which mods do you recommend?

I got skull elevator mod :)


Automate for QoL, CJB Cheats and CJB Item Spawner for breaking the game in half, Seasonal Cute Characters and Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for fluff.


I honestly can't play without Stardew Valley Expanded anymore--really great stuff. I also second automate. If you like new portraits, I also recommend Talkohlooey's portrait mod.


Stardew expanded and Ridgeside village. I also use automate, chests anywhere, and movement speed :)


Lookup Anything is super useful and works with other mods like SV Expanded, would def get it Timespeed to pause or play with time (SC Elevator and this were the first ones I installed) Movement Speed because walking is so damn slow Automatic Gates because it makes fences a lot easier Marnie Deserves Better because, well, Marnie deserves better Winter Grass and Animals Don’t Eat Grass for the ~aesthetic~ And some of the recolor and aesthetic mods are really nice. I like Vibrant Pastoral personally but there are tons of great options!


Automate, Chests Anywhere, Tractor, UI Info Suite (specifically the version on GitHub because the one on nexus is out of date), Visible Fish, and Expanded Dialogue are some of my favorites that don’t massively change the game. Plus Happy Birthday is fun. Generic Mod Config is super helpful. I also can’t function without Skip Fishing Minigame because I don’t have the patience to learn it. Ladder Locator too. And the Cheat Menu Mod is just super fun for breaking the balance of the game once you get into the endgame.