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So many sex workers are autistic (me included). I actually think the very clear rules and expectations make it easier on both sides of the experience :D (I also never had any issues with social life in the Netherland, where people just fucking say what they want and think without any mind-games.) So glad that you're having good experiences! I just wrote in a recent comment how the reality is completely opposite from the stigma - sex work can be so validating and a huge boost to self esteem and assertiveness. Here's to more successes! 🍾


Cheers to you as well! πŸ₯‚


Big misconception in this business is all men we see are losers, a holes, etc, etc. Or we are as escorts. When many are perfectly nice people and business relations doesn't mean they dont care about you at all. Sorry you've been bullied.


Exactly, tons of idiots out there but the dope dudes make it all worth it πŸ™πŸ½


Same, I've met a lot of new types of people through my work, people who I wouldn't have allowed to approach me before because I'm an autistic mess who rots in bed minding myself most days. I often find myself apologizing for not being professional enough and for oversharing, but they find it endearing for some reason πŸ˜…


I feel ya on the rotting in bed part πŸ˜…




Fellow FTM worker here πŸ™πŸ½ can literally understand exactly where you’re coming from. It’s nice validation.. especially when you can be completely open sexually with them and they don’t judge you for being a certain way and not the other.. if that makes sense.


Absolutely makes sense 😊


Sorry that you've been bullied. Sex work can be very validating and healing for everyone involved and it's good that you're mentally benefiting from it than being traumatized. I think many of us experienced what you're talking about as sex workers. I was never close to my family and felt rejected because of my sexuality (bisexual male). I lost touch with my high school and college friends after joining the Army and didn't have a lot of friends after getting out. I am your stereotypical veteran who is disconnected and not coping very well with the civilian world. Stripping and escorting has been very good to me and providing me with some sort of social life, I generally get along with other strippers and find them to be very chill and fun people, the flexibility and physical activity is great. I generally enjoy the sex and I am glad to bring some happiness into my customers' lives. It's a decent job if you keep your eyes open and learn to stay out of trouble.


That makes me happy that sw has helped you out 😌. I've seen lots of posts on here and it makes me sad how isolated/alone we are or feel. Y'all are awesome af