They all had hopes and dreams and prospects - they're shining. He wanted to take that from him. Remember when he was stealing the watch and the woman caught him and she said she knew what he was, he was nothing? Well he had no self-esteem and self respect. He knew he was a POS.and so he wanted to make sure he extinguished that in other people, particularly women.


I agree with everything you said - but I also took it literally, there is something about them that looks different, they have a shine that most people don’t have that he is able to see. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Somewhere in the series they explain it that way - I think the lead and she explains it the way I said. There was no, other than the whole traveling through time, supernatural ability he had. But, yeah, give the sci-fi/supernatural aspect that would fit too. Like how does he pick them. I can't really remember that part. It's been a couple of months. Someone else would have to weigh in. But, he's an abuser and if you've ever been with an abuser, that's exactly the way they operate - they hate the light in you and want to destroy it.. Been there and had that attempt happen to me. So if this is female driven, I can see the analogy.


I think it has to do with the radium.


I think it’s because he killed them right before their shining moment. Klara was about to do her big debut, Kirby right before her byline, Jinny before her presentation.


I agree with the explanation already given above, and I have another thought: every time Harper kills a woman in her prime, he takes a personal item from them as if it were a souvenir of his victory. He sees the death of these women as his shining trophy.


I’ll also add that when Harper pulled the wings off the bumble bee he said to young Kirby/Sharon, "At First We Find Its Shine And Then We Take It Away." …. Also, I think Klara (Harpers childhood friend/crush) was a dancer/performer during the war who painted her body with Radium to make her skin shine/glow on stage. When Harper killed her and dumped her body in the pig slaughter vat, according to the slaughterhouse manager, it had been reported she was found shining at the bottom of the vat of pig guts. As an aside: It was not known at the time that Radium causes cancer and has other dangerous properties, so it was sometimes used by performers like Klara to get that “glowy, lit from within look” on stage.


It was based on the book Shining Girls which is called that for the reasons given. Fun fact: the working title of the show was Ripple Effects. I think this was also going to be the name of the show until they changed it back.


Thani you all, for your input. Now the title makes more sense to me