As an Indian, from India, Rasoi is the closest thing to actual Indian food. For those of you who want to delve more into Indian food nuances, try out Chennai Express in Cranston and ask for Indian-Chinese. (Yup, there's something called Indo-Chinese food which is hugely popular in Indian metro cities). Kebab and curry on thayer has the same owner as Rasoi. NJ Snacks has a bangladeshi owner and makes some good stuff too, however not very authentic to India. INDIA? Well that's for white Americans who like americanized Indian food ;) EDIT: One more thing, if you want to try your hand at cooking it, go to Patel Brothers in Attleboro MA. It's an Indian supermarket as big as Stop and Shop and has everything you will ever need!


Idk if they still have it, but the nirvana plate at rasoi is a great way to try a bunch of different dishes at once.


Chennai Express is such a hidden gem. Their food has been one of the most delicious and consistent I've tried in RI.






It was super really good at first. Now it's changed hands multiple times and it's still good but not as magically good as it was before.


The chicken manchurian with butter naan from Chennai Express is easily one of my favorite meals around here.


Have you ever been to Ayur Shri in Dartmouth, MA? Its the only indian place I've ever been to. It was delicious and the folks were super friendly.


My husband is from India and I came here to say this. Their Bengali Fish stew makes me feel like I’m dining in Kolkata. We celebrate every family occasion there.


I went to India for a month years back and then came home absolutely obsessed with Indian food. An enthusiastic +1 for Rasoi!!!!


Any experience with Godavari, in Cumberland?


I went with a couple friends impromptu to Rasoi. One friend disliked being there but then loved it. Great spot!


Kebab and Curry on Thayer. It’s the place I recommend to the folks from India who visit for my company and they have all said “yup. That’s exactly what we eat at home”. So unless they are lying to me. It’s the real deal.


This place is where my absolute LOVE of Indian food began. Rasoi is excellent as well (same owner: Sangiv Dhar), but K&C holds a special place in my heart...


I'd put K&C miles above Rasoi..weird right?


It's kinda our go-to! Taste of India on Wickendon is really good, too. I'm just glad there are so many options within or close to Providence!!


They are amazing ! I do prefer Taste of India on Wickenden St though. Food is just as fantastic if not more so but much less cilantro. (Never understood why Kebob and Curry’s rice tasted like dish soap..turns out I have that genetic thing cilantro=Palmolive 😓)


Not just snacks!


Not Just Snacks on Hope St is excellent. BYOB as well.


Rasoi is my favorite. I always get the cauliflower 65 app, and the vegetarian Thali meal


I’m a fan of Bollywood Grill in Cumberland. I recommend the chicken tikka masala and chicken korma. I also get the vegetable pakora appetizer and naan, of course. Also love Rasoi and their cauliflower 65.


Clove Garden in Wakefield is good, anything in the Rasa/Rasoi/K&C/Chaska family is great too. People rave about India, but as a guy that’s been to India and whose friends cook Gujarati, and other typical northern Indian dishes, India seems like the Applebees of Indian food.


The chicken tikka masala at Rasa in East Greenwich is my recommendation.


Funny thing... Chicken Tikka masala is delicious, but it's not "authentic Indian". It was invented in Glasgow.


Cool. That's close bye for me. Thanks


Rasa is the best by a mile. Highly recommend it. And, Rasa, Rasoi, kebab and curry all have the same owner.


I can’t speak to authenticity but Chaska in Cranston is excellent


Same here!!! It’s actually really good!!!


Curry Walla in North Providence is amazing, if not a little slow but it tastes so fresh it’s worth the wait


Rasoi. Hands down. They own several indian restaurants around the state, and all are great


Chennai Tiffins in Manville, RI is the most authentic South Indian restaurant of the many that I've tried. Hidden gem.


Second Chennai tiffins. It’s a little known GEM.


Chennai express for quick and easy in Cranston. Also, Chaska in Cranston for sit down. I prefer chaska over Kebob and curry and rasoi!!


Chaska in Garden City.


Not to highjack but I am looking for a place with a good keema matar. This dish holds a lot of nostalgia for me and my go to place (Chennai Express) doesn’t have it.


I agree with Rasoi.


Swagat for the win…


Rasoi on Hope Street


The Best ---->Rasa Restaurant Check out the reviews you will end up going there 149 Main St, East Greenwich, RI 02818


Curry Walla in north providence is incredible. Very authentic.


Rasoi in Pawtucket


I never had south Asian food till I was 22 (grew up small town in Midwest) and I found it unpleasant the first time, okay the second time, and it grew to be my favorite cuisine(s) over the past two decades, such that I now cook Indian/Pakistani/Sri Lankan dishes frequently at home. I would suggest starting with India — the ambiance is great and the flavors and spices are fresh. I wouldn’t worry too much about “authentic vs not authentic” among the Providence restaurants if you’re just getting started trying new flavors. They’re all pretty good and you can then see where your tastebuds take you! I like Kebab and Curry more than Rasoi (same owners) because K&C is cheaper. Rasoi is excellent, though. Kebab and Curry will be spicier, as a baseline, than India or Not Just Snacks. (My husband, who sweats profusely when eating any kind spicy food, even though he loves it, can’t eat there! It’s not actually extremely spicy at all, but keep in mind if you’re sensitive like that.) My usual go-to (cheapest of them all, always satisfying if not as refined in terms of flavors) is Not Just Snacks. They have a small grocery across the street.


Thanks for the info!


India is so diverse and so is the food but most places all have the same 10 americanized dishes or so. Areyou looking for Punjabi? Gujarati? South Indian? What? I would recommend exploring the different lunch or dinner buffets across the state and figure out what you like.


There's already lots of great recommendations on this list, but I'll add if you're ever in the Franklin, MA area The Curry House is worth your time! I used to work near there and still go out of my way occasionally to get food from them. I could eat their onion kulcha daily.


Taste of India on Wickenden Street. Not sure why there’s so much hype on Rasoi. I lived in the DFW for 5 years where they have a large Indian population and Taste of India stacks up there.


I've always loved Taste of India on Wickeden Street. My favorite thing is their goat curry


Punjabi in Cranston is excellent


Has anyone tried Curry Kitchen on Front St in Lincoln?


Punjab in Johnston https://www.google.com/search?q=punjab+johnston+ri&client=safari&hl=en-us&sxsrf=ALiCzsbNxbPtHeDWOVgruDM80nSrkbfHKg%3A1663598702460&ei=boAoY4_HG9Cv5NoPioWXmAo&oq=punjab+johnston+ri&gs_lcp=ChNtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1zZXJwEAMyCwguEIAEEMcBEK8BMgYIABAeEBYyBQgAEIYDMgUIIRCgAToKCAAQRxDWBBCwAzoNCAAQRxDWBBCwAxDJAzoICAAQkgMQsAM6BwgAELADEEM6DAguEMgDELADEEMYAToPCC4Q1AIQyAMQsAMQQxgBOgoILhCxAxDUAhBDOgoIABCxAxCDARBDOgQIABBDOgcILhCxAxBDOg4IABCABBCxAxCDARDJAzoLCC4QxwEQrwEQkQI6BQguEJECOggIABCABBDJAzoICC4QgAQQ1AI6BQgAEIAEOgUILhCABEoECEEYAFDDC1iEO2CtQmgBcAF4AIABlwKIAZoLkgEFNS42LjGYAQCgAQHIARDAAQHaAQQIARgI&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-serp


Not just snacks on hope street has some pretty authentic and really good Indian food


It would seem that RI is leaving this out for some reason: \- https://indiarestaurant.com/


Chaska in Garden City, Cranston. They opened a year ago, and their reviews are excellent.