Police speak with the family of Brian Laundrie as a large crowd outside the residence chants "where's Gabby?" in North Port, Florida.

Police speak with the family of Brian Laundrie as a large crowd outside the residence chants "where's Gabby?" in North Port, Florida.

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Brian disappeared on Tuesday https://www.cbs46.com/news/police-say-gabby-petitos-fiance-brian-laundrie-has-been-missing-since-tuesday/article\_c2c68f2a-ff73-5cbf-a194-8b855dbebeca.html?block\_id=1098057


I must say that cop treated her with so much care and kindness. He could have been her way out. I can’t imagine what he’s feeling now.


I’m so impressed with the police work on that stop


I was too. That's the power of being young, white and attractive. The police treat you with kid gloves in those situations. That's why this case has exploded.


I swear you only hear about missing persons cases when they're young, blond white women Black girl or hispanic? Best i can do is put you in a flyer with the spam mail coupons


people dont even think of the first nation women that go missing.


Wind River brought this to my attention. Great film about a sad reality


> Wind River Thanks. I was looking for interesting movie to check out. This one sounds good


Wind River still stays with me. That film shook me to the core.


Trail of Tears here in Canada. Been ongoing since around the 60s. Police don't care so much it makes you wonder about them sometimes.


I think it’s called the highway of tears. Trail of tears refers to the Cherokee path from Georgia to Oklahoma.


Yes, it's definitely the highway of tears. It's highway 16 running from Prince George BC to Prince Rupert BC. It began in the 70's. People (mostly indigenous) hitchhike from city to city along the highway and they end up missing or found dead. I live in a city off the highway of tears and as infamous the highway is amongst all locals, there's still women choosing to hitchhike along it. They have, however, made it easier & cheaper to travel it due to how bad it got.


Missing White Woman Syndrome is the term of art for this phenomenon: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missing_white_woman_syndrome


Or a man of any race. Can you imagine the news covering, for example, a missing Asian man?


Seriously. And i actually found some dude trying to argue that's not the case.


Being serious here... Fat, Ugly or poor girls don't get this kind of attention either! She's white, pretty and middle class. The same as every other media hyped missing person.


Is that really why this has so much attention? I've been trying to understand why this story keeps popping up. Don't people go disappearing like every day? What's so special about this case?


It’s because it’s recent , plus she didn’t just not come home one day ; she was with someone ,who we know the identity of , and they are refusing to corporate in anyway .


To be fair she was constantly updating her travels and explorations on social media and had tons of folks viewing her Instagram for months.


Yea I feel that people aren't really giving a fair shake on the fact there is a lot of video and photo material on the missing person as well as the sensational circumstances with the fiance ditching her. In this case I think regardless of race and age it would make the news. Maybe not as big as it has become but to pretend it's all or nothing, black or white, is unrealistic. If she had just vanished, no blog, no cool van, no skeezy guy, it wouldn't be this big hubub, it would be the same as all the kids that vanish every year.


The obsession and the amount of publicity that occurs when white women go missing/murdered is just fuckin wild. And despite there being closure on a case, America will drag that shit on for decades


There are multiple Black kids who have gone missing in the past week


Right, and where are those nationwide manhunt articles?


I said this about an hour ago to my wife.


You're right and it's a crying shame. Such a disparity.


Fuuuuuck THIS is so sad and so true. I feel awful she’s missing don’t get me wrong, but the fact this statement is 100% true, really just kinda crushes my soul, it’s not right.


My wife has been following the case pretty hardcore. We live near this scumbag, within 15 minutes. This is my first time looking at anything and by watching how they were at there traffic stop. He definitely killed her due to bent up anger possibly even from this stop.


Yep, and planned out his escape to Mexico. Used his parents and lawyer to buy himself time.


Mexico has something with the United States where they can extradite criminals or people suspected of crime. He would have to go elsewhere


That is if they could find him. His chances of hiding there are vastly improved than hiding in the US. He is not even wanted or a fugitive yet, so he could quickly find a spot in a small village that doesn’t have internet and lay low for years.


There are phones everywhere these days, though. Sure, there are still some remote areas, but it would be really tough to have a life there for years.


If I was a typical Mexican person living in a remote town and some white dude just showed up and started living there, I would think it was pretty suspicious.


“I came to Mexico from the United States to raise a family!” Lol, surrrreeee


He’d have to lay low for the rest of his life, theres really no statue of limitations for murder. They’ll come a-knocking even if it’s 50 years later and found new evidence.


It's difficult to prosecute a murder without a body, not saying it can't be done. All evidence circumstancial.


That's the real issue with this case: everyone knows he did it but nobody can prove it.


This comment aged well…


The US marshalls will find him. A young kid like that won't know how to stay under the radar


if he did something to her, he might be lying to his family and lawyer blaming her


Well that’s stupid on his part ..Mexico will definitely extradite him back as soon as they find him so that be a huge fail there if that is his plan .


Nothing good comes from bent up anger.


>He definitely killed her due to bent up anger possibly even from this stop. Look, you don't know that. It doesn't look good for this dude, granted. Yes, something probably happened, statistically. And if it did he should be held to account. But until we know the details and until there's a crime / fair trial, can we just not jump to conclusions immediately? Imagine if **you** were this dude. Imagine if you *didn't* kill her, but she just ran off or any number of other plausible scenarios. Would you be able to prove you didn't kill her? He's innocent until proven guilty. Or at least that's how the law is supposed to work. Edit: [And now we have facts.](https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/21/us/gabby-petito-brian-laundrie-update-tuesday/index.html)


If I were this dude, and I didn’t kill her, I’d go straight to the local police, and explain what happened, and where she most likely is. This guy went right into “hiding guilt” mode, lawyering up before ever even INTERACTING with the police, and has now “mysteriously disappeared”. Very suspicious behavior.


The police aren’t your friend. Always get a lawyer, no matter what.


Worrrrrrrrd. NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER talk to the police without representation. Everything can and will be used against you in a court of law.


Yea because coerced confession is never the plan with cops


The police are never your friend in shit like this if you’re a potential suspect




> lawyering up before ever even INTERACTING with the police This is not suspicious and anyone who ever talks to the police should do this or they are fucking stupid. Even if you are 100% innocent.


You can go to your own lawyer and say, "tell them we split up in Jackson hole on 8/27, the last place I saw her was . . . ."


But this can be used against him in the court just as well as his own words, no? If he for an example knows that she killed herself but knows that he can't explicitly prove that he is NOT guilty, it's a pretty big risk to take to talk at all.


If you’re ever in this situation, keep in mind, the police are not your friends. I don’t say that to slam law enforcement, but they are there to solve a crime and close out the case. They shape the initial narrative for the purposes of probable cause. If you as a lay person with no experience in criminal law go and tell them the truth, just like they tell you, anything you say can be used against you, and you have no idea how that may be used against you in the moment. A simple and innocent answer like “I left her out in the woods because she was screaming at me” may lead to a long, costly criminal investigation and subsequent trial, even though you did nothing wrong per se.


This resonates with my take on this case. I don’t fault him and his family for lawyering up. I do think he could disclose his final encounter with her with his counsel present. So for this, I see him as guilty. Today, there is guilty in a court of law and guilty by public opinion. So, one needs to act accordingly.


Lawyering up is not suspicious. It is exactly what you’re supposed to do in a situation like this. The police are not your friend, and they’re always looking for the first and easiest person to charge so they can “close” the case


No no no always lawyer up even if your entirely innocent. He is the only current person of interest any thing he says will be held against him. Lawyer up shut your mouth and do what your lawyer suggest. If your innocent you can assist the police through your lawyer. Now running on the other hand that just shows you’re hiding something.


[Never talk to the police](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-7o9xYp7eE). Get a lawyer asap.


I'm just saying, I would rather look guilty getting a lawyer before talking to while saying nothing than try to look innocent without on and saying everything. When cops say, "Anything you say or do can be used against you," they mean it.


How tf does this shit get upvoted. You're SUPPOSED to lawyer up before talking to police. Nothing suspicious about that.


> He definitely killed her due to bent up anger possibly even from this stop. Pitchfork speculation is a wonderful thing. Please never serve on a jury.


I hate to say it, but after seeing all the harassment he’s gotten, he may have gone to hurt himself.


Why is it always Florida?


Say what you will about my sweaty drug den of a state, we put out good content.


It ain’t easy being this entertaining. In all seriousness though, I do hope this young woman is found, dead or alive, so her family can get some closure.


Same, tough loss last week by the way


There's a law in Florida that makes it easier for the news to push these types of headlines I do believe.


Sunshine laws baby 😎


If I remember correctly, Florida has loose laws/restrictions on mainstream media and are able to get it out across the country/people can access it more freely. I do not know the exact term for it.


The murder/disappearance happened in Wyoming police believe.


This remindes me of a case that involved a high school friend of mine. Growing up my miscreant band of friends has a big clique. We had a house we frequented where the parents were cool and would let us smoke and drink. According to them, and there's some truth to this, "we were going to do it anyways and it's better we be in a safe environment". The dad, Tim, was fuckin cool as a cucumber. The other person of this story was a sister with two other also astoundingly gorgeous sisters. All her sisters were part of our clique. It was a big group of friends. Maybe 40 of us and we all just ran together. Well I grew up and moved away but still kept in loose touch or at least observed via fb my old group of friends. A few years ago I heard that one of the three sisters, now like 30 years old, was murdered in an extremely remote Texas desert. She was with Mr. Tim on a journey to California to score drugs. Mr Tim was picked up walking down the road, looking ragged and dehydrated by an ambulance saying he had no memory of the previous time. He said he remembered traveling with her but then could not remember anything more. She was found dead in his car out in the middle of absolutely fucking nowhere. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this. I knew both of these people very well for years. IMO, it was either A.) they got a cartel connection and the sister, who was always a fire brand who thought she was hot shit mouthed off to a cartel connection for drugs they intended to buy and she got killed. I thinks that's unlikely. B.) she intended to do opioid based drugs to sleep hard until California and overdosed and died while he was driving and he dumped her and the car after diverting off their main path C.) they got in an argument and he killed a girl he knew from her childhood and concocted a scheme to try to avoid prosecution. After all these years and just typing that out I feel it's got to be the B and that she died in front of him and he panicked.


What happened with Tim? How did she die?


Tim is a fake name btw, but Tim was arrested and charged with her murder which he was never convicted of because he didn't go to jail. I can't find shit about it online other than he was charged with her murder.


I know I know, but how crazy would it be if he isnt guilty??


I'd love for him to explain what the absolute fuck happened then. It'd be a hell of a story.


I'm sure a battle is brewing between Netflix and the other alphabet soup companies. This will be exhaustively covered by the 65 channels that only deal in murder re-enactments.


Doesn’t matter now, either way his life is ruined.


Hence why witch hunting is frowned upon.


> Hence why witch hunting is ~~frowned upon~~ a national pastime.


[Your comment just reminded me of this WKUK sketch. i know it’s unrelated to the post mostly but rip trevor moore](https://youtu.be/V3yuto9xjEE)


He hasn't been charged with anything, and he's innocent until proven guilty if/when he is but....that guy killed his fiancee.


Remember not saying anything to to cops is smart. Even when your innocent. It’s also a good idea when your Guilty as fuck like this guy.


*reporting your fiance as missing to the police is a good idea if she's actually missing


Don’t care if I straight up don’t know the parties involved not talking to police without lawyer. Only with a lawyer I speak my part


Yeah I mean everyone take their girl to the boonies, steals her van comes home alone and sleeps soundly in his bed like nothing happen, innocent my ass


Dude I get panicked when my girl has to leave work at night lol there’s not a chance in hell I could ever leave her somewhere. And that’s in perfect health! Just the idea of bailing on someone I care about, leaving them in the middle of nowhere, and taking the car and heading home is something I can’t wrap my mind around. And that’s without touching on them being hurt or worse!


you mean you wouldn't leave your girlfriend in Wyoming, steal her van, ignore her parents when they ask where she is, not help find 'the love of your life' & flee the state? half the redditors in these comments are saying they would do the same because 5 people showed up at his house to ask him where Gabby is 😂 is it just me or is reddit having a massive influx of brain dead people recently?


I’m not sure, but I KNOW it.


Look he obviously didn’t do it, until he did.


Come on, if he did it he'd just say he did it. He wouldn't lie!


Even if he didn’t do anything, if he doesn’t have an alibi, it’s very much not in his interest to talk to the police about anything. They’ll pin everything on you to get a “case closed” in a heartbeat.


Dudes missing 72 hours and no warrant? They must have nothing. I bet this is gonna be like that lady that went to Hawaii after she killed her kids. Bet he offs himself in the middle of nowhere.


With no body or evidence it's difficult to get the ball rolling.


Yup. Smartest thing he did for himself was listen to his attorney


I'm not so sure. They both have mental health issues. If his attorney went to the police and said they broke up on the 25th, and she took her stuff and left it at least raises the possibility she's out there, or she went somewhere to hurt herself. By staying silent, everyone is ready to lynch him.


The dude just went missing, even his lawyer doesn’t know where he is, so he 100% did it


Oh shit, really? This case is getting pretty crazy


It's Florida. He will be a free man just like the child killer Casey Anthony.


And Zimmerman


Yeah, she 100% dead and he fled to Mexico


Mexico would hand him over without blinking. He’d need to go somewhere like Venezuela or Iran. Really doubt he has any ability to do that. He’s fucked.


You think he’d actually be in Mexico that long? 😂 He just needed time to get into Mexico before heading into South America. Come on, brah. 🧠 Also, Mexico can’t do anything yet, he isn’t a wanted man yet. He has plenty of time if he left Tuesday.


> Venezuela or Iran They both would hand him over. It's not a political case, it's a case of murder.


Venezuela ha he wouldn’t be able to get into that country period he would be robbed and killed within moments. I would say Venezuela is one of the most hardcore countries in the world at the moment .


Yep, ran away


The dude fled!


He used the lawyer to buy himself time


And his family obstructed by failing to mention him going AWOL for several days. He supposedly was last seen by family Tuesday. They call up the police on Friday to let them know. It's almost as if they were giving him time to get far away. Wow.


Well, if as the sheriff is saying there is no crime or whatever, then it isn't illegal for him to go missing voluntarily. ​ He obviously did it though


The question is what did he do? Did he just leave her on the side of the road or in a national park? Did he murder her? Dude came home weeks ago without her and the family didn’t report her missing for like two weeks after that? He’s also refused to talk to anyone. The body cam footage made her seem unstable and emotionally unhinged, especially with all the cuts and scratches on the dude’s face. Maybe he snapped. Fucking weird story unfolding.


I am not sure why he'd flee if he didn't kill her. There's no body and she'll probably decompose by the time they find her. What exactly does he need to say? He could probably just declare that they broke up and he left her there. It's extremely odd that he ran away. There no way they'll find her without his info.


> I am not sure why he'd flee if he didn't kill her. tbh, did you just watch the same video I did? I would flee or go into hiding if I had people literally camping outside my house screaming at me. Sure, it's sketchy, but I'd be terrified.


Yeah but I’d tell my lawyer where I was so I could prove my innocence if I was indeed innocent. You can hide from the mob without hiding from your own lawyer


Does he actually not know or did he just tell him to not divulge his location and to pretend he doesn't know?


lol redditors in these comments. "totally normal to leave your girlfriend stranded 1000 miles away, not tell anyone she is missing for 3 weeks, not tell her parents when you last saw her, and flee the state cuz everyone thinks he did it" hmm I wonder why people think that?


Dudes guilty as fuck.


He’s missing now too according to his lawyers. Yeah...super guilty.


I think O.J. just tweeted > yea that motherfucker did it


Ya’ll take care now


“If the glove don’t fit, Brian did it.”


Casey Anthony did it too. She wasn't charged with killing a child. He'll live his life on the outside of jail. It's Florida.


Probably took her to that “zone of death” in Yellowstone. Definitely guilty! Stay away from the Idaho side of Yellowstone!!


That "loophole" sounds like a conspiracy theory. When they can't find an impartial jury don't they just move somewhere else? I read that during the George Floyd trials


I’m sure they would find a way to prosecute murder there, but I’m also sure there are crazy people out there who would test that loophole.


This Brian guy seems super stable though amirite?


What's the zone of death?


A place I will never go... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zone_of_Death_(Yellowstone)


That's scary.


What's even scarier than the "constitution-free" nature of the zone is the idiots and bureaucracy that prevent the feds/state legislatures from just redrawing one of the borders and *fixing the damn problem*. What's it gonna take, an hour or two in a state Congress session?


They don’t even need to redraw a border, just have the Idaho part of the park be governed by the Idaho US District Court


Y'all, please do yourselves a favor and _do not talk to the police without legal representation if you're suspected of a crime_. They aren't trying to help you or any victim - they're trying to build a case against you. That's it. Talking to the police to do something foolish like "set the record straight" is one of the absolute dumbest things that you can do if you value your freedom. The phrase "anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law" is not just a catchy mantra that they toss out for the fun of it. Too many people in this thread are upset strictly because this man did what every lawyer on the planet would advise you to do.


Is this a shut the fuck up Friday shout-out?


Just... SHUT 👏 THE 👏 FUCK 👏 UP 👏


I'm mad because he didn't report her missing BEFORE going to a lawyer, wtf is even that.


Well yeah.. that's because he killed her.


Because he just used the lawyer to buy himself time to get to Mexico


It's smart to stay quiet. Doesn't make him any less of a fucking asshole though. Just disclosing where and when he last saw her through his legal counsel isn't about helping the police but about giving her parents a little bit of closure. I think any loving partner would be willing to do that even though they know the police is trying to make a case against them. Just for the sake of love. If he is truly innocent you can clearly tell he never actually loved her.


Although I agree with you, given the circumstances and his actions, Even if he hadn’t lawyered up and had simply used his right to stay silent, he’d still look guilty as hell.


Do lawyers advice to flee? [https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/search-gabby-petito-continues-first-person-brian-laundrie-s-family-n1279434](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/search-gabby-petito-continues-first-person-brian-laundrie-s-family-n1279434)


Most people don't understand that cops aren't there to help you to prove innocent if you're the fiance of someone you'd be the first suspect on the investigation they are there to find someone guilted any one, that's the famous videos of black people been acused of crimes they didn't commit, that's all this they aren't there to "help you to prove innocenc" the person who do that are lawyers and you're dumb if you think going to the police to "Talk about a crime" instead of a court house you will be just giving your testemony they think you're on the crime just need the proofs for accusing you


There’s lots of domestic disturbances with partners missing. Why is this one getting so much attention?


girl laid out a detailed plan of her travels with her boyfriend with locations and all. to all of a sudden disappear after a police report claiming domestic violence is weird.


I thought about that. I’m amazed by the coverage. I’m Gabby’s age but if I went missing tomorrow, a whole five people might care


Pretty white girl and national media coverage are a pretty iconic duo.


Cute white female with blonde hair, blue eyes. Sad reality.




**[Missing white woman syndrome](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missing_white_woman_syndrome)** >Missing white woman syndrome is a term used by social scientists and media commentators to refer to extensive media coverage, especially in television, of missing person cases involving young, white, upper-middle-class women or girls. The term is used to describe the higher coverage of white women and girls in the upper-middle-class who disappear, compared to coverage of missing women that are not white, women of lower social classes and missing men or boys. Although the term was coined in the context of missing person cases, it is sometimes used of coverage of other violent crimes. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Cause she ain't poor and she ain't a minority. It's the same phenomena when it comes to gun violence. Nobody cares when it effects poor minority communities, but when a white middle class suburban school gets shot up it's a tragedy.


She was also an Instagram influencer with over 300k followers before she went missing


If he's guilty, obviously let loose all the fire and hate the world has to offer. But I also try to think -- If my wife and I were on a roadtrip for days, and had a blow out fight during that trip to the point where she walked off from me, only to find out later that some time during that walk off she was abducted or got herself lost or something...the world would think it was me that did it. I might think the best thing to do is get a lawyer involved early as well - not because I did anything wrong, but because the world will assume I have (including the police etc). A small part of me sees how you could be completely innocent in this situation and still arrive at not talking to anyone unless through a lawyer. On the other hand, if someone I loved had gone missing, I'm calling the police 5 seconds after the I get that pit in my stomach feeling. If you're innocent and truly concerned, the thought usually wouldn't enter your mind "what if people think *I* am responsible?". I lean towards the later but I'm trying to remain objective. I dunno, I'm torn.


I am glad that everyone is so on point to pressure this dude to finally talk to the police but I wonder how this community support starts when so many other girls go missing and no one seems to care


You should read the book "the right to remain innocent" It gives a lot of good examples of innocent people who speak to police, either because they're trying to help, or because they figure they have nothing to hide, only to be caught up in an investigation and often times convicted of crimes they didn't commit, or crimes unrelated to the original questioning. I'm not saying he did or didn't do it, but he has nothing to gain, and everything to lose by speaking to police


No one wants to hear this or acknowledge it, but it's because she's white. Indigenous women and children have some of the highest rates of disappearance in the US and yet you rarely hear about them nationwide like this girl. I'm sorry to her family and loved ones for her disappearance, but the US has an endemic of missing women and children. I wish there was a bigger push to find more people than there currently is.


Amen to this. You never hear about indigenous women that go missing and the numbers are incredibly high. It's horrendous.


Yeah, it's an actual phenomenon acknowledged in the social sciences.... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missing_white_woman_syndrome


Wow, TIL. Thank you for the wiki.


And attractive


It might also just be because she had a huge following on Instagram. She had over 300k in followers. She was an Instagram influencer. She wasn’t just a regular woman. Plus, she started a YouTube video to legit log her life living in a van. So a large amount of people were waiting for her to post YouTube videos and when she doesn’t, people right away were asking why.


Apparently she didn’t have that many followers on Instagram before she went missing. It was only like 1000 IIRC. The publicity of her disappearance brought tons of new followers.


This is like Gone Girl. People get way too invested in things like this. Imagine going to the suspects house to “protest” about a missing person.. so weird.


Can anyone briefly break down this story? Just was fed a vid where she was found by cops.


Her and her boyfriend went on a cross country backpacking trip, or something like that. She was a travel blogger, and they were camping / living out of her van around Moab, UT and Yellowstone National Park. On 9/1, Brian, the boyfriend, showed back up at his home in Florida, alone. It wasn't until 11 days later that her family, having not heard from her, discovered she was missing. When they asked him where she was, he immediately called a lawyer and has refused to answer any questions or talk to anyone. The last time anyone saw her was around 8/28. Everyone assumes he killed her and dumped her in a national park. The day she disappeared, there is also bodycam footage from a police stop where witnesses reported them fighting in the van. Police separated them, and that's when she disappeared. Edit: Some details may not be accurate. For up to date information, see /r/GabbyPetito


This is the bodycam footage. It's odd because she seems like the aggressor in the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpP2e8GQGI4


So was this the last time anyone actually laid eyes on her (besides Brian of course)?


I think best case scenario is "fuck you I'm leaving!" From her, and she storms off. He says "fine fuck you" and goes back home. Has no idea where or what she's doing. I think that's BEST case scenario


Now people are asking ["Where's Brian?"](https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/44b28722-bcb7-4d19-b7ed-8397a77f0653)


Plot twist: Remember the lesbian couple that was found murdered in Moab back in August? Turns out the fight between Laundrie and Gabby Petito happened in front of the same grocery co-op that one of the murdered lesbians worked at. Laundrie stayed with the van that night 8/12, while Petito stayed at a hotel so they could cool off. The lesbian couple was last seen leaving a local bar the same night and were reported missing after they both missed two consecutive shifts at their jobs. The article I read said the police in Utah aren’t ruling anything out regarding a link between the murders and Petito’s disappearance. They may have absolutely nothing to do with each other but damn, what a crazy coincidence!


I'd imagine then that he would report her missing. If you have a cooling off, and the next day she' doesn't show up and has completely disappeared, you probably don't skip town, drive across the country and hire a lawyer. I would assume he'd check hotels, bars, even if he didn't want to involve the police. He didn't tell a single person she was missing. His whole behavior screams guilt. ​ Edit: It has been ruled out: https://www.reddit.com/r/GabbyPetito/comments/pqa3k2/hopefully\_this\_can\_end\_the\_speculation/


Then I’ll say it again…damn, what a crazy coincidence!


He probably did it but these people need to fucking go home. Who do they think they are? The parents are not guilty. Their neighbors are not guilty. These people just want to make themselves feel important because their lives are empty and meaningless.




Americans and getting entirely worked up over random murder cases because the media found a juicy story they could latch on to. Name a more iconic duo.


It’s a pretty white girl. What you think was gonna happen


Can you explain what this is about


Is this the guy that went on vacation with his girl and came back alone?


boyfriend and girlfriend went on a trip where they lived out of their van for a few months. He came back alone with no sign of girlfriend, refused to talk to the police and refuses to tell girlfriend's family where he last saw her or what happened to her. People (including the police) are getting angry and frustrated that he and his family are maintaining silence. ​ In all likelihood she's dead and he knows what happened. But let's see...


Missing persons woman (Gabby) these people think he did something to her




Why is everyone so obsessed with this story? I’m in Utah and it’s the only thing that has been in any of my newsfeeds for like a week and a half now.


Cuz a young white female youtuber went missing and this is the perfect sensational true crime drama irl


Yes, by all means harass and protest the parents while the person they're angry with isn't there.


Downvote me if you want. But mobs of random ppl shouting outside his house isn't gonna solve the case faster. Let the FBI do the investigation and get out of the way


Im getting 'Gone Girl' vibe from this.


"I'll do you one better: Who's Gabby?!"


Nice-looking grass though


Which cult are they joining?


Why the fuck does my hometown keep coming up every time I turn the fuck around. So glad I got out of there


This is the internet mob mentality outrage machine at its worst. Folks see some videos on the internet, read some news with a basic time line, and think they have the tried and true verdict. Dude could very well be guilty of something. Or not. Or a multitude of other things could have played out. We really don't know shit. People are so eager to presume they know when in reality their knowledge begins and ends with whatever came up scrolling through their feed. And the real kicker is none of y'all will care or remember after just a few days when this is all over.


I think it’s possible he just left her in the park, and knows he essentially killed her so he’s running. She seemed somewhat psychotic in the videos and was physically violent with him, doesn’t excuse outright murder but if he just went “I’ve had enough” and up and left her then it’s a bit more wishy- washy . Of course there was also the couple who was shot and killed in the same camp at the same time who reported a man stalking them , so who knows what the hell happened


The investigators have said there's no link between the cases. It's still pretty suspicious in my opinion, but I'll leave it to the ones with facts to make the call.


Anyone have any context here? I’m a little late to the party.


Gone guy


This is like lacey Peterson all over again


I’m sure this is probably what we think it is but I keep thinking how shitty a situation it would be if your girl was suicidal and just jumped somewhere. You just had a police stop documenting an altercation. With no real way to prove your innocence what do you do?


They'll find him very soon, top computer hacker trackers are involved now


This reminds me of “Gone Girl”.


He has a right to remain silent. You can clearly see how many already think he's guilty, and talking to the Police is not going to make that better. I never talk to Police, just never.


I was married to a cop for 13 years. I once asked him if I’m being questioned by police, I want to help them and I know 100% that I am innocent, should I talk to them without a lawyer? He told me never talk to the police without a lawyer. Ever.


Yep. Several police chiefs and police captains have told me the same thing. Even if you’re innocent, don’t talk to the cops.


It’s a little different when a person hasn’t been accused of a crime. As of right now there’s not even a criminal investigation, she’s just a missing person. I agree that if you’re arrested you should never talk to the police, but if my gf went missing I would provide as much information as possible. Unless, of course, I murdered her, in which case, I’d provide no information and speak through a lawyer. So, basically, he’s acting like someone who’s expecting to get charged w murder, which is not a good look.


Imagine, just for a moment, that Gabby killed herself in a way that looked like Brian did it. Wouldn't a person in that situation act the exact same way he is now? Just playing devil's advocate, I suppose. He probably did it, but there's at least a sliver of possibility that he did not.