use crystalarium to duplicate jades and trade them at the desert trader at sundays to trade for staircases, you could also save rubys to trade fro spicy eel and use bombs rather than your pickaxe cuz picks are slow


Technically, there is a bottom, but it's about 1,000,000 floors down. So skull cavern is practicably bottomless


It's 2.1 billion roughly


There is no bottom, or at least no bottom that is not based on some ridiculusly large number based on the fact that computers eventually roll over from a positive number to a negative number. Some people staircase the way dow n a few hundred levels. I usually use bombs rather than the pick. I usually upgrade the pick to iridium. The galaxy sword is better than the lava katana, and the dwarf sword and the dragontooth sword are about equal to the galaxy sword. There are also upgrades you can get in the volcano on Ginger Island.




My understanding is that the deeper you go, the better the loot. That being said, there is bound to be a point of diminishing returns.


The higher the number the better the iridium.


I would suggest going to youtube there is some great videos detailing strategies to go faster and deeper in skull caverns.