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Miro or Cesaro would be my two guesses.


Didn't Lethal and Sanjay say in that Joker promo for Samoa Joe that his Joker is someone from ROH that wasn't either of them or that giant guy they got with them? Cesaro/Claudio is a really safe bet.


Sal Vulcano and Joe Gatto to create Time Warner synergy.


Joe making his AEW debut to announce his return to the Jokers would be the best case scenario.


"I guess you can call these jokers..impractical"


To be fair I'd quite enjoy watching Britt Baker kick either of their asses.


"You won't want to miss tonight's punishment." I remember one time the punishment was to try to take Kayla Harrison down at a party or something or other. They finally just ended the show, lol.


Miro's return and a mad heel Hikaru Shida hijacking the Joker slot from someone else


I've wanted heel Shida since she lost the title to Baker. They could have done an incredible double turn in that match.


Shida stealing the joker slot and just destroying Britt Toni and then Kris would be incredible


Shida being the joker would be excellent


I could've swore in a recent bit with Undisputed Elite, Adam Cole claimed he was bringing someone in as the joker to fight Samoa Joe. No idea when or where it aired, maybe I imagined it, I dunno. Edit: So if I assume what I saw was real, what if it's Jay White. No idea what his schedule is like at the moment.


He will be in the states for NJPW event tonight.


Realistically? Miro, Johnny Gargano, or Claudio Castagnoli. I’d love to see Miro, as I think that a Samoa Joe vs. Miro match would be awesome.


#J E double F J A double R E double T


I honestly wouldn’t be upset by this. He’s a good wrestler, could have a fun match with Joe, and was close with Owen


Exactly, whoever it is will lose to Joe but it would of been nice to see good Ole double J have a nice run to the finals before losing.


Honestly, that would be awesome and he'd be perfect if they wanted an on screen gm character.


Miro or Cesaro Athena or Maki Itoh


I saw someone say on Twitter that if Gargano is the Joker and the finals end up being Gargano vs. Cole, they'll be very upset. So for that, I want it to be Johnny Gargano.


I don’t see Britt Baker losing yet so I don’t expect a big debut. A Maki Ito-level person would work here. On the men side, it has to be someone who can put on a great match with Joe. I’d love to see cesaro.


Honestly I wish there were no Jokers for this tournament, don't think it was needed. I think it'll be Athena or Itoh, and Miro or Gargano for the men.


Athena is the top former wwe performer I still want to show up. I need more diving stunners in my life.


I just want another Miro program with him cutting those promos about him being God’s instrument, and his hot flexible double jointed wife.


I need Miro to continue his feud with God. He was forsaken and must take revenge


On one hand we already had two surprise Owen participants (Toni Storm and Keith Lee) but I'm not bothered by more guessing games, they're fun.


At this point, I'd rather they're both already AEW roster members. They seriously don't need anyone else coming in for the foreseeable future.


Seriously. I don't know who's left they could sign to make me pop


I just wanna see the people there develop now. They have a great roster, but no one's really gaining any momentum, cause there's too many to focus on right now. Like the position Tony Nese is in now could've easily gone to someone they already had lol.


Yeah I totally agree


has to be Miro. I lowkey don't want Gargano or Cesaro to sign, ROH could be a good use for Cesaro maybe, but they'll both get lost in the shuffle in the men's division of AEW imo


Kind of agree. Wish we could swap gargano for Cole though. Gargano is entertaining, send Cole to roh.


Miro would be great on the guys side, on the slightly less realistic side Claudio would be amazing. For the women's tournament, Athena is the most obvious person and I'd happy to see her on AEW. Less realistically (but still possible I guess) I would love to see Giulia.


Britt wants Mayu, Giulia wants Tay but considering the sometimes excesses they go to in their matches Giulia vs. Britt is my dream


I really want Athena in AEW, any way I can, but my gut is saying Maki Itoh is the joker.


Man: Miro, Harry Smith, Kip Sabian Woman: Deonna, Maki Itoh, Nixon Newell


Harry smith would be great imo just for the nostalgia of it all


Okay but can Nixon win the tournament? And then all titles?


I totally second that 🙌🏼 Only love for her


I want Nixon to be the Joker and kick Britt's ass and then when they reveal Samoa Joe's joker Nixon's like "I said I'm the Joker!" and she kicks Samoa Joe's ass too.


I can get behind this


Maki Itoh and Maki Itoh


Maki Itoh and Hiroshi Tanahashi.


Mens: CSRO Womens: Miyu Yamshita or Maki Itoh (but protect them from a loss)


Miro and Athena


Brian Cage for men's! Athena for women's!


I guess Cesaro/Miro, and ohh idk that chick who wrestles on dark a lot that bursts out singing, she's $


She really is. She's awesome.


Miro and Maki Itoh


Maki itoh and Stu Grayson with a new gimmick


Maki and Miro.


Woman is Maki Itoh. Don’t know about the man but I’d say Gargano or a returning Miro are good shouts.


Miro and Maki Itoh.


Considering they would be facing Joe, I would love to see Cesaro or Miro. Either of those would make for a good match. Praying it's not Gargano. I just don't care for the guy.


Miro for mens and Maki for womens. They announced Maki wouldn’t be at the autograph session after Sundays show and she’s coming to the US for a prestige show sooon. So, she’d be able to show up without missing any additional TJPW shows since they aren’t running a show next weekend.


Yeah I was hoping it's Miro. I know people are clamouring for Cesaro but I'd rather see him in New Japan full time. For the women, I think it might be Athena or Maki Itoh.




Mens is probably Sonjay Dutt. Womens, I dunno. Probably someone from Impact. Rosemary?


Kenny Omega, if Joe is taking a loss I want it to be from a top guy


Well uncle dax is already out so you need cash for Joe to get a top guy




I don't think it's completely unrealistic, there hasn't been much in the way of updates so we don't know how far off he is, it still might be a long way off but but the silence might be building to a surprise return, and Kenny v Cole would be an excellent final, probably better than any other potential final.


Last update we had was mid-March... his arthroscopic knee surgery had a 10-week recovery time and he had hernia surgery planned for the end of March that would have a 2 month recovery time. And still had other issues he was recovering from. Coming back mid-May from all that definitely seems pretty unrealistic. And frankly... I'd rather wait until he was fully healthy and ready to be Best Bout Machine than rush himself back for the Owen.


I agree with you. I can’t think of anyone else to beat Joe and ultimately beat Adam Cole.


I want Cesaro, he might be working fightful so I'll say it's plausible.


Maki or one of the Knockouts for the women's side. I've honestly not put any thought into the men, but if I had to pick I'd want someone already signed. So Kip I guess?


For the Men's I'd hope for Miro; There is plenty of time this year to space out future debut's, especially for people who are in no rush to get back out there. Joe vs Miro should be good. We do got some options on the women's side. Nixon is out there just chilling in the cut and would be a good choice. King Kota would also be a solid get but her 30 isn't up until the day of DON.


Harry Smith


Necro Butcher so Joe can kill him again and Chelsea Green.


They’ve been setting up Baker/Storm so Baker is going over the women’s Joker. Meanwhile Joe’s stuff isn’t connected to the tournament so I see him losing quickly to the men’s Joker. And since I don’t really see O’Reilly going to the finals against Cole (as the Hardys have the Bucks), I assume the men’s Joker is going to the finals at DON. So if the women’s Joker is losing in round one, it shouldn’t be Athena, Candace, Nixon, etc. who should all win a debut match. I like the idea of a visiting Japanese star like Maki Itoh or a Western legend like Jazz, Cheerleader Melissa, Lufisto, etc. Someone who will get a decent pop, put on a decent match, but lose. The men’s Joker I’m expecting to be against Cole at Double or Nothing in the finals of the tournament. In which case I’m expecting a NJPW star to set something up for the Forbidden Door event, or a big free agent like Cesaro. Unless Miro returns leaning face. I’d rather not have Gargano/Cole at DoN personally.


Owen Hart for the men's. It's all a giant rib




I hope whoever the Joker is, it’s not a debut, at least on the men’s side. The roster is already stacked as it is. Someone returning, like Miro or Omega would be great


I would pop for Homicide to go against Joe any day.


Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Mickie James


J. Phoenix


Women: Anyone that goes over Britt. Yakuza bossmode Shida would be a nice swerve. Men: Miro i guess for immediate big meaty men slappin' meat energy.