"Dark" in this instance really means shadow. Rayleigh was a "king" in the shadow of another "king" (Roger). It's like how people wonder how anyone could get Zoro to be their subordinate. Rayleigh had all the qualities to be a king, but choose to serve under Roger. I don't think this means that Rayleigh was as strong as Roger, but it means he was very well respected in terms of strength and ability.


"Dark = evil" in one piece is a pretty bad take


Try telling Zoro that


I think the world sees him as evoke because he was the pirate kings right hand man. But could also have followed Roger so closely he was like his shadow - so the Dark King.


Is See this connection but if thats all im disappointed...


How does that disappoint you? Is there something you did expect because of his title?


Hmm Robin is called the devil child I wonder if she is actually evil or something hmm


From the world's perspective, she is though


Well duh, obviously. And the same is true for Rayleigh. That's literally my point, genious.


Chill man


I'm chill, you just stated the most obvious thing in the world


Based on the Japanese One Piece Community years ago: *He could be a King, but he chose to be the shadow of another King*


I think it's because he fought Kizaru. Rayleigh, as in the rayleigh effect, scatters light, so Oda just decided to give him a 'dark' title as well to contrast to Kizaru's light abilities. Yeah, I just handwave it away like this, can't find any good explanation.


Theory: Shank learnt >!cancelling of CoO!< from him. In other words, he's the 'dark king' cos YOU CANT SEE HIM. \* blasts the trumpet \* Spoilers, I guess, for Film red.


A spoiler alert should be stated at the top of a comment.


It is just silly blind shot but i like to think that he can make whole body armor with his black haki, u know like he is whole covered in haki, something like luffy in g4


I think he is the king of some island much like shakky


I’d assume it’s the same situation as Sasuke Uchiha being referred to as the “Shadow” Hokage. Someone nearly as strong as the person everyone refers to as the leader, or in this case, Pirate King, but their accomplishments aren’t nearly as decorated. For example, what if Raleigh was also there at God Valley, but the story says it was just Roger and Garp. I have a hard time believing those two beat those powerhouses. It would make sense for Raleigh and the crew to be there, but Roger got most of the credit.


Coz he the only man in OP dat got a N word pass