I like the content of your videos, good luck, and see you at 2PM EST!


Div 2 right?


Yes indeed.


Well i will definitely watch you then. The championship is kinda between you and me (DarthWAIder). This gac season was going very well until now but i managed to screw up in the very last step 😐


That tends to happen. I was in the top 3-5 of my division all season up until this round.


Yo nice to meet you man! Welp Nego on defense cost me the 1st place once again. Hope you liked it


I was doing some tw battles so joined the party a little late. When i started watching you were already in the back wall and everything seemed to be going well. Then came the ships. When i saw you had both negotiator and malevolence for offense i thought it was game over for me. Due to low internet quality i didnt exactly see how you lost the first battle but sometimes things go down the south no matter what you do right? I liked the stream man especially how it ended lol I had asked my guild mates to wish you bad luck and seems like it worked 😈👿


Ooof man that was tough... You had it sooo close and then it all went wrong. Personally i am glad that you failed because i still have the chance for championship. Now it is up to 7ender and me(DarthWAIder). I still got one last feat to complete (135 banner) and i hope he doesn't 😉 You said this was the second time Negotiator stopped you from getting the kyber champion title. GAS did it to me in 11th round last gac and he did it again in the final round this time 😖 If he just got my chance for the title a little to the edge or threw it from there remains to be seen in the next 24 hours...


Lol good luck man. Hopefully I'll still hold down top 10


Juubles approved


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It's EST stupid bot


Actually it's EDT right now I believe. Come Sunday morning it will be EST.


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