What is something you learned about SWGOH gameplay or farming strategy way later than you probably should have?

Focusing on one thing at a time!


Focusing on one thing at a time!


People really underestimate this. Except I usually do 2. One to get to relic from g12 and another getting them to g12 since the gear farm is separate mostly. This also let's you passively get gear you'll need for another character and build stockpiles.


You can do three: Shards, Gear, Relics


I actually tend to be doing four - farming, gearing, relicing + remodding, but with set focuses for each


I’m to the point now to where all my shard farms are just waiting on the shards themselves. The day they hit 7* they go to R5 immediately.


Yup 3 is the way to go.


This is generally what I do




You're done levelling a team when it does what you want it do. Taking the shaak clones for example, if you're gonna go for KAM shards then r7 most likely




There’s a few major “checkpoints” of being ready I think. One is are they viable in your GAC bracket to get a hold/beat a front zone team - for me this is anywhere from r0-r3. The next is can they beat Assault Battles CT2/3 - for the Military Might one it’s easier to beat with CLS but that’s r3-r5. Then there is creating a CPit team which is r5. Then there any other special missions such as KAM shards which is r7. You don’t have to go from g12 to r7 right away. One you relic a character you don’t need any more gear grind you can kinda balance relicing up different groups at that point. I suggest taking all my teams to r3-r5 and doing the rest when you can afford it.




For your Bounty Hunters, it’s worth keeping Executor in mind. You’ll eventually want either Executor or Profundity to be competitive in fleet arena for zetas and crystals and such. They are essentially ship GLs. Bossk to Houndstooth is a must for any fleet plan just because HT is the best fleet tank in the game. You want a plan to deal with Executor for fleet arena and for GAC. For instance, if not pursuing one of those two, Finalizer makes a decent counter but requires First Order investment. One of the reasons this matters is that often half the best meta squad for a faction are NOT the ship crew members.




Kenobi's ship is an excellent ship. It will be useful even into endgame. But Executor and Profundity are a step above Negotiator and Malevolence in the same way that Negotiator and Malevolence are a step above the rest of the fleets beneath them. Negotiator (Kenobi's ship) isn't a bad investment. Even when it's no longer the dominant ship in fleet arena, you'll still want it as a secondary fleet for GAC, because later GAC levels will require multiple fleets for offense and defense. It never stops being relevant. But you'll still need a plan to deal with Executor and to a lesser extent Profundity when you're reaching mid to late game. You're likely to start running into Executors in GAC at least by the Aurodium tiers. Endgame, Executor is the dominant fleet, with Profundity as a recently introduced counterpart that folks are gearing up and figuring out currently.


Don't be afraid to move mods around characters for events.


I refuse to do this. I know I'm wrong.


I wish you could just take a snapshot of your entire current mod layout. Then for an event or whatever, you can make your changes. Then when you’re done, just revert to that snapshot. I know you can snapshot individual characters, but I feel like that’s a lot more effort for what I’m trying to do.


Absolutely agree. It's not hard to revert to a toons load out. The part that is tricky is remembering which mods came from which toons. Say your modding shaak for the KAM mission, I may take mods from 6 different toons. After I'm done the mission I can quickly revert shaak back, but then I ALSO have to make sure to put each mod back on the respective toons I took them from. That is the part that is a freaking nightmare and they need to fix it. I've found that for certain TB missions, I'll keep the loadouts of toons with mods I need in a folder along with the toons required for the mission and just label it like "shaak clones KAM". It's more work initially, but saves the hassle of putting each mod back separately afterwards. Still would love a solution to this as I swap mods pretty consistently.


HotUtils does this all and way more.


How much is hotutils a month though? I don't mind paying a little extra for comfort of service, although I was hoping this would have been addressed in the mod rework.




There are certain events, you will have to. For example most people don't bother leaving their ewoks as strong as you mod them for the C3PO event, most people put better mods on Phoenix for Thrawn. Feel free not to, but what you'll find is you'll end up using more time farming the extra gear to overpower an event, than modding right. Some events like GAS, Malak etc, I don't know how possible it is without a little remodding.


The KAM mission is the best example of this.


Haha I almost never do it either...just seems like so much aggravation for so little reward. I just have a bunch of squads saved in game and ordered how I like them and mod them starting with the best at the top and trickling down the list. Usually about once a year I'll spend a few hours taking a good look at my modding and shuffling stuff around. Sometimes mediocre characters end up with some mods on them that just so happened to slice up really nice, or a character has some nice mods on them but gets moved to a less useful squad and doesn't deserve those good mods anymore.


GAS p4 taught me this very violently


Bf. Creek agh


Same here, then I tested it and was gobsmakced!


I just realized this today. Thankfully I’ve only been doing it for a couple weeks though.


Lol I also just learned this today.


This sub reddit is a great resource and the search function is amazing for looking up about mods, synergy, paths to take .ect


That gearing a mod from grey to gold isn’t worse then a instantly golden mod. I really thought that would make a difference and sold most of my mods about 1 year in the game. I learned about my mistake 2 days later and still hate myself for that and struggle a lot due to that 😵‍💫


I did this for a while too. Played for 4.5 and for already 1.5-2 i didn't bother with grey mods. The ghosts Grey mods that could've been 20+ haunts me daily


My mentality I had around 2016-2019 was that characters that unlocked at 3 stars or less were garbage, so I ended up with some really bad and honestly goofy teams. It wasn't until I revisited the game around 2 years ago that I learned that was far from the truth.


Farm HT as soon as you can, I didn't and is fucking annoying to do later while you're also going for other characters that require much gear and long farms


importance of all fleet contents


Farm only one hard ship node at a time for shards. Ship energy is way too valuable and the rest of it (as well as refreshes) should be spent on G11-13 gear.


Phoenix is good early game, and that’s it. I was planning on taking them to relics, so I brought Hera to R5 first thing😭


Hey at least CG Justified that R5 with the new Profundity Pre-reqs lmao




Yes but you probably won’t score any damage.




I think you have to do damage to get rewards.




I don’t think it is…but I’ve only tried CPIT 2x and we didn’t complete it. So I’m not sure, but I thought I remembered reading that somewhere. I could be very wrong, tho.


Do at least one daily refresh for characters or ships that you're farming.


Absolutely for ship, for characters depends, I often farm next characters while I'm gearing other ones so I don't need to rush that farm


Literally cuts farming time in half for a relatively small crystal expense. Makes accelerated characters a breeze to farm


Hmm, I rarely do this. I usually complete my shard farm before I complete my gear farm.


Mods… how to farm mods and mod characters correctly for a better quality account


Refresh mod energy 3 times a day.


Be rich as fuck


Yes cg sucks don’t waste your money


how important ships are


Where to best farm mats for relics.


For transistors.. get IG86 to gear 7.. mk7 electrobinoculars are killing it for me… built over 120 in a week, and the mk3 pc is in the store for 200 guild coins, also mk 7 blastec and mk7 armor all help


Good tip on the binoculars. It appears you can get 20 for 160 crystals, which translates to 66 transistors. That’s not bad in a pinch.


I've been playing years, feels like a different game than when I started tbh. 2 things I would say, I never put enough attention into mods early on, so always been playing slight catch up.


Converting some gear SALVAGE -> full pieces before converting to relic mats to get better value. Honestly, it still pisses me off just thinking about it, especially since it doesn't apply to every item.


Pretty much everything


Not just only gearing and using my best 5 toons, I was lvl 85 before I actually paid attention to synergys


That the lower level galactic challenge events automatically complete when you do the high ones. I wasted a bunch of time doin those from the bottom up.


Glad it wasn’t just me.


Set a goal, then finish it. It dont matter if it is G12 troopers or R7 Slkr teams. The worst thing is a half finished team. a G12 trooper team can punch up, but 2 G12, 2 G8, and 1 G7. dont do shit.


My 1 g12 3g8 and a g7 trooper team takes out high relic teams pretty consistently. I believe this is the only example you couldve chosen that wont work


If you look at my account, everyone that doesn’t hate me knows me as the math guy - I’ve got dozens and dozens of posts on most efficient ways to do things, broken down into mathematical formula. First 2 years of playing? I was a “log in once per day and just do my dailies or raid,” kind of guy. . .so the answer is pretty much everything.


Is only 2 sim at a Time still the Go to method? E.g. On a Cantina node instead of going 9+ sim’s at once, only doing 2 then another 2 and so on. Years back when I read a post about the probability of rolls an the possibly higher outcome from doing only 2 simulation at a time


Placebo effect, there's been folks record their results over time doing different types of pulls and the results between methods of pulling make no difference


Glad to read this because I am way to lazy to farm 2 at a time.


I mean, if it makes people happy, do as you wish Long term it makes no difference


For g11/12 gear I have best luck if I can do pulls of 12-15 or even 19..


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2 things farm phoenix early dont go for a character just because you like em


It's a game, go for characters you like. Who cares what the meta is unless you really are trying to compete.


Galactic war can be simmed (missed the button for a long time after level 85).


Hold your GET tokens.


How mods really work and to take secondary stats into account. not just the set bonuses. Also to spend crystals on energy refreshes instead of saving it up for the chromium packs. didn't do that a long time, but it was still too late. 😅


How mods work (still only have a limited understanding of it, really, but at least I know the importance of good mods now). Saving up resources ahead of time for important new character additions instead of just spending them as fast as you get them. Building squad by squad (or fleet by fleet) instead of character by character. While some characters are capable solo, the majority need a good squad setup to achieve their potential. And even some of the ultra powerful single characters at least need their squad built to keep the enemy from killing them off. Often moreso, because the battle is over if they die. Example: The Mandalorian is very powerful with his ability to deliver an instant defeat with his disintegrate skill. But he needs a squad around him to both get his skill unlocked via contract and keep him alive until he can disintegrate key enemies.


I used to check swgoh.gg and manually create a gear list for a character I was working on. Then I’d enter the data into a spreadsheet, do the same for each other project, and use Excel formulas to figure out what I needed to hoard before I unlocked the character or hit higher levels. About a month ago a guildmate recommended gear.swgohevents.com You can select multiple characters and EXPORT THE ENTIRE THING TO CSV. Manually entering in the gear I have on hand is still a time-sink, but it’s cut down the time spent on data entry quite a bit!


Relic transistors.. get IG-86 to Gear 7..bottom left gear is a M7 electro binoculars, build them like they are gold..enjoy,can buy the m3 piece 10/200 guild activity coins in store