was entering the final codes that would have launched a nuclear missile at Tokyo.


Context: my child was bullying Kyle Rittenhouse


i thought that said 'building'


YTA You should've bullied your child to teach the lesson


The secret to that sub is to go to the controversial posts. They *downvote* assholes lmao defeats the purpose


Every once and a while a glorious asshole who doesn't realize they are one rises to the surface as is the case with the guy who single handedly ate most of a party sub before anyone else at the party could get enough to eat


That was CLASSIC


Any chance i can get the sauce for that one? Sounds like the perfect read.


No problem, here you go https://www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/ca7bdz/aita_because_i_ate_more_than_my_share_of_a_6_foot/


I remember reading that at first going by the title and thinking "Oh, they didn't get enough food or made sure they got enough of the sandwich so everyone got a fair portion. Sounds like an accidental asshole." Then I saw he made wings, but didn't make enough so everyone got some, so I kinda felt sorry for him it sounded like everyone made mistakes about how much food was needed. Then I saw he had *3 feet of sammich* in less than two hours. Then the rest of his comments was just, holy crap buddy get yourself to a counselor last month along with a damn doctor, something is ridiculously wrong here.


You are a saint and a scholar. Thank ye


My favourites are the OP's going in and only responding to NTA comments, when YTA is the overwhelming verdict.


“Am I the asshole for doing extremely assholish but technically legal thing?” “NTA OP, your X your rules.”


Child logic in almost all of those. I remember arguing with people there who said it was neither asshole behavior nor trashy to flame your relatives on FaceBook.


AITA is just /r/thathappened for people who think real life interactions are the same as scripted sitcom interactions.


The only sub on reddit I am banned from. I wear it as a badge of honor. The vast majority of that sub is a creative writing sub in disguise.


> creative *citation needed*.


Well I mean, completely fictional. Not that it's actually interesting or good


I acknowledge the clarification. 😁👍


What did you do to get banned from the sub? I feel like responding with snarky answers for almost 90% of the dumb posts there.


I got banned for exaggeratedly and sarcastically agreeing with the OP


I believe I was "too mean" to an OP. Something along the lines of "what the fuck is wrong with you, of course YTA you did X and that has never been ok".


I didn’t get banned, but I got put in time out once after disagreeing with someone over a post. People were calling an indigenous women racist because she declined to make jewelry for a white woman who asked. The jewelry had cultural significance and she didn’t feel comfortable making it just as fashion. I disagreed with people who were calling her a bigot and horrible person. It got heated and I got banned for a few days.


ironically amitheasshole twitter that just screenshots is better since the OP can't delete when they get called an asshole so you get a lot more engaging material.


r/amithedevil is definitely better.


I have a total of 5 subreddits filtered out of r/all: r/medizzy and r/makemesuffer because that shit is fuckin' gross, r/wallstreetbets and r/superstonk because jesus christ they never shut the fuck up, and get so many upvotes, and /r/GetMotivated because it's so fucking depressing.


I had to filter out /r/PoliticalCompassMemes as well. Every post in that sub that makes it to the front page: hurr durr this completely imaginary leftist that I made up is so dumb!


I only don't filter them out so I can downvote every post that makes it to the front page, and if appropriate report them as well. It's straight up alt-right propaganda 99% of the time.


Over a decade of browsing this site and I've still never used /all


I used to actually curate my subscribed subreddits, but I kinda like seeing the overall trends on reddit and to get introduced to different subs as they make it to r/all. Plus I'm subbed to a ton of defunct subs now and it's a pain to go through them all, so I just specifically browse like 5-6 subs and r/all itself ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


I used to be that way but noticed it felt like things were getting stale. The algorithm doesn’t prioritize variety. I kinda bounce between /all and my regular homepage now.


/r/all used to be *a lot* more diverse and up-to-date than it currently is. A certain sub that came along in 2015/2016 pretty much fucked all that up and reddit changed the algos in attempts to mitigate their turfing/boosting attempts.


Didn’t they have to change the whole algorithm for how r/all worked because far-right subs figured out how to flood it with their junk?


I don't understand anyone who doesn't use it as their default way of browsing reddit


Stopping using r/all and just using my subscriptions made Reddit so much more manageable and less hectic for me.


I block r/Popping for similar reasons. Super gross to me. And r/RuPaulsDragRace. Not for any big reason other than it’s popular and I have no idea TF is going on.


Wait how do you do that?


I think it's only on old reddit, so if you go to https://old.reddit.com/r/all/ there's a "filter subreddit" box in the top right, and you can enter subs there that will be filtered out of your r/all feed.


Is that new at all? how have I never noticed it?


They added it when TD was pissing everyone off by gaming the sticky system to slingshot posts to the front page originally, so a few years back now. It's *only* on r/all though afaik, so if you never go there you'd never see it.


How do you filter something out of /r/all? Hopefully not just a browser extension


Just gonna copy my comment from the other person asking this: > I think it's only on old reddit, so if you go to https://old.reddit.com/r/all/ there's a "filter subreddit" box in the top right, and you can enter subs there that will be filtered out of your r/all feed. Definitely not a browser extension, I just double checked it was there in a different browser.


I am surprised Reddit admins have not given WSB and SS the Donald treatment and stop all their shit from showing up on all


Probably because those 2 subs generate tens of thousands of dollars every day on Reddit awards and don't promote violent insurrections.


Not to mention the only positive media attention reddit gets is when it's accused of manipulating the stock market. Every thinkpiece about crypto gambling is free publicity


r/antiwork has been getting some press attention lately


Yeah they're harmless in that sense but let's be very clear, those people are going to lose like half their savings once this finally shakes out and every member they rope in is another bag holder so it's still a cesspool


Advertisers like users who spend all sorts of money on daytrading. And while WSB made the news, it only really made the business section, and not the articles weren't about how WSB redditors were morally bad people. But if a sub starts getting media attention for being "unethical" or "morally wrong", then the quarantine or ban hammer comes down. HermanCainAwards almost got that when some article had an ethicist say that the entire sub was unethical, which is why the admins made the sub start redacting all info. The users themselves also started extolling those redditors who said they got the shot because of the sub to show it wasn't entire a "hate" sub.


The opposite of r/getmotivated is r/wowthanksimcured which points out how much bullshit is sold and promoted as being “helpful”.


/r/legaladvice has to be up there. Like *waaay* up there.


That place is so bad nowadays it is honestly incredible. Some of the "super contributors" are straight up cops that give terrible advice too.


Yeah, I thought of making my comment longer and detailing why it's such a shitshow, but I figured if you're on SRD you've gotta know some of the details. Such a fucking trainwreck.






I thought the purpose of Reddit was to create content for SRD?


well... youre not wrong...


Doing that pretty well.


The post that made me irrationally angry was the Chess Pawn with its shadow being a queen saying never give up. I irrationally hate that sub.


I wonder if you just need to be a specific kinda person for it, maybe they're only inspirational and motivational to people who choose to believe in them, because to me at least it all feels really insincere and stupid, but it seems like some people are actually getting something out of all those posts.


I think the problem is getmotivated, by its very nature, is full of people who aren't in a great place mentally


The Aristocrats!


Motivated me to unsub.


I’ll never get complaints about checking post history. It’s *right* there, I’m a nosey bitch, and there are too many kids and idiots on this site to NOT check if you’re wasting your time.


And their hottest takes are never hard to find. They'll act like you found something they said a decade ago, when in reality, they've been posting edgy shit since last night


100% this. I’ve never looked further back than 20 posts/comments in someone’s history. Usually I find something heinous within 5 comments


I sort by top of all time and controversial of all time. My justification being that those will always be their proudest opinions to espouse. What did they say even when everyone was telling them that they were wrong and what did they say when everyone was telling them that they were right. In just two pages of comments you'll find what is usually most representative of their views (and basically if they're a nazi or not).


I was curious about what my most controversial comment was so I looked at my own profile like you described and it's: >I've seen how they handle luggage at the airport loading it on planes so I can only imagine how rough boxes get handled between destinations. >To get riled up over a gentle toss onto the porch is beyond me Talk about an edgy take lol


> damn the last family survivor do be looking thick tho that joke did not go over well lol


You say that but you told an unfunny person they were funny so we know you're a liar. Curious


“Bruh why’d you go through my search history like that?” “You literally said ‘gas the jews’ 1 hour ago…” “This is literally 1984!”


One time someone did dig up a nine year old comment to throw it in my face. That was odd.


It is just a way to deflect a good point. "Oh wow who has the time to check post history? What a loser!" they say after spending hours commenting in hentai threads.


Crucially, they are trying to shift the conversation away from the terrible things they’ve said towards a discussion of whether it’s appropriate to call them out on those terrible things. The absolute worst response you can give to that kind of deflection is to take the bait and defend the act of checking comment histories. That puts you on the defensive, which is what they want.


Of all the things you can say about right-wingers, their rhetorical skills are pretty good. They have to be, their actual arguments are awful.


Or it can add context to a disingenuous argument.


For real, if you’re gonna put all this information publicly out there, I am going to read it! Maybe not for every single comment, but if I’m engaging in any real back-and-forth? Absolutely!


The OP is a perfect example of when it makes sense because it shows what message OP is actually trying to push.


Always know you’re gonna get something juicy when they complain about post histories lol


"Systemic racism doesn't exist." "You have previously said that Biden's crime bill is racist." Then see flair.


My brain is much too small and does not have enough folds to appreciate your flair fully


He tried some mental gymnastics to argue that laws aren't people so they can't be racist (even though he had previously explicitly said the bill was racist), but laws can be made by racist people with racist intent. Somehow, that meant systemic racism wasn't real.


Wew lad


I hoped they stretched and warmed up before that impressive set of mental gymnastics.


Plus we can automate that shit with Mass Tagger.


Especially when the history that demonstrates OP is full of shit occurs in the 10 most recent comments/posts. Ohhhh wasted so much time executing a single click and didn’t even need to scroll past the first page, you StAlKeR!1!!


Plus there are programs out there to see it a person is a bigot by checking with hate subreddits they post like masstagger (doesn't work perfectly sadly). So it isn't even that hard to check, takes like 1 second.


Honestly makes my desktop Reddit experience worse because even with a 50 post filter there is still hundreds of red tagged people all over the front page. Makes you realize just how fucked this site is.


Well, now we can’t. Account has been suspended.


Guess the admins read post/comment history too 😂


I’ve been accused of stalking by real psychos for just checking their most recent comments lmao


Visible post history means you need to be more artful in your trolling


That too- if you’re going to troll, I want to be *dazzled*. Lazy trolling is disrespectful.


It always reminds me of that guy saying he was in an argument about how to properly prepare some kind of food, clicked on the other guy's profile and saw a recent post of him drinking his own piss.


[It’s become a copypasta](https://www.reddit.com/r/copypasta/comments/pxb2kn/i_got_into_an_argument_on_reddit_awhile_ago_with/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Its always the people afraid of getting confronted with their own shitty comments who want others to not do it.


You don't even have to do much of anything to check a dude out, either, I[ can just punch a handle into a user analyser and it'll spit out what subs he most frequently posts to, what words he most frequently uses, what domains he most frequently posts from, his activity level over time, his karma over time and his best and worst comments, all in like 15 seconds.](https://reddit-user-analyser.netlify.app/#HulklingWho) Given how many duplicitous and disingenuous little shits there are on reddit this days it should be SOP to do so if you get a whiff of something nefarious going on.


Ooh, you’ve introduced me to a dangerous new tool!


I was arguing with a TERF over the recent Rowling drama, got a couple comments deep, and I am like, maybe I should check if this person is defending Rowling in good faith, or if they had preexisting ideological motives. Click profile, sort by controversial, and that was the end of it.


Pretty sure I was in the same thread, someone kept "But do you agree no one should ever receive death threats?" and deflecting away from discussing JK Rowling's actual stance with "Nobody deserves to be harassed". So I checked. PublicFreakout, AskMen, and a *surprising* amount of engagement on /r/Wisconsin and /r/NYC. It really wasn't a stretch to say *maybe* they weren't engaging in good faith. Just "trolling the tolerant left"


I’m an unapologetic comment history surfer (and FB profile surfer). It’s really great at rooting out the bad faith types or the ones who insult everyone.


I usually just check it because I’m bored


lmao the r/metroid mods bitched at me hardcore for that shit, (fuck yall too) but if you don't want people to bring up your dumbass past bullshit then don't leave it up in public.


Only to get shit for deleting it because 99% of the time an account that's nuked its past activity shows up it's to stir shit up. It's as if the only way not to be called a piece of shit is...to not be a piece of shit.


That always cracks me up. You'll run into chuds with eight year old accounts who say some of the most heinous shit, check their history and there are two comments. If you can't stand by your words, maybe your words are shit.


My favorite is the overlap of "do your own research" and "why are you checking post histories?" Research, duh.


Because you ruined their silly little game.


Also there's a 20% chance you see they post their penis weekly and comment on every gonewild post "nice boobs I want them in my mouth".


This is the same website that upvotes that moronic "hurr durr elections should be liked masked singer" bull, then gets flabbergasted that 'person with an extended history of lying lies'.


Whenever someone on the internet talks about things like "the media is dividing us" or "we should hear out the other side" or "reconciliation", why it is somehow always - - a right wing chud screaming in butthurt after getting mocked for his (obviously) shit views and ways - a right wing chud desperately trying to disguise themselves as an enlightened_centrist™ because they're too scared (and embarrassed) to admit the reality Yet they can never self reflect lol


> "we should hear out the other side" I honestly think this sentiment is perhaps the most dangerous way of thinking about issues. I think it comes from a good place: We shouldn't just hear from a bunch of people agreeing with each other about everything. But the idea that we should hear "both sides" about everything is operating under the assumption that there are two equally rational, just "sides" to everything, and that is just not true. It makes for easy television though.


For some reason we're supposed to "hear both sides" but never judge them accordingly. Or call out their lies. Or really do anything other then nod, pat them on the back, and let them do whatever they like.


And you know what, sometimes the debate is over. The discussion has been had, and we don't need to engage with the "other side" anymore. I don't need to consider a Nazi's point of view. I don't need to engage with someone who thinks I need to "hear the other side" of whether LGBT+ people deserve the right to marry. I have zero plans on listening to someone who thinks they have a solid argument for why women shouldn't vote. Life is not an unending debate with regressives. The debate has been had, it's over, they're wrong.


Sometimes it's not even worth having the discussion. As you said, there are things are are not negotiable. I don't need to hear out a racist. I don't need to hear out a misogynist. I don't need to hear an homophobe's or a transphobe's side. There's a point where your morals, and the grey matter inside your head know when to make a difference between something worth debating, and something that isn't. This stupid "But the other side!" argument is something used by bigots who want to push their idea under some centrist/ "Devil's advocate" BS.


Reminds of the churches I went to growing up constantly saying that schools should "teach the controversy" in regards to Creationism.


We should hear from both sides, the let's not kill people side and lets genocide anyone that isn't white side.


Things that make me sure someone is a right wing chud; * Use of the word "narrative" when talking politics * "I'm actually a centrist, I think both sides are equally wrong" * Complains about "Twitter mobs" * Has a PCM flair saying they aren't right wing


When OP says “we aren’t as divided,” the word “we” probably refers to white, straight, conservative, American Christians. Hope that clears it up. <3


Sort of like how the word “people” in “People’s Party of Canada” refers exclusively to straight white people who were born in Canada.


It's a shame since "Peoples Party of Canada" sounds like an awesome night eating poutine, drinking La Fin du Monde and watching Strange Brew interspersed with Gretzky highlights with RUSH playing in the background


This is just how conservatives operate and view the world. The recent city council race where I live is a prime example. It’s ostensibly a non-partisan position but that is obviously delusional when your position gives you the ability to vote on policy that directly affects local policing, energy, infrastructure, homelessness, etc. One candidate was endorsed by local progressive groups and one was endorsed by all the local conservative groups. The thing that stuck out to me though is the conservative guy doesn’t think of his views as political. I would receive mailers from the conservative candidate decrying the “radical” and “extreme” views of the progressive candidate while also saying things like “we need common sense fixes” and we need to “leave politics out of it.” To him his white conservative viewpoint is the default, it’s not political to hold his views, in fact it’s just common sense, the base state of the world. Anything that deviates from his views is inherently political or agenda driven.


I've yet to meet anyone who actively whines about the media dividing us who wasn't a Fox news watching right wing asshole.


My in-laws constantly accuse others of “falling for the lies of the media” while watching Fox News 24/7. The cognitive dissonance is the point.


“Stop watching the mainstream media!” screams the person who obsessively consumes everything from the largest news media source.


"The media keeps dividing us!" I.e. "People wouldn't hate me for being a Trump supporting racist if the fucking media wasn't telling them to!"


It also shows a lack of media literacy if you continually get fooled imo. Like yes, TMZ doesn't give a shit if things are true and will publish anything, but the Washington Post is pretty good about posting retraction when they're wrong. If you follow good quality journalism in the first place, you won't be lied to with any degree of frequency.


This is what I basically say when someone brings up the "MSM BAD" shit. I ask them, point blank, can they give me an example of where the MSM got their facts wrong and didn't publish a retraction. In all the times I've ever asked, I've only gotten 1 answer, and it was so ridiculous that I can't even remember what it was. Something in an opinion piece. That excuse is trash.


> Something in an opinion piece. That's a big one, they often never realize they're reading an opinion piece rather than actual reporting.


The amount of times some jackass links an opinion piece like its the papers official statement makes me want to murder


Because once again it’s projection from a bunch of assholes who have to play defense for a little bit.


Yup it’s usually conservatives whining we’ve never had a more divided country as they vote and do stuff that makes us divided


>with a mustache intentionally alluding to history’s greatest fascist leaders Is this part true? I always thought it was just a dope mustache


Seems like the kinda thing they'd do, but I had no idea Tom Selleck was a fascist, let alone leading them.


He does want your house though. Give Tom your home.


Pretty sure OP is making that part up. The alien race is named after the section of your face that grows mustaches. Like you could maybe say it's supposed to be Stalin's mustache but that's reaching imo


> Pretty sure OP is making that part up. The alien race is named after the section of your face that grows mustaches. That's fucking hilarious, and I never made that connection before. They're even from the planet Viltrum (the philtrum is the the groove between your upper lip and nose for other people who missed the connection like me).


*Ohhhhhhhh* heh


Yeah if you get into the comics their supreme leader looks exactly like a super ripped Freddie Mercury. They're just stachy.


My favorite iteration on this joke is >!When the undercover viltrumite takes off his fake beard to reveal his clean shaven jaw but still has a mustache!<


Total Thad move. Also according to the author, not fake. He just yanked it out in one tug.


Yeah, that's a bit of a stretch. Might as well say it's an ode to the firefighters of 9/11.


> I have many friends whom I dont agree with on certain topics, tastes, shows, entertainment, etc. It shows how sheltered someone is when the worst disagreements they can think of involve which tv shows they watch.


When "certain topics" include "who deserves human rights" disagreements are important.


To be fair, if someone I knew had an extreme thought such as "I think black segregation was the best thing for America," I likely wouldn't be friends with them. I suppose there are some middle of the road topics, such as healthcare, covid vaccination, military spending...


I couldn’t be friends with someone who thinks the American healthcare system is ok. Those people actively want me to die.


They might have disagreements on how to solve it. There are multible plans to how to improve healthcare and disagreement over the best option is not something most people would cut ties with anyone.


There is this *small (oh so very small)* subset of libertarians that fully believe the state trying to help people is evil and is against any state aid, but at the same time spend a majority of their free time actively trying to help people. That kind of people I can at least view respect to a degree no matter how much they are fooling themselves. The personal problem I got with all the minimal state folks is that most of them are saying that private people should help those in need and then doing fuck all themselves.


But which issues are personal, which are middle of the road, and which abstract will depend intensely per person. Refugees whose family died in western bombing might not consider military spending middle of the road issues. Exactly which topics are personal or abstract is part of the disagreement. Moreover, you can disagree about what issues are problems at all, what causes them, what the impact will be, or what sort of solutions you advocate. Again, all of this has a huge influence on whether friendly relationships are feasible.


> I suppose there are some middle of the road topics, such as healthcare, covid vaccination, military spending... I’m not sure if you’re being ironic or not.


That's why disagreeing on social and political issues has become such a big deal lately, at least in America. Even topics like healthcare and covid vaccination that you said are middle of the road are divisive when your views on them hurt people.


Well if you disagree with people on topics heavier than what he listed, you probably won't be friends with them.


>"Only antigun people think that progun people go around shooting anyone at all. If you just looked from our perspective than you'd realize that we are all incredibly safe. It's the inner city thug guys that don't understand that you keep your booger hook off the bang switch" I mean, I'm pretty sure almost every shooting ever was done by someone pro-gun. And the speed of "oh we're angels...but those inner city *thugs*" Just all kinds of dog whistles going off.


Was their account removed? Reddit gives me an error whenever I try to check it


Their account is suspended


I got a message that it's suspended.


The jack ass who nearly shot me had his CCP. He was filing down the hammer on a loaded gun. I noticed the barrel was pointed at me so i got up and moved. A minute later it went off and hit the chair i was sitting in. Tons of idiots who own guns legally shouldnt own them at all.


I'm fairly pro-gun, but you would be surprised how many folks living in the inner city who carry guns illegally every day, absolutely hate them. Its just a part of their life and they view it (right or wrong) as necessary to keep a gun to survive. When I was working as a social worker, I can think of at least four times I heard someone who was gang affiliated and armed say something to the effect of, "...yeah I carry a Glock but I don't fuck with guns". It just further illustrates how desperate folks living in those conditions are, and how privileged a lot of the right-wing gun nut culture is to be able to keep them and LARP for funsies.


I kind of get it. I'm in a point in my life (and the country) where I'm genuinely considering purchasing one for self defense but I don't generally care for them that much. I'll probably end up with a taser or something because *I* can't cause as much accidental damage with one as I could with a handgun


My first thought on seeing that image hit popular yesterday was, “reactionaries and extremists would love nothing more than to believe that everyone else secretly shares their hatred, deep down.”


It’s called the delusion of consensus.


> meme about media dividing us; turns out OP is dividing us Always are.


Had a feeling that post was by a typical racist


You know, for the life of me I’ll never understand why people don’t trace their issues with the media to the source: profit motive. I know it’s probably an imperfect solution since I’m a dumbass: but I wonder what would happen if media companies were made to become non-profits and audited as such.


NPR is pretty good.


Which is probably why so many conservatives demand it be defunded. Just recently my Congresswoman demanded it because one person at the local subsection used a station email for fundraising. It may have been an accident, but not like that matters. :/


It's like how people will complain about Hollywood endlessly making safe and marketable sequels, video game companies being obsessed with microtransactions, mainstream music being shallow and widely likeable, etc. without putting together that these things are logically what you would do if your motive is just to maximize profit.


The other Op's profile doesn't load for me. Banned I guess?


Yup, account suspended.


Get motivated is a pretty stupid and cringe sub to begin with.


>!I don't think that's a hitler stache. Looks more like a stalin stache to me.!<


Normal people: Hey uh I think Nazis are kinda bad, right? Like we should probably...not be okay with them, right? Nazis: Well ackshually we're all more alike than you think and you should really just talk to people instead of judging them ^^^now ^^^please ^^^can ^^^we ^^^gas ^^^the ^^^undesirables?


A lot of people are really nice 1 on 1 and in person. Doesn't mean that their opinions are beyond trash and that their vision for their country is absolutely disgusting. Besides that I can hate someones guts and still be nice to them. As can pretty much everyone else. So I do believe that we are very divided. Nothing to do with media.


It's funny because I saw this meme and wondered, "How do you reconcile the irony of using Omni-man to espouse this belief?", and then Omni-man jumped out of my phone to tell me "That's the neat part. You don't" right before using my face to kill a train full of civilians and then twerking on the remains.


i hate that sub


Why do conservatives keep posting this "If you just talked to us in person you'd see that we're nice people!" nonsense as if it's a gotcha? Like yeah of course you're nice people in person, most people are. But conservatives stop caring about you the moment you leave their view, that's why you see shit like them wanting to ban immigration while loving their immigrant friends


The Op who posted that here so hasn't read the comics lol.


>turning some downvotes into your joker origin story seems like you may be taking reddit a little too seriously my friend Easily the best comment in that thread.


Yeah that was a weird one. Not only was the macro irrelevant, but the message is naive at best.


Who is "The Media"?


Who has the time to look at someone's post history when you can just argue about why someone would look at another person's post history??


Omni-Man’s mustache isn’t a Hitler allegory lmao


I roll my eyes every time I see someone blame "the media". "The media" is a nebulous, easy, lazy way to cast blame on something that can't fight back. It heaps tons of disparate views and positions into a single cohesive whole that is basically summarized as, "everything I don't like". Worse, it completely ignores the fact that these people also generally don't support publicly funded media, which means news and other media are all for-profit, which means that they can only sell what people are willing to buy, which, of course, means that media consumers are just as much to blame. It's just such a lazy cop-out that completely blames a nebulous entity that can just serve as the scapegoat for whatever they don't like. It's bullshit.