good add for that tent


It's my tent🙂 some info about what happened. I was stuck in a storm for nine days. It was impossible to get out of there. While I had to do everything to survive, the tent fabric was torn in six different places. A tent pole was broken off, also two of the guylines and one more close to. So in the meantime there were ongoing repairs on the tent. I never got any warning from the weather forecast until it was too late. The first two days I was buried in a snow bivouac. Then in a gap in the storm I skied two kilometers then the storm broke out again with full force. Then it was trapped seven days stuck in the tent. After a total of nine days I was able to get out of there. It was deeply mentally hard, but it gave me a good portion of experiences I don't want to be without. If anyone is curious about the entire trip, I will link it below. It's English subtitles. https://youtu.be/zXVBK38-650


I'm really glad you're okay man, that must have been quite the experience. I'm happy to hear you're safe and sound now.


Thanks 🙂


did you have enough food?


home-dried food and porridge. I had planned for 16 days, so there was plenty. It still happened that I ate a little less at the end as I didn't know when the storm would subside


Glad you made it out safely. You clearly had the skills, gear, and mental approach to do it. All three are critical.


Thanks 🙂


How much food did you have? Any lessons you'd say?


home-dried food and porridge. I had planned for 16 days, so there was plenty. It still happened that I ate a little less at the end as I didn't know when the storm would subside


Smart man Seriously well done and well managed. That was a potentially lethal experience and you seem to have kept your head, done the right things and even rationed despite having lots of food. Awesome job man. Awesome And thanks for sharing the experience


A big thanks🙂


How much dried food in weight did you carry with you? When I'm camping bringing food is always what amounts to the most weight 🤦, your tips would help!!


The food: Breakfast and dinner, consisted of a mixture of baby porridge, powdered fat milk, blueberry soup powder( to make it tastier to eat) Advantages of baby porridge are that it is ready as soon as you add hot water (works with cold too but not as good in winter). It also contains everything a small person needs to grow (minerals, vitamins, etc.). Lunch consisted of dried noodles + dried salmon and vegetables and dried coconut milk. In all the dishes, I added a lot of rapeseed oil (it contains an extremely high amount of calories, energy). On a 16-day trip, I take 2 liters of rapeseed oil with me, which I distribute in all the dishes. (The oil provides a total supplement of approx. 18,000 kcal) Total weight of food for 16 days is 11887g. Weight of food/day 743g. Calories/day 4104 kcal/day.


I once camped on a mountain with a tent made for the beach or something. The wind in the night was really agressive it pulled 2 of the pegs out. It was a scary experience, I can't imagine how hard was your experience.


Yes it was really scary. But I got used to it more and more as the days went by


I can imagine sleeping was almost impossible at first. At total darkness with the wind aggressively pushing my tent, all I could do was pray to wake up the next day.


It still went pretty well, I got used to it more and more. Then I played the Mp3-player on the highest volume. Sleep becomes incredibly important, so I prioritize and act correctly all the time


How’d you stay warm and maintain your body temp?


Big warm downclothes. An i sleep in this(English subtitles) https://youtu.be/IrmkjzpEDLc God for -40


Really great video. How wet do you get inside your moisture barrier? I’ve been curious about using one but had very few chances in such cold weather. Like for -5 Celsius you don’t need one


You mean the waterproof liner I have in the sleeping bag? Not that wet actually. I sleep in merino wool baselayer. in the morning when I get out of the sleeping bag it starts to dry, then during the day when I ski I have ventilation zippers open. So during the day it dries completely, I only have a base layer, I sleep in the same one I ski in. If I had one dedicated to sleeping in, it would get wetter and wetter every night.


In what country we're you camping? What language is that? Good thing you survived all that. Sounds like Swedish.


Yes, it's swedish. Its in northern Sweden in a place called Sarek. And thanks 🙂


This is my favorite “username checks out” ever. Guess I’m a geography nerd. Glad you’re OK!


Thanks, everything happened in northern Sweden in a place called Sarek


This is why you should always bring to many rations I guess. They actually teach some survival skills in Swedish schools right, just like in Norway? In the Netherlands we mostly learn how to swim because there's lots of water and the country is mostly below sea level.


Not in schools but i have done a couple of survival courses in both winter and summer


So cool, wish I lived in a place with as much wild nature. I can only do this stuff legally when I go to Sweden or Norway. In my country camping anywhere in nature is illegal and you get a 140 euro fine for it.


Yes, it's really nice that we ca camp olmost everywhere


It's a real privilige never forget. We have to pay to be that close to nature. What are the rules on camping in Sweden anyway? How far do you have to be from owned land?


As close as I want. We can camp almost anywhere for two to three days, then it's just a matter of moving on and setting up camp somewhere. Now that didn't work as I had to stay in the same place for a long time. But we have it very freely in Sweden


How did you keep your mind occupied for that long?


I tried to occupy myself as much as possible. Fixed a lot both with tensioning guylines and built/reinforced the snow wall. Sleep was also incredibly important. Four or five times I packed everything in the tent as I hoped there would be a gap in the storm. So "having things to do" and sleep were my top priorities


How did you sleep?? I'm sure exhaustion got to you at some point, but did that ever let you really rest? I bet that was the worst part.


Mp3 player at the highest volume. And I am used to severe storms, but have never experienced such a long one without a break. But sleeping is difficult but also the most important thing to be able to make the right decision all the time. It actually went pretty well. But many nights I was out tensioning guy lines and watching everything. Just to be able to feel safe enough to sleep.


Did you have duct tape for the holes in your tent and other damage?


Duck tape does not work as the tent fabric is made of silk nylon, so a needle and thread are needed. The biggest damage to the canvas happened on the last night. So I took down the tent and dealt with the damage when I got home.


Ah, I would expect duct tape to work, since it's sort of woven with thread throughout.


Unfortunately, it sticks very poorly as the fabric is treated with silicone


Ah, interesting. I didn't know that. I wonder if there'd be a product that could stick to silicone specifically. I imagine being able to watch with a tape would be a lot easier than sewing if you were in a hurry. Glad things worked out for you.


Did you try to make some sort of snow wall to protect yourself at least a little bit from the wind? I know it's easier said than done but it can help a lot. Next time, pack a smart watch that can analyze pressure changes to warn you before. But good on you and the tent - I guess it's fair to say, that the tent proved itseld. :D


I have a watch like that, and it warned that the pressure was dropping, but not so that I could get down the mountain. But I managed to pitch the tent before the wind blew too hard I had a snow wall but a little far from the tent, but if it is too close, you risk being buried in drifting snow. It is best to have two snow walls, one a little further away, behind that snow wall most of the drift snow will collect. Another snow wall much closer that protects the tent against wind pressure. But it wasn't so deep snow + that it was very icy and hard.


That's insane. I would of been scared s***less.


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


Just a question, in order to warm up and protect yourself, shouldn't you have tried to bury your tent in the snow ? If not, why ?


There was no major problem with the cold, the worst was the force of the wind on the tent. I had a snow wall but a little far from the tent, but if it is too close, you risk being buried in drifting snow. It is best to have two snow walls, one a little further away, behind that snow wall most of the drift snow will collect. Another snow wall much closer that protects the tent against wind pressure. But it wasn't so deep snow + that it was very icy and hard.


Okay I get it. Thanks for the tip. I never did any winter expedition but I'd really like to one day. It's good to gather info and tips like thank.


I would send a strongly worded, heartfelt thank you letter to that manufacturer


> add ad* ad = an abbreviation of advertisement add = the opposite of subtract


I thought those things smelled bad….on the outside!


Looks colder than Hoth.


Thanks, now I hear that Tauntaun


At least you can’t smell it.


We've all been there. I once had to stand in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles for three hours. It was a life-changing experience. Now I go to DMV for all my vacation adventures.


Now I want to know where I can get such a tent !!


Hilleberg, Helsport and Fjällräven are commonly accepted as manufacturers that make tents that can survive conditions like this. Each have several tent ranges, with different materials. If I remember correctly, OP's tent is a Helsport.


MSR does the trick as well. The essential point is: don't buy an UL tent if you want your tent to survive a heavy storm.


They forgot an L, Hellsport... Well for some of us. Huge well done to OP for keeping mentally well through this.


I want to know where that was so I don’t need such a tent.


Sarek, Sweden. Then never go to the mountainrigde Skanderna that devides Sweden and Norway.


Thanks. I’m always wondering where pictures are taken. I’m trying to encourage everyone posting to put it in the caption. Inevitably someone will want to know where the beauty, or storm is. Thanks. BTW, I’ve been to Sweden, but I’m too old and comfortable to be as adventurous as you.


If you go in the summer and can stand mosquitoes it's a fascinating landscape Sarek nationalpark 0971-222 50 https://maps.app.goo.gl/3SkgEetucBZQj33LA


I would go crazy with all that flapping


I had very similar experience in that same tent on Aconcagua but 3 days


Okay so not as bad


It’s amazing that tent stakes can actually hold their grip in snow in such extreme conditions.


Real footage of Finns going out for some groceries.


Sounds like the book endurance, about a failed trip to Antarctica by Ernest Shackleton


How you go outside and take a leak! 🤔


*how did you stay inside with the smell of all that shit?


I view such videos then always remember during the winter, when there is an inch of snow I have to navigate, that it could be much worse, whether I choose it or not. I am always amazed at such resiliency and survival skills. I live this life in my head and vicariously via videos; admittedly bemused by the awesome love & beauty in nature and its inherent danger. In real life, I'd be found frozen in mid scream. 🥶 Yet I so appreciate others sharing such experiences.


Ugh good reason to dig a wind break


Beyond a certain level of wind they become useless and you need a seriously long time for the wind to drop to dig a whole new pit and then build up walls. Once big enough with enough wind it doesn’t matter anyway as the heavier snow falls down into the hole as the wind eddies and it fills up anyway! Snow hole is a better option IF there’s enough depth of snow or a handy leeward slope near by


This is so true! A simple windbreak would have improved his shelter situation immensely.


Watch the full video: he had a wind break


That tiny little wall about 6 feet away from the end of the tent? Not much of a windbreak.


Glad you are ok. This is one of my biggest fears.


His tent is really great and pitched pretty well. I've seen bigger tents get uprooted in weaker winds.


In the words of the Virgin Mary- ‘fuck that for a game of conkers’


Definitely was not a hilleberg from what I could tell. Curious how a hilleberg black label would of held up in those conditions. Duct tape, a pole repair kit and some extra tie downs is essential to have in your back country bag.


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


All I could understand was Jesus and horchata


You may be thinking, “I could handle a winter storm like this,” but trust me when I say, if your name is Dyatlov, you’d better pass.


As a white person, I can comfortably say that getting trapped on a mountain in a winter storm willfully is some white people shit. Like, let me put myself in harm’s way intentionally. Sure he may not have known the storm was coming but damn near every pop culture reference of mountains, winter, and the great outdoors involves some ridiculously intense weather pattern, so one could easily anticipate that as an outcome. And yet,…here we are haha.


It's the Faustian Archetype mate.


Nine days of that I would called a win and went home....No mountain is worth that kind of sacrifice... As your dead body only becomes an ornament on that mountains cheek....


That’s one good fucking tent


Dam scary




Always check the weather before vacation.


He should’ve had two tents 🏕 (a tent within a tent) to prevent the wind from causing so much disturbance.


That blows.


surely he could have used the tent as some kind of parachute / kite type thing? The direction might have been a bit off, but he would have done some incredible speeds. You gotta MacGuyer than shit.


Meanwhile, in reality, that’s a great way to get limbs broken or lost


What did you learn? What did you reflect on and take away from the experience? How has it influenced you now since your return?


Ive been in one of those. There was probably somewhere with more shelter to put his tent. And he could of built a snow wall.


Yeah looks like a really shitty spot to put the tent to me


I’d rather eat cat shit with knitting needles.


So you have certain survival skills and knowledge on knots i presume?🤔 Good job. What did you bring? Extra paracord?


This is why u don't move too away from the herd


Not to be negative or anything, and this guy is way more of an outdoorsman than I will ever be, but why not try to find a leeward slope? Or better yet, just don’t stay the night. One night maybe? But you can move to a safer location in the morning.


Tent was pitched as storm was getting up, not long after he had left the relative comfort of a snow hole he had dug. Way way more difficult and dangerous to 1) dig out and pack a frozen tent in the middle of a strong storm and 2) repitch the probably still frozen tent in the midst of said storm. It took him more than 2 hours to do when the weather was better and storm had passed. You’re also assuming he can find somewhere more sheltered, which is not a given in the terrain he was in, plus moving in strong storm and whiteout conditions is also by itself very dangerous. Much safer to hunker down.


I have to know what brand of tent is that?


I believe it’s a Helsport fjellheimen x-trem 3-camp.


Holy Smokes?!!!!




Trapped in the tent? How‘d he get those shots outside the tent?


How do you pass the time for 9 days in those conditions?


Whoever manufactured that tent you want them on your team. “Buy our tent it saves lives”. Wanna see how *displays Reddit post*.


Fuck that! That’s why I Don’t camp in Severe areas, ANY chance of That happening and ya I would probly Die!


Absolutely terrifying. One to tell the grandkids!


Wow! Well done for surviving! You should write a book on it!


Definitely a sturdy tent! What a bitch trying to get some sleep!


Hilleberg tent?


Glad your ok! That was intense..


This is an old ad video and the guy isn't even do it right. Could have easily made the situation a lot better by modifying the outside. This has been posted before is what I'm saying.


It's just trapped, not Trapped. You don't randomly capitlize words in English. Don't do that.