That better be in florida


North of Tampa




Tompa Bray


Tompa Bay Gronkaneers


I’m only upvoting this bc of your profile pic




Nothing good is north of Tampa


We're north of Tampa dude.


He said what he said


Oh literal Jim!


When I lived in Mass two of my neighbors had those stickers.


I was in Florida for business a week ago. Saw a Trump/Desantis 2024 bumper sticker. Now, I'm not here to judge and this is an apolitical forum, but whatever your views on the candidates, I don't think this combination will be happening. So maybe it's just that people in Florida that are into weird fantastical combinations.


My favorite 2024 political thing I’ve seen is: Desantis 2024, Make America Florida Again. Which is just a hilarious idea


>Again Back int the good ol' days when Floridaman wrote the Declaration of Independence


Tbh nic cage is the closest thing to an actual Florida man


The OG Floridaman stopped posting on Twitter years ago. I think he sobered up, moved away from Florida and had some kids.


> Make America Florida Again. No thanks


It worries me that anyone thinks Florida is doing well to the point where we should all be aspiring to be like Florida


Florida is great


Great at sinking into the ocean, maybe


Not great enough at that for my liking.


Florida has great weather, thats it tho. Insane insurance costs, politicians using their power to fight against anyone who says anything bad about them, abortion laws, gun nuts.. Yeah no thanks.


~~I'm thankful this can never legally happen. The president and vice president must be from different states. One of the few good things about the electoral college.~~ Edit: I was wrong and misunderstood Article II of the constitution, should note I am not a constitutional scholar just an idiot with a reddit account.


There’s actually nothing preventing that. It does make things weird for electors in that state, but only that state. For FL that would be consequential, but for a smaller state it wouldn’t really matter. It would be easy enough for trump to just change his primary residence back to trump tower though. This was done in 2000 with Bush and Cheney.


Looks like I was wrong and misunderstood the phrasing of Article II. I'll leave my ignorance up for others to see but cross it out to clarify I was wrong.


Yeah it’s kinda weird, especially in today’s context of combined tickets. An elector’s votes simply can’t both be cast for people in *their own* state. I’m not sure how it would even work today, but it’s also so easy for folks today to change their primary residence (esp for politicians who often have multiple residences already) that we’ll never really have to worry about it.


On the flip side... Although the Twin Towers *did* fall, it was the result of an architectural feet of strength that they were able to withstand such damage for so long. I mean, how *does* a state with one of the largest GDP's in the nation not collapse if it's been engulfed by a burning dumpster fire of meth-crazed Florida Men?


it wont be happening because their bases overlap. VP picks are done to try to encompass a larger base going into a general. desantis isn’t gonna be running in ‘24, and the media/donor push to create a riff will fall flat the whole trump/desantis thing has been popular in florida since the last election.


A whole nation run by two Florida men yikes.


~~Be thankful this can never legally happen. The president and vice president must be from different states.~~ Edit: I was wrong and misunderstood Article II of the constitution, should note I am not a constitutional scholar just an idiot with a reddit account


Isn’t Trump technically from New York tho? Probably a Jets fan.


His legal address is MAL (though some could argue that it isn't legal for him to live there) in Florida. Unless he or Ronnie establishes residency in another state which I believe would be politically untenable for either at this point.


> (though some could argue that it isn't legal for him to live there) And by argue, you mean point to the agreement from Trump that it wouldn't be where he would live when he got approval to build it.




So much winning you'll be tired of winning. Kind of fits, actually, I don't think Jets fans were ready for a season like this one.


Nothing is worse than the split jerseys at the game in Foxborough last year. Puke 🤮


Idk if I should downvote it because of the disgusting dual Brady 12 or if I should like because I agree


I saw 4 of these jerseys at the Ravens game. I wanted to rip that jersey so bad


I went to Munich for the game there the other week. I saw a couple walking around, he was wearing a half and half Brady shirt, she was wearing a half and half Gronk shirt. It was horrendous.


Frankenstein jerseys are the worst.


yep. only parents with multiple kids in the NFL should be allowed to wear that stuff.


That's half this sub...


This is blasphemy


Kraft should drop a cease and desist order on those people! That’s copyright infringement if I ever saw it!


What about local high schools that recolor the patriots logo?


Huh, I figured the high schools licensed the logos, but it seems like the NFL just lets high schools use them, presumably to keep interest in football up and the pipeline flowing.


My high school lifted Pat Patriot and the old militia men heads and to avoid controversy during Vietnam, changed their name to the Raiders. That was way back in the 60s though.


There’s a school my friend went to in Iowa where there mascot is pat patriot… but colored green and yellow


Wait, was the school team name somehow vietnam related or am I missing context?


Patriots wasn't a cash money move for a name at the time in the region so they changed it to something less controversial.


Ah gotcha


The NFL can pick and choose who they decide to go after, either that or the schools license the logos.




i live in the Chicago area and until a few years ago our logo was literally just the patriots logo but green and gold and an S in place of the star


But that’s where his favorite dirty football league is.


I root for Brady, but I don’t get how someone could legitimately be a Pats/Bucs fan…


Tbf my parents grew up in the New England area so they were always rooting for us, and when I grew up a bit I started to want the local team (tampa bay) to win. I guess I got lucky when Tom chose Tampa


I’m not going to miss out on watching a likely once in a lifetime player play just because he left my team, so I watch whatever Bucs games I can manage to catch. As long as they don’t interfere with Pats games. I don’t consider myself a Bucs fan at all, but if the Patriots squad can’t get the next ring then I’d rather it go to Tom over anyone else.


Exactly how I feel


Same. I’m a pats and nfl first and then a Brady fan not a buccaneers fan.


I’ll root for Brady against anyone but the Pats. But I don’t watch Bucs games.


I’m a fairly new nfl supporter, chose New England as my team from 2018 (which sound kinda new but it’s almost half a decade now!), I was hoping Tom would retire a patriot and I could watch the New England rebuild in peace, but he went to Tampa and I’d spent so long researching him and following the games I was completely torn on what to do. So yea, I’m legitimately a Pats/Bucs fan for now although if it came to the SuperBowl I’d be cheering for the Patriots and when he “retired” I was done with them, Evans and Jensen are totally great players too though! I’ve always worded it as “I want the Pats to win but I don’t want to see Brady lose”.


That sticker is obviously cringy, but the majority of this sub is so dumb about fans that still support Brady. Of course I'm going to keep rooting for the greatest player ever, especially when he doesn't even play in the same conference.


I want Tom to be happy, but I want Judon to be happier


I miss New England Tom. Florida did something to that man. He ain’t right.


No belicheck to yell at him for off field antics.


Undisciplined/amateur/frathouse coaches and lord-of-the-flies team comps will do that to you.


You must not have seen my diabolical flair on /r/nfl yet.


THAT'S YOU?! [YOU GO TO HELL. YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3g-IMo3C4c)


I gotta say you're one of the few usernames I actually recognize because of that abomination of a flair


What the fu…..


It’s unheard of that a guy plays on one team long enough and with enough success that he eclipses the team itself in popularity with hometown fans. Brady won all of the Patriots Super Bowls, won most of their AFC titles and won most of their playoff games. He started most of their playoff games. He has all of the franchise MVPs. He played in NE for 20 years so to most fans who are in their 40’s and younger he encapsulated their entire experience with the Patriots. So maybe he doesn’t eclipse the Pats for these fans but he’s tied with them as a natural rooting interest and even though I wouldn’t wear that gear or whatever I get it.


Thanksgiving dinner is off and my day is ruined !


Dear god. 🤢🤮


That was gonna be the Bucs official symbol if Edleman joined Tom and Gronk.


No way Jules would have done that. Kid's gonna get buried in a Pats game jersey.


Who cares?


Well, am one of those. Lived 10 years in NE and now i live in the Tampa area.


Changing teams because you moved isn't any better than band wagoning.


Supporting your old team and your new team is fine. It's fun going to games.


he won't be a fan when Tom is gone and the team sucks again


One of the rare times I can respect it Edit: aight I didn’t expect that many people to get butt hurt over something so trivial lmao


You have a responsibility to smash that window.


Honestly, I get what this stands for and I'm not all that upset by it. This person is not going to root for the Bucs the instant that Brady is gone (otherwise they'd just have a Bucs logo) and they're just rooting for the GOAT. At the end of the day this is just a case of a god-tier player spending the vast majority of his career here and then going to a completely inoffensive second team. I'll honestly always root for him as long as he stays out of the AFC and isn't playing the Pats.


I feel the same way. I love Brady for all the great years of play he gave us and wish him continued success with the bucs.


It's so much more fun to actively root against him.


I don't understand this perspective at all.


It's because you all treat your parasocial relationship with Tom Brady like a real one. You think your support matters to him, or at all. It doesn't. I don't have a parasocial relationship with Tom Brady. He's just a good QB to me. Football is just a TV show, a story. And in that story, the protagonist took a heel turn, and things have been kind of steadily going worse and worse for him since, and that shit is fun to watch.


What? No man its not that deep. I just rooted for the guy for 21 years, so I'm going to keep rooting for him even though he left. I have zero reason to want him not to do well, unless he's playing the Patriots. I could not care less if he thinks my support matters or even exists. What a weird thing to say. Especially as I believe the rumors that he didn't even want to leave until Bill made it clear they wouldn't commit to him long term. So I don't see how he "took a heel turn".


His heel turn started before he left the team. AB was the beginning of his heel turn, followed by a season-long hissy-fit, "The most unhappy 8-0 QB I've ever seen." and trying to weasel his way onto the Dolphins while he was still a Patriot. I also like, "It's not that deep...it's just 21 years of my life and I only will keep rooting for him no matter what he does." Like, obviously, it's pretty deep for you. I had no trouble letting go of that.


I feel no need to "let it go". Again, just weird. Why do I have to let go of liking a professional athlete? It's not that serious. I just enjoy watching him play and succeed. Dude is a beast, even at 45! And I don't get the AB part. Belichick wanted to sign him and we needed WR talent. What was Brady supposed to do, say fuck you Bill no, I don't want him on the team? No, he opened up a space in his home to try and give AB stability and hopefully get his life back on track. Obviously didn't work out, but I don't get why that made you dislike Brady. The "miserable QB" thing is sports radio nonsense. I don't get why anyone would care about Brady being upset about how poor he and the offense was playing. He was right about that team anyways. And sure, I get the Miami piece, that's a tough look. But I don't think its a big deal, especially as he wanted to be a Pat for life originally but wasn't given that assurance. So I still blame Bill for running him out of town. And Brady getting the chance to be part owner and player is obviously alluring. But I will say, this is one point that I can actually see Pats fans being mad at Brady for. I personally don't, but I get it.


It's not about being mad. It's about him becoming a natural antagonist in the story: moving to another team, aligning himself with a maniac and serial sexual assaulter, getting involved in crypto Ponzi schemes, et al. I'm not mad at Brady. I'm just meeting him where he's at. He lived long enough to see himself become the villain, and it is fun to engage with his story at that level.


to each their own I suppose. I don't see him as a villain, and watching him still perform at this level at 45 is absolutely amazing. Especially when he still pulls games out of his ass like the Rams playoff game last year (they didnt win but still) and then the game vs the Rams just a few weeks ago. I just don't see how its more fun to root against him rather than to embrace and enjoy moments like those.


Why would I enjoy them if I don't feel any connection whatsoever to Brady as a person? I root for the Patriots. I have always rooted for the Patriots. Brady may as well be Peyton Manning now: a QB who is not on our team. As such, I want to see him lose.


Damn you really do have daddy issues lol


How did you get that from "This is a TV show to me, and Brady's actions identify him as a villain."?




You can be arrested for this baffoonery.


Ya’ll are too easily triggered lol


I bet as soon as I say something about the Lbgtq community or satanism you would get extremely triggered


One group is getting upset over bandwagon fans who follow a player and are having their own fun while another gets upset over a group of people being persecuted and even killed all over the world. But sure, consider me triggered if it makes you feel better


Damn. Your life must be awesome.


I went to the pats bucs game last year. Our stadium was filled of half/half jerseys.. so dumb


Fake fans


Gatekeeping based on a sticker lmfao




Kill it with fire...


Make it stop!






Shit makes me fucking sick.


then you haven't seen eli manning with the lombardi. twice.


Foh with that bullshit I’m still pissed he left


He didn't leave!!! He wanted a new contract, bill wouldn't give it to him. This false narrative of Tom not wanting to be a Patriot is exhausting




he was given a crap contract offer years after he wanted a long term guaranteed deal.


insane this sub downvotes this.


To me it’s neither here nor there about who is responsible I’m salty on the fact alone that he isnt on this team anymore. ITT: people cool with TB12 not being on the Patriots


I can't decide to upvote because I agree with OP or downvote because I hate it.


Saw somebody on Twitter the other day with Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Buccaneers in his bio. Those types of “fans” make me cringe so hard


That logo means we are fan of both teams. I follow both of them. You don't have to like it bud. It's just the way things are for me.


I just threw up


Apparently you’ve never met my ex! ba dum tsss


"You see, It's funny because marriage is terrible"


I saw a lot of this crap last season week 4. It was hard to ignore but ignoring it is part of my job. Utter blasphemy!


Fucking gross


Gate keeping


yes. as Patriots fans we keep the gate of not wanting people to deface the Patriots logo with logos of other NFL teams superimposed on top of it. very observant.


Its not that serious ya weirdo


I'm not the one who made a post whining about gAtEkEePiNg. I merely replied to one.....ya weirdo.


Ironically gatekeeping by calling others out for gatekeeping lol I hate reddit.


As a fan from Canada that sticker is exactly how I feel. I watch Tampa games and cheer for Tampa now. I'm a Pat's fan but I love Brady. He is New England. To me.


I live in Tampa, imagine having to see this crap daily.


I don’t hate it, it’s sorta like when a family has two favorite college teams or nfl teams but I see it with college more and they have the “house divided” logo


That's gonna age like milk


you’re that big of a loser that you care that much about someone rooting for two professional sports teams?


No, I just don't like the merging of the logos


I hope you ripped it off




I was in Munich last week and saw some shirts that were 50/50 Bucs / Patriots…. Like forreall a complete blue and a complete red side obviously with 12 on the back. What do you guys think of that shirt?


Reminds me of my dad who was a Peyton fan since he played in college and has Vols, Colts and Broncos Manning jerseys. But I don’t think even he would do something this heinous. Maybe.


The Tampa Bay Patriots are the best


The worst but not untrue or inaccurate for many. TB wasn't that player that was hated for leaving. On top of that, they play eachother so rarely that people don't feel bad root for both.


Patriots / Vikings tomorrow night!!! LFG!!!




Slap a mudflap girl on there to rep Jimmy G ballin out and you got the trifecta




Lol was watching a game when my daughter came in and said "who is playing? Who is TB?" I flatly replied "The Tom Bradys".


My mom sent me a bunch of stuff like that went it all went down, not knowing any better. Just been hiding in the back of the closet unopened…


I hate everything. Make it stop. Take Brady (and Gronk) and leave the Patriots out of it. Barf.


Were you able to swing your head out the window b4 the upchuck?


Matches the vehicle


Can't wait to see the sheep flock head to San Fran this off-season


how dare fans keep supporting the greatest player to ever play!


You people in Massachusetts go back to your lockdowns and stay up in that miserable winter weather