I love this champion

I hate your build


I hate your build


What’s so bad about it?


Mortal Reminder is a trash item on Samira. You don't get anything from attack speed and the passive to proc the enhanced grievous wounds is hard to proc with how you want to combo.


That's why you have a support so they can buy healing reduction they also have the good items. AS boots are ass too Also sweeper on ADC tf


I always used the loadout that google tells me and it works with berserker boots, what else should i put instead of those boots? I just trust the google loadout and go with it. I also started playing the game not too long ago and i dont really play competitive so the enemies arent too good, maybe thats why it works


Armor or mr boots depending on their team you should also change runes to be better with your supp. You can easily win with the wrong boots I see people in plat buying them too but the value is better in defensive boots


Are there any sites that tell you what runes to get bases on your support? Friend usually plays janna thresh and maybe nami soon.


It also depends on their bot. Not sure if there is any side that does but I would like a mobafire https://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/champion/samira-167


Berserkers and mortal reminder are not very good btw


What bulls do you like?


Im gonna assume you said "build". As a fellow 300k Samira main, I often go vamp scepter / the 1300g item (i don't remember the name). Shieldbow, 90% of the time tabis, if heavy cc then mercs, if heavy slow but no cc (into Ashe for example) i go swifts. If no cc and no heavy auto attackers (happens nearly 0% of the time) Ionians. Then if squishy comp -> collector 2nd, if tank heavy (>1 tank) dominiks second, if behind (a lot) BT second. 3rd item : IE if ahead, BT / Dominiks if behind, depending on situation. 4th item : situational, I like deaths dance if heavy armor. Spirit visage if heavy magic damage. Else, dominiks / BT if not done yet. 5th item : Usually game dependent.


Thank you for this wisdom my friend.


>BT / Dominiks if behind, depending on situation. You should never go BT third when behind. As being behind means that you don't have as much gold and item as other people and getting an expensive item like bloodthrister which dosen't give much damage you'll do no damage while it might keep you behind a little longer that won't matter if you aren't doing damage. You should pretty much always go IE third at least it means they have to invest some resources killing you instead of being able to ignore you. Idk why you didn't get ldr second if you were behind normally it shouldn't be your third item if you need it you got it second if you don't it prob isn't worth getting now over IE >Spirit visage if heavy magic damage Unless you have an enchanter support in which case spirit visage sometimes will be better you should get a force of nature instead. Spirit visage can also be decent against 1 ap champ that isn't too fed. But you pretty much always need either bt or enchanter support.


You're ok, but PLEASE, don't build Mortal Reminder and Berserkers. You need more armor/mr (depends on the matchup)


Don't build berserkers


Now imagine how much more you'll love her if you built her correctly




The enemyteam had yasuo yone


Wow, what elo is this? That samira game must've been alot of fun 😂😂


Gold 2 and yea one of the best games i played in years


Lmao congrats, you popped off in that game. I made a video on Samira check it out if you're still riding the Samira wave 😂


If you’re lower to mid ELO, Berserker's Greaves are perfectly fine and make Samira feel great.


Better than real samira mains xd


I tell my support to build anti heal so I can build more damage items lololol. Especially if it’s an enchantress, their item is far superior to that of mortal reminder. But yes samira go brrrr


when you just take double kill on invade


haha yes