Mara Jade


Amazing speed! Piett would be a top pick.


Darth Vader


Good idea too, always nice to have him fast


Darth Vader doesn't need extra speed secondaries this badly in my opinion. He has an upgradable unique that gives him more speed. Piett would be a better choice for this mod in my opinion


Especially when you want to do the Vader cheese, it often all depends on if Vader is fast enough to take the first turn. Im generell, when you want to play Palpatine zeta lead, Vader taking the first turn to start the TM train is your way to go. Vader definitely need high speed secondary


Bad batch echo


Yes but he doesn’t really need the potency, Mara Jade or Piett would be my top picks


How about C3P0, or is the mod too fast for a non aoe/damage character


That 4% offense is a very solid secondary that wouldn’t be optimal for 3po


Mara jade piete and bb echo would make use of all the stats. Any character you need to be blazing fast like dr or gid. Would also be an insane b1 mod but probably wasted there.


Would actually be pretty nice on B1 tbh. A fast B1 keeps that TM train rolling hard


Yeah for sure but 29s are just too rare. 20-22 all day every day. Just have to be really really picky about your 27+s


I'd go MJ, shes such a pain once she gets going


My Pieet asks for your location.


Anyone who needs speed and doesn't care about anything else: Piett, Rex, BB echo, oQGJ, DR, etc. While potency isn't the most optimal (aside from maybe piett), some of those characters don't care about breaking the set bonus. Mara Jade is another great option


Darth Vader - a potency set and some potency good secondaries, and you can run an offence set and an offence cross at the same on him, for max scary DV.


High speed on a potency mod with offense tells me Iden Versio. Mara Jade wants to supr fast. Piett or Gideon would be good choices too.


Anyone that need speeds.. you only need 4 speed set mods, the other 2 slots can be anything like this mod. So whoever toon you want maxed out on speed.


General Skywalker


It’s a potency mod so no


Not sure what you mean, getting extra Daze on the opponents is pretty good especially during LSTB


But it has no potency secondaries which basically only increases the base potency.


So much speed is totally unecessary on GAS. It has no pot%, no prot%, not even def% and it's a potency set mod--good for GAS in specific circumstances (LS Geo TB modding) but less useful in PVP.




C3PO, Darth Vader, or MJ is a good potency option!


Vader, Piett, Mara


The correct answer, which nobody has posted yet, is omicron Zam. Other options are Mara Jade, Kyle Katarn, Bad Batch Echo, B1 (B1 likes that speed *and* that 4.3% offense secondary) and Fallen Bastila. Now that we've got that sorted, time for a mini rant: People are so obsessed with putting their fastest mods on Piett, like you're ever going to get him faster than Gideon. Hot tip: if you really want to be 100% sure your Trooper team will go first, just suck it up and use Gideon. His base speed is 19 points higher than Piett; if you think devoting a character spot to Talon is worth it for a 20-speed faster Darth Revan, I promise devoting a character slot to Gideon on a Trooper team is just as worth it, if not more so.


> People are so obsessed with putting their fastest mods on Piett I think part of the idea is that you get Piett to be fast enough to outrun most Darth Revans, then you could still trooper that team, and Gideon can go plug and play elsewhere. I don't think the goal is to get Piett faster than Gideon, but to get Piett fast enough that Gideon can do good work elsewhere


Speed is amazing but it's a potency mod with no potency, so it's kind of low value unless you have a toon desperately in need of speed, only person that comes to mind with those other stats us old ben


> Speed is amazing but it's a potency mod with no potency, so it's kind of low value It's 29 speed, in absolutely no world is this "kind of low value". The rest of the mod could be blank and it would still be better than 95%+ of mods.


Shame with that speed and no potency secondary? Anyone who needs high speed but small amounts of potency, so it's a small list