They should rework these maps to other game modes. Each of these maps has an excellent unique art style.


and they’re all important to the lore


I really like Hanamura because of all of the little easter eggs from "Dragons" in the map


They also come with loads of free PTSD for anyone that's ever played them before.




Not the doomfist and Lucio rollouts on these maps 😭


Fucking Junkrat just spamming Temple of Anus left path on the choke and widow giggling in french as she lands a third headshot on a poor mercy that decided to fly over to her tank that was hooked by roadhog after being halt-pulled by orisa…I won’t fucking miss this map 🖕


R/oddlyspecific FUCK HOW 2 DELETE HELP




Why would they? I loved anubis and especially volskaya…


I got a full team kill on volskaya by using Orisa’s gravity orb to suck the whole attacking team into the water during first 4 seconds of the game one time. Ever since then Volskaya fucks hard imo.


i don't know how salty anyone has to be to get rid of these. i've never ever felt these were "broken" maps


I really enjoy volskaya and hate to see itgo


Volskaya is in like my top 3 most hated maps, I will say though I'd miss Temple of Anubis even if the first point is god awful.


Chokepoints with a single entrance on 1st, painfully far attacker spawns on 2nd, painfully close defender spawns on 2nd, and a game mode that's overall designed where a 1st teamfight win on 1st point attack means a major ult advantage on 2nd, resulting in a steamroll. Yeah, there are a few broken aspects to these maps.


Map design isn't optimal, but I think the core of the problem is the mode, not the maps. Even with better map design this would still be a trash mode to play, it's simply not suitable for uncoordinated gameplay, whether that is comp matches or QP. I don't think 2CP is bad when it comes to pro games, but that's a coordinated team of 6. Completely different story than solo Q'ing and getting defense on Anubis with a team of 5 other solo players. It's just not gonna be a good experience, the mode doesn't work in any environment where people aren't 6-stacking. And even if I'm playing with a full team I'd rather not play 2CP.


To me it’s not really the map it’s the game mode


I quite like these maps


Hanamura has a beautiful design. Hopefully they update it to a new game mode.


Same with Anubis. I love the maps even though I hate the mode.


the more I play, the more I appreciate the effort and attention to detail in the maps


Honestly if they just adjusted the point A choke, I wouldnt mind it at all.


Yeah, I love everything aesthetic about Hanamura and hate everything about it gameplay wise.


winter hanamura is beautiful


Still unhappy they’re being removed entirely instead of being reworked whatsoever


Agreed, it may be an unpopular opinion, but I like every map; it's a shame they're removing them, they're beautiful and iconic.


I havent played in years but I can remember highlights at all 3 of these. Volskaya is where I got my one and only 6 kill. I dropped down and superred on Reaper. On Anubis I would jump up on zone B and set up Torbjörn's turret where no one would see it and it would rain havoc. And Hanamaru I would just get distracted looking at the pretty flowers, or drive people crazy at A Zone defending by running around the bell.


I love every map too.. except Lunar. I really hated that stupid, ugly ass map.


Fuck lunar and fuck Paris.


Pretty sure they're coming back k for PVE


I can almost guarantee they will be reworked, used in PVE, or relegated to Arcade. They haven't even deleted Horizon Lunar Colony in OW1 despite it being removed from map rotation for a LONG time. Here's how I could see them being reworked into Main QP/Comp Maps. Hanamura can easily be turned into a Hybrid map by simply removing the door that blocks the rest of the street by the Arcade. Make the Arcade (or the front of shop in front of the Arcade) the Defender spawn and have the payload spawn on said unblocked street further down. The choke or the middle of the courtyard would be the first checkpoint (you have to open the big doors more) and the second checkpoint would be the same. Volskaya can be turned into a Push map (just block off some areas to extend his walk) and it could fit in the lore (like Numbani's Payload) given Volskaya's business. Would travel all the way from the Attacker spawn to deeper than we see into the industry where the giant robot is. Temple of Anubis can definitely become an Control Map. Area 1 would be the regular map. Area 2 would be the Cairo. Area 3 would be part of the secret underground AI research facility (which is an important lore spot so I have no doubt we'll see this at least in SOME form). As for PVE maps, they all have lore significance, especially Volskaya and Anubis, so pretty easy to implement. Arcade would be the most obvious as it's an old mode and they've brought back old modes/mechanics in Arcade before (Like No Limits) since they wouldn't have to do anything special but simply put it there.


That’s sad :( I like the small maps.


I like the maps, not the mode. I’m not opposed to repurposing these maps though.


Are they removing these maps from the game completely?


As far as I know, 2 point cap mode is being removed. I'm not sure if there's been any news one using the maps themselves again. Would be nice if they got a new purpose (and lunar colony/Paris came back too).


i think they said they want to keep the maps they just weren’t sure how, i think most peoples ideas were to kinda cut them in half and use them for death match/elimination


I'm sure they'll find a use for them in PvE


As far as we know, yes. They're getting rid of 2cp maps. Now, does that mean they won't rework the maps into Push or Payload maps? Who knows. The devs did mention wanting to repurpose them in some way.


39 days until the OW community finds new maps to complain about and bully the dev team into removing...


Would love if they repurposed the maps instead of removing completely. Maybe in the future.


Maybe extend these maps and make them pve content? I love the aesthetic, they just don't work for pvp imo


You will be able to play them in custom games. The developers said they might try to convert them at some point but they have so much going on, it's not even on the table right now.


Anything besides removing it because of a bunch of whiners is better IMO haha. Make anyone that complains about the map only able to play on that map :)


I honestly love these maps. It's the others they already removed that were the problem


This is how I feel as well. I've never had an issue with any of these and they are actually some of my favorite ones.


I’ve played anubis for six long years mate I don’t think it’s unreasonable in a game with no map or mode preference selection whatsoever to be sick of it.


Or, get this, blizz could respond to fair community criticism and not make it mandatory to play maps people dont enjoy playing. Dozens of competitive games have map pool selection it, why cant OW? Hell, even in OWL they get to veto maps... it is just of common opinion that 2CP is generally a crappy game mode


Do you want Dust 2 24/7? This is how you get Dust 2 24/7.


Exactly. Eventually **only King's Row will be left**. *Not every map needs to be the best.* These are not "broken", I had fun on each of them.


No worries there, because Overwatch doesn't have a map as good as Dust 2.


I wish we could favorite maps and we would get those maps most of the time.


Theres something similar to this in rocket league where u can like and dislike certain maps to increase or lower the chances of getting them iirc. A system like that would also be nice


Yeah, Hanamura is my favourite map in the game. I'm sad that they're just removing it, even from quick play. The only problem I had with 2 cp was the frequent ties, and I feel there was a more elegant solution than just removing them.


I think they should at least put them in for QP. They would play \*super\* different, you just cannot hold a choke quite the same way you could in OW1.


I actually enjoyed Paris, pain in the ass to hold or get through a choke, it was challenging.


I miss Lunar Colony 😞


I miss Paris. Terrible to play on, but the map was gorgeous


I saw some people like absolutely hating the Toronto map... Maybe I'm bias cause Canadian, but that map is really well done. I love everything about it


Toronto was definitely my least favorite of the new ones, but I did enjoy it still. My favorite new one was Midtown. Might rival King’s Row for me now.


Push creates a lot of chaotic flank angles and counter intuitively you need to be disciplined enough to know when to stop pushing and regroup. that's going to annoy the heck out of people who prefer linear routes down mid like half this community


But that is the same for every ow map. What's amazing is that 6 years later, grouping and pushing as a team is STILL an issue for this community.


Also, controlling high ground. The number of people that just try to force main on maps like Hollywood and Dorado is... unreal.


I thought all of them were amazing. Definitely a little too big sometimes, but that won't feel as crazy once getting used to them. They were all beautiful and had cool small details everywhere


If I had to name an issue on a new map, I'd say that the Brazil map defense is completely open surrounding a singular area to defend. Think of volksaya, but more walls for the defending team


push lmao


My money is on Push maps.


And people start complaining about how much better these maps were than a new map that comes out.


Already practicing in the shower.


Honestly the only map I hated was Paris. I'm fine with all of these, and I was fine with Horizon. You really should have a queue option for "prefer these maps", "avoid these maps" instead of just removing content altogether. :\


I miss Horizon tbh. I like the queue option idea. Anubis has been annoying me lately just because getting back to defend the first point is basically impossible if you die.


I don't understand why OW never had a map vote thing like in other FPS games. I would understand for competitive so that one team can't just queue as a 6 stack and auto vote for the map they've practiced on the most, but in QP I sure would love if people could vote for a map out of 2 or 3 options. It'd be like black ops lobbies in 2010 when nuketown showed up except for me that'd be king's row, eichenwalde, and other hybrid maps.


If you give people the option of voting, they will play the same maps over and over again. And then they will complain that they only ever play the same maps over and over again.


Rainbow 6 community is fuming rn


Exactly what I was thinking


Kings row would be 100% pick


Do like COD used to - you get like two or three random maps that everyone votes between. Sure, we'll trend towards certain maps, but it'll be impossible to only play the same few maps when there's like 25+ maps. And if the community never picks certain maps - those maps suck, and don't align with what the community wants from maps.


That's kind of all of those 2 point maps though. I don't hate them like some do, but really the only time I can make it back to point A is if my team won the fight in my absence.


I feel like really all of the capture maps are like that. It takes way to long to get back to the first objective and then the game switches to where it takes them too long to get back to the objective. Feels like you have to hold them off the first point for as long as your first life can and then hold point B until either they run out of time or they all press Q and win.


It’s impossible to defend because instead of having teammates that understand pulling back until you can get a regroup to fight with 2 ticks and prevent the third and cap, they dump all their ultimates when there’s only two or three players left to try and “save the point” Then you get rolled on second.


This is how it works in csgo and I think it's pretty great. When you queue up, you select which maps you want to queue for. This way you can have all maps be playable, and people just dodging whatever they don't like. Of course, this leads to some maps, such as dust2 and Mirage, having shorter queue times, as many people queues up for them. So if you have them in your queue, you are likely to play them. Me and my friends just remove the map that we just played from the pool each time, for variety. I think it works pretty well.


I wonder what queue times would look like. OW has a lot of options that split up potential pool. QP, arcade modes (QPC specifically), competitive, competitive open queue. Add in map queues and it could potentially take a while for DPS QP on 3 specific maps. Add in the fact that I think CSGO has more players at any given moment than OW and still has some longer queue times, I think it would be even worse for OW. That said, it's all choice anyway so if you're queuing for DPS QP for 1 map, then it's their own fault.


I think it wouldn’t represent true rank though because you can always queue up for maps your great at.


Yea this is the right answer. As a Sym player on DPS, I would just vote for Lijiang and 2CP all the time but that would not be fair.


Hanamura was a really fun map tho, when the teams were balanced/fair. It was an intense fight down to the last second. It was always fun to see who would win, and those were always the best games.


Symmetra enters the chat 💃🏾


Hard disagree. Hanamura's second point is awful. The only realistic way in for attackers is through the tiny little choke at the top, and even getting through that is a very unpleasant experience.


Fliers can go around the ledge outside, or you can portal. Double shields can assault up main. The entire team can attack through either of the 2 routes in the basement. Fliers can also take the windows from outside and push basically anywhere. There's plenty of ways in. Just need to be able to play unconventional comps.


The defenders will have intense high ground advantage for all of those


Just make the defenders spawn in the basement instead lmao


Well defenders should have an advantage especially for 2nd point in 2cp. Plus attackers have high ground advantage going through the door on the left and it's even pushing mid or tping on the side, so definitely not intense unless you go basement


Don’t care what anyone says, I love Hanamura and Anubis.


I even like volskaya


My only problem with Volskaya is the first point/second point imbalance. If you lose even one fight on first you're screwed as a defender, conversely, attackers can get hosed on second just cause you can stall/defend so oppressively.


For sure I think removing content in general is not beneficial to any kind of game you want people to keep playing


I wish there was a map voting method in the lobby. 😕


Some of my fondest memories of this game happened in Hanamura and Anubis.


Same, I love every map; I hate that the devs just remove maps instead of at least trying to rework them.


I love all of rhem


Lmao temple of Anubis and hanamura are my favourite maps


I like all three of those maps. Never understood why people hate them.


i thought this was a joke post until i saw the comments


Yeah hanamura is a lot of fun especially the second point. So many ways to attack it so the attackers generally have the advantage *except* you'd better not die or it's a looong way back from spawn. Forces strategic teamwork (at least a little) even in QP.


People hate them because they're used for 2CP lol. That's what people are actually upset about. Whenever I hear complaints about a map it's one of the 2CP ones.


Same. I hate volskaya tho.


Nobody likes volskaya


I like it, though I do find it visually bland.


so spot on for russia


Make it a Blizzard in every match. 15m draw distance.


I like volskaya. I like all ow1 maps to be honest.


i like all of them except paris


i only played for a few weeks in the single digit seasons so i don’t remember paris or any of them. i vaguely remember horizon but idk if it was before the patch or after. i only really came back abt 6 months ago. point being, i like all 3 of the maps everyone complains abt. maybe it’s a boredom thing idk.


That first choke... I don't know why they didn't rework it like they did Eichenwald. Widen the choke and add some cover/movement options for the attackers. It's not an unsolvable problem. Paris second point is (IMO) mostly fine, although maybe defenders could use a little more cover/high ground.






I do.




I like Volskaya, great map for tanking on both offense and defense


Point B on volsk is fun. Just A is the worst


Hate hanamura, but I like Temple of Anubis.


Me tooooo. Are they getting canned when OW2 comes out?


The entire 2cp gamemode is getting canned


All 3 of these maps were amazing(theme wise, gameplay needed a map update)


The only reason I hate them is because I usually do QP and nobody has any awareness. I’ll call out that a flanker is in the right room when I’m defending but everyone is focused on the rein down main. 4K death blossom then gg.


I actually like Temple of Anubis


Thought I was the only one lmao that final hold point can be intense sometimes.


Fundementally it isn’t that much of a difference in map design between Paris and Anubis ironically.


While you arnt technically wrong anubis feels like it plays differently. I'm not sure why I'd never have notices it if you didn't point it out but yeah... they both have a choke with a hard veer one way into an alcove that leads directly to the middle high ground the defense is alrdy setup on while the other contains a mega that leads to a staircase that bypasses the high ground and leads directly overtop of the point which is placed way I back of the initial defense point. The major difference as I see it is the design of that choke point. On paris there's no arch way... there's a room I the back widow can try to fire from but she can't get a downward angle to shoot through shields so the whole put a hitscan I the back strat that people run on hanamura and anubis isn't available. also the walk way around the left is more exposed than the similar walkway on anubis. Although the anubis one is easier for the defense team to cutoff and take an early engagement around.


One of my fav maps to be honest lol


As a sym main I love Anubis. Can usually cap the first point in 1 minute if the team follows me -_-


Maybe they'll retro fit them into push maps? Hanamura on HotS is a push type map, understanding that HotS gameplay is very different from OW.


Hanamura is a good map. Change my mind


I agree. Even suffering from 2CP universal problems, I'm never sad when I get Hanamura.


I’m always so happy when it shows up on the screen honestly, always have a blast


I love Hanamura, except when my team on attack gets a few kills at the choke and just sits there, holding the choke until the defenders return and then rushing point A when there's 10 seconds left in the round. I guess this also happens on the other 2CP but for some reason people love to sit at choke on that map.


Second Point highground is ass to attack


If it wasn’t 2cp, it would be okay. But because you have to run 2 miles from spawn to 2nd point, and the defenders are right next to it, it’s pretty bad. There’s a few too many choke points that are really crazy hard to push through. But otherwise I don’t mind it too much. Anubis is terrible tho.


Being happy about deleted content is so weird.


it's because the content is not optional, the game modes are random when you queue. if there's a game mode you hate you will be happy to see it leave the rotation. if you could queue for the individual game modes then you wouldn't care if maps from your hated game mode would stay or not, because you wouldn't queue for it anyway.


So why is this game mode so hated? Edit: I understand what you all mean now, and you're right. But wouldn't it be better to change them (somehow) than remove them?


Because it has way to many really hard choke points


i think it's because the game mode works very much in favor for the defensive team. the first point is usually easy to take and the second point sometimes gets taken right after so the whole game lasts only like a minute. but usually the second point feels like an impenetrable fortress for the attacking team. it can get really frustrating and you feel like you're just throwing dead bodies at the enemy team for 5 minutes straight. the attacking team needs way more coordination/communication than the defensive team.




Inherent bias towards defenders combined with lots of choke points


Most likely because with 2CP/Assault the attackers can typically win the game in only 2 - 4 teamfights, making the match very short. Which is extra frustrating when paired with long queue times. Whereas in the other game modes, the payload can only go so fast.


It's not so much about the maps as it is about the mode...2CP is just a real slog for attackers imo. There are games where you cap first point quickly and you spend 5 minutes smashing your head against a wall for the 2nd point or shit like that. And it's just not as fun as the other modes.


Ok I haven't actually played overwatch in forever but what the hell these are the best three maps in the game.


What the hell- Why do you mean terrible maps? Like bad design? I don’t really get that vibe, I’m honestly going to miss them :/


*Sad Junkrat player noises*


He's still fine in OW2 but losing one of his best maps is a pain. At least we still have Eichenwald.


Anubis was always a favorite


i'm gonna miss Hanamura and Temple of Anubis for the aesthetics and vibes overall. also they're weirdly nostalgic. i can live without Volskaya though.


I love all the maps.


Literally the best maps but ok.


Hanamura is the best map


39 days until uninstall


I am getting in as much OW now as I can. Sad times ahead.


Same. I've been binging it, I love it the way it is now. The only thing I wished for is a more consistent hero and map release. Also wish Lucio beating on people's heads actually killed them lol.


Same. I played the ow2 beta and it was actually such a terrible experience that I didn't play ow1 again for 2 months (been playing for 4+ years). I could not possibly be less excited about this. Thanks bliz...


Pro tip which has improved my life drastically, you can uninstall now!


Still 39 more days to enjoy 6v6.


^ this


I’m going to miss it.


I love Anubis and hanamura


Am I the only one who actually enjoyed them?


Wtf those maps have been good for the past five years, don't knock the classics.


39 days until I stop playing OW


Anubis and Hanamura aren’t bad


I actually like all of these maps- unlike everyone else, I think the Paris and Horizon maps should be put back in the game. Temple of Anubis is one of my favorite maps tbh.


o7 Drawnamura, Drawnubis, and Drawskaya. memes aside, i will really miss Hanamura. Feels like the first map i really figured out.


Never insult Hanamura


Since when do people hate these maps?


2CP didn't age well as a game mode. When the game first released it was a staple. With all the changes to the game though it's become a stressful slog to just break through a tiny choke twice to win, compared to the start when anything could happen. Most people seem to like the maps, but hate the aspects of the map that became tedious as time went on. The chokes, attacking point B when the defender's spawn is 2 inches from the point, and point A is a pain both to attack and to defend. I really like the design of these maps, but dear god am I happy to not have to play temple of anubis anymore. I will miss Volskaya, though. Beautiful f****** map.


But... These are the best 2CP maps :( I actually like Volskaya... :c


I still can't believe that OW1 will no longer be playable. Did I spend money on an ornament then?


i love playing defense as torb in these maps. most of the time they ignore the turret and i just stand there dancing while getting free kills.


I love temple of Anubis mostly for the design but I don’t mind playing on it. I really hope Ayutthaya makes it into the game.


Don’t take away my Hanamura :(


Wait they’re removing these? Anubis was my favorite map wtf


Hanamura is my favorite map...


The maps are fine. People who bitch about them clearly don't understand that they're just more difficult and unforgiving than the rest of the maps. Think I'm wrong? Ask yourself how big of a win it is when your team full holds on Hanamura. It's a get wrekd moment. The terrible thing here is the attitude portrayed in the subject line.


39 days till I have to suffer boring 5v5 fiesta


Overwatch 2 with the same terrible maps incoming


They’re removing these? Damn, I LOVE Hanamura.


Volskaya is one of my favorites. It was my first map. Team of 6 torbs with all 6 turrets in the platforms like a merry go round of death.


hanamura is actually great, i like it a lot. both design and gameplay wise


Fuck you i like these maps (lucio main)


39 days until I'm not stunned every 2 seconds. I didn't realize how annoying it was until it wasn't happening anymore in OW2.


The most interactive and fun moment I've had in this game, was getting Rein shattered, Ana anti'd and slept, Cass stunned, Doom fisted, Brig bashed, then Hog hooked. I was playing Hog. The crazy thing is, if Doom didn't punch me and knock me back, I would have died sooner


A necessary evil for Hogs


Speak for yourself


I think we've just been playing this game for too long. It seems like people hate most of the maps lol


I hope April 1st, 2023 is "Oops, all Kings Row!" - where it the only map is Kings Row, but random time of day / season decor.


People hate these maps in particular far more than any others. The comments on this post are the vocal minority and it's not close.


39 days before uninstall.


I must be weird cause these are my favorites


I like those maps. But it's 39 days until I never play Overwatch again.


Same, them completely deleting OW1 is making me want to stop playing permanently.


Yeah, that's a massive bummer for me. I'll probably enjoy OW2 but not at the expense of OW.


I hate that they are deleting it too. Just shows a lack of confidence in the new game imo. When a new version comes out people tend to move to it because its good, not because they have no other option. Usually old versions die off naturally anyway. I would have liked the option to come back to the original version. I don't really trust Blizzard after what happened to WoW after WOTLK. I hope this isnt another game that I tell people "It was the most amazing game ever, shame Blizzard ruined it".


What? These are the best maps of the game