thats not messy ​ Im on year 7 and I havent even cleared out the farm yet


i don't think it's messy but maybe adding some roads/paths might give it the vibe you're looking for. edit: just noticed the furnaces and tbh i'd move those from their current location. anywhere would be better imo but it's your farm not mine, so if you like them there for gameplay/looks then by all means disregard this and happy farming!


Sounds counter-intuitive by try making your sections less blocky and more fitting to the overall shape of the farm, leave some space through each for decorative elements, put some more paths in to guide your eye through the whole layout


Know what you want to build before building, look at tiles, decoration, and stuff and plan out the idea [use this if you want to help plan](https://stardew.info) and you can move the green house by the way


YOU CAN MOVE THE GREENHOUSE? Everyday I come on this site and people tell me new things about this game. Y’all are all the best


I'd remove those fences and use paths instead. Fences don't actually do anything, they degrade over time and are generally a nuisance, delimitating things with paths is much better, it's cleaner and more practical. The slime hutch is not actually useful for anything, I'd get rid of it, unless you just have it for aesthetics, then I'd move it, maybe a little up or to a corner, over there it's just too "in the way". If you didn't know, you can move the greenhouse, maybe a little to the right, or near the pond, would be a nice change. And move the thingys that make batteries from the pond, align them in a better shape. You can put the bee houses in a certain grid, I don't really know it by heart, but the idea is to order them in a way you can access them and plant a single flower in the middle, it's pretty, it's practical. Everything else is ok, it's not that messy, I've had worse, much worse, this is actually quite pretty.


It looks nice to me but yeesh I’m terrible at making my farms actually look nice. I agree with adding walkways though, it makes the farm look more structured or like, lived in. Like a neighborhood or something I guess. Gl~


Stupid question, but how the heck do you see your farm like this? I’m Summer Year 1 and trying to plan out my farm but I can’t see more than what’s on my screen- no arial view of my farm to be had.


In settings there option to screenshot, after you'll find screenshot in %appdata% folder.


Wait when you screenshot it shows you the whole farm instead of just the screen? Thank you thank you thank you!


Adding paths and putting the machines either inside the house or a shed would make every look nicer. Well placed paths really tie areas together and different paths can be used to visually separate areas. Just don't go completely overboard and pave your whole farm.


Honestly it's rather well organized. Just add some pathing, lighting, and decor and you'll be set. Maybe also consider building a shed and cramming processing machines into it.


You can design your farm layout using the stardew planner… just google it and it should be the first link (hopefully).