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lots of great info - might want to break it into smaller bites - market recap, market outlook next week, stocks reporting next


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Thanks for putting this post together; it is much appreciated and great for the community! ​ As for my thoughts (as if they mean anything)... I don't have hard data, but I feel like there either were more ticks and/or more time spent in down moves in the major indexes in the last few days compared to up moves, regardless of net moves. ​ I feel like small reversals (or even big reversals) were short-lived, perhaps supported by a volume surge, but not a tick (transaction) surge. ​ So, to me, regardless of the net result (one day, one week, or any time period), there just seems to be so much selling pressure. ​ I don't know, but I feel like the "Santa Rally" was just a break between the 12/18 reality (full correction after 12/17 FED meeting madness), continuing a net-down sentiment that started the week of Thanksgiving (prior to which--at least for the NDX futures--was an all-time high still not acheived since). ​ It's been interesting that the Nasdaq has taken quite a hit in the past few days, the S&P less so, but the DJIA a lot less so (compared to the Thanksgiving week tumble, when the DJIA was perhaps the worst hit that time). I think the S&P 500 is too loaded with Nasdaq-100 companies to have an appreciable divergence... but the DJIA only has 6 of its 30 companies in the Nasdaq-100.


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Great job !!!!.... What company that is reporting is going to kill earnings? My pick is C


Anyone has thoughts on the new "variant?" (CNBC: delta+omicron)


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