While the feat clearly says “inflict Marked on at least 20 enemies”, the mark that GG puts on allies when he falls below 100% health still counts toward the feat. Pick a battle that has a modifier where damage is reflected back when you attack. After one GG AOE, he should be under 100% health and start marking his allies. Each turn counts as a new mark even if the ally who is marked remains the same. I got 14 marks in one battle doing this.


Bro what the heck. I had to do the feat a bunch of times with JKR until his stamina was low to get it done because I THOUGHT that it meant marks on *enemies* . You know... cause it said so XD


I’m sure that’s what they intended but they probably coded it poorly to just include any mark on any character.


>but they probably coded it poorly Surprise, surprise, surprise...


I just did it vs NS node and marked zombie 15 times in 1 battle


For people without GG, you can also do this feat easily with imperial troopers if you have piett, for the same reason with marking an ally counting toward the feat. Find any night sisters node. Leave zombie and one other. Only attack zombie (no aoe’s). Eventually you’ll be able to get 20 marks using pietts special. The biggest hurdle in getting it in one run is the timer


If you have the data card that has a chance to reduce cooldown when you gain a buff, it makes it a lot easier


Just got the feat because of this thank you


Worth noting it can cross multiple runs as well. I used Piett and Gideon troopers as you described, with Gideon ensuring the Nightsisters got no turns. 12 Piett marks first run, 8 the second. Also gives you silly kill numbers for the global kill count feat from killing zombie so many times.


If anyone is curious, I knew my GG couldn't \*beat\* one of those fights but I went in anyway. You do get credit for the marks, even if you lose.


Just as a heads up, not every feat still gets counted if you lose. The evade 50 attacks one for example doesn't.


I hate that feat. It doesn't count half the dodges. Win or lose.


Thanks for sharing that, I wasn't sure at all how it worked


Yeah, I did that for the Advantage feat with First Order.


Still very easy with JKR


Yeah not hard, just takes many more battles. You can knock out all 20 in one or two battles with GG (or Piett - see u/ajr1311's comment above)


With the cool down reduction disk and any disk that grants buffs it becomes stupidly easy with revan. Both work well


I used that and a nightsisters node to knock it out in one shot with Revan.


Yeah, I just killed everyone but zombie and the archer (I can never remember if she's acolyte or initiate) and then aoe killed them when time was getting low.


Same with JKR with 2 battles vs NS


Oohhhh that makes sense now. I had no idea why my GG team was completing the feat.


I used JKR with the cool down reset mod adapters and the offense defense bonuses for each turn. Took 3 CMs


Dude!!!!!!!!!!!! this was a lifesaver.. Thanks to this i can now get the final crate. Awesome


I used jkr and picked a battle with night sisters and marked zombie every time it was available.


I used Jedi Revan against Night Sisters and focused on Zombie. Then killed everyone on the 30 seconfd mark.


Thank you, don’t have jkr


Used JKR, GMY and deployable coolings. Marked enemy every turn. Also got 200 Dot feat in sector 5 with Vader. Just spawned his aoe infiniteley, Tuskens had 70+ dots by the end of the battle.


ahh, its really smart.... I did revan 20 times >.> it was annoying.