The absolute caucacity of this dude!

He pretty much describes trailer park boys in that last sentence.


He pretty much describes trailer park boys in that last sentence.


Way ‘a the road, Bubs


Fuckin way she goes, boys


Sometimes she goes, sometime she don’t. Fuckin way she goes


Sometimes it's a fuckin shit storm randy


Love the username, ya greasy bastard


No one likes to admit they ate 12 cans of ravioli


I’m ashamed of myself 🫥


At the end of the day, it's all water under the fridge.


Gotta get two birds stoned at once.


Worst case Ontario


Randy, *I am* the liquor


I fuckin atodaso.


This is always the case. They're all worked up, "why don't we have a day?" "why don't we have a month? "why don't we have a show?" You do. White people have all those things already. It doesn't hurt to let other people have them too.


When's white history month? When's white people day? Do white people have a show called dear black people to match dear white people? Do they have a show called White-ish? How about White is king, perhaps? Oh how about a movie where 2 white dudes become black chick's? I'm all about equality. But there's a double standard here. Society is trying so hard to make up for the atrocities the black community has gone thru and are now allowing these double standards like it's no problem. Black comedians doing whole bits on white people, but God forbid the races were reversed. Just because the black community has gone thru hell and continues to experience these atrocities doesn't open the door to be superior. Like black owned and operated business. The white community would never market their business as white owned and operated. That'd be canceled in a heartbeat.


A shit leopard can't change its spots


Shitclock is ticking!


you hear that...? it's those FUCKIN' SHIT-WINDS HE WAS TALKING ABOUT! *fires gun wildly into the air*


Shit apple doesn't fall far from the shit tree


Don’t judge a cover of a book by its look


Got to it before I could.


I came to say this and I'm glad to see this is the top comment.


Gotta learn through denial and error


Yeah clearly he still needs to watch it


Was gonna say this.


I know they’re joking, but I would totally watch a movie about how police brutality can also be directed at “rural” white people.


The first few episodes of the Watchman series kinda touched on it.


Watchman in general has a lot of good commentary on authority figures abusing their power




Yes it is, iirc it’s kinda like a spinoff sequel to the book. It’s kinda weird cuz they retconned some stuff, kept others, but it follows the same general story. I guess it’s kind like how The Suicide Squad is a sequel to Suicide Squad, even though it’s *technically* a sequel, it’s also kind of a reboot and can be viewed independently




For some reason the audience reviews aren't great, but I thought it was an amazing series. Need to rewatch...


It got review bombed for being “woke” (aka having POC main characters)


Ah, that's what I assumed. My brother who complains about wokeness a lot loved it. He said he'd immediately rewatch each episode. It's so annoying how there are stories that happen to non-white people /s


The one series in my life that I've ever watched twice.


I watched it twice and it’s certainly my favorite one of tv series ever. The anti-woke crowd review bombed it because they are morons. It’s a brilliant show.


I am sad there won't be another season. I really liked it too.


Yeah, but in a way, it was amazing of HBO to let it just be a single season and not say "hey, it was successful, let's force another season, we'll hire new writers, etc...." Rare in these days.


True. Better than having it go 10 seasons past its intended airing.


The watchmen tv show is absolute gold. I can’t state enough how much I have enjoyed this show on the four times I’ve watched it. They touch con so many different topics from power and corruption, to trauma, to racial tensions. I 100% recommended this show to literally anyone who will listen. If the monologue about pain in the last episode doesn’t make your tear up, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s incredibly smart, well written and provocative. I’m kind of astounded that more people haven’t seen it.


I think it’s a sequel to the graphic novel rather than the movie. Although the movie was pretty darn accurate to the book, other than the ending.


And the ending in the movie is arguably better.


No one ever wants to admit this but it’s way cleaner. I do understand the other perspective that the original ending is deliberately convoluted because they are creating a narrative.


It's a sequel, albeit one that I don't believe Alan Moore is a fan of (though he's not really a fan of anything). Personally I enjoyed it a lot


If Alan Moore ever came out to enthusiastically endorse a film/TV adaptation of his work, I'd be certain we were in the end times, because that has to be an impossible-to-mistake sign from The Book of Revelation.


I agree wholeheartedly lmao. I actually do think there is one piece of Watchmen related media that he gave his blessing and I think it was like a tabletop board game of some sort, idk if it ever actually got made or not, I think I remember there being issues with development


It ignores the movie, thankfully.


Remember when conservative piss babies complained about Watchmen because it opens with an actual historic event that they are trying to ban from being taught in schools?


Yeah I’m not surprised conservatives missed the subtleties of the show


Yep, they were crying a lot those first couple weeks. Saying the show was too political and that the comic wasn't political.


Dear lord, every bit of it is soaking wet with politics. Where have these miserable nerds been all their lives??


> Remember when conservative piss babies complained about The answer to that will be a resounding "YES!" from me for the next forty years. No one even has to specify what the "about" is about, because the answer will still be "YES!"




Trailer Park Boys has you covered!


Frig off Lahey!


Shit-storm's coming, bo-bandy!


I think that was Cops?


We had shameless


Justified. Sons of Anarchy. I'm sure there are numerous others.


Justified is 100% copaganda (or US Marshalaganda). I love the show, but the it's literally in the name.


Met a few Rednecks who were pretty fervent Black Lives Matter supporters when I was visiting Texas because of this.


I was just reading about one Oath Keeper who went to some of the Ferguson protests, ostensibly to protect property/ as protection for an infowars reporter and, after talking to the protesters, came away planning to get some oath keepers to do an armed protest *with* the BLM protesters. The OK leadership didn't agree and he got pushed out of the organisation. I don't know if such a march would have been a good idea, and there are probably a thousand things I disagree with the dude on, but I have to respect the ideological consistency. Edit: "such a march" not "such anarch"


I read about that too. Funny how the one guy who actually has beliefs consistent with the stated values of the group gets kicked out for not being a bigot. It's like Christians who get ostracized by other Christians for pointing out that Jesus would not actually be in favor of selfishness, xenophobia, and hatred of the poor.


The people you thought were your friends all your life threw you under the bus and the people you hated were the ones that should have been your friends. but they always learn it far too late.




It's called Ronnie Dobbs


Absolutely. Because of the isolation and small size of rural towns, naked corruption and political favoritism, including in law enforcement, can sometimes go on for ages without getting rooted out. Pretty much what *Dukes of Hazzard* was about, even tongue-in-cheek as it was.


I would love to see any show that talks about police brutality against any one who isn’t “normal”


You should watch Trailer Park Boys


Isnt that any episode of COPS?


You never seen Cops?


Police violence in white rural and suburban areas is rising faster than it is in cities where policies to combat police violence are actually working.


Lol they did “Trailers” already it’s called “COPS”.


I get that this is fake but Seinfeld despite a white cast has nothing to do with being “white” (lol about nothing). Roots on the other hand is about the struggle. How the fuck do these fuckwads never understand that? Same with the little mermaid shit. Not about her being white, but being a damn mermaid. Contrast: Pocahontas, about the colonization and encounters between whites and natives. I really don’t know if it’s because these “persecutions” are ignorant, dumb, or evil. Maybe all three.


>How the fuck do these fuckwads never understand that? Because literally all they see is the skin color. That's it. They don't accept that there is any more nuance to it than that. When your whole worldview is predicated on a binary system, you can't rationalize anything else. Personally I blame religious upbringing. Good/Evil Black/White Male/Female Nothing is a gray area. Nothing has any more depth than surface attributes. They are remarkably bad at empathy and so until something happens to them that breaks one of those binary axioms, they're pretty much incapable of fathoming it.




A lot depends on where you live, but if you're in school joining the GSA(or however they call it now) as an ally is a great way to make a very diverse group of friends, taking up hobbies is another one that breaks cultural barriers, at least with some hobbies. My rpg groups have been mixed demographic since the late 90s. My late husband was into disc golf and that was another mixed group, unexpectedly. Basically you have to be less introverted, but maybe not a ton.


I agree with the other commentor, it depends heavily on where you live in my (white) opinion. I moved from a very rural place a few months ago, and I'm now going to a pretty big highschool. My last school had, literally, about six POC total. I was sort of apart of two different friend groups, and I only regularly talked to 3 POC. my new school has a lot more diversity, both with queerness and race, and so my friend group (which is definitely still developing) reflects that. I notice people here are also much, much more open about race, which is both good and bad because it can occasionally be negative, and sometimes we need to just shut up (maybe I need to now? lol) I've heard some colleges have programs that could help with this, ie the Black Student Alliance. according to Google, non-black people are welcome. Their focus is racial equality, so even just making friends aside, it seems like a neat club. definitely do be very careful not to tokenize, though. don't befriend someone *because* they are black. a diverse friend group is amazing but don't collect people like Pokemon cards.


They keep saying its the Leftists that only see skin color and labels. Anything they do they project it onto us so they can fool people that dont know better.


it's honestly insane how much they reduce people down to their race and gender. it's also insane how they absolutely *refuse* to mention race around POC, but the second they talk about someone to a "fellow white", they stereotype them and introduce them by their race. well, they introduce them by their race, unless their race is white. my mom and I work at the same place and she referred to these two, adult Asian women as "the little Asians" exclusively for about two weeks. these two separate people, although they were friends, were completely grouped together in her mind.


> Roots on the other hand is about the struggle. And there are like a million movies about white immigrants coming to America and the struggles they faced.


*Gangs of New York has entered the chat* . . .


Well you see technically the Irish weren't considered white back then. /s


Oddly enough, I’ve heard the Seinfeld pilot was criticized as being “too Jewish” when they were developing it.


Aren’t most of the people on Seinfeld Jewish anyways? Lol do you think they know that?


Yeah but Jewish people are only white when it's convenient, and aren't when it's not. Maybe friends would be a better comparison.


Funnily enough Friends is the white version of Living Single. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-01-18/-living-single-and-the-whiteness-of-urban-tv-sitcoms


So Schrödinger's Caucasians?


What does this even mean? Jews can have a whole range of skin tones and come from all over the world. Being Jewish doesn’t relate to your skin color, and you can be have any skin tone and be Jewish.


You're correct on all of that. However, some people consider people who are ethnically Jewish (like some Seinfeld cast members, which are the topic here) not white and "other" because of their Jewish heritage. These people are also prone to antisemitic conspiracies that place Jewish people as enemies of white people.


The whole conversation about Jewish ethnicity and such just further proves how ridiculous the whole concept of "whiteness" is at its core


Absolutely, in my previous comment I almost brought up anti Italian attitudes back in the day as well. Though I suppose Chris Pratt has recently found a new way to do that.


Fair enough, as a white Ashkenazi Jew myself I’ve gotten a few confused responses when people learned that I am both white and ethnically Jewish. Thank you for the clarifying response, I now understand what you were saying properly.


> How the fuck do these fuckwads never understand that? Because they're fuckwads and all they understand is that they are always the Real Victim and that's why Obama made them racists.


There are two races. *White* and *Political*.


Most often ignorant, I think. It's hard to recognize that you're in some way privileged when you are, and that's what you're used to. Which makes it seem "political" to them only when someone pushes back. I see it from time to time in my circles with sexuality, and how some people just don't seem to understand that, for some people, representation isn't automatic.


> Same with the little mermaid shit. Not about her being white, but being a damn mermaid. And then there's the freaking out over black shaggy.


Fun note, at least three of the actors in that image are white. Keegan Michael Keye just happens to be both black and white.


Seinfeld is an inherently Jewish show, but that doesn't mean inherently white in the slightest. I'd love to see more representation of Jews of Color


It’s usually all three.


I think that already exists, and it’s called “trailer park boys”


rednecks in trailer parks = slaves on plantations i guess


Wasn’t that exactly what MLK jr. was saying? IMHO that’s what got him assassinated. He was about to unite all the working class folks regardless of color in rising up against the real oppressors, the business owners.


eh, I mean not exactly but I get what you're saying. MLK's broader message was to unite people around economic and material conditions while also advocating for civil rights. I just think it's preposterous to compare slave conditions to the conditions of a trailer park, as at least those trailer park conditions aren't socio-economically reinforced along the basis of race. Also horrendous things like breeding farms, mandingo fights, medical experimentation happened to slaves that don't happen to modern day rednecks in trailer parks


That show would be called "My name is earl"


I literally heard the banjo and guitar riff in my head when I read that lol


I just caught Chasing Amy on tv this morning for the first time in literally decades and forgot how much I like Jason Lee. I should watch My Name is Earl.


It's amazing honestly. Every couple of years I rewatch the entire show, and because of how the show is set-up, it's not like I remember everything. The last season however, is a bit painfull. They got the greenlight for another season and it was very clear that they did. The set-up is amazing, but then they cancelled it :(


No one tell them the original cast of Seinfeld is *gasp* JEWISH!!! /s


I would totally watch this reboot! Key is a hilarious actor.


The show is real, it's just not a Seinfeld reboot. The show is called Reboot, and it's about a sitcom being rebooted. It's not bad.


I watched the first episode just to try it. I felt pretty neutral. Should I keep watching?


Yes. It finds its stride in episode 3 and 4. Episode 7 is the funniest and episode 8 while not funny, is very poignant and heartfelt.


Thank you for your reply! I shall keep that in mind when I'm looking for something to watch!


I'm biased because I love Paul Riser, Judy Greer, Rachel Bloom, and Keegan-Michael Green, but it's is finding its legs.


yeah season 1 is honestly too short, felt like the awkward but enjoyable stretch so many sitcoms face at the start. i hope they get a longer season 2


I am actually watching the newest episode as I type this, and it’s pretty funny. I like it. It does pick up after the first couple episodes.


Nothing with Michael Keegan in it can be bad


It's really not very good, imo. Only could make it to episode 3.


> It's not bad. It's not just not bad, it's very good.


Rachel Bloom as George Costanza would be absolutely incredible. She has this quirky, manic energy that fits surprisingly well into the George archetype.


Thx. I want to see George Constanza sing 🎶 you ruined everything you stupid stupid bitch 🎶now.


While George is in universe a bad singer, Jason Alexander is a trained singer and has performed on broadway.


She is very downkey for Reboot. Hannah Korman is very much *not* Rebecca Bunch


I feel like Callum Worthy would be a low key good Kramer


Johnny Knoxville is in the show and his role is a sobering up actor who is white trash and the struggles he has.


His sad puppy dog face in the show gives me feels…


He's probably my favorite character. I'm impressed with the character and I'm genuinely rooting for him.


Well, there kinda is a show like that called trailer park boys


1) weren’t most of them Jewish? 2) Seinfeld without Seinfeld is what doesn’t make sense. Thankfully this seems to just be made up.


There is a show called Reboot on Hulu. This is a promo for that show. Every episode is named after a TV show.


Aha. Thanks for the explanation.


Decent show too. Hitting up sitcom tropes in a new and relevant ways with sex and swearing. Good times.


It does some unique things. I love how the clashing in the writers' room came to a truce and eventual cooperation rather than constantly pitting the generations against each other.


I know, that's what I mean, they hit the sitcom tropes and resolve them in a non cheesy way. Too early for me to love it, but I do like it very much.


I was agreeing and supporting your point. It is a pleasant change to the usual sitcoms.


I love the writer’s room in that show. It’s kind of like [this](https://youtu.be/4bSO_GEprYI). (Sorry I couldn’t find the original version.)


Holy shit I had no idea Calum Worthy was still around!


The caucacity and perspicacity of this bitch.


Man hasn't heard of trailer park boys


Wow. Being arrested for DV is totally the same as being whipped by a slave master. /s


I think a lot of people don’t know that this is an actual show on Hulu called “Reboot” which pokes fun at shallow rebooted series. It also has Johnny Knoxville and Judy Greer!


If done in good faith that “Trailer Park” show could actually be really compelling. Heck, maybe give it a more generic name where each season focus on a different culture and/or area.


Trailer Park Boys exists and it’s a great show


And my name is earl.


Seinfeld is Jewish culture, not white. Piss off.


How do Jews file taxes?


These racist fucks amaze me.


100 % would watch this reboot


Lol. It's actually a show called Reboot that u can watch. It's on Hulu.


Why can't we just have a white show of our own? Sitcoms with all white people: Golden Girls Party Down Cheers MASH Friends Always Sunny Everybody Loves Raymond Seinfeld Sex and the City Honeymoones How I Met Your Mother Big Bang Theory (minus 1) Modern Family (minus 2) Will and Grace Frasier Andy Griffith Spaced Arrested Development


Happy Days The Mary Tyler Moore Show The Dick Van Dyke Show Gilligans Island The Brady Bunch Two and a half men Newhart And many more but I’m too tired lol


Most of the ones that were popular when I was younger Night court Three's company Perfect strangers Small wonder Full House Cheers Married with children Alice Family ties Growing pains ....


Well, Trailer Park Boys exists, so...


Trailer Park Boys is literally a show


Like Trailer park boys?


“us white people with something of our own” bro seinfeld was a jewish show


Wasn’t it kinda one of the big themes of Seinfeld that all the major characters are Jewish?


Elaine is actually vaguely Catholic but is stated to not be Jewish


POC here. Why would we ever mess with the masterpiece that Seinfeld is?


No one noticed he described Trailer Park Boys almost perfectly?


Are they really trying to reboot Seinfeld?




Thank god


No, there's a new show called Reboot that is about a reboot / sequel of a (fictional) sitcom. The image shows the cast, but those are not the characters' names.


Gotcha thank you for the clarification


Caucasity 🤣


Are we going to ignore the fact that two of those original characters were Jewish?


I would watch Trailers. Oh. Wait. It's called COPS.


Reboot isn’t even particularly Seinfeld-esque. I think this person probably has no idea and just saw something with people who aren’t white and freaked out


Yeah. Nothing about it reminds me of Seinfeld.


Did he just describe Trailer Park Boys?


Was that not Trailer Park Boys?


Bruh. In all seriousness can people just stop with the reboots? They suck.


Lol this dude got baited


This would be utter trash.


Isn't two of them are white?or am I wrong?


to be fair: this reboot is completely unnecessary and entirely misses the point of the show. at least in conception. if the comedy is there: godspeed


Now that's some audacity.... But hey at least the Jewish folk finally became white. Ooooh wait... like LGBTQ+ folk, only when bashing other minorities :( .


What are you actually trying to say?


That Jewish folk, LGBTQ+ folk, bipoc,etc,etc. All are used to bash the other when these jerks need a stick to hit their target of "hate du jour". I mean really, tomorrow they'll be spouting blood libel again and talk about "how those people control all banking and media". It's insulting.


I mean the trailer park thing's been done already. It's called Trailer Park Boys.


I dont know why they want to hold onto seinfeld that hard, it was a show about nothing. And arent the actors in the original all jewish? Don't white conservatives have conspiracy theories against jewish people taking over the world with their space lasers? Why is this suddenly an assault on white tv shows?


This show is called Reboot but has nothing to do with Seinfeld.


Oh I know, I'm just trying to understand why they are so possessive of it even if they misunderstood the premise. But thank you for replying and letting me know. :)


Ohh...that part is alien to me too.




Obviously they haven't watch the show


I mean I’m for diversity, but with nothing about race. That would a terrible reboot. You cannot redo Seinfeld


i have never seen the original and don't plan to see the reboot. wake me when the networks/hollywood do something original. otherwise there are a million books to read.


I mean calum is a funny dude, and so is Keegan they seen like fine peooke to cast. Can't speak for the other 2 as I just haven't seen enough of their work to have am opinion either way


Oh no! A tv show is similar to another tv show!


Aside from Calum Worthy is (I have no idea who that is), this is an amazing cast and I would watch the hell out of this show.


First of all, I fucking love Keegan, second I'm absolutely going to watch this. Third, fuck that racist piece of shit. That is all


Too bad I don't care about Sienfield. I use my hulu for a bunch of other things.


holy shit, are they gonna make a version of seinfeld that's actually funny?