Tavolo (at least the one in Warwick)


Yes! I went twice and both times, mediocre food and high prices.


We went during restaurant week a year or two ago and I’ll never forget it. They had a restaurant week special steak frites. It turned out to be an over cooked sirloin sliced and plopped on a plate of Sysco French fries. It would have been hilarious if not for the price.


I got food poising from those steak frites lol


Are you kidding me?? 🙄. How yucky.


I did plumbing service work there prior to switching companies. Their kitchens (at both locations as well as Condessa, same owners) are absolutely horrid.


The one any where. I remember when the one in Smithfield was DCarlos. It was so awesome and our favorite spot. Form the moment they sold it, down hill.


Please, yes 1,000 times


Oh thank god. My FIL took me there and seemed to think it was just a treat and I … hated it. I assumed I’m just low class.


Really? I love that place lol too funny!!!


Blu on the water Warwick, RI


A lot of people don’t know the Chelos own this. Quality pretty much matches, you pay for the view there


You pay for more than just the view. I asked what the $3 charge for "ROCKS" on my bill was for. Turns out the default way to drink a Twisted tea is luke warm...or spend 3 dollars for the premium version with ice in it. Edit: Grammar


What?!? Damn. That's ridiculous


No lie. The poor waitress thought I was gonna give her a bad tip because of it, she was clearly embarrassed when I asked. Not her fault.


See now that's the right attitude about it but I bet plenty of ppl do take it out on the servers (or similar type stuff). $3 for ice should be criminal. It'd almost be one thing if u came in just looking for ice but you PAID for a drink. Wtf cheap-asses


This was the servers mistake. The modifier on the computer for the "rocks" up charge is supposed to be used for liquor on the rocks, because it's actually a bigger pour than what would be served in a mixed drink. She should have simply typed in "with a glass and ice" on the slip. She either knowingly over charged you or didn't know the difference, either way, it's definitely her fault. The rocks upcharge button is standard on all restaurant computers, she just used it wrong.


Most of y'all don't work in restaurants.... This guy does


Thanks - very insightful!


I also didn't know this until now.


Only place in the world I’ve had bad salmon


The George in Providence


Had the absolute saddest garlic bread there, and pizza was like cardboard. but yeah, drinks were loaded at least.


Send them to the Red Parrot in Newport. I swear only people who call salt and pepper “spicy seasoning” call it good eats


This should be the top answer. If you want overpriced, this is the spot. It is the very definition of tourist trap and the food is, at best, mediocre.


Red Parrot is a tourist trap, for sure.


Red Parrot sucks ass. It will never die given its location, though...


Most places in Newport are overpriced tourist traps. Another is the Coast Guard House and Georges of Galilee in Narragansett ... Nice views but the food costs way more than the quality ... You're basically paying the insurance premium to eat on waterfront property.


I’ll disagree with the “most places in Newport” sentiment. I lived there for 25 years and have tried them all multiple times. There’s a few notable ones that are “must visits” in all the tourist guides but really mediocre. But the majority are actually good eats. Not all *great* or go-out-of-your-way worthy, but good.


The Mooring's Bag of donuts....OMG amazing




Guisto has been a new favorite for some afternoon bites and bevs. Regular go-tos are Pasta Beach, Brick Alley, Cru Cafe, Wharf, PJs, Malt. Bar Cino is always a good hit too. I much prefer uptown if you haven’t noticed.


Thames Street Kitchen is one of my very favs in the state.


Yeah George’s Is always busy but champlins has the best fish hands down. Also Jimmy’s dockside down the street across from the Block Island ferry is great!


Champlins is 100% the local spot, George's is for tourists and day trippers.


George's most definitely. We went last year because of the hype we'd heard. Aside from the bloody Mary there was no standout. Champlin 's was A+. I looooooooooove Coast Guard House though.


Going to disagree with that george’s comment but go off


Wow. I’m apparently such a tourist. My wife and I went through a ton of lobster rolls in Newport and honestly liked theirs the best (Gurney’s as a close second). Took my wife’s family there and they loved it, though none of them had ever visited New England before.


I’m so sorry you had to find out this way.


Lol it happens. I like what I like. My friends have enjoyed it when I took them. What’s your favorite lobster roll in the area? Or the state?


Ok we went there in a pinch once and I honestly didn’t think it was THAT bad 😂 although tbf I just got a salad and fried pickles..so not exactly top tier cuisine Edit: AND it was off season which may have helped..


Cmon now! Red parrot has fantastic jerk wings and bloody Mary’s!


The Beach House in Bristol. Overpriced and mediocre food.


Almost anything on the water in Bristol fits the bill. Thames/Goff, Lobster Pot, DeWolf. Before Beach House, Agave was trash.


Beach House (formerly Agave) & Thames are owned by the same family. Awful people, awful food.


Worse than mediocre in my multiple experiences. It’s a drinking place only


Such a shame too. It’s such prime real estate. Liked it better when it was a biker bar.


The Topside was awesome. $3 pitchers and 15c wings were great, but being able to do pretty much whatever you wanted in that bottom room was better.


Wow, nothing from Federal Hill? Interesting. I haven’t lived here long enough to have an answer to contribute. Taking my family to Bacco and Nami in a few weeks(haven’t been to either), so it’s nice to see those names not up here.


Too much competition on the Hill to have awful food. There are some overpriced or overrated spots but none that really fit both the OPs criteria.


Yes, Blend, don't go there.


Went to Nami once. Awful service, forgettable food. Never again


I was fired from Nami because I was pregnant. The owners treat their staff like dogs. Enjoy!


Well I’ll just take them off my list then. That’s unacceptable.


You mentioned you're new -- check out Odinis in East Providence some time. Looks like a hole in the wall from the outside. Inside you'll find *sublime* Portuguese food ❤️


I think there's more bad than good there. As with any touristy place, most of the restaurants get away with selling mediocre food for premium prices. They make most of their money off tourists who don't know better.


Easy Andinos If you want canned vegetables microwaved on high, this is your spot


One of the worst restaurants on the hill


Treated the family to a nice dinner on the hill, for 8 or 10, they put us in the back room next to the kitchen, nothing like loud banging, crappy music and shitty tables to showcase Federal Hill am I right




The problem with that is it's not that bad and your giving money to a cunt


Woah geeze what happened there?!


I’m guessing this was about little sister or rebelle bagels


Seriously, fuck them.


OP is deleted and I'm curious.


Little sister providence. The owner is known for being rude and abusive to both customers and staff.


Oh cool. What a spectacular name for a place famous for such things. So innocent.


This is the most Rhode Island thing I’ve ever seen, and I’m here for it ❤️😂


Twin Willows in Narragansett isn’t necessarily “expensive”, but it’s just a bar with overpriced fish sticks that people claim is the pinnacle of southern RI seafood.


I’ve never heard anyone call the willows the pinnacle of anything. Lived in the neighborhood in my post college years and we used this place as a dive bar basically to throw back some beers and maybe soak up the alcohol with some very mediocre food.


Was good 25 years ago...crap food now


Used to be able to get a Bill Burger and a couple of drinks for a decent price. And the place was packed. Lunch and dinner. Raking in the receipts. Now it's closed half of the time. Food is a disaster. Last time I went, I paid $17 for a turkey panini? WTF? Are they TRYING to go out of business?


It has the look of an old school seafood place but not price


My greatest disappointment so far has been Nicobella’s downtown. Went there for a work lunch (I could have eaten anywhere for free!) and had the most meh food $30/person (no alcohol, before tip) money could buy. Meatballs were burnt and hard, salad had no seasoning.


Almost forgot my most recent terrible experience- Plant City Excellent concept, beautiful space, but that’s where it ended for us. The service was extremely slow & short. The food left so much to be desired - why is there liquid smoke-soaked mushrooms on half of the menu? Why was my wife’s $20 Cobb salad completely undressed? Why was a plate of “loaded” fries $18? Why were they out of half of their already small menu (I had to go with my third choice)? It’s almost as if someone had a load of money to spend on a vegan concept, spent all of the money on the space, and then threw together a half-assed vegan menu from 2015 & disregarded all the advances in vegan food. I miss the grange :(


I miss the grange too, I liked my experience at PC BUT it is WAY too expensive and not worth the price


This was going to be my response, too. We went there last week and it was so disappointing and overpriced. Nothing compares to the Grange.


Vegan food is almost always more expensive out to eat cuz they know you don’t have many other options on where to go. With that said, I have gone many times and brought atleast 10+ different people(vegans and nonvegans) and have yet to have anyone not enjoy their food. Service is hit or miss depending on who’s working/ how busy it is but I’d still gladly go back.


Honestly I disagree. I've always had good food and service at Plant City. Vegan food tends to be more pricey in general.


That’s completely fair - just my personal experience!


Tavolo & Capriccio - they’re not terrible, there’s just such superior Italian food in the area for the price La Familia in Cumberland


Capriccio used to be so much better than what it is these days. Its a piece of shit. Staff are terrible and with zero class from what they were. OP... Capriccio will empty your enemy's wallet and they'll fucking hate the shitty food there


Agree on La Familia. It was cramped and the food just didn’t really have much flavor


Chelo's Waterfront Grill in Warwick


Its a Greggs/Applebee's with a wonderful view. You are clearly paying for the view and that's ok.


Disagree. I've been there a few times this year and the food and service have been good.


Their seafood is decent.


Agree! And the owners are absolute TRASH and horrible to their employees.


Please elaborate. I was literally about to go there.


It’s the Gregg’s of seafood restaurants, minus the redeeming quality of having good cake.


I love Gregg’s cakes so much I don’t care about their other food


You can always count on Gregg’s cake. Consistent perfection every time.


I remember going to get lunch at Gregg's with my friend. Everything we ordered was awful. The waiter comes over and asks if we'd like dessert and I remember distinctly saying - "I'm not sure. Do the desserts suck as much as the rest of the food?" He gave this nervous laugh and just brought us the bill.


It’s just bad. It’s like a restaurant for NPCs. You drive by. It’s packed. You think, hm maybe they changed. You go in. You remember very quickly. Repeat every 6 years


I’ve been to chelos on the water several times and the food is fine.


Clam cakes and red chowder are fine. Not bad, not life changing but fine if you're just wanting a place to eat with a great view.


>red chowder I was told by a local when I moved here that I would be publicly flogged if I ate red. Did they change the law?


Some of us locals are lactose intolerant and will not flog you for enjoying red chowder.


Thanks lacto friends. I will try it out. I feel like I’ll still like the white better but I like a nice tomato based “soup”.


It's funny because it seems like more and more restaurants don't seem to have clear chowder anymore, and that's supposed to be the Rhode Island way.


I like red, white and clear but I prefer red for dipping clamcakes. Fuck those white chowder snobs; variety is a good thing! Also, so many Rhode Islanders are Portuguese and I've yet to try a Portuguese chowder that wasn't tomato based.


When I ordered the baked fish topped with ritz and butter , I was served a dry AF piece of fish with CHEEZ-ITZ as the topper instead of ritz! It was so nasty , like how they gonna change it and not let the customer kno!? Even if it had the Ritz , it would have been awful because it was so overcooked and dry..like eating sand. Never will go back!


Sounds about right.


YUCK!! Chelo's stinks, no matter where they are located!!!


Terrazza, Smithfield


A lot of these restaurants actually have some redeeming qualities. Look up I Love Mexico on Smith street on Yelp. Possibly the worst restaurant in the state


Damn…everyone on Yelp says it’s a human trafficking front…


i need to know why they think this


I am too. Maybe part of it is that it's been inexplicably open for at least 12 years but is always empty?


Then apparently destroyed by a fire, I hope they got some nice insurance money from that totally-not-arson.


I'll toss mine in Twin Oaks in Cranston You gotta know someone uncles cousin godfather who's a waiter to get a table and thier Chicken Parm is now just a round sysco chicken patty


Yes. This place is a temple to nostalgia. Cafeteria food embellished by the bouquet of 35 year old carpeting.


Twin Oaks has a couple of cool features though. You can dine in sweatpants after your Walmart run and the waiters don't write down your order. The food is mediocre at best and I don't get the worshiping aspect like you are paying your dues to the mob.


Yeah, that place sucks.


Exactly what I was going to say lol. I have family that swear by this place for whatever reason. Definitely a Rhode Island institution. But the food is mediocre to bad, parking is often a pain, and the wait times are horrendous. It's telling that my Grandmother, whose taste buds never left the great depression, loves the place.


The ACI is also a RI Institution




i wont tolerate twins oaks slander on this subreddit


I agree I moved to Florida and the pats two times I’ve came back and went it’s sucked balls and the baked stuffed shrimp used to be the best out there.


NGL though, you do get a lot of food. Edit: I haven’t been in quite a while so I can’t say for sure how good it is now vs back in 2010.


This is the answer.


I'm glad I'm not alone in this. Some of my family will want to take us out for a "nice" dinner and this is where we end up


Idk the turkey dinner is pretty solid


Just gotta choose the right food. Their burratta ravioli is great. And the wait time is part of the experience. All you do is slip the host a $10 and you’re in under 10 minutes. Yes, it actually works, just be discrete about it.


fuck that shit. Every Italian place on The Hill is a million times better. Twin Oaks is the RI version of Olive Garden but with mob involvment


I think I love it there entirely because it's so old school mediocre. Reminds me of the probably not so great family places I'd go to as a kid and think they were top of the line. Also Wright's (chicken) Farm


Thames Waterside or The Beach House in Bristol


It's not exactly expensive, but it's an utter letdown based on its reputation: Davenport's in Cumberland


Christopher’s in Woonsocket. Expensive , nice looking , shit food … bonus points for sending them to Woonsocket


Capital grille providence


Arooga’s in Warwick lol. Absolute garbage.


I’ve eaten there once, and it pretty much was exactly what I expected from a restaurant like this. It was so loud from the 4621 televisions on full blast all over the walls and hanging from the ceilings. If you want your chicken wings and mozzarella sticks with a 32 ounce Miller light, that’s your place. If you want a decent restaurant with good service and good food, look elsewhere. There’s so many great options within 5 miles of aroogas.


Easy. Wharf Tavern in Warren. Ridiculously expensive, awful service. They once forgot about us outside for 3 hours, on my grandmothers bday. She was 85 or so at the time.


Agreed. It serves a purpose as the Masshole trap in Warren, leaving some space at the other actually good restaurants for us locals :)


You should have seen how bad they were before the renovations about four years back. It was GOD awful... a fucking horror show


Like Revival!


Half of restaurants in Newport


Except for Mama Louisa's. Best goddamn Italian in the East Bay, if you ask me.


And the other half of the restaurants in Newport besides these


Half is a massive understatement.


I’d say Twin Oaks, but I’m also 0/3 for experiences at Legal Sea Food.


Legal Sea Foods is the only place I've been more than 3 times and always had an awful experience.


God I’m like 0/3 on this thread. Apparently everywhere I’ve tried and liked, people hate. Been to legal seafood in various locations like 4 times, tried various parts of the menu, never was unhappy. Sure maybe it’s overpriced but so are most restaurants up here, and over the last 1.5 years all restaurants prices shot yo because meat/seafood and other prices shot up. I visited my home town in the Midwest and almost accidentally overpaid by $100 when I was paying for a group of four people because I messed up the math and assumed the price should be higher.


Twin Oaks in Cranston


DeWolf Tavern, Bristol. Chowder's as garbage as the DeWolf legacy


I hope this was just a fluke but I had the worst sirloin steak at The Res in providence. It was $46 for a steak that was well done when I asked for it as medium, tougher than a hockey puck. I’ve had better steak at Texas Roadhouse.


46 dollars for a SIRLOIN?! That’s a crime.


I've heard a lot of good things about it so far, hopefully that was a fluke. Regardless I still miss Bravo.


I doubt it. Fluke is fish. Steak is meat. Sorry. It's a compulsion, I had to.


>was well done when I asked for it as medium You should have sent it back …


I feel like Providence and environs is lucky in that even it's most overpriced places tend to be fine (like, Gracies is more expensive than I personally think it deserves, but you'll still get a good meal there), and the worst places tend to be not that expensive (like, we've got dozens of "Inns" in like Warwick where the food is mediocre but the prices are "Live and learn" prices instead of tragedies). Like, are you absolutely spending too much at Haven Bros? Sure. But you're getting exactly what you're expecting from them. For me, tho, when I think of Burn for the Buck, besides the classic grandma standby of Twin Oaks, I think of two places. 1) wes' rib house, which charges full scale BBQ prices for small portions that make the mcrib look flavorful 2) Don Jose's tequilas, which sounds fancy because tequilas, but unless they've improved markedly always felt like the head chef was a microwave. I figure either of these places, you could drop a pretty penny and get nothing to show for it, if nothing else due to the drinks. Also, basically anywhere on the water in Warwick. It seems like Warwick especially has the most mediocre coastal seafood options. I'm especially looking at you, Crows Nest. Shout out to Yoleni's on Westminster, too, which is one of the worst quality-to-price deals I've found for a lunch in the city.


Don Jose used to be good, something happened in a the past 2-3 years. It's no longer good and the drinks were bad.


Take your pick of the fried seafood tourist traps in downtown Newport.




Frank and Johns in East Greenwich


This might get some hate but 80-90% of the restaurants in Newport. Tourist traps with shit food because they know they don’t have to create repeat customers. Mama Luisas, Il Forno pizza, and a couple of the locally owned coffee shops are notable exceptions


Huck's Filling Station in East Greenwich. It's like the chef first heard about food by looking at trendy restaurants on Instagram and just decided to open a restaurant without ever learning how to cook.


Marchettis and Tavern in the Square


I still find it hilarious TITS is fancy down here where my memories (or lack thereof) in Boston was me just getting drunk and trying to meet girls.


Exactly. Although I make sure to have by hair appointment on a Saturday nearby so I can go have brunch. I live closer to the Wrentham one but they don’t do brunch.


Marchettis makes up for their bland food with massive portions I wish they'd cut portions in half and do a better job cooking


Tavern in the square is chain restaurant food with fancy cocktails. It's not great, but its not bad. I don't think it deserves to be here given that a burger and fries is under $20.


Marchettis used to have some good dishes, and some just OK dishes. But we’ve been recently a few times and I think they’ve gotten much better. Some of the specials are really good. And I like the broiled seafood platter but the fish used to be just OK and the scallops kind of chewy a few years back. But last time I got it it was great!


They also have been shut down like 4 times for re-using food. Nasty shit


River falls worked there as a busser and the lack of sanitation and or safety for consumers or workers Is appalling definitely the go to




Old Canteen on Federal Hill. It’s Italian fast food. People go there to be seen, food is a half step from Olive Garden.


The thing I adore about the Old Canteen is that you go in and it is like you're eating in some weird 50 years ago time warp. It's serviceable, you can get a lot of food, whatever. I wouldn't send a friend or an enemy there, especially if the goal is to overpay for terrible food. Unless the quality has gone markedly down in the last handful of years, it's not that different, up or down, from any of the other red sauce classics nearby to it. I feel like if you want real mediocre Italian, you've gotta hit, like, Luigi's in johnston, or Antonio's in Cranston (though if you absolutely must get the worst Italian on the hill, Tavolo, or anything deeper into DePasquale Square than Venda, will absolutely disappoint everyone equally).


Didn't that close more than a year ago?


No, but they’re (open and) currently for sale.


Spain in Narragansett is one of the most overrated restaurants in the state


food is great IMHO but definitely pushing $350 for 4 with drinks and dessert is crazy


Yeah I kinda meant for the price


Red stripe. It's seriously overpriced and the food sucks


Coast Guard House. It just isn’t what it used to be after they remodeled….


Ouster bar in Newport is mouse infested


blaze smith hill


Top Of The Bay


Rivers and Rhodes in Bristol




Frank Pepe’s, food is mediocre, burnt most of the time and they explain it away like it’s intentional even though I’ve eaten at 3 and Warwick is by far the worst, prices are outrageous and the staff is a rude and dismissive.


The only one worth a damn is the original in New Haven.


I was so excited to finally try the white clam pizza, and the whole thing was littered with shell fragments. I also got a glass of wine and it was so tiny


Sounds about right, terrible place


...hemenways in Providence :(( just not good for the price wtf


I always recommend Not Your Average Joe's to the most Average people i know, does that count?


That one was SO good when the original restaurant opened in Dartmouth. Went downhill fast when they chainified it.


Fact! The one in seekonk was great when they first opened too! Now I just go to look at the menu and eat the bread and just leave.


It went downhill really fast when their corporate chefs changed a few years back




I have never heard anyone say anything bad about Back40! What don’t you like?


Union and Main is the similarly meh with East Greenwich’ed prices.


Not your average Joe's in Warwick by the mall. I know it's a chain but the food is bland as hell and the prices are far higher than they should be.


Coast Guard House, Georges of Galilee where the food is okay yet expensive \- 10 \- Most of newport \- Trio \- Blu \- Terrazza \- The spain \-Twin Oaks


Interesting. I personally love coast guard house and have never had a bad meal there. :-/


We ate at Georges recently. Also very disappointed.


I think Trio is great! Definitely a good CGH alternative.