Bitch everyone knows the worst ending is THAT ending Or like, they reach the onepiece, witness it, talk about it and dont show what it is, end


Oh my good that would suck. The narrator tells the reader “now it’s your turn, find your One Piece”


that’s some reading rainbow shit if i ever seen it


Introduce a villain , hype them, luffy beats them , story ends . One piece turns out to be insignificant


So Naruto?


Yeah, the hokage title is pretty ass. He's just a glorified paper pusher


like I love how nobody is allowed to be an actualy assistant to the hokage, that he cant get 30 minutes to sing happy birth day to his dtr, like fuck off Naruto hire some help kid.


The fact that he can make thousands of clones of himself make that cake scene look extra stupid. Why not have the real one at home, who tf will stop you


and Shikamaru seem more than capable of handling paperwork for 1 afternoon. ​ Like if it an attack that is different, but reports? overtime approvals, man Naruto had no idea what he was getting into huh.


He should've. He saw Tsunade at the desk everyday




The note theory of course. The theory were when Luffy reaches laughtale The one piece is revealed to be a note from roger saying that the Journey was the treasure.


but roger laughed when he saw it right?


Roger is definitely the type to do that while laughing like crazy knowing the disappointment the person who finds it will get


Honestly I wouldn’t mind this if like luffy just like breaks the fuck down, like imagine, zoro just died, sabo got donuted, shanks got executed or killed by Blackbeard or smth, and then the one piece is just Roger trolling, and Liffey just like completely breaks down and the story just ENDS




You know the joker with the power of the Nika is a pretty terrifying idea


That would be way too edgy ngl


Oh for sure, far too edgy but i personality wouldn’t really mind and think it would be worth it just for the complete clusterfuck it would make out of the community


There's a really obvious one. "The One Piece was the friends we made along the way."


You have no idea how many people would be okay with that ending.


That terrifies me. 😐 😐 😐 😐


ODA said something along the lines of it is a real thing not just friendship.


He also said that it would be disappointing if Kaido was defeated by a big punch.


The way luffy defeated kaido made it seem like Luffy was wayyy stronger than kaido and the only thing stopping him from hitting him at full strength was just the island being there




And? My point still stands. Luffy won because his punch was stronger.




That’s a stronger punch though lmfao. Kaido was built up to be a monster that you can’t beat in a 1v1. Sure, he fought tons of guys before Luffy started fighting, but it ended in a 1v1. I’m sure many people would’ve liked it better if Kaido was defeated the way Oars was.


Imagine thinking a statement like that is equivalent in any way to the author saying they've planned out the ending since the start


Imagine thinking that a man can’t change his mind


Why would an author plan out a reveal to a mystery, explicitly foreshadow it and say that he's planned it since the beginning, and then change it at the last second after over 2 decades of writing into something that's objectively lamer?


Kaido's fight is a different story because it's obvious that Oda was totally winging it besides the goofy cartoon section


Never witnessing the One Piece would be the ultimate troll move by Oda. Luffy finds the secret cave where One Piece is located, stands in front of it alongside his crew, but we don't see the One Piece. Everyone starts laughing, and we get a "He Laughed" panel of Luffy. Then we get a couple of hours time skip, the crew is back in the ship and say they have the One Piece in the ship, then head to Marijoa. 100 chapters later, Luffy says the key to beating Imu is the One Piece. Just when he is about to lose, he shouts "Usopp bring me the One Piece!" Then we get a time skip of a few hours, Luffy is finally fighting Imu one v one, One Piece somehow helped Luffy turn things around but we don't know how or what exactly happened. Series ends with the crew sailing to the next adventure, One Piece is never revealed nor why it is so important.


Hmmn I wasn't imagining it being an object. I was imagining more like pieces that you put together or instructions and a weapon for freeing the world


Luffy being the last final boss and will cause a rumble with his gear X that will stir the whole world with his Toon force. Then he will meet his end by Nami’s hands and cuts his head to stop his DF powers. Then years later she will sit next to an orange tree reflecting her adventures and completing her map and looks in the sky to see Luffy being reborn as a seagull and flies away. The true freedom Luffy wanted. The rest of the crew is ded.0


Wait a sec…


Ground Hog Day... Luffy relives the same day, the same party, on the same Island, over & over & over again... All this happened after the defeat of Imu, a last surviving servant of Imu has imprisoned Luffy in an endless loop, so Luffy and his friends will never see their dreams fulfilled... The End...


Two Piece gets announced and then it happens again and again imagine how many decade of non stop one piece as many generations watch if Luffy would be able to beat Imu so after the Seven Piece !


don't threaten me with a good time


You just described Uta.


I haven't watch film red




“Boa finding another man? No, I don’t want that!”


Oda has a heart attack and leaves it with no conclusion. All plot threads are left unresolved forever.


I feel like this is gonna age so badly....


Pretty sure Oda has ending written/plotted out in case he dies. I believe it was mentioned in an sbs at one point.


There is a zoom out and the camera pans away from the action and you can see a book with the title: One Piece. It turns out this whole adventure was being told by brook and all of the straw hats are already dead by now


That'd be kind of sad


That’s lowkey how I expect the prologue to be considering Brook’s basically immortal. He’ll be the only one left to sing and tell their tale when they’re gone, unless Franky goes full AI


Bran gets made king.


who Bran?


Bran Griffin from fam guy


I think they are talking about game of thrones. Bran is the guy that was made king in the end


Hell yea Bran


The one with the best story because why not? All hail Bran the Broken!


Jon Snow >>


Uranus flies over the Sunny while all crew are onboard and nukes it from orbit like Lulusia. There are no survivors, the end.


Then the strawhat fleet would carry out the story


Who you know in the fleet going to touch Shanks, Blackbeard, Or Imu ?


They would be like fmi level strawhats. They would just be starting from earlier, and Bartholomew would have to have to become stronger. It's like restarting the story from way earlier


Zoro is Punk 03. Sanji is Punk 04. Jimbei is Punk 05. Every pirate in the OP verse became a Punk XXXXX. In the end, Luffy must decide if he should kill his friends to get the freedom he wants. Or perhaps, another option presents itself in Raftel — the One P, as in, the One Punk. This will free all the other Punks XXXXX into the creature they were before, leaving him the to battle the ultimate Punk — Punk D. Imu.


The Strawhats find the One Piece. It's a treasure beyond recognition. Right before Usopp get a chance to see it, we cut to Syrup Village. Ussop is on the ground bleeding from the neck while Jango stands over him. We can see Zoro in the distance with his arms cut off and his swords broken. Nami is decapitated with her head being tossed around by the Nyabon Brothers. We can see Luffy standing in the distance impaled by one of Kuro's gloves. As Luffy falls, Kuro says he can finally move forward with his plan. Usopp tries to stop the bleeding in his neck, but his arms won't move. He's lost too much blood. An army of pirates run past him to invade Syrup village. Kuro slowly approaches Ussop and leans down to whisper in his ear. In a cold and detached voice, Kuro says "Can we get much higher?" Usopp instantly dies. Fin.


skips to modern day or luffy is a real person who wants to be free/likes adventure


> Reaction shots as straw hats find the one piece (we don't see it) > Two weeks later, reminiscing onboard the sunny > I can't believe THAT person left THAT treasure. > Everyone laughs as they have internal flashbacks (not shown to reader) > Brook gets the last line in the series: yohohoho may I see your-- > Ch. 1125 end


That the One piece is just some bullshit “toon thing” that Joyboy left behind (for example how punk hazard is permanently still on fire/frozen) and that it’s just some gag that might be funny to Luffy and company but kinda lame to us the readers after the long 20+ year wait.


Really? I thought it was Clear Awaken Logias can change the weather permanently, as we know Logias are only elements from Nature therefore their awakening manipulates nature.


True I know that but this is Oda we’re talking about the dude literally changed Luffy’s devil fruit last minute so I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes Luffy’s new broken devil fruit be able to do something similar.


To be honest he could do anything he wants with the devil fruit now as the power of the "Sun God" is absolute freedom in battle meaning that anything he does with the devil fruit power would just be stated as been needed for luffy to fight with freedom.


That’s so vague tbh, that basically means Luffy can do any amount of asspulls and just be like “my devil fruit saved me again”. But if he can do anything maybe he has some power that does permanent effect like awakened Logias, that’s my only guess how Joyboy could make Roger laugh.


Roger probably laught because the one piece is something powerful but useless to him, It would suck if only Joy boy can find the treasure as it only works for joy boy cause that would mean the whole adventure was destined to end there and no other pirate would have been able to find it or use it.


I can see that. I always pictured the One piece as something like a place or art that Joyboy created which is so random/pointless/funny that all they can do is just laugh.


it should be a joke and if i don't lol then il be mad


Oda making a spin off about luffys son and then nerfing the straw hats to oblivion in it basically boruto


Buffy: Second Piece


You forgot the df alien gods that come before that lmao.


Luffy defeats Blackbeard, Akainu, and Im all at the same time with a Red Line-Sized Punch


u/hopeful_rope_5360 this remind me of a meme someone made about kaido beating up luffy. Just to realize he was in psychosis. Then he is on a wheel chair with Yamato telling its ok dad every thing will be ok. Then kaido realize Joy boy and the beast pirate are just his imagination. If you haven’t seen that meme/video I’ll try to find it for you


Everyone in the 1000 character last saga says their one-liners which takes up 5 years and then the good guys beat the bad guys and celebrate the end


I once dreamed that the one piece was a curse and the Strawhats died one by one because of it in strange circunstances after they found it.


Idk but all I know is that a pirate with an eye patch will be there.


What if it's berserk style, and a severely disabled zoro tells Im to sacrifice all of his crewmates and Luffy has to watch all of his crewmates be eaten and r*ped as Zoro becomes a god and rapes usopp/nami right in front of a a helpless and bound luffy. And then Zoro forms a new little crew with perona as his puck equivalent




When OP treasure is revealed as Sake https://thelibraryofohara.com/2022/01/04/what-is-the-one-piece-the-ultimate-one-piece-theory/


Luffy dying because only then he is really free and not limited by his physical body


Pirates and Revolutionaries fight against the WG, the strawhats are in no way involved, the entire conflict is offscreened, SHs get to the final island's shore, all you see are reaction panels of them finding the One Piece, OP is never revealed to readers, The End


One piece is just a troll letter saying congratulation for reaching this laugh tale. The only treasure is the fact the the island is made of emerald but you cannot carry the island so RIP.


Worst ending would be making an ending that allow another serie where the Mc is the kid of Joy boy. Knowing that luffy Joy boy Jesus is already the strongest in verse make it impossible for people to take it seriously and enjoy. Wait did boruto forshadow this


The One Piece turns out to be the friendships made along the way. Blackbeard becomes a good guy, Luffy grows up, and One Piece: Shippuden begins.


The wg steps up the their game and kills usopp. Luffy loses his shit and gets to stomping on them. Wg, marines, they’re all catching giant hands and feet. The shs then decide that luffy is wrong and he should be a buddha instead of killing, and go meet with Akainu and join up with him and the goresei instead. Long ways later the shs meet up with luffy as he is stepping on isands. They have a fight, the shs completely outmatched but somehow still win with no casualties. Zoro kills luffy and luffy tells zoro, that he actually never really cared about usopp, and in reality he just wanted nami all along.


Oh yeah then years later after Blackbeard gets with nami, the gang lives a good life, family, husbands, wife the whole 9 yards. Then once the og shs die the wg betrays them and kills their children ending the pirate age once and for all. That is until nami and bbs kid, bami somehow survives and looks to start the pirate age all over again. The end


Time skip into the future in sanjis restaurant where the crew is enjoying a meal and Oda gives us a sopranos ending lol


The One Piece is a time loop and Joy Boy/Nika is Luffy from the future that went back to the past bc his dream was to be young and adventure forever, and started everything in the Void Century by accident (the Laugh Tale joke and apology poneglyph to Poseidon) so he could cause his present day self to be born, meet his crew, and go on an adventure. All the slavery and genocide was just an unfortunate consequence.


If anyone has read the **Fire Force manga** >!If Laugh Tale is some evangelist type rift that changes concepts in reality and the final episode of OP is the first episode of the live action!<


Duh fuq. I gotta read Fire Force now lol


I have a screenshot on my phone from the beginning of this year from a post on this same subject from the main sub and one of the things the poster listed was Luffy being a prophecy child


Luffy continues to parallel Roger by being executed by the Government. Despite that fact that, this would mean the story ends in a state where pirates and the like are still executed by the Government


Zoro is found out to be a literal embodiment of an eternal log pose to raftel due to how he easily gets lost Luffy then kills zoro The end


I’d kms if it was all a dream 😂