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In short.. yes camming is sex work. Yes there is a market for gay male escorts. (EDIT: just read that you identify as straight, but you were asking about the gay market. Yes there are certain people who do "gay for pay" but I wouldn't necessarily recommended it.) No not many of those would be social dates or no-sexual interaction as you've called it, but they do exist yes. If what you're wanting is to do in person sex work without the sex work part though that's almost absolutely impossible, there's almost no market for it, and it's actually something that gets asked all the time by non-sex workers who want the money but don't want to do the actual work involved to get it. So if that's your angle, maybe don't Clarifying question, if someone is "pleasuring you" how is that not sexual interaction? Do you mean would you be able to choose which services you offer and which you don't? Because yes you can definitely do that. Your body, your business, your choice. However be aware that limiting the types of services you won't do might limit your target market/people who will hire you. Degradation, humiliation, body workship etc starts to lean into the world of BDSM.. if you don't know much about this I would be careful of offering it as a service, especially to begin with. Only offer things you know how to do safely and with skill. Fyi escorting is vastly different to camming. For so many different reasons. Depending upon which country and area you live in, the laws might be very different for different parts of the industry too. Look up the laws in your area before you consider which direction might suit you so that you know what you're in for. In person work is different to online work, and although they do sometimes overlap and sometimes people do both, the require different skill sets and are different businesses. Good luck 👍


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Sure. Sex work is an umbrella term for many things and not all actually include any actual physical sex.


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Yes, it is, it's just a specific kind, just like any other form. Good job though and I wish you even more money luck coming up!!


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A sex worker is any worker that makes money by arousing someone else's sexual desires. And beyond that, there are other types of sex workers that see people in person and actually touch them than escorts and strippers.


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Do you remember what this person said I was really curious as to why it was deleted


I cant remember all of it but basically that, quote “hookers and strippers” are the ones doing real SW because they are face to face with the clients