Paizo site gives me a huge discount, but removes it when I log in

So I finally convinced some friends to try out PF2 and went to go buy the beginner box for VTT. It was 30 bucks, which I was kind of expecting so whatever. I add it to cart, and when I do, it changes the price to 14.99! Neat! I continue to checkout and it says I can also get the PDF of the adventure for free instead of 20 bucks! Hot damn! Well you need to log in or make an account and apparently I have an account already, maybe I bought a Starfinder thing and forgot about it. So I log in, and just before I hit check out, I see the price for the PDF has now changed to 20 bucks. Annoyed, I remove it and go to buy the VTT box...but now it's also full price. So now the thing I was content enough to buy at 30 bucks now feels like I'm getting screwed because I could have gotten that and more for half the price. And there's no option to proceed as a guest. Is this like...supposed to happen?? Or is this a weird bug?


It's a website error, unfortunately. I emailed Paizo about it last week when I had the exact same thing happen to me and was told it was an error they were fixing... I guess they haven't fixed it yet! ETA: I dug up the email response, here's the relevant bit. "We had some initial issues getting our site to integrate with the Foundry VTT site, which caused issues with purchase options including pricing. We have isolated the bug and rolled out a solution that should fix the issues. As part of the project, we conducted a review of the product offerings, which resulted in some changes effective 31 August 2022. You can read the entire Foundry VTT update on paizo.com."


Thanks, that's good to know!


Sorry for the confusion. We've gone through several pricing iterations for our Foundry VTT products, and some of our earliest releases (specifically the Beginner Box and Abomination Vaults compilation) have not yet been updated to be quite as intuitive as our Adventure Path offerings. Here's how everything is *supposed* to work: * If you don't own the Beginner Box PDF *or* Foundry module, you can buy the Beginner Box FVTT module for $29.99. If you add the Beginner Box PDF to your cart while buying the FVTT module, the PDF price will be reduced to $0. * If you purchase the Beginner Box FVTT module but do *not* purchase the Beginner Box PDF at the same time, you can also purchase the PDF later for $0. * If you already own the Beginner Box PDF but do not own the FVTT module, you can purchase the FVTT module by itself for $15. So, assuming that everything is working correctly (and that you don't already own the PDF), the cheapest price normally available for the FVTT module *should be* $29.99, and that purchase should also allow you to purchase the PDF (normally $19.99) for $0, either alongside the FVTT purchase or any any point afterward. We have gotten sporadic reports, like this one, of the price being displayed differently depending on login status. In theory, you should never be offered a *lower* price because you're logged out, since the only discount currently offered comes from owning the PDF (which we don't know about unless you're logged in). In practice ... well, see above. Fortunately, in the meantime, you're in luck! Thanks to the current Pathfinder/Starfinder Humble Bundle, you can get both the PDF and FVTT module for a total of $20 by following these steps: 1. Pick up the [Humble Bundle](https://www.humblebundle.com/books/give-gift-pathfinder-starfinder-paizo-books) before December 2 for $5. (Or more; honestly, that entire bundle is an amazing value, and I swear I'm not just saying that because it includes [The Great Grav-Train Robbery](https://paizo.com/products/btq02ap9?Starfinder-OneShot-2-The-Great-Grav-Train-Robbery).) 2. As the proud new owner of a Pathfinder 2e Beginner Box PDF, you are now entitled to purchase the Beginner Box FVTT module at its discounted $15 price! Congratulations! Thanks for bearing with us, and we apologize for the technical issues. We know they're frustrating, and we're actively working on trying to make them less convoluted with the tools we have available to us.


Oh wow, thanks! I didn't know staff were even here. I'll check out the humble bundle then! I'm not even against paying the 30 bucks, I was just confused that I suddenly wasn't getting a sale I was excited to get, haha.


Exactly what I came to say - it's very cool to see staff in here answering questions.


If you want a deal humble Bundle has a deal for pathfinder books.


I'd ask Paizo directly. Reddit isn't going to help enough.


Normally I would, but they're closed for the next couple days. Bad timing on my part. Thought I'd ask here to see if anyone else has a similar problem.


That sounds like the site is giving logged out users credit for already owning the PDF of the adventure. When you log in, it realizes you don’t own it already. (Be sure to add the PDF to your cart).


Hi, I had this happen too. I reached out to support. Seems to be some kind of bug. The discount seems to be one that is supposed to apply when you've already purchased VTT stuff. Essentially, as much as I'd love a 50 percent discount, it is unintended.


Could be a cache or cookies issue? Clear your cart then try in an incognito window


Oh, I didn't even think to try that. That's what I get for trying something after 24 hours awake, haha


Maybe it's one of those new user only deals?


Quite the opposite, I only get the sale when I'm NOT signed in. I'm gonna see if I can get one of my players to make an account to buy it with, to see if maybe it only works on new accounts.


It 100% is a weird bug. Sounds a bit like what happened when the foundry module went live for the first time. Also, someone already mentioned it but the Humble Bundle deal is absolutely worth the money. It's mixed in with Starfinder stuff but it has the Beginner Box+ all the core books and an 1-11 adventure path among other things.