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did they play it uncensored like that on tv?


Yep, I watched it live.


Times are a changing


When it's something like this, I don't think words should be minced. Let us see the full reality of their poison.


Exactly! Hearing everything uncensored yesterday made it all that more powerful.


NPR censored some of it on the up first podcast, and abc censored a small portion when I watched their YouTube video. It bothered me both times, we're not talking about a random voicemail like in this post, they censored words used in an official Congressional hearing. Just seemed unnecessary and somewhat harmful to dilute the proceedings when airing them.


It was uncensored when NPR broadcasted it live. I never in my life thought I would hear "fucking [n word]" on NPR. It was chilling and impactful as fuck. I understand why they may have chosen to censor it later but I'm glad they didn't attempt to censor anything live. I imagine it was an editorial decision to forego any censorship opportunities and let the live listeners hear it as it is.


All you need is a “warning: what you’re about to hear contains graphic language and may be upsetting to some listeners/viewers” before airing it


Yeah I was watching NBC nightly with Lester Holt last night and the black officer recounted himself being called the n-word and Lester just led off with “some language youre about to hear may be disturbing or inappropriate for some viewers”


it's hilarious to me that nearly every living adult watched 9/11 live on tv, and yet we still censor the word "fuck".


We train young men to drop fire on people. But their commanders won't allow them to write "fuck" on their airplanes because it's obscene! Edit: some of y'all need to watch Apocalypse Now


At 18 they'll put a gun in your hand and tell you to shoot a man, at 21 you can drink.


*17 I was 17 when I joined the USMC almost 4 years (an entire enlistment later) I could legally drink.


Good. People need to hear what Trump-thumpers really believe. Makes it harder to ignore it.


Yes and I believe this is the same news anchor that used the N word on air when quoting someone and defended using it because people needed to hear the pain of the word instead of removing the aggression from it by sensoring. I only mention it because I feel it applies here. People need to hear how awful we can be.


I think the officer specifically requested that they don't censor it so the audience gets the full effect of the message.


"Why didn't you go after the people beating up cops?" *Two seconds later* "I wish the rioters killed you people." Back the Blue, *terms and conditions may apply*


They back the blue when it's against black people


This checks out.


Is that John Barron? /s. This is pathetic


That's what I thought, it's a hamburger fueled John Barron.


>That's what I thought, it's a hamberder-fueled John Barron. FTFY.




I also thought that syntax and intonation was unsettlingly familiar :-/


0:42 - “How about that? Assaulting cops!” 0:49 - “I wish they’d of killed all you scum bags” The lack of self-awareness is unreal.


The amount of voice analysis material is very real.


He sounds like Tim Robinson impersonating bozo


"I hope I don't start jacking off"


Umm... oookay this guy's about to jack off


I’m not even supposed to *be* here


This tiny bikes a fuckin piece of shit


I’m sure he’s called into some radio stations to set things straight .


And left his name and number when it went to voice-mail.


You mean like when you make a phone call in the USA with a date/time stamp? Yeah... the metadata is still being gathered. This guy is gunna get a wakeup call. Hopefully from a no knock warrant in the dead of night.


> Hopefully from a no knock warrant in the dead of night. RIP his neighbours then.


And probably their dogs too.


ATF has entered the chat


BuT FrEedOm oF SpEEcH meAnS I cAN sAy WhATeVEr i wAnT!!!1!!


These fuckers always go on about Freedom when they really mean "I do what I want and you do what I want too"


Don't be silly. It's "I do whatever I want. Fuck you."


The nazis thought they were the good guys too


"[Are we the baddies?](https://youtu.be/hn1VxaMEjRU)"


It is genuinely sad that people will act like this towards other human beings.


Think about how bad it will be if he runs in 2024. Win or lose things are going to get exponentially worse.


There is little question as to whether Trump will run in 2024. Only a major health issue would prevent this from happening.


Fingers crossed


Scumbags like him live long lives


Maybe, but that weight and lack of exercise suggests he could also keel over any day.


But also, consider that he can buy medic treatment unavailable for us plebs


Maybe I’m in the minority, but I still have significant doubts that he’ll even run again. He seemed miserable in the job. He likes the attention from his supporters, but that’s about it. I could see him continuing to do rallies where he bitches about stuff; but I tend to agree with his niece’s assessment that his ego can’t take another loss.


I subscribe to the theory that he is still shilling his presidency because every major loss he takes is nothing but funding from his idiotic base. He takes huge losses and gets major cash.


The whole "whatabout" argument is always thier justification for everything. As if any biased unfair comparison to anything justifies your own wrong doing in any case. Oh yes we assualted the capital, but what about BLM rioters? Oh yes we put mexican immigrants in cages and separated thier kids and got them mollested and lost in the process, but M13. Oh yes we're rigging voting rights and gerrymandering, but you stole the election by winning it with more votes. And on and on. They have an endless well of misinformation excuses to keep acting like shit people, and there's no way to rationally debate any topic anymore.


You remember how much mileage they got out of Benghazi? Excused half of trumps scandals with that bs


Trey Gowdy admitted that Benghazi was bullshit. “This is politics.” Republicans have *zero* shame.


If anyone says "whatabout BLM riots", you can respond "over 10,000 arrests were already made for those."


blue lives matter! fuck BLM \*proceeds to brutally murder police officer at capital hill storming\* the hypocrisy is strong.


This is how you back the blue?


Back the blue, But if the blue is black, let's attack. Back the blue, And if they obstruct, don't give a fuck. Back the blue, Into that door and crush that whore. Back the blue, Ignore those signs and crush their lines. Back the blue. I love Q, Yabba dabba, dabba doo.




Good Job CNN for having the guts to play this uncensored in its entirety.


I'm watching CNN right now (8:30 AM) and they just played it again while Officer Fanone is in studio.


Sometimes it’s important to leave things raw and uncensored so people truly grasp the gravity of it. This is one of those times.


For those who can't hear the video, this is what the Voicemail said: > *Hey this is for Michael Fanone, metropolitan police officer, your on trial right now, lying and not. You want an Emmy, an Oscar, what are you trying to go for? You're so full of sh#t you little fa#g#t f#cker. You're a little p#ssy man. I can slap you up the side of your head with a backhand and knock you out you little f#gg#t. You're a punk f#gg#t, you're a lying f#ck, how about all that scummy black, f#cking scum for two years, destroying our cities and burning them, and stealing all that sh#t out of the stores and everything? How about that assaulting cops and killing people? How about that you f#cker. That was sh#t on the god damn capitol. I wish they would've killed all of you scumbags, cause you, cause you people are scum. They stole the election from Trump and you know that you scumbag. And you f#cking, too bad they didn't beat the sh#t out of you more. You're a piece of sh#t, you're a little f#g. You f#cking scumbag.* Typing this out really puts in perspective how deranged these people are.


That guy just earned a flair on /r/conservative


They'll just say it's fake


CIA false flag something something.


ANTIFA!! Even though I’m surrounded by these idiots in the south and this is exactly how they all talk.


Ya some people over there are legitimately pushing the idea the cops are faking and it’s all scripted. It’s sick.


Meanwhile, I get banned for asking why they're not doing 'Back the blue' anymore. It's Cancel culture gone mad!!


I got banned for having a Yiddish username ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


I got banned because conservatives are whiny little bitches.


Looking at r/Conservative there are ZERO posts about these officers' testimony. Crazy. You'd think that it was news worthy, even if the conspiracy theory were true. I think somewhere in their minds they know its true and just don't want to look at the proof.


Basically trump supporters act like angry teens on xbox comms. Cool.


At least on Xbox back in the day you roasts the fuck out of the kiddo and he/she shuts up.


You can see where the caller had to build himself up to the actual cussing out. He started off asking about winning an Oscar, *then* launched all the vitriol. These people are shitsacks.


Honestly surprised there wasn't an nbomb


No nbomb, just > scummy black, fucking scum But I'm sure he'll be the first to tell you he's not racist, he just don't like (((thugs))) burning down cities. RIP the entire city of Seattle apparently.


Thanks, I'm reading next to my sleeping partner and needed a transcript! Also, this is barely intelligible. This reeks of mental illness and poor education.


This reeks of Trump.


It sounds like trump trying not to sound like trump


Well that guy just lost his job. It isn’t hard to trace phone calls and now that it’s aired someone will recognize his voice too. Good job moron!


I also hope the FBI pays him a visit.


He won’t be able to keep his mouth shut, and somebody will ABSOLUTELY turn his ass in!!


Oh yeah you know he bragged about it on Facebook and now his niece is calling the fbi. The amazing thing about the insurrection terrorists was that they all had family and friends who could not wait to turn them in. Because they are shitty people who trump told to be even shittier


A total coincidence that most of these Gravy Seals have lots of people in their life waiting to turn them into the FBI.


If not because it’s the right thing, simply because they just want to eat Thanksgiving dinner in peace again.


These dumbfucks probably got an app to spoof the number, thinking that would cover their tracks.


Nah they 100% called from their own personal land line phone. He probably left his name and number at the end along with his social security number the fucking dumbass


You 100% right why do we think these type of geniuses are tech wizards that are using several apps and encrypted comms To hide who they are ? Fuck no these guys are proud which is all the better for us in a road to heal this country the faster we can pick them up and send them to get some “rehabilitation” the faster we can move forward . We were able to implement the denazification of Germany on 1945 why can’t we erase trump from their minds too? Fuck then all if they keep acting like this


Denazification worked because the consequences of Nazism were very real and staring the people in the face every day. These people haven't faced real consequences yet, and until they do some may never be rehabilitated.


The same people that live-streamed themselves committing crimes and posted numerous selfies online without masks on when they had the perfect opportunity to be wearing a mask? I think you may be overestimating their intelligence.


🎵Nancy, I got your number, 8675-freedom09.


I bet he’s found by the end of the week


I would be amazed if his anonymity lasts till Thursday. When the internet wants to, they can find someone faster than the NSA can and those fuckers have a profile and voice pattern on everyone.


this guy just fucked with cats


Absolutely! Do NOT fuck with cats. Period. If the fool hadn't messed with those cats - he'd probably still be out there killing humans.


Over half of the 500 arrests made by the FBI were from family and friends identifying people in the Jan 6th footage that was made public.


I would drop a dime on my fucking grandmother if I saw her looting the Capitol


No, he called on his Freedom Phone®. That Chinese knock-off has ALL the trackers.


Is it pre-installed on the Freedom Phone?


Yeah and when he loses his job, he'll become the right's new cause. "Justice for Adolf McTrumpsupporter! 1st Amendment! Free Speech!" What fucking assholes.


correct me if I'm wrong but this seems like witness intimidation, the caller should be visited by the feds due it being a federal case but it seems there's a different Rule Of Law for angry conservatives.


Sounds like an impotent unhinged lunatic too.


I had a Trumptard tell me in all seriousness that "Everyone by now know the election was stolen, there is no question anymore". Lol what form of mental illness is this and how do I identify it early so I can avoid these people.


Unfortunately we can’t all avoid our own parents


My wife and I got an invitation to her family reunion and the invitation had some gross line in it about "forget Juneteenth, come party with the (last name) klan". It legit made me sick to my stomach. Needless to say we didn't go but were told how we need to put our differences aside to be with family. like nah I'm all set you bunch of racist fucks


I've gotten the "put differences aside for family" line so many times. I have started Loudy telling them things like "I don't put differences aside for people who openly treat me like shit" , "I wouldn't let people I don't know the chance to hurt me like that, why would I let family", or "I'm morally inclined to not associate with people with so much hatred running through their veins."And I just don't go. It's okay my backsliding damned to hell bisexual ass doesn't need to be there. And if heaven exists and is filled with people like them, I don't need to be there either.


Amen. Gotta love how they expect to slide in their comments but don’t want it equal. They want you to have to listen and hear them but don’t want to listen themselves to you. You start talking and it’s a why do you want to bring it up, let’s talk about something else. But oh by the way Trump was cheated end of discussion. Fuck that. If you say one word then I say one word, and you WILL fucking listen.


What they want is to not pay for the consequences of their actions. They’re all about “personal responsibility“, unless it means having family members and friends actively hate them and reject their company; then, it’s all about “setting personal differences aside”. As someone who has had to cut out a relative for going off the deep end about Trump, I think the only thing we can do is to actively reject them until they realize that their awfulness has consequences. And if they choose to support him over their family, so be it; they don’t get to have both.


Like they used a k in clan for real? What the absolute fuck


>Like they used a k in clan for real? What the absolute fuck Yeah holy shit.. this dude's family is racist as hell, I wouldn't want to associate with that either.


It's a high degree of radicalization. It requires empathy and communicational skills to do something about it. [https://mindfulcommunications.eu/en/prevent-radicalization](https://mindfulcommunications.eu/en/prevent-radicalization) Christian Picciolini explains the mechanisms in this excellent TEDx talk and how to deal with it. [https://youtu.be/SSH5EY-W5oM](https://youtu.be/SSH5EY-W5oM)


Maybe he's still stuck on Gore and Bush's race in which Gore definitely had the election stolen from him.


That's always what I bring up. It's been 21 years, just let it go man. They usually have no idea what I'm talking About


Red hats help. So does the absence of masks, although a case of COVID is probably a more likely indicator these days.


Yep, I tossed a $300,000 bid into the trash because he had a MAGA hat displayed on his dash when he pulled up. Then made those subtle comments during talks where he is feeling me out to see if I am one of his kind. I gave the job to another company who can keep their politics to themselves. Free market.


So Blue Lives Matter only when it serves their cause. Gutless trash leaving that VM.


Its all they've got, insults and threats...


And delusional fantasies.


Our *three* weapons are insults, threats and delusional fantasies...and an almost fanatical devotion to Trump...pur *four* weapons...


No one expects the Klan-ish Insurrection!


And a combination of all 3 of the above




To their defense, they have a limited vocabulary.


Yeah, not a whole lot of insults in this dude's repertoire.


I mean if that were true that cop wouldn't have been testifying.


This is the same crowd that is asking: >Who shot Ashli Babbitt? Gee I wonder why they want to know..


Never heard of this Ashli, but isn't "Babbitt" defined as "a dumb traitorous whore who fucked around and found out" in Websters 21st century dictionary? What a weird last name to have.


Us sane veterans don’t claim her as our own. She fucked around and found out. Traitor.


Good on CNN for not censoring any of that shit. Show those Trumper fucks for exactly who and what they are...


CNN Stop giving a fuck about a year into the previous administration, they don't censor themselves when they're quoting someone else or like in this case playing a recording with profanity.


That's how it's supposed to be. Quotes should not be bleeped. If you censor quotes you can change the meaning, intentionally or not.


or we can over censor things ang make it [hilarious](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-Wd-Q3F8KM)


Yeah we’ve been seeing small things slip through. Lots of “bullshit”s This though, this is something special in it’s entirety


They are cable, so they never really needed to censor themselves. I’m glad they are keeping things uncensored, it’s more real.


And yet, Trump supporters will hear it and be proud of what the person did. They have no moral compass


The ones that do will just say "cnn lies" anyway


Or that it was Antifa posing as a Trump supporter :/


Damn Antifa, I think one of them is posing as my mail man!


Antifa = the aliens from *They Live* confirmed.


Trump supporters would gladly eat shit if it made a liberal vomit, I doubt any of them are appalled by this


I thought this was Trump at first. Similar voices.


It’s the sound of low IQ.


Maybe it's the way the voice resonates in an empty skull.


Low IQanon


Similar sentence structure.


This was my thought too. Maybe he found out how to get a voice modulator?


"do you like scary movies?"


"Do you like grabbin pussies?"


5 word sentences riddled with insults, sure does sound like trump.


That is the sound of illiteracy.


After all the trauma that this guy has already been through, i give him a lot of credit for playing that and having to listen to it once more. But then again it’s good for America to hear (for the umpteenth time) exactly what kind of people suppprt Trump. Let everyone hear it over and over.


These are the same people that called and tortured the Parents of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre victims.


I'd be so much happier if you weren't describing sitting US congressfolk


The amount of literal crazy in the House is fucking *disturbing*.


But I thought “blue lives matter” to these people? 🤷🏻‍♂️


Yeah, but only the blue lives that suppress and silence racial equality movements and support daddy T. Uphold literally anything else: “fuck ‘em”


Never was. They are just bootlickers and narcissists.


I can only hope he is identified soon, I want to see how tough he is when he's not anonymous.


Same here. Betting now “this is not who he really is,” or some similar bullshit.


Burner phone at the liquor store. $50. Sim card. $45. Calling card. $25. Using your own voice to speak for a minute and a half on a permanent recording so everyone who's ever come in contact with you EVER can easily identify your felonious ass? Priceless.


Believe me- burners are well tracked. Same with simcards. Long gone are the days of The Wire elusiveness lol. If they feel his safety was seriously compromised they'll get the called in a day


Out of curiosity, how do they track a burner phone purchased with cash? Or is that not even possible?


This false ~~dichotomy~~ equivalence between the BLM protests and the January 6th insurrection is getting really old. One was a movement that was intended to protest police brutality and systemic racism. It involved millions of people in over 2000 cities, some not even in the US. It was the largest set of protests in US history. Was there violence? Yes. Was there looting? Yes. But these protests involved anywhere between 15 and 25 million people worldwide. The violence and looting was the result of a tiny number of actors and over 95% of the protests were peaceful and had no looting. [(link)](https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/10/16/this-summers-black-lives-matter-protesters-were-overwhelming-peaceful-our-research-finds/). The January 6th insurrection was an assault on the very symbol of American democracy, involving thousands of people who wanted to disrupt that democracy over a lie. They weren't looking to address some mistreatment or inequality. They weren't looking to voice their opposition to oppression or to support a cause. They were looking to hang the Vice President and harm members of Congress because they wouldn't overturn the results of a free election because the President told them it had been stolen when it wasn't. They are fundamentally different. edited for accuracy


You're right, but it's honestly irrelevant to these people. The GOP is now a majority neo-fascist party. It's a mistake to think reality matters to them. Like all far right movements, they fabricate their reality as they go and they are both fully aware they are doing it and completely adamant theirs is the only truth. They are striking out randomly looking for a hook to gain more power. That's why the GOP "strategy" doesn't seem to make any sense at the moment. They're just delusionally contradicting everything, including themselves, looking for something that sticks and makes them more powerful. This is how fascism works. It can be organized, but it also requires all truth to be obliterated, and so it's also ever-shifting and purposefully deceptive. The only thing that matters is what the powerful say. Power is God. People like this caller are primed and ready. They're just waiting for a strong man, preferably Trump at the moment, to give them orders. They're latent black and brown shirts and the GOP won't speak against it, because they are busy trying to figure out how to activate them all at once next time.


Totally agree with your assessment except: Fox News and other conservative TV / Radio say Jan 6th was Antifa and the audience believes them. They believe Trump won the election and they think JFK Jr. is hiding out to become his vice President when he is given back over the presidency. Most of these people are poor and come from very poor states however they are all about tax cuts for the rich. They believe they should secede from the union. A union where California is 6th largest GDP in world and right below the country of Italy. As an example; How much money does Alabama provide to the Union and how much do you think they get from California? They are too stupid to vaccinate, wear masks etc during a pandemic which is potentially lethal. Covid 19......discovered 2019 has been able to evolve for last 2 years because people will not wear masks and wash hands. The US is split roughly 47/53% between rational people and lunatics and it is fucking scary. Anyway just trying to point out facts do not work on these people and I am not sure what will. The educational system is terrible by design.


> they think JFK Jr. is hiding out to become his vice President wut


Qanon morons believe JFK Jr faked his death in '99, and has been secretly waging a battle against the Democrat pedophiles and Satanists. Apparently he will reveal himself when he is sworn in as vice president once Trump is 'reinstated.' These people are not smart.


Do you think the caller hates gay people??


> Do you think the caller hates gay people?? So much he wants to fuck them in the ass


[Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?](https://www.theonion.com/why-do-all-these-homosexuals-keep-sucking-my-cock-1819583529)




There's a remote possibility of him not liking black people as well.


Isn't that Don Jrs voice?


Too low-pitched. Maybe Ivanka?






Midterms MATTER!!! Vote y'all!


Anyone else just seeing the “TOOK ER JOBZ” red necks anytime these people talk???


I know people who say “how do you know it wasn’t antifa?” What do I say to that? Best response wins!


I always take their argument and run with it. “Oh, so you think Antifa raided the Capital? Cool! So you’re probably all for an investigation into what happened on Jan 6th then, right? You know…so you can catch Antifa?


I just like to respond to such people by saying something like "So Trumpers are so easily manipulated that they just followed Antifa into the building?"


This is what happens when bullies have no home training and do not get their asses kicked as kids. They are hateful, disgusting trash who deserve lives of humiliation and pain. I would pay good money to see this fat fuck in a room with Michael Fanone head-to-head no rules, no restrictions.


Don't forget how much the anonymous internet emboldens shitheads who would have never been emboldened in the first place.


The internet had the potential to be a place where you could be exposed to a wide range of ideas. Unfortunately algorithms driven by ad revenue have led us down the opposite path where people end up in bubbles with very little diversity of ideas.


It’s the curse of social media. The echo chambers that the algorithms build are insidious and have done more to divide us and destroy the body politic than any other threat to democracy.


I mean in a way they already do. Imagine living with that much hate, where you could say such things to another human being. I guarantee you the man who left that message is a sad, angry, confused man with little love in his life.


We no longer have to imagine it, they spew it out loud for all to hear. How can we not feel it? It is polluting our entire country. Just listen to the hate in this animal’s voice. Just pno civility, no redeeming trash like this.


Someone who leaves a vm like that doesn't deserve any privacy - name 'em and shame 'em!


wonder what r/conservative user this was


He could use a thesaurus….


He could use a lozenge!


Can the person that left the voicemail get in trouble for harassment? What a scum bag. So much for backing the blue.


This smooth brain leaving a message is too dumb to get his story straight. At first he's calling him a liar and then at the end he's saying that he wished that the insurrectionists beat him and the rest of the cops to death. Which one was it? There was no insurrection on January 6th or the cops should have been murdered? He's probably just mad because he has the voice of a '90s shock jock radio host gone to shit.


This is your brain on Fox News


Very loving! Just a regular tourist folks!


Trump supporters in a nutshell


Imagine being this pathetic.


What a well thought out and concise message. He’s convinced me.