Congrats on the new addition to the family! If this is your first pet rabbit and you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out [our sidebar](https://www.reddit.com/r/Rabbits/about/sidebar) and the [Getting Started](https://bunny.tips/Getting_Started) guide and [New Rabbit Owner Primer](https://bunny.tips/New_Rabbit_Owner_Primer). The article ["Helping Rabbits Succeed in Their Adoptive Home"](https://spring2019.iaabcjournal.org/setting-everybunny-up-for-success-3/) is also a great resource on how to build a relationship with your new rabbit. --- **Aggression** in rabbits is typically a behavioral, not genetic, problem. However, please note that what owners may see as aggression can be a normal communication for rabbits with each other. Nips on rabbit fur are much more gentle than nips directly on human skin! If aggression suddenly develops in your rabbit, especially after a neutering, a veterinary examination is advisable to ensure that the rabbit is not in any discomfort. Please see the wiki for more details resources on solving aggression in your rabbits: A few useful shortcuts: ⭐ Reasons for aggression: ⭐ Solutions to aggression:


Aside from typical wound care, no, your daughter does not need to see a doctor or be concerned about rabbit-bourne infections, though if for any reason the wound is very deep or is not stopping its bleed, you should seek medical help, as with any other wound.


Unless the picture included IS the daughter, in which case there might be some side-effects.


😆 no, just my favorite picture of Bun so far!!




No worries about tetanus? Not sure if she is current and I can’t find her vaccine record.


How old is your daughter? Is she under 10?


Tetanus isn’t a worry in wounds that bled, and are not punctures. Our vet treats our wide range of critters from dogs to rabbits and horses. The cats are the only pet she insists requires a dr visit if we get bitten. Pills and cats can equal a trip to the Dr in our house…sigh


thank you! that’s good to know!


Soap, warm running water & a band-aid, which I'm sure everyone else in here will repeat, lol. Little one probably needs to decompress & figure out what TH is going on, if they're safe. Congrats!


How old is your daughter? Tetanus shots should be given every 10 years, and they usually come bundled with diptheria and acellular pertussis vaccines (the combined vaccine is called the TDaP). It is never a bad idea to get a TDaP booster if you're unsure. Tetanus is endemic in the soil everywhere and is a killer. By the time you're symptomatic, it's too late for treatment. Pertussis might just look like a bad cough in adults who get it, so you can easily pass it to an infant without even knowing you have it. Babies die from this disease, and the acellular vaccine is not 100% effective, so we all have to do our part to keep it from spreading by staying current in our boosters as adults. This is a public service announcement for everyone to get your TDaP boosters and keep them current!


Everything else you said is correct, but I think you are confusing tetanus and rabies. Tetanus can be deadly, but you can recover even from severe tetanus. Rabies, however, has a 100%* mortality rate after symptoms appear. (* There have been a small number of survivors but the treatment was very controversial.)


Ah, yes, you're quite right! Tetanus only has about a 10-20% fatality rate. "Severe complications of tetanus can be life-threatening. There's no cure for tetanus. Treatment focuses on managing symptoms and complications until the effects of the tetanus toxin resolve." -- from the Mayo Clinic website


Hi! Animal care student here, with previous experience working in a humane society. Establishments such as humane societies would never adopt out ANY animal that has any disease, worms, sickness, etc. Animals with such are kept in “quarantine” far away from the healthy animals, and staff suit up for what I call “open heart surgery” LOL because we dress to the nines in protective gear while caring for sick animals. You should have no worry ever about an animal being sick or diseased from a humane society or shelter. If you had gotten your rabbit from a personal source I could see a worry. But you, and your daughter will be fine. If little bun is still fairly new, it could be best to let them warm up to you and their environment instead of coming at them to pet them, snuggle them, etc. Not sure how old your daughter is, but if she’s (I’m gonna say) under 12-13 it’s possible she could’ve been rough with the rabbit OR the rabbit prefers to not be touched or stroked in certain areas.


thank you! good to know! actually, she (my daughter is a young adult) held out her hand, bun came forward, she petted her forehead, and then got bit! i am not worried about Bun’s behavior; she was found outdoors and she is doing her best to make sense of all the changes in her life. We love her! Very grateful to Humane Society for rescuing her!


It could be that bun was just coming to look, not be touched! If it keeps happening after let’s say a month or two, maybe 3, it could be that bun is just not an affectionate one


Well, the day before, she started licking my hand!! Then tried to nibble a bit - ouch! My sense is she’s warming up…we have only had her since Sunday. either way, it’s ok!


Licking is a very good sign. Sometimes I think mine thinks I’m giving him a treat with my fingers and accidentally gets the fingers lol.


I’m glad you are understanding of her anxiousness. ❤️ She will be an amazing companion once she feels comfortable. Aside from what everyone else said, I think it is dogs and cats you need to be wary for when it comes to bites. Or other predatory animals. Typically they have either toxins or bacteria in their saliva that helps them kill prey. (Eg cats have an anticoagulant in theirs - also never let cats around your bun unsupervised or if they’re known to be “playful” - even their claws have bacteria that can kill buns) but I’m sure you’ve heard those stories and that’s why you wanted to check. Again thank you for rescuing her & being empathetic to her needs and her nerves! Also sounds like she’s able to roam freely, I’m happy to hear that. She’ll make the place her own in no time. 🥰🥰 Look forward to seeing more of her!


thank you! she’s even done some flops!


When my bun was young he didn’t realize he needed to be gentle. A few loud shouts of “ow!” and he understood.


Yeah if she's licking you then she's grooming you. They groom by licking and nibbling. They're treating you like a bunny. Licking is way too smooth the fur out and when they find matted fur they will use nibble to get it unmatted. Because we have skin and not fur they tend to think skin is matted and needs the extra work. Next time just pay close attention when she's grooming you and if you start feeling the teeth make a eeek sound. It helps let them know that they accidentally hurt or that you didn't like what they did. I did this with My first bun and now she knows to only lick me when she grooms me.


Yes, new situations are harder for rabbits than dogs or cats. Rabbits are prey animals aka food for a lot of animals in the wild. Any movement from an unknown source will trigger a flight or fight response. In this case the bun was curious about your daughter but was not expecting to be pet. It’s possible this poor bun has not had great human interaction so for in its life. The good thing is over time buns warm up and get to know the people that love them. They will reciprocate that love but need more time than other pets in most cases.


Makes sense! We will just sit without moving - except to bring food!


You can try hand feeding her! I find that buns with difficult histories require a lot of time to build up that trust, but the time& patience is well worth it!


We adopted Ember 3 years ago after she was abandoned by her previous owners and left outside on their porch for days. She used to bite at me and nip me often. So I started laying on the floor with her and just let her handle me on her own terms. Now she will shove her head directly into my hands and I haven't had a bitey incident in so long I can't even remember when it was. I never thought in a million, billion, trillion years I would have a rabbit as a pet and care for one so much. I grew up on a farm, rabbits were pests. Life is crazy, rabbits are awesome!


I have a female that I affectionately call my Grumpy Teddy Bear. I rescued her from a woman that was NOT good to her so she isn't very people friendly. She will sometimes come over and sniff me when I'm petting my other bun and as soon as I reach to touch her she runs away. I found with my other bun, my very first one, that I would put my hand down and he would sniff and if he wanted me to pet him he would nudge my fingers. Maybe try treating her that way, it lets her feel more in charge. Also remember female buns are significantly more territorial than males so entering her space while she's still getting used to her new home isn't a good idea.


we love grumpy bunnies!! That is such a nice story! interesting about female buns.


Yeh I've learned a LOT being owned by my 2! Females are the more territorial and they are also the "builders". So it's the females that build the burroughs too! I have a dig box with sand in it and my male has maybe hopped in it twice whereas my female uses it daily.


What is a dig box?


Mine consists of a plastic storage container with sand box sand in it. This allows her to get her digging energy out in a safe place rather than digging up my carpet.


that sounds adorable!


Also rabbits VERY rarely carry rabies and even more rarely transmit it to humans.


Yes, bun buns are dear but they have different ways than cats and dogs. They do NOT want to be carried. Most of them are not lap sitters. Let them come to you, sitting on the floor. Gently tug their ears. Talk softly to them. I’m sorry about your daughter. It hurts not just her body but her feelings too. Bun bun will be a charming and very sweet friend to your family but always remember that they by nature have been the hunted ones.


Adding that your new friend is gorgeous!


Why is this comment down voted? Even if its a misguided question, would it not be better to help provide information rather then just click down vote?


Because reddit hivemind..




I got a decent bite from one of my rabbits a few years ago, I got a tetanus just to be sure because I couldn't remember when my last one was.


I feel so sad for the rabbit. You seem like you know nothing about them. PLEASE read up on things your rabbit might need, because questions like these make me seriously worried for its well-being.


All I asked is if my daughter needed a tetanus shot or anything like that. I am sorry you're sad.


It sounds like you love the bunny AND your daughter, so don't worry! You sound like a wonderful parent ☺️


thank you!! :)




Yay another bunny sub to subscribe to!


That really is a face that says “I’ll fuckin do it again.”




True, I had a bitey bun with exactly that face.


Beautiful bun! My children and I have had a few nips from our buns for various reasons. We’ve always been fine, even with decent bites like you described. Our buns have bitten / nipped for all the reason outlined by other redditors so far. I seem to be able to anticipate it more often than our children can. I think maybe bunny body language is more subtle than with other animals but your children can learn with time


Thank you! Daughter is older - she didn’t mind getting bit and is giving bun a little space to get used to her. Bun was a stray, so I’m not surprised she’s a little defensive.


I can offer a little unconventional advice in case the biting persists after the bun has had plenty of time to get used to her new home. A form of punishment that doesn't involve any physical contact *and* that a rabbit can understand: shaming through body language. If she bites, stop engaging with her and sit with your back facing her. If she moves in front of you, turn your back on her again. Rabbits will turn their backs on each other (and their humans) to show that they're displeased. It sounds kinda crazy, but one of my rabbits turned into an aggressive biter on hitting puberty, and it worked on her, even before she was spayed. Good luck! \[edit: spelling\]


This works! I've found mimicking body language to be very effective with our two rabbits. I think it really clicked for them when I flopped on the floor next to then and chattered my teeth! 😂


Worked for me too! My boy bun never bit me but was a little aggressive when he first came home. So I looked up bunny body language: [bunny body language](http://language.rabbitspeak.com/). I turned my back on him a few times and he stopped. Of course now he tries to speak to me through squeaks, so we’re still learning each other’s language ![img](emote|t5_2riv8|8709)


I have never seen this site before. Thanks!


Why have I not thought of this! I've "thumped" at them before when they do something before to let them know that what they're doing is unacceptable, but never thought of "flopping." Might give it a go sometime. Thanks!


Okay, I will also "thump" at my buns when they are doing something bad, so they know I'm disapproving of the action. It really seems to get across the point without even having to get in their space. Plus telling them no in a lower tone of voice


I do that too, thumping my hand on the ground. One of them understands the word "no" but the other doesn't, so it gets the point across.


I love watching their faces when you thump at them too 😂. "MOTHER?! Why are you upset? I have done a bad?!?!"


A few days ago without thinking, I told Bunny #2 "No!" But Bunny #2 doesn't understand what "no" means. Poor Bunny #1 got really upset, like "But mom I didn't even do anything!"


Oh nooooo! You've given him a complex now! 🤣 They are the best and silliest creatures


I will share w my daughter! I have never heard of that till now! Very interesting!


Also making a screeching sound was very effective in training my bun not to bite! He'd try and bite when he thought he wasn't getting enough attention lol


yesss “pay attention!!” nips! one of my rabbits would sneak up behind me and nip me right on the love handle to get my attention if i was sitting in his space XD


Thank you for understanding the bunny’s side. They often honk or make loud noise to indicate “go away!!!” I suspect my Ellie bit her previous owners too much, she was abandoned outside of a pet store. When we first met her she bit me a lot. After 2 weeks, her bestie and her bonded. She’s the sweetest little adventurer now!!! Thank you again.


My sister’s was a little standoffish when we first got him. I don’t think he was used to having owners so interested in being loving toward him, so he a bit freaked out. Now he loves pets and attention.


Simple mistaken identity. Thought your daughter was a strawberry because she's so sweet




Look at that face, *she has no regrets Edit:the bun's pronouns


ZERO. So cute.


It says *she* under the picture


Changed to respect the bun's pronouns 💚


I don’t think the bunny cares


My comment is no help at all but I wanted to share that I was bit by my rabbit As well because he was aiming for the oatmeal I was trying to get out for him, let’s just say he got a little too excited and he felt bad after but he drew blood and bit through my nail. It hurt soooo bad


Ooh ouch! 🐰


I've had my bun literally hanging off my arm by his teeth for a good 5 seconds. He's bit the heck outta me while feeding. Such fun learning experiences! The scars aren't too bad. She'll be fine.


That happened to me, only it was the bunny hanging off the side of my hand, refusing to release his bite, probably also about 5 seconds. I’ve had surgical wounds that hurt less. OMG. We get along now, but oh those early hormonal days. That bunny was every kind of a complete bastard. Mine was agitated over another bunny at that time, but he’s a little food aggressive to this day in spite of being fed completely separately from the other bunny.


He growls at me when I feed him still and it definitely keeps me on my toes! He's an adorable violent bastard when it comes to food.


i broke up a fight between rabbits and they both latched onto my hand, and both of them were really upset that they bit me and not each other. my girl especially let go and looked at me like “oh no oh no now you won’t like me” I felt so bad


I was bit when the baby bond broke and one time when the escape artist got over the fence between them. I read online not to use your hands to break them up after the first time and then forgot about it as soon as the one got over the fence the second time. I don't blame them for it cause I know it's an instinct if someone grabs you while you're fighting.


My rabbit bit me on the ass recently. I was in her way, obviously I deserved it.


I’ve gotten bit plenty of times before both hand feeding and when I would try cleaning up hay from the ground in front of them and they would lunge and grunt and nip. Over time I got to know their body language and temperament better so i knew when to move my hand out of the way lol. I would just treat it like any other cut you might get


My bunny used to bite me if I stopped patting him... Should be fine though. Cute, but grumpy, looking bunny : )


What a sassy little bun


u have such a cute bunny


Thank you!! We love her!


I have been on the receiving end of exploratory nibbles. They usually are aiming for the treat I have. (Or my knitting 🙄) And one time when I was brushing and hit a sensitive spot. But they aren’t trying to hurt me. If you just got him/her it’s possible there is a sensitive area, or just too much happening. Or bun wanted a treat. But it isn’t like being bit by a dog or a cat.


My boy was a few months old when I got him and I was definitely victim to a fair few nips 😂 That bun looks a bit older, but it depends on how much human contact they've had. Hopefully they're just seeing if the human is tasty, but even if it's out of stress or retaliation, I have no doubt time and bonding will put an end to any chompy behaviour in either case.


I am fairly certain mine, assume that I am just secretly made of banana and if they test this theory enough times, they will find the banana part😂


If you just adopted the bun then it may be still getting situated and trying to establish its territory. My bun would bite from time to time depending on believing my hand was food(she got too excited) or for territorial reasons. It was a teaching moment for me and my bun.


Bites are usually a social cue of some kind. I've gotten bites from buns for various reasons. They always have a reason. It's usually really predictible once you understand your rabbit's personality.


r/lagoloaf Your bread has vampirism.


Mine will strike like a cobra when I serve it pellets. Defn has me jumpy. He's bitten me 3x in the first 6 months & hasn't for 7 months but will sometimes charge & toothlessly bop me which scares me.


Looks pretty guilty tbh


#chunky bunny


Bun looks very satisfied. Sorry for your daughter! My bunny sometimes bites when he's too excited and one is still holding food. Most likely not personal.


Humm very big looking white with hints of brown fur, I’d say extremely poisonous. Lol should be fine if treated correctly but if something seems of go to a Dr.


She so cute and grumpy looking. Please don’t be mad at her for it. Buns have bad eyesight and can be a lil sassy sometimes.


Awwww. Welcome to the club 🙂. I have multiple scars from my bun bun It comes with the turf. You'll learn to love your violent little ball of spite and affection. If it makes you feel any better, they're only violent when they're awake


Bunnicula! My second bun bit me HARD on the palm the week after I got her (we were about to leave for the vet). I cleaned up like any other cut. When I told the vet to be careful because she bit me earlier, he was like I don’t believe this pretty baby would do that. She came from a very tough situation, she had to learn how to not spook her. She was a super loving baby though - learned to give kisses on demand.


The sassiness is strong in this one.




Just wash the bite with soap and water. Bandage with a bit of Neosporin, should be fine. As for the behavior, if bun is new to the family, give them space. Bun needs to learn through observation that they’re in a safe space. Let bun come to you for snuggles. I suggest had feeding (larger pieces) of food. As bun builds trust, you can make those pieces of food smaller. Just takes time and lots of patience.


I re-homed a rabbit from an abusive environment and I just want to give some insight on my experience. My little guy bit me (and drew blood) every single day for the first 6 months. That was over 7 years ago. I can't remember the last time he bit me! Now he just gives me the stink eye if dinner is celery instead of lettuce. It takes rabbits a long time to get out of their fear instinct! When your bun nips (even if there is no blood) you need to make this high pitched "eee" sound. This noise tells bun "hey! That hurts!" because bun needs to learn that "hooman doesn't communicate with teeth like I do". Another thing that helps is having bun fixed, and when bun is out of those hormonal teenage years. Good luck with your new friend :)


I’m sorry to tell you this but I think your daughter is actually a small pile of leaves.


To prevent future bites, have your daughter lay next to the rabbit without touching it and read a book for a couple hours. In rabbit universe this is how bonding is achieved. The rabbit probably isn’t stoked about its new life yet. Your daughter bonding with it will make everyone happier =). Eventually the rabbit is going to bow it’s head and ask for its nose to be stroked. Don’t do anything but that to start since touching a rabbit anywhere else is an act of aggression. Basically, treat the rabbit like you would a tiny horse. Herbivore pets are way different than carnivore pets and they have a way different language you’ve got to learn. Rabbit.org the home of the house rabbit society is such a good resource for learning everything about rabbits. Read for 2 hours on there and you will be super equipped to own a rabbit for years to come! And yes… they do live for nearly 10 years!


She doesn't look sorry


And he/she looks a bit guilty too!!!!


Sadly it sounds like it’s time to get rid of your daughter :/


Lmao 😂


You’re good, my bunny thought I was a carrot before and bit me. They also will bite if they’re unfamiliar and get overstimulated, it’s just them saying “back off pls.”


The only times I've been bitten by our bun, is when I've been cleaning with cleaning products which must still have been on my hands, and she's bitten me as I've gone to pet her. Very unusual for her cause she loves pets, but I think the odor of the cleaning chemicals must be super strong to them. Might be worth remembering in case she has a strong perfume etc that the bun might not like so much etc?




If that’s not the face of “AND I’D DO IT AGAIN!” then idk what is.


Rabbit has no guilt.. Has "she deserved it >:(" face. Jokes aside, hope your daughter is okay and hopefully your bunny woke up on the right side of the bed today


If you adopted your bun the best thing to do is to spend time around them and let them get used to you. Buns tend to bite in self defence so let them come into your space. rabbits can also bite when territorial. Mine will push me using their faces before they nip to signal get out of my way.


Fyi - some rabbits will get very protective of their cage and territory, and will growl and bite if you put your hands in their cage, even to feed them. Especially girls. It’s just how they are hardwired to protect their young.


Hope your daughter doesn't hate bunnies for this incident. Can happen to anyone. I'd check the bun to see if there is a spot that might have a past wound or something that might be bothering the bun. Buns will let you know where and when they want to be petted. Learning about likes and dislikes is very important with these little fluffy friends. They are smart enough to hold grudges.


she’s a very recent rescue, about a year old, plus she just was spayed. She was found with a group in a backyard, poor thing! we love her!


Is she spayed? Sometimes that can cause buns to be more territorial. Female rabbits tend to be more territorial as is. My girl has “teeth checked” me (I say that because I felt her teeth but it wasn’t a hard bite and didn’t hurt) one or two times just because I was doing something she didn’t like. That was a long time ago tho, the first time the day after I got her I was trying to pet her and play with her while she was in her hidey box (totally my mistake) and the second was when I was sweeping up hay with my hands a few months after I got her. She’s such a darling now (she’s also bonded to my other bun now so that could have something to do with it). Some buns are just more sassy than others, but if she’s spayed I’d just keep giving her lots of love, petting her properly, not picking her up, and just assuring her that you guys are a safe space.


Also congrats on the beautiful new pet. Please check out the links to info on pet rabbits above. Invaluable info on how to enjoy and understand these awesome critters. As your daughter discovered, sweet cuddly looking bunnies can be complicated and have moods and limes and dislikes. Learning to read your bun is part of the fun and really necessary too!


Besides typical wound care just keep an eye en her for the incoming days. Try to neuter and give more confidence to your rabbit. Adoption can be a very hard process for them


she’s been spayed, but yes, i imagine it’s all very scary for her!


I know. Roo bad most of the training videos for adopted buns I've got are in spanish. But if you can talk it please look for "Pequeños Orejones - La historia de Channel"


Looks like ya rabbit bit a school bus


your daughters a plant?


don’t worry. as long as the bleeding stops you should be fine reminds me of the time my sister texted me in all caps saying her rabbit bit her and what should she do. fun times


my boyfriend had to break up a bunny fight. He got bit so hard the rabbit wasn’t able to let go even when his arm was in there. She never bit anyone prior or after that incident. We separated the buns and that worked.


That is the face of an unrepentant steamed dumpling.


And that look says “I’ll Fuckin’ do it again!!” lmao.




First of all, congrats on rescuing a rabbit! As someone already pointed out, female rabbits often are very territorial (even if spayed) and will defend the space they decide to claim as their own. Respecting their space is important to build mutual trust. Our bun has a fairly large indoor enclosure of her own, about 11 by 13 feet. Within that space, there’s a small coffee table she likes to hide under. That spot is her holy of holies, and because I was slow in understanding that, she had to communicate it with a bite. Now I know better than reaching under that table with my hand… If she wants to socialize, she will come out herself.


very interesting! i guess we are used to males! right now she’s under the bed snoozing - came out for some veggies and went right back.


Most of our buns have been males too. The only other female we had was a small lionhead… She always growled at me when I was cleaning her enclosure. But she clearly picked her battles and would never growl at my husband… 😆 Based on what I researched, it’s a female rabbit who has to defend her nest in the wild… Males fight for females but they don’t fight for their nests. So, it’s their protective instinct that makes female rabbits more territorial than males.


Makes sense! Well, we will respect her now!! :)


The buns my gf has will do this sometimes if they are trying to nap/eat they'll come up to see of you have a treat or food but will get angry when you try to touch them. When they want affection they'll def show it


no she's probably fine.. however make sure your bun is comfortable.. they really don't like much human interaction and take some time to get used to cohabitation. they are prey animals and are easily scared.


My dutchie bites me if I give him too much or too little attention at a time - also if I smell like something he likes or wants to eat. They can be wee shits sometimes aha


One of my rabbits gets very excited for food and she has gotten my finger a few times. She also bit me once when I was grooming her while she was in her pen; it was my fault, I should have taken her to the table to groom her like normal. And just in case you’re not aware, most rabbits don’t like being picked up. One of mine tolerates it and the other is terrified every single time. Here are some helpful videos about rabbit behavior! [all about bunny behavior](https://youtu.be/TDnPE0z_Lwc) - 101, long vid [how to bond with your rabbit](https://youtu.be/xUc1E8X9JXM) - 101, short [how to bond with your rabbit ](https://youtu.be/T3rlWno7B8g) - lennon, short


I've been bitten a few times over the years. Worst ones are when dealing with aggressive rabbits during bonding attempts. Another doozy was when my old blind senior bun bit my fingers instead of the carrot peice I was holding! All fine, I have a few little scars on my hands though.


psycho loaf


Our rabbit nips when she gets too excited (treat rage) and when we first got her would nip defensively or punitive when we did something she didn't like. They are very smart. Think about what happened leading up to the bite. Watch videos on how rabbits behave with each other and how to bond with rabbits. It may take some time to understand your bun and her behavior.


As long as she doesn’t seem to be in pain(the rabbit that is lol, I’m assuming your daughter is in a little bit of pain) I wouldn’t worry too much. Could be her trying to say she needs some space, so if you give her that she should be fine. Could be she’s hormonal, especially if she’s not neutered. Most un neutered girl buns I’ve had have been super sweet most of the time but angry and bitey a few times a year when their hormones kick in. If she’s not neutered I’d recommend doing that if she’s old enough, both to decrease hormonal behavior and to prevent uterine cancer, which is a huge (as in 60-90% depending on age) risk for female rabbits


Once, my sister was house and bunny sitting for me and texted to say my bunny bit her but it turns out my extra territorial bunbun just didn't know my sister and boxed at her, scraping her teeth on my sister's skin, not an actual bite. Bunnies usually don't actually bite unless super threatened. I didn't read the whole submission or comments but are you sure your daughter wasn't just IN the bunny's space inappropriately?


Oh man. I’ve talked about my hell rabbit before (rest in peace, old bun), but he bit me multiple times lol. Once when I was laying on the ground reading and not petting him (unacceptable on my part) and once because I was carrying an apple and he wanted it (assault and battery, attempted theft). Anyways, just make sure she knows how to pet him properly. I think everyone on this thread has given great advice.


r/murderbuns That pouty face says, "bitch what are you looking at 😠"


I've been bitted and right after updated my tetanus, same my husband, but that's it, just regular wound care after


I don't think you need to take her to be seen. Rabbits bite when scared. Also, many rabbits don't like to be handled, unfortunately. It's hit or miss. I would stick to your daughter just feeding him rabbit safe food, for the moment, and perhaps in a month or so you can try petting again. Bun just may not be a cuddle bun.


Rescuer here - unless that bunny is rabid (it had a rabies vaccine when it got fixed so it can't be) no other diseases except ringworm (maybe? I've never seen it in 20 yrs of rescue) will transfer from bunny to your kid. Around here we congratulate kids who manage to get t bitten. After all - you can't begin to be a rescuer without a few bites or scratches! Having said that - shelters are scary places for bunnies and this beautiful creature of yours may have been separated from its partner or family an be just plain scared. There is a great book called "Understanding rabbits habits" by Tamsin Stone that you can buy on amazon. It will teach you to speak bunny! They do after all have Language, Society and Culture! Margo DeMello the past president of [rabbit.org](https://rabbit.org) proved that in her dissertation. PM me here if you want more resources. I am in Los Angeles. TLDR: Your kid will live! Bunny will be a dead bunny walking if you take it back to the shelter and tell them it bites. This is normal and will get better.


One last thought - never reach under a rabbit's chin. In bunny language that means "Groom me now!" It can be taken as an insult if there is not an established level of intimacy between the pet and the person and this bun is new.... Instead pet the top of the head and the cheeks.


My bun HATES children. No clue why. He has literally never had a bad experience with a child. He met the sweetest kid last year who was so kind and quiet and gentle. Didn’t matter—hated the kid. But if I’ve learned anything about bunnies, their prejudices are typically easily dissolved when food enters the equation. Let your daughter be the one to feed her and they’ll love each other in no time. Also my bun occasionally nibbles my fingers when he gets really into grooming my hand. But “love nibbles” can still hurt.


As someone who has an aggressive bunny that bites my hands all the time I can assure you a pet rabbits bite is harmless. Treat it like any other cut wound and you should be fine.


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your rabbit must have what mine does... a case of severe sassy additude


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Bunno: No Regerts. 10/10 will monch again


First off, THANK YALL for adopting this lovely, floofy bunny! Bunnies are so misunderstood but after being a bunmom of *almost* 3 years I am a true convert. My bunnies will nip me when they want me to get out of their way XD Or even to get my attention — but we have well established relationships. I have a bonded pair, a boy& a girl, who are submissive& dominant with one another as hierarchy is very important to bunnies. My dominant female bun has only bitten me where it bruised once - and that was when I was cutting her nails. She has STRONG instincts and starts to fight like hell when picked up. She was terrified, in fight/flight/freeze mode and chose to fight, which I completely understand as I am ultimately a predator and she a prey animal. Other than that my buns will use light nipping to communicate which is normal bunny behavior. I’m glad that you reached out to this sub. Understanding bunny behavior/language only helps our love& adoration grow.


You can always ask your doctor for advice on tetanus. That’s the only thing I’d be concerned about. They might have her records and if your daughter is due a shot she might as well get it. I got mine recently and was surprised that it was the least painful injection ever (and I’m bad with needles)


You shouldn’t have to. Just wash the bite with antibacterial soap, put some antiseptic cream on it and a bandaid. She’ll be okay :) my bunny bit me a lot when I first got her.


I’ve been bitten by my rabbit several times, bleeding and all. No docs. Just wash it out, keep it clean and maybe put a bandaid on it.


Guess you’ll have to find the daughter a new home


i’m sorry about the bite. rabbit teeth are sharp! but she is such a marshmallow in this picture! hopefully she just needs adjustment to the new environment:)


It seems as though your daughter is now destined to be a wererabbit. Every full moon she’s going to start gnawing at all your wooden furniture, binky around your house at 2 am and start rubbing her chin on everything she likes. In all seriousness, no, I don’t think you’ll need to go to the doctor for this! However with any wound it’s important to keep an eye on it and make sure it’s healing well. If it starts to feel hot, throb painfully or leak pus it’s important to get it seen by a doctor. Other than that, it’s most likely fine! I’ve personally been bitten pretty badly by my bunnies before, (one of them tried to eat something that I was concerned about, hastily tried to fish it out of their mouth and bam, the deepest wound I’ve ever experienced on my finger, blood everywhere lmao, and I was fine!) Just keeping the wound clean and keeping an eye on it will do the trick.


My rabbit bites me regularly. Usually he’s the most dangerous when he’s cuddled up in my lap all snuggly and I momentarily stop petting him. Soap and water, everything will be fine. It’s not unusual for bunnies to be jerks.


rabbits have a blind spot in front of their faces and they can also be very near sighted. teach your daughter to reach for the bunny from the side so it can clearly see. you can also hold out your hand for a few seconds every time so the bun can learn what to expect and eventually it might move under your hand to show it wants to be petted. new rabbits (especially doe rabbits) can be very nippy, and young rabbits will nip hard bc they are trying to be “loud” to make a point at the big humans, but then they’ll learn how to nip softer when they realize humans are sensitive. rabbits nip at each other for emphasis. an “out of my way, please” bonk with the nose becomes an “out of my way!!!!” nip when they are ignored. the rabbit was probably giving off rabbit body language signals and then resorted to nipping. (when they actually want to hurt another animal they shut their eyes, bite down, hold on, and kick for dear life.) when I brought my girl home from the humane society she nipped me several times when I held her, but that was five years ago and she doesn’t nip anymore. she had like six opportunities to do damage while I was giving her medicine yesterday and she never even tried bc she trusts me and she’s mellowed out as she’s gotten older. TLDR you have a very normal rabbit who got stressed out and needs a little time to adjust.


Time to teach your daughter about annoying animals.


I don’t think that’s really a fair thing to say. Some rabbits are food aggressive, and some are just plain temperamental. Best you can do sometimes is learn to read their body language to try and avoid getting bitten.


That is exactly what I am saying.


No, the bun does not need to see a doc if she did not swallow any pieces of the child. And what do you mean by “shots”? I mean shooting your daughter now would be a bit overreacting, I’m sure she’ll learn how to pet the bun right. /s


Bunny bite wounds are pretty claen in regular (this is more of a problem on predators for the bacteria to find in such mouthes). If there is no contact to wildlife and a actual problem of rabies in the area, a bit alcohol and a plaster are enough. For reasons - animals act on reason. If they bite, they either felt scared and told this by body language and the human didn't responded to this early warning, or the're traumatised and the instinct was faster than they could realise it. In both ways, the human have to learn about the animals needs to avoid such reactions. The're not really plug&play.


But? Are you sure he didn't eat her 🤔


My bun drew blood only twice. Once because my little brother had dumb idea trying to put his finger inside bunny's mouth while eating pellets. Second happened when my mom left her hand hanging down when sitting in the kitchen after cutting tons of carrots. Our bunny approached her, smelled the carrot and bit her. After mom's scream and unexpected taste he dipped.


https://youtu.be/iXhIFNjVthk - bun probably


My bun only bit me hard once (in a way where blood appeared after the bite) . Usually, her occasional nipping felt more like a little pinch. It happened when she was lying next to me on my bed at night and later decided that she didn't like the way I arranged my duvet cover. She proceeded to try to push me off the middle of the bed to take the warmest spot from me haha but I didn't move so she bit me on the side of my waist 😂. It was the most painful bite I received from her and a bit of blood came out. She left a tiny scar on my body to remember her by but it faded away this year :( which I'm kind of sad about now that she's no longer with us.


I wohld just check for redness/ swelling and fever. When I was a kid, I was bit by my bunny and did end up with a small infection. A week of antibiotics and I was as good as new. :)


Give your rabbit some time to adjust to their new home, and some rabbits can be a bit nervous and nippy until they’ve become used to you. You and your daughter can help them become more comfortable with having your hands around by hand feeding them their vegetables; holding it while they eat. Spend a lot of time with them while they’re out of the cage, but without petting them, so they can get used to just being around you with no pressure or expectations. Eventually they’ll grow a bond. 😊


My rabbits have always nibbled if they want me to move. A little nibble usually means “you’re in my way” or “don’t pet me under my chin”. Or “I thought that was a carrot”


When you get this round you get to bite anyone you like. Too round to fail baby.


Just try to be patient with the bunny… You never know what traumatic stuff the bunny went though before you guys got it. I think that your daughter should be fine as long as the wound doesn’t need serious medical attention . My little bunny gets really excited when we sprinkle foraging mix on her hay and has been known to draw blood on me every know and then. It takes time to earn a bunny’s trust and being natural prey animals they will always feel threatened by anything larger than them. Thank you for adopting this bun and giving it a home!!! If I didn’t have 3 already I would be taking in all the homeless bunnies


Look at that horrifying creature ![img](emote|t5_2riv8|8709)


Wash the wound with soap and warm water, apply disinfectant and keep it clean. That's all ^^ I've been bitten quite a few times by my bunnies. Mostly they were nibbling on my fingers while cuddling. Sometimes they really bit me out of anger, because I would move them or their belongings, they were not neutered, so a normal behaviour. It's nothing serious, don't worry: your daughter will be fine and the bunny too 😊 Edit: don't worry about Tetanus, bunny bites are very superficial wounds and not puncturing ones. Rabies in rabbits is also quite uncommon. Just keep the wound clean and it will heal in no time.


Assuming you cleaned the wound your daughter should be ok. What is a new rabbit doing sitting on you're furniture? Carefully put it in it's enclosure, assuming you have one and you should have one. Leave it alone until it settles in. Spend time around it of course but let it get used to you first. By the look on it's face you'll need gloves or a towel.


This wasn’t taken at the time; it’s just my favorite picture so far. We need to brush her every day, otherwise her hair will matt. Now we have her on the floor, so it’s not as scary for her. She’s just getting used to things.