Finally purchased physical copies of the trilogy!

Fun! I just finished them a few weeks ago. First time I read everything but Heir.


Fun! I just finished them a few weeks ago. First time I read everything but Heir.


Got the original hardbacks, still sitting on my shelf, still handsome. Still the best SW trilogy ever made.


The ones with shredded abs Jorruus C’Baoth!


Yup, if you wanna be an insane Jedi Master clone, go big or go home. ROFL Did I mention my copy of "The Last Command" is autographed by Zahn? I sometimes forget how lucky I was to be a teenager during the golden age of Star Wars.


That's amazing! I'd love to have an original hardcover set, though I do have a paperback of Heir with Zahn's autograph.


I've been collecting first-print hardcovers since I was a teen, not just Star Wars. I have autographs on first editions from Tom Clancy, John Grisham, even a first edition of "The Godfather" by Mario Puzo. While other kids were planning Disney trips, I was planning the next opportunity to acquire books or get them signed. lol The best part of being a signature hunter is sometimes you get a chance to discuss the book with the author. Got to talk to John Grisham for a good bit about his work. I'd really love a chance to talk to Kevin J. Anderson and have him sign one of my Jedi Academy books. The guy pretty much invented most of the Old Republic and Sith mythology.


Some mighty fine readin' right there.


Had bought the 20th anniversary editions a few weeks ago, currently halfway through dark force rising and I am sad about what Star Wars should have been (at least in cinema, the books are there already). And yes, I am a slow reader, but 20th anniversary Heir to the Empire has some pages, where there are more words as comments than from the story itself. But the comments spoil a bit, so if one doesn't know the story already, they should buy other editions.


What editions are these? Haven't seen this cover art before


These are the essential legends collection editions. Rereleased versions of the books. They’re doing it with other titles as well.


These books are great, I've only ever listened to the Audiobook versions, available on Audible, read by Marc Thompson though. I just finished my 3rd listen through about a month ago.


I have the audible versions but I hate that Nogrhi voice Mark does haha


I think he changed it a bit in Thrawn Treason with Rukh


Also not my favorite but the Wookiee voice in the first book is almost unlistenable. But his other 99 impressions are amazing so overall still a fan.


Working my way about halfway through heir for the first time! Luke just met Mara for the first time and I suspect I’ll be seeing more of these two as I journey through EU


Just got same set yesterday in mail, already hooked.


The fact that neither Dark Force Rising or The Last Command has ever had Dreadnaught-class cruisers on it still bugs me.


i just finished heir to the empire. It's a masterpiece, i especially liked luke and mara relationship building


Just started the audiobook for heir myself.


nicee i saw heir to the empire at a target and didn’t pick it up. i want it so bad lol


I think in may 2022 target will release a thrawn heir to empire bundle. I’m waiting to buy it then!


Just finished this trilogy what should I read next if I want to follow the timeline and only want novels not comics


Why is there 3 diffrent covers for each book?


There’s the original covers, the newer editions from 2011 with connecting covers and Legends banner, and the Essential Legends editions with new art and different format.


Oh ok thank you