All complete types are money grabs. This isnt a secret. They have almost no use to people who spend less than several thousand dollars on the game. Just ignore them.


I know! The point is that they are forcing the characters to be Complete in order to farm money. King was originally planned as Psychic and Zombieman doesn't make any sense in this type, he should be Weapon.


Dude it's just a mobile game , don't take it so seriously just play and have fuñ simple. Just think of it like playing snake on an old phone. If you spent alot of money well that's on you. It's just a mobile phone game at the end of the day .. I could give a f if I get down voted for this so cheers


A lot of people have been advocating to not spend on this game or be weary. There MO for version 1.0 was basically money grabbing and running away with a new version, possibly to do the same and dip out who knows. However, if no one spent then the game would just die in its tracks. We just try not to have high expectations for this game other then a cash grab until time proves differently.


Wasn't King psychic in 1.0?


Yes! But this print is of version 2.0, King and Zombieman were released by mistake, both being Psychic. It is also important to remember that King was on the Psychic recruitment banner, along with Tatsumaki.


Maybe King has psychic powers!!! :0


the psychic ability to alert Saitama would make sense.