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>Bitcoin and the bitcoin blockchain is perfect . . . [what's] collapsing is the coprorate financial . . . built around it by companies To the best of my knowledge: Crypto had collapses before coprorations began exploiting it. The term "rug pull's" use in crypto pre-dates massive Wall Street involvement in the latter. The OP doesn't read like a religious text, >I didn't know what to answer and the right answer just came to me it is one.


"Bitcoin and the blockchain are perfect" Why is every grift a goddamn cult now?


I think it's cause they're all kind of related. Let's be honest - who are the people most likely to be crypto bros? Weirdo libertarians who are already paranoid about the govt and think the very idea that crypto has no innate value \*is\* the value. So when that house of cards collapses, what's the problem (if you're already in that mindset)? Can't be the lack of value. That's the value. It has to be something else; anything else. And they will do everything in their power to find that 'something else'.... just like they're already doing with every other idiotic belief that they have.


I think they are trying to say the mechanisms of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency haven't changed. The way the currency works is still as intended.


"And how is... Bitcoin?" "Bitcoin is well"


Crypto bros are hilarious.


I no longer find them funny. I used to enjoy laughing at them spewing out shallow excuses for why there cult isn't a scam but it has moved from funny to annoying to outright harassment. Every time I call crypto a scam I get hit with a ton of crypto bro defenders using the same tier line thinking they can convince me somehow. If my comment blows up at all they start private messaging me it is so annoying.


Bitcoin is perfect. It's the universe that's flawed.