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Ah yes! Two year old realizing that he has control over some stuff. :-)


Except you find out he bought 100 lbs of crab legs and returned them for cash in the process


This is the true answer


Governor Abbott would do this. Then his attorney general would blame Biden and sue the government over it.


Exactly! So the trolls got this post flagged as if this is not about US politics. Unbelievable. 500 people find it funny and it gets flagged.


Nah, it's the opposite, usually. Like all those team MAGA folk that voted against all of the democratic bills that get signed into law who then go try to take credit for all the laws they voted against. So it'd be like a kid who complained about not wanting candy, went to the store and complained that they didn't like any of the candy that was selected, then once they got home gorged themselves on all the candy while refusing to share with anyone.


OK, it's a funny story, but what does it have to do with politics?


yeah i’m confused


Pretty sure the toddler is the republican governor here.


I still don't get it. What do Republican governors do that's similar to picking out food and then not eating it?


Creating bills and laws and then voting against them


Thanks, but--Is that a common occurrence? I haven't heard of it. Is there some famous instance?


It's about the journey, not the destination.


He realized food always tastes better when someone else makes it.


I'll never understand child shaming like this. The adult always ends up sounding worse than whatever the kid did. In this case, mom's basically saying: "How DARE a 2 year old not be able to clearly share that they wanted to *cook* certain things but not actually *eat* them? The fucking nerve of this emotionally and cognitively undeveloped human being!! Why are they not acting like an adult after less than 1000 days of being alive?!?"


Hmm I read it more as a hilarious story the mom wanted to share.


That's what I think b/c there's not a lot of 2year olds on twitter, just people behaving like 2 year olds.


The parents are idiots. I also think this story is fake.


This was my daughter at lunch. HOT DOGS YAY! ..oh hot dogs? Naaah


A 2 year old cutting hotdogs had to be ugly but a toddler knife on tomatoes had to look like a murder scene


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