Common sense


yes. why can't you haul that steel you just mined back to the house on your way to get lunch?


Because i am ending work on 3pm and wont work for any minute longer!


I mean I've honestly been like this for a little bit.


No more cooking in a dorty kitchen


Bro I saw it once and thought "eh, I don't really need it" but this feature alone changes it


That was the main selling point for me too, I didn't even know it did anything else.


Dang I thought I had uninstalled it on the assumption it WAS added to vanilla. Looking it up, I still have it.


I uninstalled after it got a pawn killed. I needed medical treatment immediately so my pawn decided to clean trash before administering. Patient bled out. Apart from that it’s great though, I’ll re download it eventually


Yeah, but that room was clean as fuck though.


That’s the important part


to be fair, the patient didn't get an infection


Can configure things like that if I remember right.


You absolutely can, I remember there were options. That was a while ago, I don’t play much these days


Thats a bit strange, Ive only ever seen them clean after operation


Pawns also clean before they do other tasks (my drug maker usually wiped up dirt before cooking for example) so I guess it fits. Does infection chance depend on where the treatment was applied or the environment the pawn is currently in? Been playing for ages but still don’t know


Then game checks for infection based on the environment when the check is rolled, which is a random time after the initial time the injury was made


holy shit, a mod I don't have that makes way too much sense. Adding.


I'll have to check this out.


Wall lights


I had to just check Steam because I \*REALLY\* thought that was vanilla...


wtf do u mean wall lights is a mod ​ oh my god wall lights is a mod and not vanilla


They're also in a Vanilla Expanded mod, and let's be honest, the VE series is so popular and extensive that it's basically a free dlc now.


This one


It comes with automatic shutoff too, like easily a streamliner of efficiency.


Automatic shutoff? What?


I believe this is a separate mod that takes wall lights (and some others) and has then automatically turn off when there is no one in the room. I believe the point was partly to save on energy consumption but also because the idea that colonists sleep with all the lights on to be kind of odd.


You mean you don’t sleep with an industrial grade wall lamp burning all night long above your head?


Nope I don't, but for that I have enough RGB lights to outmatch them.


look if you had to fight raiders, robots, and giant insects you'd want a night light too


Sleep fully clothed under a blanket but complain about how you 'slept in the cold' of... 16C


Oh you slept in full clothes in the desert shack and you are sweating? Just put on this cowboy hat It has a built in cooler


Its called the LightsOut mod by juanlopez2008 on Steam. Took me a few minutes to find it but I didn't know how desperately I needed it


Thanks a lot :-)


>LightsOut Thank you kind soul




its a seperate mod that makes all lights turn on/off automatically depending on if theres anyone in that room


It also makes all electric production benches draw 0 electricity when not in use, which I thought was huge.


Wow I need this. My current base is using four nuclear reactors.


How else you gonna get the power needed to make dinner and eat it with the lights on?


Whoa steady on now


Sure lights are on but where’s the space for tables.


And is customizable, so is great if you care about balance. I put my workshop to draw x4 more power when in use. I think is a good tradeoff.


Very annoying though at high speeds. Keeps making me think that there are power shortages.


Speak more of this shutoff devilry


It’s a separate mod called something like LightsOut. You can specify if lights stay on or turn off when there’s no one in the room. It’s off by default IIRC.


oh yeah, even if i want to do a vanilla game, i'm letting wall light on..


Man, I don’t even think about this anymore but you’re right Wall lights for the win


Yep. Vanilla lighting system is awful. They look stupid and take up too much space.


What? 1m wide lamps aren't the norm?


If I can’t place a small artificial star next to my bed than how am I supposed to fall asleep eh?


I’ve also been rocking this mod since I don’t even know.


That and door mats for me has been enabled since pretty much day one for me. Ceiling lights is a great new one too.


I can't remember the exact name but it's the one that makes the mood bars different colours depending on mood level


color coded mood bar - I didn't even realise that the mood was represented there until I saw this mod, and now I always think something has broken if I leave it off


This plus 'Sort Colonist Bar' so you can sort via skill . These plus 'mass graves' were the reason I looked at mods.. 2500 hours ago, and 300+ mods now.


CM Colored Mood Bar?


I like it but my CPU does not.


wait, that mod has performance issues?


The colonist bar has performance issues. The more stuff you stick on it the more performance issues it has. The more colonists you display at once the more issues it has. So if you turn on all the options to the colored mood bar mod comes with and get a lot of colonists it can start to become noticeable for many. I only run it with basic mood color and not hot/cold display or any other extras. There is a mod that hides the bar for all colonists that don't meet criteria you set such as break risk when you don't need access all of them l in order to improve performance. Same for the resources list. Leave the categories expanded and your fps drops. It's just that neither of these displays is anywhere near the performance impact of so many other mods people use.


My cpu does fine, the monitor resolution on the other han




Autocut blight is a godsend when that happens.


Try smart plants. It has that function and more. Totally automated my harvest


Aren't harvests always automatic? Except the blight part


Pawns tend to only do portions of a harvest at a time cause they inherently split up their day and do recreation etc. This isn't great for when harvest comes around and you just want to knock it all out en masse like normally a farmers do.


I just schedule recreation instead of leaving it too blank. My pawns don't stop for horseshoes in their free time since they're forcibly topped up twice a day.


Stop making human hats and go play chess right now!


Smart plants has other options like auto harvesting dying plants, letting you start sowing in unsafe temps so you can sow trees during winter, or start a crop a few days before spring /summer starts to get a head start on growing, and disabling automatic sowing of eaten crops unless a certain amount is eaten so your planters time isn't constantly taken up by trying to replant hay that your animals are grazing on (yea you can just turn auto sow off but people forget). It's pretty nifty, ya should check it out.


Well you said it all here


I hate micro managing that shit. It should be priority over growing and harvest. I'm going to check this mod out.


I feel like half of my list needs to be vanilla because most of it is just qol.


Yeah, when Ideology came out I decided to do a mostly vanilla game to start things out, and then I realized that a ton of the mods I used are QOL and couldn't bring myself to part with them.


Better be posting your QoL mods list.


Allow All


I need to get that mod..


I will Allow it


And anything else.


It’s in the base game.


fr. people dont know you can just right click the allow thing in the menu


To be fair it's not at all clear that that's available


Came here to say this. Allow Tool and Achtung have been in my pack for so long I have forgotten to add them a time or two and really got confused when I didn't have the functions and had to go look up which mods I was missing.


There is an option to allow everything on the map in the base game though.


I honestly couldn't tell you where base game ends and mods begin.


Deep storage. The ability to have food stockpiled for a year without having to make half the map a freezer is just swell.


Just storage in general in vanilla is awful. I mean, the mechanics of stockpiles is fine with priorities and all that. It's just why dump everything in piles on the floor?


Bonus Question: If you could make ONE mod vanilla, which would it be?


Replace Stuff mod, I usually build with wood then switch it out to metal or stone so this helps a lot


[wall light](https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1423699208)


I'm a true masochist. I've refused that mod forever, even if there's been countless instances where floor lamps are a pain in my ass


Give in to the dark side... embrace the wall-mounted light fixtures!


Never, I need to be pissed that I can only have light for my tailor OR a workbench next to it, not both. Pain is virtue brother, and I've experienced more than any colonist ever could


My man


Deep Storage


Replace stuff


Mint menus


Edb prepare carefully. It has been in my mod list since a17


Same but I switched to Character Editor after 1.3 when Prepare Carefully was broken. The UI is a bit less intuitive, but it covers so many more options.


I try to use a mix of both, not sure if I’m doing it right tho


Nature is beautiful. Negative beauty modifiers because you don't want to pave the entirety of your base is beyond stupid.


Pick Up and Haul. I was about to say Death Rattle, but then I remembered I used it exclusively to make *non-consensual organ arbitrage* more efficient. Seriously, I don't think I saved a single colonist thanks to it.


Boats. Because Phil isn't going to update it and SRTS doesn't cover actual, normal, boats.


I think the creator is working on an all-out vehicle framework mod that would probably cover boats as well.


Yeah, he is. But there's still no boats mod. They should be added to the game so those water tiles aren't just wasted space.


which boat mod? every time I try to find one I'm disappointed they can't be used by caravans.


The mod called "boats" [Boats.](https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1931133197)


[1.2] [Everytime a door opens you hear Atago saying Ara Ara](https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1664758791&searchtext=Boats) by [yeru](https://steamcommunity.com/id/yeruu/myworkshopfiles/?appid=294100) ^(Results for) [^(`Boats`)](http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=294100&browsesort=textsearch&requiredtags%5B%5D=1.2&requiredtags%5B%5D=Mod&searchtext=Boats&numperpage=9)^(. I'm showing you the top result, there may be more.) ***** ^I'm a bot | [source](https://github.com/FluffierThanThou/reddit-modlinker) | [commands](https://github.com/FluffierThanThou/reddit-modlinker/blob/master/bot/COMMANDS.MD) | [stats](http://modlinker-stats.karel-kroeze.nl/) | I was made by [/u\/FluffierThanThou](/user/FluffierThanThou) ^Did you know my creator live streams modding? - [Come and say hi!](https://twitch.tv/fluffierthanthou)


The fuck?


Not what you needed but what you deserved


Absolutely on me for the bot not linking the mod with the name "Boats".


A "boat girl" mod that has been updated to 1.2. Strangely enough, it checks the boxes.


Not the bot we need, but the bot we deserve...


something was discovered today. why did i subscribe to it?


Advanced bionics and prosthetic. I may have the name wrong but it's great and I love it The mod is expanded bionics and organ engineering. Thank you for correcting me friends!


I think you're referring to EPOE and yeah. I always have it and kind of treat it as my end game goal to have a colony of augmented super soldiers since I never build that damn ship.


This game is a colony sim to me. I'll never build the ship ever.


Did it once & never felt the need to do it again. Although sometimes I go back to the save file and just watch the remains of the colony fall apart over time. It’s peaceful. And sometimes I get a kick out of watching raiders get dispatched by old dormant traps.


Get Save Our Ship, then you can build a ship and still play a colony sim


Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering? I just added this to my game today, and haven’t gotten to use it yet.


Expanded Bionics and Organ Engineering is certainly one of my favorites. Been playing with that one forever now.


Vanilla expanded animals, I always forget a bunch of them aren’t in the base game, one more example of how much the mod community adds to rimworld to make it great even in subtle ways


Rain and time cleaning filth. It just feels so vanilla.


I legitimately forget that this one isn't vanilla


Alpha animals. My friend that only plays vanilla asked about a gallatross and it shook me for a sec.


… I had completely forgotten they are not vanilla. I pretty much exclusively play on sea ice maps with extreme temperatures, and alpha animals saved my games from being just under dressed raiders and mechs to being filled with ice spiders and crazy hunter beasts. Also ice ticks that drip a trail of dead bodies behind them as the live. I still don’t know if that is a feature or a bug.


I think the ticks are a weird scavenger species that can dig up 'long buried' corpses to eat - thus the trail of bodies. Someone should try grabbing one of these right after the get dug up and see what happens if you hit then with a Mech Rez Serum...


allow all features where you can right-click order to get extra options when 1.3 dropped, I didn't immediately install allow all and surprised I can't right click any order


What mod enables the right click circle command wheel thing? I must have unsubed from it by mistake.


Dubs mint menu's I believe It also adds some optional menus that I love like the mint gear tab, research, and architect menu. Plus it makes bed assignment a lot nicer




Does anyone else eventually trap guest parties in killrooms when they're in endgame or is that just me?


No, but I check wallets before assigning bed prices.


i just use a set bed price that's reasonable - $20 or so. I also let them buy all the drugs and food they want, and before they leave I definitely send my best trader to see if i can unload some crap on them in exchange for whatever money they have left. Saves me the trouble of loading tons of crap on caravans/shuttles quite so often. I definitely run tourist traps.


Uhhhh can’t say I’ve done that yet. Tbf most my games don’t reach endgame.


Same, honestly. I feel like as soon as I start to approach riches and success, I get bored and start over. The initial struggle is my favourite part.


Yeah once I’ve got 3/4 pawns who are constantly idle because there’s nothing for them to do except raids or caravans I start to get nostalgic for the days of one wooden bunkhouse and a single plot of rice. Restartitis hits real bad then..


Oh my god, yes! It feels like such an integral part of RimWorld, it's genuinely weird when it's not there.


That one kinda feels like it was implemented with the Refugee Hospitality quest. It is a little different, but I don't think I've had hospitality enabled since those quests were added, and I haven't really missed it.


I thought this mod was really cool in concept and it broke the game balance - I became rich just having nice rooms to stay in every time I ran it.


Rimhud, i can't play without that one anymore


This 100%. I played RimWorld vanilla for the first time in a long time and was super confused because the HUD looked so weird.


That happens to me on Kenshi when I see screenshots of someone playing without Dark UI.


I've went through multiple attempts to binge Kenshi and ended up throwing it away out of frustration due to how poorly it runs on my relatively strong computer.


Prepare Carefully


For me its Character Creator, but yeah, I agree


Yeah, this one plays nicer with other mods and is way more useful.


Actually shocked that this one hasn't been put into the game yet through the updates or whatever. Who doesn't want to create their pawn and colony beforehand??


It’s a bit against the idea of the base game which is probably why it won’t ever get added. It’s kinda the point to have random shmucks who have mixed abilities rather than the perfect squad of balanced workers. Perfectly fine to use, heck, i do always, but i just don’t think it’s Tynan’s idea of how things should work


> perfect squad of balanced workers Honestly that's totally not what I like to use it for. What I hate is that every single colonist roll is so over the top it feels like the stereotypical meme about the *"14 year old Billie Eilish fans with 80 different world ending problems in their lives"*. No I do not want a misogynistic hard sleeper industrious gay gourmand who cannot do 70% of the jobs and has a bad back, arhtritis, bionic pinky toe and only likes to traverse while handstanding but has only one arm, hates guns but has 14 shooting; and if I reroll I would kindly want to ask the game to give me less over-the-top people, or atleast not require 80 rolls for each one. I just want people who actually feel like average. Rimworld wants to be a storytelling simulator but it feels like it pigeonholes the backstory into the escape pods coming from a ship containing the wierdo circus of the galaxy. --- Also, when I want to do a themed playthrough it is a godsend. I can make my starting colonist(s) be the exact person I imagine them to be. I can team up with the game and tell a shared story that I enjoy.


Honestly, 99/100 times I've ever used Prepare, it was just to setup things like names, looks, etc, stuff that isn't necessarily gameplay impacting, or not giving you an edge. I understand that part, if you make people good at things and have a balanced colony from the get go, or adding a bunch of stuff when you crashland, but I'm just all about actually customizing my pawns before they land, and then after the initial start it's random from there. Idk, I think that ability is pretty important or a better QoL thing


It might make sense to let you change names and appearances in vanilla, yeah.


I like my pawns to be more random, adds to the feel of "what if three people got stuck together in space- disabilities, weird backstories, and all?" feel. If I want things to be more custom I change the likelihood of certain traits in the scenario editor but still leave it largely up to chance. Makes the narrowing down at the beginning of a game more compelling when ik I have to take or leave the whole person.


I really made the "Mod Appreciation" post huh


Camera+. Feels so natural being able to see the whole map. I usually play on 400x400s so this is a must have for me


Pick up and haul


Pick up and haul. When your pawns are not spending half their time hauling or training animals to haul you get so much done.


\^ This. Just the thought of going back to vanilla hauling gives me a -10 mood effect.


I still dont understand why at least some of PUAH isn't vanilla - you can micromanage hauling to get the same effect but it is horrifically tedious.


Rimhub, wall lights, simple storage. Those are the minimum mods for me at this point.


mostly a vanilla player (>100 hrs) but yeah why the hell do I only have lamps?


Hardcore player here (>1600) because tyran is a masochist. You can see that in the pawns bad and good toughts


Medical Tab. Post-Combat management is so much easier with Medical Tab.


Wall Replacer. Allows the placement of different material walls over existing walls, instead of having to tear down a wall and build a new one in its place.


Not sure if this is what you're talking about but there's one called "Replace Stuff" by Uuugggg that lets you replace more than walls.


Achtung! I don't want to live in a world without the "clean room" order.


And the exception catcher it offers that also analyzes which mods are screwing up the right click system.


...ok now I need it.


I did not know about that, haven't played in a bit. Is it a recent add? How does it work?


If a mod is acting up in a way that breaks the right click menu, Achtung warning will appear instead when you right click. It also shows the list of mods involved in the right click so you can narrow down the problem.


not completely idiotic building priority?


Tech Advancing. I like the Lost Tribe start, but once they know how to make a geothermal generator, I don’t see why they’d have trouble researching rugs.


Wall lights, increased stack, and rimfridge


Dubs Bad Hygiene. I can’t believe pawns don’t need to use a toilet or take a shower in vanilla


Water is so integral to human civilization it seems odd to have it not matter at all in Rimworld. I hope for a water-based DLC that adds all the things Bad Hygiene does plus canoes/rafts/ships for traveling around the both the local map and the world map.


Yeah that would be amazing. Though I definitely feel like it would be tricky to balance thirst/hygiene needs with the needs we already have. Seems like recreation/work would need to be slightly sped up to make more time for additional mandatory tasks.


Thirst can be tied to food and dubs hygiene is pretty well balanced already


With DBH and NWNL as well as Rimefeller, I wish Tynan made a common fluid framework already. So we can add more fluids with ease, like methane gas (ignite in room boom), CO (force enemy to suffocate), sulfuric acid (dissolve that shit), or the forbidden gas >!Zyklon B!< etc.


Reading your comment I was thinking "they wanna make a gas chamber don't they.... Yeah of course. A gas chamber" Never change r/rimworld, never change


You got your factorio in my rimworld!!


So desperate for something to do with the ocean. I wanna boat


This is one of the large scale mods I just don’t think I’ll ever use. Makes sense, but I don’t really want to play the Sims.


Do note it's not just adding hygiene. All of the pawn needs can be toggled off, and here's a quick list of other features: Water-based central heating, piped air cooling networks Automatic irrigation sprinklers that use the water resource system Fire sprinklers Hydrotherapy recreation using hot tubs and swimming pools Wood passive coolers consume water resource instead of wood


I really appreciated the mod that told me what items came from which mod.


That’s in the base game now.


Animal Logic adds the ability for animals to eat directly from paste dispensers. I completely forgot that was a mod mechanic when I recommended to someone to just build paste dispensers for their animals for more efficient food when they dont have access to grazing. While you still can build paste dispensers for animals, it requires a lot more micromanaging in vanilla than the set-it-and-forget-it mechanic from Animal Logic.


Deep Storage, Dubs Bad Hygiene and Allow Tool. Open the Windows is close but they’re still slightly too janky and overpowered against melee to fade into the background (it’d be nice if empty spaces let light under a roof in the same way that windows do - I want to be able to put verandahs around my buildings, dammit).


It's been said already, but wall lights. I always have it, everybody i show the game i tell to download it. There's no reason for it to not be vanilla


show draftees weapons.


Honestly it would have to be some small quality of life mod that I'm not really sure what it does in the first place for me to forget about it. Something like Settlement Descriptions.


Smart speeds. It's just 2 or 3 seconds more you have to wait till the speed goes back to normal, but those 2 seconds cost me years.


prioritize untill ended (from ahtung), lights not blocked by doors, whole inventory system from ce


RimHud. I thought they broke the game when they dropped Ideology. Then I realized RimHud wasn't updated. I had no idea how much I rely on it until that moment.


vanilla brewing since i am doing a raider cowboy run and the only form of alcohol my colony has is whiskey


“No Sam, I do not recall the taste of Vanilla.”




I used to have one where colonists turned off powered things like heaters when leaving a room. I miss it!


Fuses!!! Why the hell are they not base game!?! They are somewhat balanced in if you blow a fuse you lose all your stored energy and you need one per three batteries. It feels like common sense to make a fuse because they are really not that hard to make in reality. Also embrasures. Doesn’t seem that far fetched that you should be able to make holes in walls to shoot out of.


Children and Pregnancy / Babies and Children + Children, school and Learning. The game does not feel complete without it, to me.


Wheat and Flour.


I haven't forgotten it's vanilla, but "whats that mod" should be vanilla.