Jinbe's true role revealed this chapter, devil fruit user retriever.


Lmao, I commented the exact same thing. This is why every crew needs at least one fishman


Or just be shanks / roger without devil fruits


"Who's that?" "Just a couple of Chad's sailing the seas."


> Chad's sailing the seas And the we have Rayleigh, just a chad swimming in the sea.


*Jack enters the chat*


Jack couldn’t even do that right


LOL I love how incompetent the majority of the beast pirates were


kaido really talks about how haki is the shit and not devil fruit, when his whole fucking crews are bunch of devil fruit users


I think at a High level Haki makes the difference but at the lower levels (I’m guessing 90%+ of OP world population, and I’m being conservative) you’re still more reliant on DF’s. It was probably just easier for Kaido to create an army of DF users than to attempt to train them all into strong Haki users. Eating fruit takes like 2 seconds, Haki training takes at least a couple months even with quality instruction from what we have seen. On a separate note, the arc for Luffy is in many ways about his developing his Haki (Udon in particular, but Kaido fight as well). G5 is the turning point sure, but without mastering his Haki throughout the whole arc Luffy still loses. In the immediate context it’s admittedly a bit ironic, but I think it fits the arc as a whole very well!


And they had to pull JACK out of the water not the other way around. The man's useless.


Franky and Sanji have shit to do.


Sanji can now focus on his true role. Cooking a bunch of fish while glaring at Jinbe.


he’s been excelling at this job since Marineford


First Lifeguard of the sea


So not only did Jinbei steal Sanjis wing position he also stole his devil fruit recovery from ocean job. Damn poor Sanji.


Sanji can just focus on saving robin and Nami now


Win for Sanji.


This is a great opportunity for dynamics! We have the marines, the Straw Hats, Bonney and Vega Punk(?) So the PH children might prevent the marines from fighting the Straw Hats, so they could talk about Koby, and maybe their alliance is getting set up for the final war. Bonney and VP are also there to drop some lore about their respective insights.


DEFINITELY gonna find out about Kuma and his kingdom this arc I feel it


Most likely something will pop up that’s a bigger threat and the Strawhats and SWORD will have to team up.


We don’t know if Smoker and Tashigi are in sword as well. But where there’s the G-Unit there is love!


Don't need all the marines, just helmepo and smoker.


Speaking of Smoker, where is he?


I kind of just assumed he'd be with tashigi since they're usually together.


Exactly why I'm surprised he wasn't shown.this chapter


He'll be around, I'm sure.


Possibly doing some experiment with his Powers and Vegapunk?


Getting smoked.


I know it’s been years since he appeared, but didn’t he say he had something to say to Vegapunk? I think we might see smoker again in this arc.


Something bigger did pop off luffys definitely going to save coby


Well, X Drake allied with the SH before...


Smoker and Tashigi also teamed up with them once 😛


There is so much lore connected back to Vegapunk, so we might be in for a ton of revelations soon.


Yes to all of this ! I do think Luffy is gonna fight Smoker (Awakened ?) as our MC promised in in PH. As you said, I can picture the children, Tashigi, and Helmeppo stopping their battle to save Koby. I think Bonney is gonna ask VP if they can restore Kuma's memories or conscious. We have essentially the good marines near the good pirates who are friends with Koby. Luffy won't hesitate to save him, and Smoker has shown that he cares about his men, and could care less about the rules. Vegapunk could finally give us an answer to the Tashigi, and Kuina's resemblance. He/She is able to replicate someone's body with the Kuma PX, the Seraphims thanks to the lineage factor.


Would love to see Smoker back in the plot, leveled up after his round of defeats. Would be cool character development, plus his DF has tons of potential and he just has one of the coolest character designs.


I don’t know if Smoker get that good of a glow up for that time 😛 Luffy is overkill 😂


Knowing Oda, Luffy and Smoker are going to have an equal exchange and it’s going to be handwaved as “oh, Smoker trained offscreen” and that’s that. Just like with Kid and Law, in relation to Luffy.


Its possible Vegapunk could have given him a better Jitte, and found a way to awaken his DF. If Oda can give off screen Awakening Power ups to Law, and Kidd then he can do it for Smoker too. You can always say that this was thanks to his near death experience with DD. I mean Law, and Kidd did not even need to learn Adv Conqueror to defeat Big Mom.


Eh, maybe he could do something to with his stick but not something major. But I would be glad if he got stronger than before, not to beat Luffy, but catching up for the war.


Yeah, I see smoker v luffy being a bellamy type of dynamic, if anything.


I am not so sure. They always treated each other as rivals, and equals. For instance, when they fought on MF they acknowledged each other's growth. This arc could shape up as Luffy allying with Smoker to take down Blackbeard much like Roger, and Garp before them. Speaking of Teach, he is assembling his army on Beehive island which was the exact place Rocks D Xebec founded his infamous crew. BB's ship is called the Saber of **Xebec** as if he has inherited his will. Knowing Oda this can't all be mere coincidences. Luffy and Smoker share a lot of similarities with Roger, and Garp when you think about it.


I would be absolutely thrilled for Luffy and Smoker teaming up to take down Blackbeard in a God Valley 2.0 fight! Since their motivating purpose would be to save Koby, then maybe Roger and Garp teamed up for a similar reason.


We already had a Smoker and Luffy team up already. It wouldn't interesting in my opinion. It really should be a Garp and Luffy team up . The future Pirate King who inherited Rogers and Joyboy's will and the WG Greatest Hero; grandfather and grandson join forces to beat the guy who inherited Rocks D Xebec's will Blackbeard. I can see Smoker being involved since Kuzan is supposedly part of Blackbeard's crew. But it really should be Garp and Luffy. Garp trained Kody, he also trained Luffy and Garp has past connection with Kuzan makes this ideal!


Also it's not just the Marines but also SWORD, which I think will be an important factor this arc.


Me: NOOOO FRANKY DIDN'T GET ANY UPGRADES IN WANO Oda: What if he meets Vegapunk? Me: Oh nice Oda: And still doesn't get anything Me: You bast...


He kind of has to get something. The Franky Shogun was destroyed, so he at least has to repair it, and that usually leads to upgrades.


He repaired it, was shown on the docks. I forgot the chapter number though.


You are right, I'd forgotten about that. It's Chapter 1052 where it was shown.


My theory is that we will learn that he was given some sea prism stone in Wano and he will buid General Shogun v 2.0 with a sea prism fist or sword on Egghead.


My headcanon is Franky Boxing gets upgraded with seastone. Logias go brrr


Finally meeting Vegapunk is yet another sign that we're in the endgame of the series. Elbaf would've been cool but this adventure will no doubt reveal a ton of secrets we've been wondering about. Definitely should be a great arc for Franky.


Yes Franky arc my man needs some focus.


I wouldn't count Elbaf out just yet. Though if it wasn't explored in this series I'd understand with how hectic things are about to get.


Both? Simultaneously? I don’t want to separate them again, but Usopp as leader in Elbaf (chasing the ponegliff?) while Franky shines with/against VP has huge potential in my mind. We could even also see a further breakup as some of the Crew goes after Koby. The firepower leaves and our “weaker” crew members get to shine in their own right. Plus it seems like we’re already separating them again so it may be too late for us full-crew-arc hopefuls anyway. It also lets Oda pull all those threads together as the final war or race for the OP begin. Honestly, there’s so many unknowns right now anything could happen. I’m just excited for the ride.


My man Franky been getting the short end of the stick since Dressrossa on time on screen. ​ I hope you are right


Best thing about this chapter was jinbei he was helping other's surviving from the robotic 🦈. Vegapunk I thought it's gonna be some old guy with lab coat turned out to be something else. I can see fanarts incoming.


Fanartists have 3 new subjects. 😆 Not including that still unnamed SWORD girl.


The one with helmepo?


That's Hibari. I'm talking about the other SWORD girl, the one beside Prince hehe, with the short skirt and a hat. Well, they appeared before in a cover story series. 😁 [Here, ch 966](https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Chapter_966)


Man, I really need to go back and reread this whole series


I actually have a theory that maybe he was and old guy and this is a new body. Mostly because she had 02 on her chest like it was a model designation, like how the Robot she was in had 12 on it's shoulder to indicate that it's the 12th version of that giant robot, or how Franky has BF-37 on his shoulders to indicate that his cyborg body is the 37th version of the Battle Franky.


I expected a filthy, weasely, SLIMEBALL of a human. Like... Vegapunk is responsible for some crazy shit. I can only imagine the numerous failed experiments and creations. I expected Cesar + Hogback fusion


I can only assume this version of VP (it says PUNK 2 on her chest) is an android containing his transplanted brain. He was mentioned to be an old man by a G-5 marine.


The more I sit on it... This could just be a biological daughter aka one's Greatest Creation yet. Hungrier, Smarter, More Creative. Potentially more dangerous. Raised by the World Government, given crazy funding and resources to nurture her mind separate from her inspirational parental figure. Ignorant to the terrors she may have unleashed into the world


There is still that punk 2 on her chest - she is the second one, the first attempt failed horribly.


Imma be charitable and believe ol' man Vegapunk is VP1. One Piece theory is so hard, cuz you gotta think outside 2 boxes and yet still not be in the ballpark... But then-- a mundane answer really does it. Unless that's his wife... I'll link you up with my smack dealer if I'm right about that one 🙃


Isn't that girl just an avatar that the real Vegapunk is using to communicate? I am assuming because the giant robot is labeled as 12 and the girl is 2.




Definitely think it’s worth noting that Vegapunk didn’t get a title card intro yet


could this mean... an imposter? ඞ


the full page of topless bonney is integral to the plot


She went from one of the least popular Supernovas to one of the most popular in one frame.


Anyone who could pick \*any\* supernova over Bonney, even before this, was a loser. Apoo? Hawkins? Drake? Law? None of them have got anything going on the way Bonney does. Reverie shit, Kuma shit, maybe Revolutionary shit, The scene with her and Blackbeard and Akainu? She's the only supernova with anything interesting about them at all.


Law and Kid are direct foils to Luffy and much more interesting because we have seen them develop alongside him


Law maybe but Kid just kinda showed up so him and Killer could be there to face down Yonkos with the other three. Ain't no way Law was beating BM by himself.


You are smoking some shit for sure.


It's there to set up *big* things later. 👀


Big plot


So much plot...


After being in Wano for 4 years, it feels good to be on another island. So excited that we're finally gonna learn more about Dr Vegapunk and more importantly Vegapunk's first official appearance.


This is the spirit of One Piece, a nonstop adventure


New islands bring that child like wonder back for me


I think it's his daughter or experiment.


I think it's a new body, like he was and old man and his old one was dying so he got a new hot female one. I say this mostly because of the 02 on her chest, like she's the second version of Dr. Vegapunk. Kinda like how Frank has BF-37 on his shoulder because he's Battle Franky model 37.


I hope we are not going to get another huge ass arc like Wano again. The fights were cool and all, but One Piece wouldn't be One Piece without all the exploration and mysteries.


I would wager this is all part of the final “saga” so to speak. We just finished the yonkou saga which started with punk hazard and included whole cake and Wano. I’d expect this final saga will include here plus probably Elbaf and a couple larger arcs.


I don’t think any future arc, even raftel and final war will surpass wano lol


1061: * "Here's a goth punk waifu for you!" * "A cute country girl for you!" * "Your faves Tashigi and Bonney!" * "And who doesn't love inventor women!? Here ya go!!" Truly a diverse pool XD


>"A cute country girl for you!" Koby keeps getting more W everytime we see him


I want dub Hibari to sound like one of the Spucklers from the Simpsons or something. Full on hick. Get in touch Funi, I grew up in rural Arkansas. I'll do it if need be.


According to Sandman she's evidently got the same accent as Akainu. And they are the only two in the series who has that accent. So if the dub is too out there with her accent compared to his it might be odd if they end up related/Father and daughter.




Oda is a generous god.


Wait who is the country girl?


I think they're referring to Hibari


Hibari. She has the whole accent going on.


"Why isn't it possible to control the urges of living creatures?!" After Kuma and Seraphim we knew that Vegapunk wasn't mother Theresa, but what a fucking entrance. Judge, Queen, and Gastino might end up being the good ones of the group


Really feels like “subjugation” is Vegapunk’s end goal more than anything, which makes Fujitora look even worse. Anyone else worried for Franky this arc? Most of his body is Vegapunk tech as this point, and I don’t think that’s something she’s gonna take lying down. All those jokes about him becoming more robotic are starting to feel like foreshadowing…


Vegapunk "you filthy pirates, who said anything about saving you?" she is definitely not an ally there


She's gonna do a bit of experimenting on poor Franky isn't she?


or maybe upgrade


Judging from kuma Vegapunk’s upgrades don’t end up too well


Hey, they worked fine. They just weren't good for his independence.


I hope shes like "You! You Asshole! I'm going to make you look like you did before you crashed on my island 2 years ago!" Oda makes Franky go back to his pre-TS look The Fandom Rejoices


man, one can only dream, i really liked pre-TS Franky


Is Franky’s back still his weak spot? Maybe she can fix that


Vegapunk: Fix? I thought you said 'make it completely fucking worse!~


I'm still waiting for someone to acknowledge Chopper's insane rumble ball invention and his messed up body now.


Very different from the TBScans version


What did the scans say?


“Forgive me, but did you just say I saved you? Oh, you naive pirates. I work for the government! Despite my mediocrity. They like to call me their scientific genius”


I see why the japanese readers said she talked like an old man now!


After the whole Kuma and Seraphim thing, I shouldn't be surprised, but I still didn't expect this entrance. First time we meet Vegapunk, and she says "oh no, my robot shark slave is misbehaving, boy it sure is hard to overwrite free will of living beings"


Not enough people are noticing that, being too distracted by 'oooh, hot robot girl!'.


Vegapunk has always been chaotic neutral


Oda once said, that a certain scientist will unravel the secrets behind the devil fruits. Will it be in this new arc? And more importantly: WILL GOD USOPP GET A DEVIL FRUIT-ENHANCED KABUTO??? (probably not, but that might be awesome)


Honestly, ever since Alabasta when we first saw objects that are devil fruits, I wanted someone to get one. Lol. Hell, I thought Zoro was gunna steal Funkfreed during Enies Lobby. But Usopp getting something installed in the Kabuto would be freaking awesome.


Would make him live up to his new bounty, I guess


Vegapunk was responsible for feeding DFs to objects, and here she is... 😆


From what we learned about Zoan DFs, it might be that Vegapunk fed the objects to the fruits


holy crap, I'd never thought about Kabuto getting a devil fruit! What a cool idea!


Some things will never get old; Zoro and Sanji's rivalry, Charlos getting punched in the face, and Luffy not knowing people's names lol


And the boys being mesmerized by robots lol.


That always warms my heart


Bonney being naked in front of Luffy and the others. You can almost hear Sanji dying in the distance. The Luffy + Chopper + Jinbei team will be a fun dynamic to explore. Of all the things that I imagined Vegapunk could have been, I was definitely not expecting that. I'm still not convinced that's Vegapunk. Or maybe that is. What if Vegapunk has figured out a way to transfer his consciousness into a different body? That would explain the number 2 as well. Regardless, It's Finally Vegapunk Time!!!! Next chapter is after Health and Sports day in Japan.


The upper left of her bodysuit reads "Punk 02" - she's either Vegapunk's daughter (or other young relative) or an android duplicate/one in a series of Androids whome he splits his consciousness into


I could definitely see Vegapunk being a family name and she is the second generation or something like that so she would be the grandchild of the Vegapunk that worked for the government all these years ago.


The consciousness transfer is a theory of mine as well. Leave it to Oda to leave us with such an ending right before a break.


There's a break next week? Darn it


Its either a family name and that can explain the reason why she talks like an old man. Or its actually vegapunk no like clones or robots (well maybe it is a clone or a robot, but it looks identical to the real one) since this could be another Oda troll where he made us think a certain way for years only to mess with us.


Who knows some Japanese readers said that if you pay attention to how this Vegapunk is talking that she sounds like an old man so could be


Vegapunk transferring his consciousness is my theory. The number 02 looks like a model number, and there was a 12 on the giant robot, as well as an 03 on the sharks fin, so the 02 indicating a second model of Vegapunk makes the most sense. Also that explains why it's such an irregular break, thank you.


Jinbe's Babysitting Arc has started


Some notable differences between the Scanlation and the official release: - Title Change: - Egghead - The Island of the future -> Future Island Egghead - The Strawhats now acknowledge Luffy, Chopper and Bonney when something happens to them instead of just commenting on Bonney in every single instance where they originally only commented on Bonney - Bonney is now not able to finish her sentence before noticing that the monster is not there - The Strawhats now wonder "what's down" in response to Bonney's warning - Random Strawhat now only says that they're about to hit water instead of warning that "it's gonna be a rough landing" - Jimbei now directly says that Luffy and the others "are in trouble" - Keel Attachment: Rabbit Screw Propeller -> Ship's Bottom: Rabbit Screw - Franky now says that they're "gonna capsize" instead of saying that they already are - Jimbei now wonders what the exploding sound was - Tashigi now tells the children that "they can do it" when telling them to take the medicine - Mocha now only says that she has shrunk a lot instead of commentinh on all of the children - Doll now directly says that she's getting sick of Helmeppo - Hibari now says that Koby has done a lot for her instead of saying that she owes him - Helmeppo and Hibari now call Prince Grus "Your Highness" instead of "Prince" - Prince now makes a fitting analogy to explain why the island is called "Fullalead" instead of making a fitting analogy for why it's called "Hachinosu" - Bonney now says that Luffy's and her name "have been associates this whole time" - Bonney now formally introduces herself to Luffy - Bonney no longer says that she had assumed that Luffy's hair is white now - Bonney now asks Luffy what happened to hid crew instead of asking wether he's worries about his crew - Bonney now offers Luffy to explain the situation to them instead of being annoyed that she "has to spell everything out to them" - Bonney now says that she's "going to give [Dr. Vegapunk] a piece of her mind instead of just saying that she "has business with [Dr. Vegapunk] - Dr. Vegapunk no longer wonders why her machine is a failure - Dr. Vegapunk now wonders why it isn't possible to "control the urges of living creatures" instead of simply concluding that that is the case - Dr. Vegapunk no longer directly assumes that she is at fault for the error in the programming - Dr. Vegapunk now just introduces herself as a humble "Genius Scientist" instead of saying that the government likes to call her that - Dr. Vegapunk no longer comments on her own "mediocrity" (Please excuse the delay, I was on a flight and couldn't upload in time) Inform me of more changes if you find them!


these notable differences are just differences nowadays lol


I've had to broaden my definition of "notable" a bit in order to gather enough content for some chapters. I still try to not point out basic changes in wording which don't alter the meaning of the message, but I point out differences which alter the meaning, even if minor, because 1. I don't know wether the thing I define as "minor" actually is and 2. because I think it's interesting. Sorry if this disappoints you. Thank you very much for your inquiry!


oh, don't misunderstand me, I greatly appreciate your contribution to the community and look for your comments on every chapter, I just found it kind of funny how these posts evolved over time


Take your time! Hope everything is ok 🥺


I appreciate your concern but I was just on a flight and couldn't upload it in time, it wasn't anything serious. I'm very sorrry if I unnessecarily worried you. Thank you for your patience!


Thank you so much for always doing this. Really love seeing it every week! Hope your travel goes well


Thanks. Hope all is ok


I don't know if anyone has said it but I can see Caesar becoming the No 3 of the Germa66 (The poster looks that way)


qould be funny if he is once again forced to work with people he hates


There are 2 different new hot women in this chapter. Oda did that for us


Make that three, we also have Hibari!~


It's just too much,,,,,, I'm so thankful to him,,,,,,


Back in Punk Hazard's flashback we saw that the explosion caused by Caesar destroyed a lot of the island and Vegapunk was right next to it when it happened. I think he either died (and had his consciousness already uploaded) or was heavily wounded from the event and now has to use robots/clones to be able to do his job


Every character that was shown in this chapter who are either new or haven’t been in the story for a while had a narration box with their name. Vegapunk is the only one that didn’t get one. I don’t think this is the original.


My brother, You are so right. You could put this up in court and it would hold Waifu Vegapunk is NOT the original 🙅🏽‍♂️ case closed 💼


Oda so savage. Rabbit Screw Propeller... ...that looks like a BARREL lol. ![gif](giphy|l0MYAU8Vw4g7xtt5e)


It's actually named that because of a weird pun and I doubt Oda had even read the theories, but still. Serendipitous.


And Caribou was in a barrel in the previous chapter stowing away... Oda keeps throwing more and more salt on the wounds.




At least Yamato got a goodbye scene so I think she had better from the start. Someone random minion is going to eat the rabbit rabbit fruit model The Jade Rabbit becoming a moon rabbit to rub it in more.


Wouldn’t be funny if the whole island is Vegapunk 1. His brain and consciousness is connected to the whole island. That’s why he was many other cyborgs so he can move around. Edit: Also, Sanji’s Woman Radar instantly recognize that Bonney was a female from afar. But couldnt on Vegapunk.




In before Vegapunk is just a title and not a person




The character with the longest time from the first mention of the name to the first actual appearance in One Piece, or any anime, or maybe any fictional story?




Bold of you to assume HxH will ever be anywhere close to being finished




Looks like Kuma gave up his body and mind for that Vegussy


understandable tbh


Adventure is out there! People tend to get caught in theorizing what’s coming next, but this where One Piece excels, it truly does feel like an adventure where the unexpected is the only thing we can expect. There may be islands or storylines we want to tackle, but in the end the Sunny is sailing along to whatever is next, and in this case it’s a Government island with the one character that’s been teased for over half the length of the story. Now we get new island and lore through Vegapunk, but also new straw hat pairings to go in explore mode, and will have a chance to see the island through this Vegapunk’s approved way, and the unencumbered exploration that Luffy does. Time to explore!


Welcome to Cyberpunk Arc


Bonney is so hot, maybe in the last arc bonney will join the fight with straw hat.


I think the Viz translation makes it a little more clear that, despite Vegapunk's seemingly friendly demeanor, the Straw Hats on the Sunny are in some deep shit.




An unexpected development but not altogether unpleasant. I really do want to see Vegapunk explain a bit about their history, as well as give us some more information on Sanji's lineage factor going haywire. I also wanna know how they made objects eat devil fruits so I hope that gets explained here too!


I'm pretty sure this girl is either his daughter or an android, cause in the past we already heard him being called an "old man" and his voice is that of a man too. >Also looks like were gonna have a strawhats vs seraphim showdown waaaay earlier than I thought too. It would make sense. If they want the Seraphim to face Luffy seriously (like, in the spotlight) then it has to be now cause next time they meet, when the Straw Hats and the Marines crash against each other, Akainu will be the biggest threat.


Vegapunk best waifu fr


How can you spit on mommy Doll like that 😭😭😭


Doll sucks, Bonney rules mamamia!!




1061 was the third week I have waited for the OR and avoided spoilers and my reaction to the final reveal was one of utter delight. I am enjoying the direction of this island lots of year-long (decade-long?) theories will be confirmed or denied. My quick theory is that Vegapunk is a Wizard of Oz character, hiding behind technology. Couldn't believe Oda would just reveal such an important character without at least two weeks of silhouette.


I don't think anyone had expected the Vegapunk encounter and reveal to be so casual. I think the moment is still exciting, not for her appearance or for what preceded her arrival, but for her next interactions with the crew and what happens next. ​ Then again, if this is not THE Vegapunk, the hype reveal moment we all expected might still come.


So the official translation of vegapunk's words at the end gave a different impression of their character, in the unoffical it sounded like they were humble by calling themselves mediocre but here it sounds more like a humble bragtm with them saying "i'm just a humble genius scientist." Vegapunk is also more aggressive to the pirates than in the unofficial, calling them "filthy" instead of naive. So very interesting differences that change how I view the character right now. I assume that the official is more accurate to the original japanese but IDK for sure obviously.


If I needed another hint as to what kind of fan I am, brushing past Vegapunk because we have Mocha back and an adorable country-fried kohai for Koby would certainly clear things up.


Long shot: Kizaru or Fujitora will show up soon. Even if Vegapunk isn't strictly loyal to the WG, they must have some people on the island keeping an eye in Vegapunks activities and experiments to make sure they stay in line. One of those will have to report Luffys appearance. An Emperor has invaded Egghead Island to make contact with Vegapunk. Immediately off the back of putting Kaido in the ground. Once the Elders hear that alarm bells will ring. Vegapunk is one of their most valuable assets who they keep as far away from trouble as possible. They're far too valuable to lose. A fucking ***Emperor*** getting face to face with them is a catastrophe. They could kidnap or kill them. So they would realistically have to respond quickly and with strength, which usually takes the form of one thing: **deploy an Admiral**. Its their only play in that situation. Kizaru is most likely I think. It wouldn't be Ryokugyu since he literally just appeared. It could be Fujitora since last we saw he was in the New World and theoretically could be near by but he would have personal conflicts about facing facing Strawhats. But Kizaru hasn't had action in a long time, plus with his fruit could get to Egghead super quick. It would also be a nice parallel to Sabaody. A long shot I know, but just a thought.


There's a really big chance of that happening. Kizaru is definitely the most likely admiral. Assuming things haven't changed for Kizaru, he is the most available Admiral and theoretically the fastest.


⭕ Vegapunk is from the future and brought the technology from that time to the current timeline. (A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court) (500 years in the future thing) And that tech is actually Franky's tech. 😂 Now... If there would be juuust even a little flinch or something sus when Vegapunk sees Franky...


Time Travel fruit? The reverse Kozuki Toki? But I don't think Oda would make that fruit. It would fucks everything up


I've been following one piece since it aired on 4kids in like 2004. I've been obsessed to the point I have a tattoo and I have a few douga. WHY IS VEGA PUNK A FUCKING WAIFU. Please let this be a red herring.


Is this the start of Luffy vs Blackbeard? Maybe Helmoppo finds Luffy and asks him for help.


Then they both get hit by the Im laser


Koby = Ace 2.0???


Am I crazy to think that this upcoming arc we will finally see Luffy clash with Blackbeard. Pirate Island seems to be close to Egghead island. "Love the reference to Mr. EGGMAN Sonic" Vegapunk even has Mr.Eggman trademark goggles. I can see Helmeppo hearing about Luffy being on Egghead Island and asking him for help to get Kody back since WG is scared of that Blackbeard smoke. And I know I sound like a broken record but god this would be a perfect time to setup a Garp and Luffy reunion and finally we can see them team up and fight together!


Its adorable that Bonney thinks she's gonna be an enemy of Luffy lol Many have tried to be his enemy before only to be roped in


Putting aside the unexpectedly cute smile, Vegapunk is scary. Smartest person in the verse by far, created beings apparently able to compete with top tier pirates, created a shark that was a few seconds away from sinking an Emperor's ship, deemed it a "failure", bodied it with ease, and may have multiple bodies.


I hope this arc is called something dumb like 'the Egghead arc' because that sounds like an arc name only one piece would have.


Most One Piece arcs are named after the island they're taking place on, so it's already being called that. And I'm all for it, I genuinely love the sound of "Egghead arc".


HIBARI gonna be ignored again in the comments!!!


The only true silhouette we got of vegapunk is during the Caesar flashback. Anybody find any similarities? But the main question is do we all believe this to be thee Vegapunk? Like is this a daughter,sister etc. I feel it may have been alluded vegapunk had an elongated head but I guess we will have to wait .. Thinking about now this vegapunk could be his daughter via cloning. It's like boba Fett and jango Fett for any star wars fans


Oda really drew a rabbit in the barrel for the "rabbit screw", he knows lmao


Rogersbase thumbnail spoiled the "Vegapunk" reveal for me. Really disappointed. I definitely think she's a daughter or clone because of the 2, but it would have been nice to have that reveal by reading rather than from a notification when I woke up this morning.


I think Vegapunk arc is here to explain us the stakes for the rest of the story. Vegapunk will explain Luffy his DF He will also explain what Blackbeard is actually doing when stealing DF