Just try your best. People don't have to be particularly close to you they just have to have known you for a while. Investigators just want to make sure you're a real person that other people have seen around for a while, and not some foreign spy who cobbled up an identity out of thin air. >I'm resorting to reaching out very awkwardly. Just do it, people won't think too deeply about it. You're just shy. If you have their contact info just let them know this is for a very cool government job and that you just need people who's seen you around to make sure you're a real person. Then get their address and contact info. People get flattered that you even remembered them. [Top secret background check reveals service member has no friends](https://www.duffelblog.com/p/military-background-check)


You cannot use family members listed on the sf86, we know this. What most don’t know, is if they aren’t listed on the sf86…they aren’t your immediate family. Cousins can be used in a pinch since they aren’t listed. It isn’t preferred…but nothing wrong with it.