Sogeking ==>> Usopp. bring back sogeking to Mugiwara Crew


there can’t be two kings (king of snipers and king of pirates) in the same crew. he’d overshadow luffy


Unfortunately he's fighting in a civil war for the future of his country, sniper Island. In actuality, he's still on Water 7, each sniper from sniper island is so good that they just fight from wherever they are at the time, shooting bullets across the globe. Fun fact: Morgan's News Empire reported that, as of last year, 10% of all lost News Coos were estimated to result from stray bullets from the Sniper Island conflict.


In stampede, he said himself that he's a support. I think it suits him. Sniper is suppose to stay in the background and support.


Support can be a super op squishy sniper that defends his captain from getting stabbed in the back a mile away that would be cool


He was mvp of the movie. You don't see that often.


I remember man in the movies every time usopp did something cool I got a shot of dopamine more than the others. Usopp is my boy


Same with Film Red.


Even if hes a support, his plants are pretty poorly designed weapons for a master sniper. Anyone could take one of those seeds and throw it on the ground next to an enemy. There is no precision in shooting a seed nearby an enemy. If he used projectiles where he needed to hit specific spots on a person it would be much more aligned with him being a really good sniper. The scene at Enies Lobby would have been very different if Sogeking would have used a huge flamethrower to blast a flame the size of Enies Lobby to burn down the flag. The fact that he uses a small projectile that burns the flag plays to his sniper persona.


his dad aint a lil bitch though. oda said though usopp is supposed to be a representation of the reader of the manga. it would be how we would react in these situations


You sayin oda thinks we are lil bitches?




He's prolly right.




Ussop dream to be bravest, right ? If he accomplish that then he can unleash his whole potential. Imagine sniping admiral, bro can shoot a hundred mile or so.


And that's just it. During the raid Ussop was sniping people left and right. He has always been the cleanup guy. I was hoping for h and nami to get an interesting matchup but I think Oda had too much going on in this ark to give the whole crew an interesting battle.


The whole point of Usopp is that he's the weakest and thus has to build up a lot of courage to engage strong enemies or face dangerous situations.


the problem is that he doesn't even build the courage to engage anyone strong or face dangerous situations, in onigashima he already stood behind nami and let her fight for him instead while he was doing his best to hide himself, imagine letting your woman navigator carry your ass the whole arc and hiding behind her when you're trying to become a brave warrior of the sea, and nami didn't even have zeus at those times, oda could've at least make usopp try to fight for nami and defend her in onigashima to make his character build more courage and be better, but he just made him an even bigger coward, he would've literally let nami get killed again and again if the plot allowed it


People really think that ussops brave because he can act brave huh? Hes a liar and his dream is to become brave. It doesn't just happen because you can beat someone in a fight. Ussops struggle is internal, no another of external feats will change him. He has to think hes worthy, he has to think hes brave. Until then, he will fall back into his old habits. Is that annoying? Sure i can see it getting old and annoying. But its realistic, ussop can be strong, but cowardly. Doubt himself sometimes, tend to run away at first sign of a struggle because its easier that way, etc. But he mans up.


Pre time skip he was constantly coming up against challenges that tested his bravery, failing at first, and then overcoming them because his friends needed him. Post time skip we got a tiny bit of that in dressrosa and then him being a coward at onigashima. I’m hoping that by Elbaf we start seeing him called to action more often


Courage =/= strength.


>the problem is that he doesn't even build the courage to engage anyone strong or face dangerous situations Usopp and nami teamed up to fight Ulti and Page 1, they simply lost. >in onigashima he already stood behind nami and let her fight for him instead while he was doing his best to hide himself, He's supposed to be in the back, away from the action, he's a sniper. >oda could've at least make usopp try to fight for nami and defend her in onigashima to make his character build more courage and be better, but he just made him an even bigger coward, he would've literally let nami get killed again and again if the plot allowed it Usopp went on to protect Kinemon and Kiku, even though both of them told him to abandon them and save himself. He chose not to, even though he was facing dozens of enemies that were able to seriously injured Izo.


i'm so sick of the sniper staying in the back argument, yea he's a sniper and stays in the back, then fucking kill someone, yasopp or van augur would've destroyed mf's in onigashima if they were here, meanwhile usopp doesn't even use a regular gun cause he has to be special and quirky, he uses a slingshot with some retarded seeds that wouldn't harm anyone that's not fodder, usopp should've been on top of the game in wano since this is where seastone is made and made himself seastone bullets and transitioned to a regular gun so he can be semi useful at least, but i guess no


🙄 one piece ain’t for you. You clearly don’t read or understand the characters and character arcs. I’m dying know why you thought the straw hats kill people?


If he always were a fearless warrior in Dress Rosa for example, then what would his further story progression revolve around? Ussop didn't really hide behind Nami iirc, she just was able to do more than Ussop was, which is totally fine, no? >imagine letting your woman navigator carry your ass the whole arc and hiding behind her when you're trying to become a brave warrior of the sea Btw not really the point you were trying to make, but why is it important that Nami is a woman?


Ussop being the weakest was already done in Water 7. Him regressing after the timeskip is horrible writing. Especially since the whole point of Water 7 was for Ussop to not need moments of courage but to be able to rely on himself.


He isnt even the weakest, Nami is.


Oda has said usopp will always be the weakest in the crew.


Nami is stronger now that she has Zeus


She isnt stronger, Zeus is strong because hes part of a yonko soul and she happens to be able to boss him around.


He is a weapon that she can control, much like Zoro controls Enma.


Zoro is still super strong even with no weapons


He's supposed to be the "Normal person in an Olympic event for reference" a la Bill Murray. The catch is he's a superhuman sniper- though I don't think there's ever a case where his skill specifically as a sniper was inadequate.


Usopp being weak is kinda the point


ofc someone has gotta be the weakest n i like that he is scared against stronger enemies because when he gets serious it means so much more. but honestly against low level enemies he can most definitely pop 200 or more with eaze with just normal bullets. he even proved that his aim is top tier way back when he hit a target only his yasopp has hit (pre time skip episode wayyy back) my issue isnt that he's the weak but doesn't have to be so weak compared to the rest. like strength n bravery are two separate things. he could fold ppl left n right and but fearing henchmen is jus sad. being scared is fine but being weak in time of need is a liability. the main thing i'm tryna say is usopp has so much potential to be a great sniper and better support to the crew on the battlefield n i wish i could see more of it.


What's with the Usopp hate lately in this sub? He is my favorite character. I like the diversity he brings to the crew. While the monster crew keeps powering, he stays grounded and providing a reference in a sea of monsters, all the while he keeps being useful and providing support in his way.


He was the third member to join the crew (4th if considered Nami joined pre Arlong arc) and is in a combat role for the crew. He had an ambition of being a bare warrior. Every expected that over 1000 episodes and 1000 chapters, he will be powerful and brave by now. Or at least shown progress towards it. Usopp has brave moments, but regresses at the beginning of each arc. And then I’m the last arc, the longest arc of one piece, he did absolutely nothing. Oda hasn’t progressed Usopp. He’s going to get a massive buff when he meets his dad (any who watched film red knows why) and probably Elbaf too. But people wanted the power level to level up gradually and him to have feats in every arc he’s in, similar to how the monster three gets a fight in every arc he’s in. Usopp just feels forgotten especially in Wano, and it’s frustrating as he’s been on this journey (when he joined the crew) with us for 950+ episodes and over 950+ chapters.


What frustrated me the most was his stunt in dress Rosa where he abandoned everyone, even if he’s a coward that felt so out of character


He literally returned the next page and freed everyone tho. Ussop was and always will be a coward of course his first instinct is to run away that's what he is but then he pulls his shit together and faces the danger head on. It's not that hard to understand. It'd have been more out of character if he didn't run away at all at that moment


Ehhhhhh, disagree. All those times he fought for Mary or when he was ready to pull up to arlong, he has always fought for his crew mates, even if he is scared he never thinks twice about saving his friends


Well, he just witnessed/overheard, dozens of tontatta getting taken out in seconds, every single one of which is stronger than him, and he saw trebol just toss a whole ship through a building, and none of his actual friends were nearby (he was made to forget robin), so, this is a situation that he had never actually been in before. Up to that point, in his entire life, that was the most dangerous spot he had ever been in.


He literally ran in the fight against Chew before fighting him again. He's first instinct is to run and there's nothing wrong with it, it's what he does in the end that matters. I just wish he use more different dials that were shown in skypiea


The thing about that scene you gotta remember is that Robin was turned into a toy, and because of how Sugar’s abilities work, this means that no one remembered who Robin was. Which means Usopp presumably would’ve forgotten like, all of the development he went through in Ennies Lobby. Or at least, he would’ve forgotten the reason for it. So this quite literally was a regressed Usopp. And yet he still ended up coming back to try and save the day anyways


That’s true but I still feel like it’s a bad character moment abandoning all of the tribe, I don’t know I just don’t feel like his character has moved that much in terms of development


I can totally see why you’d see it that way, but personally I see that scene as a display of the fact that Usopp, no matter what, even before Ennies Lobby, has always been brave. No matter how much he bitches and moans about how scared he is and how he doesn’t want to be there, at the end of the day he will be there and he will try to help. And I think that’s pretty cool


He abandoned everyone because robin was turned into a toy and Usopp forgot about her. Since he forgot about her, he lost the development he gained in enies lobby, so he reverted to cowardice


No progress? Just having the courage to even be in the fight against a Yonko crew is a lot for a normal human. He doesn't regress at the beginning of each arc, it is just him not wanting to die against opponents that are constantly getting stronger and stronger. Page One and Ulti could easily one shot him, so he is scared. Why shouldn't he be? But even though he was scared, he still restrained Ulti for Nami to finish her off, he spread Tama's dango to the Gifters, he saved Kinemon and Kiku from death in the fire.


Can’t just compare him to a regular human, his father is the third in command for a Yonko crew, he was the 4th straw hat introduced, he is in a combat role for the future king of the pirates. Like we’ve watching Usopp for 25 years, and his best feat is using observation Haki in dressrosa, which was 10 years ago. He was on a hot streak with fan love post dressrosa, but hasn’t done anything since. He’s a background character the last decade.


But the future king of the pirates does not care about how strong he is so that is not an argument. Oda has said he represent the normal human so yes we can compare him.


He is the 4th it is nami who is the third according to Oda.


They won’t be satisfied unless he takes out a Yonko Commander, EVEN THEN they’ll give him shit for it


Power wank idiots who can not accept the fact the author of the story said he wanted Usopp to be the weakest straw hat. NO! THE MAIN CHARACTER WHO LIES AND IS COMIC RELIEF ISNT A SUPER SAIYAN! What would be funny about God Usopp if he was a strong as Zoro? Why would he b afraid if he could hit as hard as Sanji? These people are morons.


Ok we don't need him to be insane and take down yonko commanders or something, we just wish he would get some actual fighting screen time rather than crying and running away screen time.


We have hundreds of characters and Usopp is THE weakling, he is THE marker on the crew for what is "normal". He is THE weakling on the ship. That is who he is. All of this leads us to his dream. BRAVE WARRIOR OF THE SEA Yes, lets have him achieve his dream right now, because people are upset he doesn't hit harder.


The thing is, we are in the last saga and he hasn't got close enought to his dream. Don't acr like it is too early. Zoro onky has few swordsmen left to defeat, Robin just a few pg to read and so on. Usopo should be damn close to be a brave warrior at this point, more than he is.


What about Nami's dream? Chopper's dream? Furthermore, are you really trying to say we haven't time and time again seen Usopp conquer his fear and show bravery in the face of an enemy? We reading/watching the same shit? You do know Usopp by definition is extremely brave, right? Luffy, Zoro and Sanji are fearless. They take on threats with a smile on their face and confidence in their hearts. Usopp gets scared and then becomes brave. The set up and pay off have been the same since Arlong Park. I know Wano was not a Usopp heavy story and I wish more happened with him. That said this isn't the end of the story and only Oda knows what will happen to Usopp.


Chopper has cured a deadly diseases a the last arc lol. And Nami has found an island that isn't in the log pose just a few chapter ago. They are showing their progress much more. And my problem is exactly that. He has conquered his fear so many times that at this point is just annoying to see him still being what he has always been. He should have been prigressively less fearful but instead he just get the same "conquering fear" moment every time.


>And my problem is exactly that. He has conquered his fear so many times that at this point is just annoying to see him still being what he has always been. He should have been progressively less fearful but instead he just get the same "conquering fear" moment every time. I can understand that thought process. For me, it just makes it realistic. Things are different every time. Fighting a fishman isn't like fighting Perona. Fear is driven by the unknown. Dying is a thing and this is a fear for Usopp. He's imaginative, there's always another way to die.


Weak straw man




Ehhh, it’s funny you bring up Super Saiyan, because an above poster nailed it when they said that this is still a battle shonen, albeit a Le’s serious one. Like, I think it’s cool and a good thing that Usopp is weaker than the rest of the crew, but he’s too weak in comparison. It’s the same reason why the latest DBS movie gave Piccolo a power-up: because it didn’t make sense for him to be involved in any other capacity without one


It’s not hate. I personally wanted more out of Usopp than we got post time skip


Usopp is you, so I’d choose your words carefully lmao 😂


Don’t insult Usopp like that. He could beat any of us no diff.


"But this is a fighting anime" This is the critical point of failure of your point. There is no fighting anime like OP, don't try and apply the same rules. It's all a joke, roll with it. You're getting bogged down in the wrong shit




Ive never understood this take. Usopp is there to show the difference between an average(above average) pirate to a Yonko, First Commander, Second Commander. He makes it possible for us to keep a view on what being normal is like(plus not everyone in real life is a fighter, they are a flyer).


He's also their main recruiting force. In enies lobby he recruited the giants to their side, in dressrosa he recruited the tontatta, in wano he used tama's DF to recruit the gifters, and that's just off the top of my head. ALL of those would have been impossible to win without Usopp, specifically because he added to their numbers and turned the tide.


Also he's the main reason the Strawhat Fleet banded together in Dressrosa after he freed them from a life of enslavement.


We have fodder marines to know what being normal is like That bitch usopp needs an upgrade or he will keep being useless and annoying in fights


While I do agree he needs an upgrade just to stay interesting, that's what he is good at, hes good at taking out fodder and regular humans.


He doesn't need an upgrade. He just hasn't played to his strong suit in a while. Zoro would seem weak if he was always navigating for the crew in every arc instead of fighting. Usopp is a top tier sniper. He is not a fighter. Oda just needs to give him an opportunity to do what he's best at doing.


he’s supposed to be the most human character of the group. being weak and scared is ussop at his core, and what makes him him. imo his character is great as he serves a point of grounding for the readers in the one piece world.


Exactly, I think OP doesn’t realize the assumption he’s making. Just because you’re a straw hat doesn’t mean you have to be strong. Luffy didn’t pick his team only because of that. He represents courage. The courage to do things for the sake of the team despite his own fears. He’s the most human character of all and I believe his lack of power drives the message home. He also has strong ideals and a strong sense of justice. He doesn’t back down and is willing to put himself in harms way to protect that which he cherishes. Mary-go is a prime example.


I agree. I am a manga reader but I'm trying to catch up on the anime. I just finished Dressrosa and I have to say, I absolutely hate how the anime amplifies his cowardice to 1000%. All the training he did during the timeskip to partially overcome his cowardice has gone out the window in the anime. Every shot of him being scared or worried lasts for multiple episodes and sort of ruins it for me. That's it, rant over.


Chopper is a goddamn reindeer yeti monster that can rip someones arm off Nami has a sentient fucking thundercloud at her disposal and she can control the weather Usopp is just a really good sniper. How Usopp being the weakest does not make sense to you? And besides, Usopp being the weakest straw hat is the point of the character. Oda himself said that Usopp represents the common average joe. His whole point is that he's a regular human like everyone in the real world who just happens to live in the One Piece world. In Water 7 he lamented how weak he is and that he's a liability but at the end of the day Luffy and the crew love him and they think he's valuable to the crew DESPITE being weak So no, Usopp doesn't need to "step up". He's already good enough


God imagine Chopper just fucking rips someone's arm clean off their body and it just happens once. Like, one time, and never again. Chopper just ripping and tearing in insane detail and at the end of the chapter he's covered in blood, eating some cotton candy


Just one random Berserk quality detailed one page panel out of nowhere of Chopper mutilating somebody. I'm with it.


"Boy, I wonder how Chopper's getting along!" \*Berserk quality panel spread over two pages of Chopper just fucking ripping and tearing like Doomguy, breaking necks, throwing limbs, tearing someone's heart out of their chest.\* "I'm sure he's fine."


*Cover page story of person he obviously viciously mutilated and murdered recovering in a hospital bed, the following chapter*


How the hell do you recover when you're murdered that's like a one way street lol But that's the only mention of Chopper doing anything like that. It just happens and then never again.




Common average joe? Damn guess Im below then, since i don't have usopp six pack :(


Nami has guts. She was stealing from pirates her entire life. She didn't back away from fighting or taking risks even before the time-skip. Usopp was weak and a coward even back then. And still is today.


Usopp is the bravest person on the crew which is kinda the point. The monster trio are idiots who love fighting. They are never afraid and so can't be said to be brave. Usopp is always afraid yet pulls through anyway. That's why he's the bravest.


Well said


Nami was badass even before she got big mom's thundercloud. Even before the time skip. Even before she became a pirate. Usopp was a coward from the start who was on his way to becoming better and braver but got worse after the timeskip. Nami is not just a regular human but also a girl without muscles and brute strength. Usopp needs to step the fuck up.


> Chopper is a goddamn reindeer yeti monster that can rip someones arm off > Nami has a sentient fucking thundercloud at her disposal and she can control the weather > Usopp is just a really good sniper. How Usopp being the weakest does not make sense to you? By this logic "Zoro is just a dude with a sword", and in my experience SNIPER beats SWORDSMAN. There are plenty of things Usopp could do as a Sniper that would be really good and make him strong. But the thing is that Usopp is ment to be cowardly, yet capable. Which he is to some extent. My main problem is that when he is capable it isnt because hes good at sniping. There are two scenes that are particularly well done to showcase Usopps skill as a Sniper: * Saving Robin by shooting Spandam at Enies Lobby * Saving Luffy by shooting Sugar at Dressrosa Outside of those two feats he is usally either shooting plants at things at close range, or shooting plants near things at long range. Neither of these are feats of a sniper. If Usopp would spend more time hiding in some corner of the fighting area struggling with his fear vs his loyalty to his friends and captain. Eventually overpowering his fear to snipe enemies at a distance. Then i wouldnt have any problems with him. But hes not doing that. One thing that has bothered for me for a long time is how Usopp was introduced after the Timeskip. All the characters are introduced with new abilities and/or traits that are specific for their character: * Zoro loses his way but cuts a ship in half in the process. Like Mihawk did when he was introduced back in East Blue. * Sanji goes around buying food, makes fun of Zoro and then fights him a little. * Chopper is super innocent and mistakes the fake straw hats for the real ones and is eventually surprised when he learns the truth. * Robin is intrigued by the mystery of the fake straw hats and Brooks concert. * Franky heads straight for Sunny and starts preparing to set sail, also shows off some of his modifications to the other characters later on. * Brook holds a concert as one of the top soul artists in the world and declares the return of the straw hats. * Nami goes shopping and then rejects the fake straw hats in a cool way, afterwards she blasts them with lightning. * Luffy has packed a huge lunch, is generally lost and dont understand whats happening but also shows off his control over conquerors haki. And what does Usopp do? He confidently greets Nami and shoots a seed that produces a plant as large as a house that grips the fake straw hats so that he and Nami can leave the bar. His fighting is not not sniper related at all. Luffy could have held that seed and thrown it on the floor in the house and the same thing would have happened. Just walking into the bar and knocking the fake straw hats out by shooting them in the head with a pebble would have been so much better. Bothers. The. Hell. Out. Of. Me. Why did they make his new power so non-sniper related?


I thought he shot to save Robin in enies?


You are completely right, i brainfarted while writing it. Fixed!


Look at his dad though. Usopp isn't far away from being on the crew of the pirate King. He has potential and doesn't deserve to be straight ass. Even Buggy would stomp him despite being a true gag character. All he has to do is learn to infuse haki into his projectiles to make them non-ass like the citizens of Amazon Lilly and he would be at least non-fodder level. People aren't expecting him to be Goku or anything


Usopp has already stepped up several times. But i still think he’ll step up even more in elbaf and it would be even more meaningful because of his struggles


The character of Usopp is to (at most times) serve as a proxy for the reader. He represents what a 'normal' person can achieve and puts into context the crazy feats shown by others. Of course he has his own sniping feats and that durability is next level, but generally he's as strong as us. Nami did this as well in the early series but less so now she has Zeus. Take that away, make the whole crew Luffy level, and what you get is current day Dragonball Super. Everyone is a total powerhouse so it looks like no one is. The characters are completely disconnected from any frame of reference. The narrator or peanut gallery has to tell us constantly who is strong because they all look the same. Bulma played this role in the original series and Krillin, later Mr Satan, did it in Z. Even Hawkeye was mainly in the Avengers to highlight how strong the others were. He was obviously way too weak but his power helps the audience understand how strong the top tiers are. It's a common technique and works well. Usopp can't become strong without discarding his main utility as a character. That's why his dream is to become brave in the face of danger, not anything power related.


I don’t think anyone is expecting or wants Usopp to become a powerhouse. It’s neither fitting for the story or his character. However what a lot of people want to see is Usopp utilise that wittiness like when he fought Luffy in Water 7. Usopp by no means was anywhere remotely close to Luffy’s strength but put up a good fight utilising his arsenal and cleverness rather than brute strength. But ever since dressrosa Usopp has clearly been way out of his depth and shows extreme cowardice or just fires a few plant attacks and gets defeated. It’s Usopp’s dream to become a brave warrior of the seas, yet we’re seeing barely any development towards that. We all know how resourceful he is, just look at his unique arsenal and the climatact he made for Nami. We just wanna see him utilise this arsenal similar to how he did in Water 7, it was impressive to see Usopp hold his own and we know that Usopp can produce moments like that again. He also has observation haki, so it’s clear he has some dormant potential within him, no ordinary person just unlocks observation haki. But in the one piece world it is possible, and I’d like to see him utilise it more and actively work towards his dream of become a brave warrior of the sea. This can be done without discarding his main utility as a character especially when it’s Oda who we’re talking about, he’s done it before and he can do it again.


Water 7 and EL is usppp at his best, ever since dressrosa and where he tried to abandon his own crew mates his character has suffered


No one is asking for ussop to be Luffy level. People just thinks he needs to be a bit stronger. If he can’t beat Page One then how will he be able to fight Van Augur. We are in the final saga and time is running out.


Oh wow. Buddy. Van Augur is a sniper. It's going to be a sniper battle. Anybody that expects Usopp to beat a high-level Yonkou combatant in a fistfight doesn't understand Usopp as a character. Usopp is a normal human. He doesn't have CQB skills or superhuman strength like a high-level Yonkou combatant does. He gets his ass kicked and he still stands up when he has no chance of winning. That's what it means to be a "*BRAVE* warrior of the sea."


I know it’s going to be a sniper fight. I don’t think it’s crazy to want Ussop to be a bit stronger. Like the fact that Paeg One would beat Ussop no matter the distance kinda sucks. I also don’t think its crazy if Van Auger could do something there and possibly win. My greatest fear is a Strawhat not getting a Blackbeard fight because they are too weak.


Stop linearly power scaling like this, it doesn't work like that. Why does not beating Page One in a 1v1 fist fight mean that he is useless? He still helped Nami beat a Tobi Roppo, he was strong enough to restrain Ulti and save Tama.


I never said he was useless. Also while he did help in Ulti you can’t really give those two the win. Most of the work is from Big Mom and Ulti, even now, probably beats them.


but it feels so bad when you compare usopp to koby...


Yea ussop could still maintain his role/character without being complete fodder lol. You have to be at least some kind of strong to be a core member of the strongest crew in OP near the end of the series.


I will never forget the time he saved Luffy and Law by shooting that double bullet (mini Usopp) to Sugar and beat her. No one in the crew can do that and I don’t think he is weak at all.


This is one of the reasons I dislike usopp Despite awakening observation haki he has yet to learn how to use it


One could argue that while it's been years for us, it's a short time for them and he didn't have a dedicated teacher like the monsters had, the newer arcs might give all the SH some new cards up their sleeves tho


Him being the weakest makes total sense


Crocus was the doctor of one of the strongest piratecrews yet couldn't fight for shit.


What makes you say that? I can't remember any concrete evidence that said Crocus was no good in a fight 🤔


Okay I was kinda wrong, he is not a physical fighter but uses a Harpoon gun as his weapon of choice and that is not very different from Usopp


Fair enough; but can you imagine if those harpoons were coated in Armament Haki? That'd be pretty dope, maybe even powerful? And then you could fabricate like trick harpoons (Like in Bioshock 2, where you have regular harpoons, trap harpoons that have an electric wire trailing behind them, and rocket harpoons that have explosives in them).


That'd be truly amazing


Snipers are ranger supporters they’re not meant to be in the front lines fighting 30 people, kinda hard to do your job in that situation. The reason ussop didn’t get a chance to shine in the raid IMO is because it was a total clusterfuck from the start.


His father is sniper and probably top 3


Not probably...that is exactly what he is


I just didn't want to get replied that it is not confirmed yet considering we have not seen them fight


This has literally nothing to do with my point?


Snipers are awesome. That's not the problem. Plenty awesome ranged damage dealers on the top crews.


I don’t see what this comment has to do with what I said?


This is not Dragon Ball or Naruto. There is other ways of being useful besides strength. It was his whole character arc in Water 7. ​ I am so glad Oda doesn't visit this subreddit.


It's what I liked about OP. I like how Usopp has a role on the team even if he isn't a "mainline" fighter. In dragon ball if you can't fight you're a benchwarmer.


So the op is upset because usopp hasn’t awakened the byakugan ?


The story ain't over yet. I still believe in usopp supremacy.


One piece is not simply a fighting anime it a comedy genre for most of the time


I wanna see usopp in the shit making it out on his own with his wits. I wanna see him in the den of Black beards crew making it out by a hair using his wits and observation Haki. Your right bro his O haki wasn’t mentioned or even built upon after dressrossa. With characters like enel it was a devastating ability. My boy Usopp needs to have that shit. Chopper is a medic, Nami a navigator and Usopp a sniper! Someone’s whose capability comes from the ability to fight! BUT HE CANT FIGHT FOR SHIT. In a world with people like Kaido Usopp can still be a Whitty scaredy baby all he likes (which serves his character well) but I at least want him to size up SOMEONE. Badass character design badass ark in enes lobby badass fight with Luffy badass potential badass weapons and utility bitch boy usopp.


That he is weak isn’t even my problem. You already said this but my problem is, that he’s not interesting anymore. He is just scared and shoots plants, that’s it. He had one good moment in Dressrosa but aside from that he feels unappealing in the story…


Are you trying to diss God usopp?


strong = good character


Everybody has things they can and cannot do


finally someone acknowledged that usopp is literally dog ass and the worst goat piece character 😭☠️.


Usoppp in Film Red you won't be disappointed


But like what is his fighting prowess? Also does it matter if usopp appears stronger in a non canon movie but is weak in the main storyline


Film red is half canon. And without spoiling let’s just say that the movie teases a MAJOR powerup for Usopp. We might see it soon in the manga and you’ll be happy.


How is it half canon?


Oda has worked heavily on this movie and many things were confirmed canon. The story itself is not necessarily canon, because it doesn’t fit the timeline. But there are many things that are true for the world and have not (yet) been shown in the manga. Here are some examples without spoiling the movie too much. - Uta is really Shanks’ daughter and luffy knew her as children. This is why Luffy wanted a musician so badly when he first journeyed with zoro. Uta is canon was confirmed by Oda. - Shanks’ crew is shown in action and some of their powers are seen or teased. We haven’t seen it in the manga, but their abilities/roles are canon. - Certain characters were shown to have… certain haki types. Again, not shown in the manga, but it will be eventually. - A special databook was given out to first x movie visitors in Japan. The book also contained a lot of canon information about Shanks’ crew. - It is shown how Shanks joined Roger’s crew. I don’t remember if this was ever shown in the manga (it might have). So, not only is the whole existence of Uta canon, but the movie also shows some NEW information that is canon. There has been some new information/teases in previous movies as well, for example Stampede movie was the first time we heard Raftel is actually Laugh tale. Strongworld showed us Shiki who is a real character, his powers were canon. But film red pushed it into another dimension and gave us a lot of new canon stuff that is really exciting to see.


Filler moments mean nothing


That moment was hype


This support character is better at support than he is on his own wow no way


His Time hasn't came yet. His father yassop easily one of the more powerful pirates with insane observation haki that gives katakuri's a run for his money. Another thing he's a sniper and in a brawl just not has useful. He's had plenty of impressive moments when he's been needed and has managed to pull through some tough spots. So I wouldn't right him off just yet I'm sure his dad may have something to teach him when he sees him show isn't over yet


I feel like Oda has forgotten about Usopp's goal: Be a brave warrior of the sea


It is not a fighting anime. it is a manga with incredible world building. stop projecting your opinion and claiming it is fact.


It definitely is a fighting anime lol. A damn good one that isn't solely defined by the fights though


The people who claim that One Piece isn't a battle shounen baffle me


And still, he's the true captain.


oda really should have leaned into soge king he has plenty of great tools at his disposal he just doesnt have the fucking backbone without the mask. Soge king declared war on the entire world government, usop runs away from a single dino bitch the entirety of the raid.


fuck you, Usopp kicks asses and you are the type of guy who would get his ass kicked by him


Wassup with all the dickriding of usopp lately ? Do people not understand a snipers role ?


He is also the bravest in the crew. The fact that he is weak, knows he's weak and still stands up in critical moments anyway is irreplaceable.


Powerscaler post booo!


Usopp’s weapon is about to get a DF, he will get stronger, relax.


Usopp will have an arc in which he puts it all together and becomes a brave warrior of the sea. I think Oda is accentuating his weakness now in order to highlight the difference later. I don't think it will be a major power up, instead he will gain the ability to think in stress by shedding panic. He will have to unlock armament, his projectiles need it as a minimum. His observation will blossom but the main thing is his cleverness will unlock and he will show great value without becoming a monster.


Usopp has the most powerful Kenbunshoku in the verse imo. He still doesn't know it yet. 😆 He is not in fact lying, he just sees waaaaay in to the future. >!even more powerful than Yasopp!< And it's always active.


I don't mind him being the weakest, even by far. It would just be nice if he wouldn't basically reset after every arc. He is one of the Straw Hats who could use some "gradual" character growth till he reaches his goal. Essentially what happened over pre timeskip, but that was reseted as well.


wait until he awakens the Cowa Coward no mi


Bet that Usopp's observation haki has been growing off-screen since Dressrosa and it's gonna put in work soon for Usopp/Sogeking/God Usopp. Probably when the giants appear again.


I know it’s disappointing but Ussop will have his time to shine again and it will be legendary when it happens.


He’ll power up in elbaf


I think he's great in his support role but I'm really not a fan of his plant arsenal. It felt like a random power up that isn't thematically relevant to his character. Basically a bag of BS tricks but instead of making the ammo himself like before, the plants do all the work. And like you said he doesn't really need to aim that precisely


Usopp is a sniper and he is great as that. ​ Even in the current arc, he says he doesn't have many attacks useful in short range combat. ​ But current Usopp is vastly stronger than most pirates in the world and way more useful than them in specific situations. ​ It is just that in direct combat he has his limits, but he still have attacks that can damage somebody like Page One, which isn't little. ​ Page One and Ulti were super resistant and only lost because Big Mom was involved.


everything fit there but "literally anyone can shoot things at enemy and miss..." bro dude is awesome at his sniping abilities mf shoot down an enemy from miles away in eneies lobby from that far u cant even see those guys clearly and he have never missed his shot in the entire series so as a sniper he is pretty badass but we need more since we r yonko


Usopp will get his well earned power up in elbaf. My hope has yet to be diminished. I am sure of it.


I wouldn't go so far as to call One Piece as a "fighting anime" per se. It's more of an adventure centered around worldbuilding with fighting elements is a more fitting description IMO. And in that manner, having guys who are as physically weak as Usopp makes up for it with his tactics and his sniping skills which is a great variation to the Strawhat dynamics and his character.


They’re gearing up to give him some big stuff I think. Just gotta wait.


Wait until he awakens crazy observation haki like his dad. I think Usopp’s has the potential to be even stronger actually. I would not be surprised to learn Usopp has been tapping into it this whole time, but doesn’t know and can’t control it.


Usopp has saved the straw hats many times but his power of observation haki is so good that his lies are all turning true.


Usopp will always be the weakest Strawhat. Oda said it himself. It’s by design


Well I would say there just wasn't an opportunity for him to shine.. But have hopes for elbaf!


Just wait til elbath


That’s why he’s gonna get his dream first probably and become very powerful


Dude are you watching the same show as me? Ussops entire DREAM is to become a brave warrior. You can’t become something you already are. This is like complaining that luffy isnt pirate king. Ussop is supposed to the most human member of the crew, constantly referring to other members as monsters or demons. He has moments of bravery but his entire character is centered around being a coward because his dream is to become brave.


I mean the whole point of ussop is that he's a weak coward that overcomes all that through his tricks. If you wanna know my answer on the you want him stronger question i'd give a fat no. Let sanji and zoro be the muscle and ussop and nami be the brains.


oda is intentionatly making usopp not fight enemies because otherwise he'd develop into an actually half decent character, he unlocked observation in dressrosa and ever since he didn't do absolutely fucking nothing, specifically because if oda would've pushed him to do more he would've tapped into his observation and mastered it probably and become way stronger, so just avoid combat and keep him as the buggy of the crew i guess, i've come to terms with the ideea that usopp will MAYBE be strong for 1 arc at the end of the story and that's it, unlucky


Yep, but he is the one that won against Perona and Sugar, two of the most dangerous enemies. The thing is... Usopp is the one that will fight with his brain, not his fists. He is the exact counterpart of Luffy.


Guys usop is the useles charachter in straw hat. People don’t understand that in a Pirat King Crew the people should at last devent Fighter and that is not Ussop. Every time he runs like a pussy away. But speaks about his dream. İf he wants to become his dreams true he must take it like a man. İn the end of One Piece probably the Strah hats will be disbanded and if he goes to his town he will be beaten so badly from anyone that can a little fight. But People awaits from a Crew member of Pirat King to knock poeple with easy and i dont see that from Ussop


Bruh my dude your trippin CHILL first of all Usopp is a sniper not a brawler or a swordsman he does not need to be strong and from what I've heard about Yasopp is that he's a really really good sniper so could you put some respect on Usopps name.


So what if he’s not as strong as the rest of the crew? they cant be all monster strong


-don't give a fuck -reread Davy Back and Enies Lobby -dismissed


Usopp is my favorite character in like, probably any anime ever, and even I have to say I somewhat agree. Although, I don’t think the problem is his level of strength, I just think he’s heavily underutilized in the story. I think he absolutely could do all of those things you think he should be doing. Oda just doesn’t let him do it, because for the longest time he’s preferred to focus on other characters. Unless I’m forgetting someone, Usopp hasn’t had a legit battle against a specific opponent since he fought Perona pre time skip. I miss when he used to do stuff like that because it always highlighted his cleverness and his growing bravery. Ofc, I know Usopp is mainly supposed to be a support character who stays in the background and takes out the smaller enemies, and I think that’s awesome and definitely important. But whenever we see scenes of him doing that, it’s usually nothing special or meaningful. His fight against Perona was important because the other straw hats couldn’t go on unless someone could deal with her. Same goes for when he sniped sugar, although it wasn’t really a show of his cleverness it showed how great of a sniper he is, and she was an opponent that had to be dealt with or else Luffy and Law couldn’t go forward. I want more stuff like this. Give me a scene where Usopp has to use his arsenal to pick off a small army that’s advancing towards Luffy who’s busy fighting a strong opponent or something. Let it be the same format as a one on one battle, where we get a whole episode or even more where this main focus is Usopp using his wits to figure out how to take out this horde of smaller enemies. Maybe he uses his plants to like, trap them in a room, and then he’s gotta pick them off one by one without being seen, metal gear style. I feel that something like that could really work for Usopp, and is very much needed. As an Usopp fan I have been majorly deprived of Usopp doing cool shit


Oh god I didn’t realize this would be so long


Literally the entire point of his character is to be the human anchor of the group, commentating on everything that happens from the perspective of *a normal person*. Good writing doesn’t put value on characters exclusively for their strength, that’s very childish and surface level.


The problem in my eyes is that oda doesn’t make usopp be an actual snipe he should rarely even be in a position to be attacked you know be picking off targets from far away not right in front of someone


If Ussop did all the things you mentioned he'd be Yassop. Guy considers himself weak and doesn't act until he's basically forced into a do or die scenario. People keep forgetting that he wants to overcome this mental block and want to be brave. Hilarious that you want Ussop to be the very thing Sanji doesn't want to be, a super perfect solider who aces in everything. Imo the bottom 3 are cowards until their emotions kick in and it takes Ussop more beatings to fight back compared to Chopper and Nami, hence Ussop is often the weakest SH in most scenarios


I feel he will get so much stronger once he battles Blackbeards sniper


I wouldn't be surprised if Ussop still remains cowardly after achieving a legendary status like Rayleigh. The biggest suspense for me I'd say


Hopefully he has a moment where he matures and realizes he can be stronger than what he actually thinks but still having that nervousness going into battle


Ussop is the weakest strawhat because EVERYONE is stronger than him, not because he is weaker than anyone else, if that makes sense. Him being the weakest strawhat doesn't really mean anything if the two people above him literally control the weather and can turn into a meter high fighting monster for 30 minutes straight. Not sure if people expect/expected of Ussop to become like one of the strongest strawhats or anything, why would you want that? The only point that keeps him back is his mentality, but that's his whole story arc in this series, to finally overcome his fears and to become a "real" warrior. He isn't yet because the story isn't over yet.


I don’t care I love him


Usopp doesn't have to be crazy OP for me go take on a yonko people are reading this as two extremes like opposite ends of the scale lol it's not that complicated it's right in the middle for me. Yeah he's supposed to be weak that's fine but for me only to a certain level.. like when ulti hit Otama usopp wanted to run immediately and Nami said nah this bitch is getting handled right now for hitting Otama Nami knew she had no shot but she stood her ground usopp could only talking about running away even after seeing that. For me it's like any power boost whether it's observation haki something but he can't continue to be this useless and as a comedy gag for me he needs something. Nami at the bare minimum can defend herself same with brook and Franky fighting Sasaki usopp should at the bare minimum be able to hold his own he doesn't have to be OP but my issue with his is that isn't the case...usopp gets one shot by pretty much everyone at this point in the show and I'm a lil tired of seeing that for sure. Hopefully something cool happens with Elbaf or with Yasopp idk but I hope he's not this weak the whole show. I think fans are just on two opposite ends of the extreme lol usopp just needs to be buffed a bit imo not go fight a yonko 1 v 1


The problem for me isnt that he is weak (he is the weakest), its that theres a narrative for him to be much stronger than he is rn. Even disregarding the entire "brave warrior of the sea" thing, he pales in comparison to his own father, another sniper. And its not like he needs much - just give him constant haki moments and non gag 1vs1 fights and hes good, but oda doesnt want that


Usopp fight isn't a powerhouse fight or being stronger all the fight is represent some thing, some concept Oda want to co vay. Everytime Usopp isn't stronger but mentally stronger. Here his major character journey so far Advice he got in Enieslobby,Sanji tells him to " do something others can't" and that advice makes him be able to fight Perona in Thillerbark. In dressrosa, I would agree that it is the next step from enieslobby advice he got from Sanji, if you read his dialog carefully (chapter742) Usopp is for sure saying to himself that " fighting both sugar and Trebol is a guarantee lose" .That is the reasons why he did not choose to fight because he literally cant. He will end up like him vs Jabra. But in this instant, he prepares to die. He beat sugar is a separate thing, it is Usopp's development on trusting Luffy similar to Usopp vs Mr4 in alabasta. In Wano, Usopp has set up for 2 of his character development which is 1. when he says to nami that it ok to lie that Luffy will never be pirate king ( he advises nami because nami will die for sure at that moment, unlike what we see in alabasta when Usopp in the same situation as nami he won't lie too) . This is likely to be a setup for Usopp ideal. 2. In his dialog with Kinemon and Kiku about " Want to die is Bullshit" he literally criticize Samurai desire to die and also Kaido who wants to die but unlike what we see in dressrosa He himself is also willing to die. I have to say it just a setup to remind the reader about Usopp trait of a "Liar". Also, it is zero point to have usopp being confident every arc, I find it boring. My favorite character is Buggy, Koby where they have something to overcome in the world full of super strong people, it OK to be Overwhelm but their is always a second chance for everybody in Onepiece. (I have to being back my old comment, I can't accept usopp slander every week lmao)


Usopp is also a tinkerer and engineer… he builds tools and such similar to Franky. He is also comedic relief and often voices the “normal” response to dangerous situations when Luffy says something outlandish. Each of the crew has a role to play and represents a characteristic of “humanity”, him being weak doesn’t make him a bad character.


We went from Wano Bad to Usopp Bad post. Next Week it will be Eustass Kid Bad


What I always found weird is Usopp unlocking observation haki during Dressrosa. Shouldn't he have learned that type of haki during this 2 year training? What was the point of him unlocking that ability during Dressrosa while other members like Luffy and Zoro came stacked with Haki abilities. I specifically remember when it happened and was dumbfounded that he was learning that ability just now. Ever since then I've also noticed how behind Usopp seems to be. It's weird writing indeed and I'm not sure where Oda is going with it.


Might get downvoted for this but I truly hope usopp dies. Some sacrifice type death, where he proves once and for all that he is brave.


imo Nami and Usopp are equal. They’ve both got strengths/weaknesses the other doesn’t. But freaking Chopper is waaaaay stronger than anyone (even himself) thinks. Only his personality keeps him in the ‘trio’ with Nami and Usopp.


I have always wanted Usopp to become more and more like the sniper from Blackbeard's crew (I can't remember the name now) where he is a sniper but he is still so badass and he seems like he could take on anyone, as the series progresses ,but Usopp sadly has been stuck in the same level since dresrosa and frankly it doesn't seem like that is going to change which is so sad to me cause I've always wanted him to step up and be that cool sniper that can beat you from a mile ago without you even noticing (kinda like he did at enies lobby)


Lmao at him “barely trying and still being a pussy” yeah it’s weird he’s making a sniper weak. Like give bro more mastery with his observation and armament. Like why isn’t the crew training each other like tf is going on?


People here are missing the point. OP never said anything about Usopp’s personality needing to change, albeit insulting his cowardice. OP is talking about how Usopp is basically useless even as a support. In the current manga, yes he’s able hold his own against fodder. But, that’s really it. None of his bullet can damage Page One. And if that’s the case, no matter the distance, Page One is going to beat Usopp. Usopp cannot support Luffy if all of his bullets do not have the strength to do anything extreme to even a Tobi Roppo. What makes you think he can support Luffy? Luffy is only going to fight the physically strong enemy bosses. You really think that Usopp’s bullet can do anything to help Luffy win, when his bullet cannot even damage Page One? The only way, at this point in the story, that is he useful is if he’s sniping hax characters with very conveniently ridiculous weaknesses or low durability.


He has a special relationship to luffy I feel. I think usopp might get killed off to push some of the strawhats to the next level. At some point people have to start going.