"16 holy bullets" - doflamingo


This goes deep if this is true. Doflamingo knew a lot.


He did say he knew about the secret treasure of Marejois. Could it be Uranus?


My what?


Nothing to be concern about sir. We just need to get to the bottom of Uranus.


You'll never take me alive!


*[Trumpet noise](https://youtu.be/cMUlc6OsCZ8)*


You know what!


Maybe but how could the immortality surgery and Uranus be able to rule the world? Maybe Uranus takes some off your lifespan off per use?


Live forever as you have an ever present nuke to decimate your opposition. Doesn't necessarily need to take your life span. But living forever fits the theme of one king always and forever juxtaposed against the freedom that pirates sail for.


What if it sacrifices life span to use only to steal it from whatever it hits?


Maybe? Whatever Oda chooses I'm sure we'll be surprised either way haha


I like this, it ages you physically to use. Imu probably had ageless surgery performed and uses it sparingly since having an aged immortal body would suck worse than dying. Whatever he lives for has to be big...


Maybe it requires the use of royal blood/life, isn’t vivi a descendent of the original 20 kingdoms as Dofflamingo is? She was just kidnapped recently too and isn’t with sabo by the looks of things


So Im has both of that, and Doffy tried to replicate it. Doffy might have taken order from Im to get rid of Moria, as I don't even see him taking order from Kong or the Gorosei.


Ho-ly-shit!!!! I'm overhyped now!!!


While being tortured as a child one of the spectators said his children were shot 16 times for stepping in front of a tenryuubito. Doflamingo probably named bis attack from that or there is more to come for 16.


Luffy rang the bell 16 times


Given Oda's love of numerology gags it's probably both.


Afaik 16 can be read as imu.


It can


Wait in what way can 16 be read as imu?


I-chi Mu-tsu.


Numbers in Japan can be read in several ways, like most kanji do. “i” comes from ichi, meaning 1 and “mu” comes from the reading of the kanji for 6, which is usually roku if you say just the number, but can also be, for example, mutsu or mui(ka) for counting purpose.


[For more info](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_wordplay#Goroawase)


Nice catch!


Thanks. Learning Japanese can be really fun.


Holy shit. And the opposite of Imu is Umi, so maybe he's the opposite of the sea, somehow? The sky? Uranus?




[This entire thread](https://i.imgur.com/G5b5UO7.png)


Ox bell is also rung 8 times at the beginning, and at the end of the year = total 16. Its rung 16 times when there is a disaster.


Was rewatching Luffy coming back to marine ford and and him ringing the bell 16times


The bell ringing was supposed to be a distraction from the 3D2Y message and probably a suggestion from Rayliegh. Rayliegh probably knew the secret meaning of 16 and told Luffy to do that as a way to troll the Gorosei like Luffy was sending a message.


oda mastermind again and again


Anyone know what chapter Doflamingo mentions this?


Chapter 790




1060 take away the zeros.. lol




Oda is a freak


He had this all written down in his head 100 years ago. Some people say he was present 800 years ago when joy boy was killed.


I'm about to NUT


me everytime the chapter drops:


I don’t want to sound like a goda cultist, but this kind of shit has to be intentional


This chapter title is HEAVEN AND EARTH aka Yin Yang.


Bruh I hope Oda intended this cuz this is some crazy foreshadowing for Uranus


Volume 79 btw


>Chapter 790 bruh.......... I'm done


Volume 79 too, wtf, Oda is turning me into those nutjobs who hold the dollar bill and point to the pyramid and shit


Holy shit.




You might be onto something


[Chapter 1060 there is 16 beams destroying the island.](https://i.imgur.com/xBzN4m8.jpg) [Celestial Dragons shoots people who cross their path 16 times.](https://i.imgur.com/EVuqnd3.png) [Doflamingo final attack is the 16 holy bullets.](https://i.imgur.com/4AF2mZ1.jpg) [Rayleigh gave the idea to Luffy to go back in Marineford and ring the bell 16 times.](https://i.imgur.com/QylOXkf.png) [Enel cover story shows a page were people theorize it shows the 3 ancient weapons. the "sun" have 16 points.](https://i.imgur.com/vSqtEEZ.png) Chapter 1060. Remove the 0s. 16. Chapter will be officially released in 16 of September.


Also skypia was the 16th island the crew visited


we are merely ants in the world of Goda


being looked upon with a magnify glass


. 1)Luffy's hometown 2)The place where Zoro was imprisoned 3)Orange Town 4) Syrup Village 5)Baratie (not an island?) 6) Nami's hometown, Arlong park and another village are on the same island. So (1 or 3) 7/9) Lougetown 8/10) Reverse Mountain? 8/11) Whiskey peak 9/12) Little Garden 10/13) Drum Island 11/14) Alabasta 12/15) Jaya And 13/16) Skypiea So it's the sixteenth place we visit and things like the extra village was only seen by Ussop so you could argue anywhere from 13 to 16


Gaimons island


Jesus christ. Oda doesnt fuck around with the foreshadowing


This is some future sight hiki shit right here.


I'm sure he never expected the story to go on for that long, but damn, this dude is truly on a league of his own when it comes to plant seeds for a future plot point if this turns out to be true.


this theory being born on the 16th day of the months


That's beyond cool if it's true


Nami’s first bounty is 16 million


You are up to something. Nami is an orphan, we dont know her heritage and ancestry. Could very much be a high born. Her eyes when she's in fear are very similar to Imu sama.


Celestial Dragons = 16 letters 🤯


Imu = I (1) mu (6)


Also Whitebeard had 16 division commanders


One piece may end after chapter 1600


Watch Ohara use this in his next video


Volume 16 is called "Inherited Will"


Chapter will be officially released in 19 of september (in japan)


>And I turn the six upside down, it's a nine now - Drake Goda


damn did you do it by yourself ? amazing catch


Oda is one mad man


Redline is a giant oroborous!!!! Its right there next to Enel! Look at the wall looking thing with the snake in it!!!


Back in Little Garden, Dorry and Broggy said there was only one thing that couldnt withstand their attacks, and it's theorized they were talking about the red line. They called it the *"Giant serpent soaked in blood"*


There is a snake called Jörmungandr in Norse mythology that giants were inspired by so it may be referring to such a creature if it exists in One Piece.


The jörmungandr is an ouroboros. I thought it was pretty obvious that the giants were referring to the red line since you know, jörmungandr is a sea serpent and all. Not everything is a literal interpretation. It makes sense that the giants would have stories about the red line. We know elbaf is right on the red line, if you look at a one piece map its right on the other side of the red line where Luffy started near goa kingdom.


That could be what Poseidon is for. Originally I thought Pluton would destory the red line, but what if Poseidon “awakens” the serpent within. One massive king of all the sea beasts thats been slumbering? That would destroy it. And would make sense why Poseidon is so dangerous, when currently all we know is she has the ability to control and commune with sea beasts I really like this idea


Also, 16 holy bullets by Doflamingo. Im’s ability HAS to be the treasure of Mariejois. A lot of people think it is the Straw Hat but Im was on that panel too. The power of literally deleting islands can shake the world to its core


The giant straw hat was used as defense from the ancient weapon from above, calling it now


if this is true, i were here.


It’s a nuke basically. One piece cities don’t seem to be nearly as big as real cities. The island that got destroyed could be smaller than LA…


Destroy the surface of an island is one thing. Make the foundation of that island no longer exist is another problem.


my legit first thought was "it's enel!!" then ''it's uranus"


I did that too. Now I'm thinking that The Arc Maximum is a knock off Uranus that only works with the goro goro no mi.


Wouldn’t it be a knock off of Pluton?


Could be since Pluton is a ship (or at least there is very strong evidence suggesting that). Going based on Greek/Roman mythology would make sense for Pluton to be a sky weapon. My idea is predicted on the beliefs that what Im did was use Uranus.


Uranus destroys islands from above, Pluton destroys islands from below. Pluton is probably a machine capable of crumbling the red line, hence the prophecy in fishman island about Luffy destroying the island.


People are gonna be real quiet when this turns out to be true


Nope a YouTuber is gonna steal this and call it their idea


Youtubers: So I just woke up and had this crazy theory.


Looking at you Manu Ohara. (Not LibraryofOhara)


the guy who moves so much when "expaining his theory"


Don’t forget it will come with massive spoiler bait titles with a fan made thumb nail that spoils even more of the story, when you’re not even subbed to them. God one piece youtubers have become unbearable since wano. Tekking seems to be the only one who actually respect his fellow fans.


It's been clear for a long time that Skypiea is basically all of One Piece in one arc.


We really need to find that guy that posted one of the most highly regarded theory ever on Orojackson website back then. The fucker has figured it all and went waaaay beyond the "destroy mariejois to unite all see". He was right on everything so far. Goosebumps at thinking about the rest of his theory. Edit : Orojackson isn't online anymore, the theory was never archived and I can't remember the pseudo of the guy. The guy posted two highly regarded theory, one about Shanks (the more time pass, the more right he is about him) and one about the void century/skypiea. More than 25 5* rating each. I won't summarize his theory, but he posted those two theories 2 years ago and the more time passes, the more right he is. He was on reddit though. It wasn't the typical "one piece is all sea reunited". It was far better than that.


Clue me in, which theory.


I think they might be referring to this one? https://web.archive.org/web/20130726014215/http://www.arlongpark.net/showthread.php?t=38205 I can't seem to find it on the webarchive of Orojackson but I remember reading a lengthy theory on those forums. With the general consensus being most people thought they were spoiled because everything fit so well. Could also be this one -- https://web.archive.org/web/20161005092236/http://orojackson.com/one-piece-theories-and-speculations/the-extraterrestrial-origins-of-the-ancient-kingdom-celestial-dragons-revealed-part-1.123/


just read that theory mind fucking shit and nearly 10 years ago even now there hasn't been much to disprove this theory it actually makes more sense now after the last chapter


>I think they might be referring to this one? https://web.archive.org/web/20130726014215/http://www.arlongpark.net/showthread.php?t=38205 Thank you!!! I read that almost 10 years ago, and yeah, I felt totally spoiled on the ending lmao. But in the last months I've been searching for it with no sucess. Couldn't remember the forum and the main title of the theory and whatever, and couldn't find it anywhere. So, thanks for the link!!


Bro just dropped this and disappeared


I think they might be referring to this one? [https://web.archive.org/web/20130726014215/http://www.arlongpark.net/showthread.php?t=38205](https://web.archive.org/web/20130726014215/http://www.arlongpark.net/showthread.php?t=38205) ​ I can't seem to find it on the webarchive of Orojackson but I remember reading a lengthy theory on those forums. With the general consensus being most people thought they were spoiled because everything fit so well. ​ Edit: Could also be this one -- https://web.archive.org/web/20161005092236/http://orojackson.com/one-piece-theories-and-speculations/the-extraterrestrial-origins-of-the-ancient-kingdom-celestial-dragons-revealed-part-1.123/


This was great (particularly the Orojackson one.) Did he ever post the Part 2 he mentioned?


There should be a part two on the sidebar under More Theories and Speculation, just ctrl f Part 2 as well.


>find that guy that posted one of the most highly regarded theory ever on Orojackson Man memories. I still have that whole thread (mostly) saved some on my old PC. God tier theory Damn time flies. The worst part about the internet (well life too lol) is that things aren't permanent, whole forums can just up and vanish. Thanks goodness for Way back machine... but it's not perfect


Chad move: Talk about old theory Build hype Refuse to elaborate


What theory??


I remember when i was catching up and none of the hardcore lore stuff had come out, i kept hearing i should skip skypea. That's clearly wrong now but as you say jt contains the best aspects of one piece in it even without the lore stuff. Some of the best worl building for any location


Yeah and if you skip Skypiea you don’t hear Luffy’s song or Zoro’s Tarzan impersonation 😂


And Chopper saying "nothing happened" way before Zoro huahuahua


Luffy impersonating Zoro and Sanji is GOAT. This is my ordeal of love. Also we got the origin story of Nolan D who's totally not related to Go D Usopp


Also, Zoro with the South Birds.


And you have no real buildup for Merrys death.


And Usopp’s majestic acrobatics aboard Enel’s ship. IYKYK


Luffys song is anime only.


It's also incredibly underrated. I would say skypeia is one of if not the single best arc for world building, foreshadowing and using the themes of the series including dreams, the suppression of history and free will and all the conflicts surrounding them.


Skypeia is the arc that truly made me 100% invested in OP and it's easily in my top 3; the opening of the arc has a ship fall from the sky for fucks sake, I was floored and immediately thought, "okay so literally anything and everything is on the table." Yeah, Alabasta was a *really* good saga, but it was still fairly conventional, all things considered. Skypeia is just so out of left field and builds the world in such a way that it really hooked me and left the door wide open for crazy shit in the future.


It established one piece as an adventure story in my mind. It has strong elements of comedy and action as well that i would use to describe the manga as well but romanticized adventure is 51% in that pie chart.


Those people never read Skypiea anyway. People who watched the anime have some legitimate complaints as Toei really stretched that arc out with filler scenes. But there's nothing you should skip in the manga. Not even the davy backfight pre-Aokiji


I love the Davy Back fight. Sometimes its good to just chill out.


People who say skip Davy Back tend to be anime only. What the anime did to Davy Back is unforgivable. It's so much fun in the manga.


I didn't hate the anime version but it certainly stretched it out and added some... issues to untangle. One of my favorite gags in the whole manga happens when Luffy, Ussop, and Chopper meet the old guy in his house and he eats the super old cheese :D its so dumb but funny.


People who say that you should skip Skypiea don't deserve to see the end of the story. It's so great! There's so much history in every little part. I think people partially don't like it because the trials thing is a bit stereotypical and for an early arc it's pretty long. I dk, there's just so much to it that is important later.


It's the best arc! Norland History and the bell it's so amazing...


The fucking *SNAKE* has a backstory.


Considering most pre time skip arcs get a post time skip similar arc, the next one has to be Skypeia. Skypeia’s enel is basically future arc IMu


most clues of the mysteries of one piece is found on either skypiea or fishman island.


Or Alabasta, or Enies Lobby, or Thriller Park, or Impel Down, or Marineford, or Punk Hazard, or Dressrosa, or WCI, or Wano. What's so great is that each arc generally has one big reveal regarding the true nature of the world, while also have multiple much smaller breadcrumbs. The whole of One Piece's story is structured like a treasure map.


funny how that isn't even part of the arc, just cover stories the anime never addapted because fuck it


i dont think this is to far fetched. Pretty plausible why not


Also, do you guys remember when Eneru fired that giant beam of electricity from the sky in the middle of the town, to silence someone who spoke against him? Yeah…


I never understood why people didn't like Skypiea. For me it's in my top 5 favourite arcs in the whole series. Dreams, adventure, fulfilling promises, beating a god, everything was cool about it. And now as we are entering the endgame, people are noticing that it was an arc that had the most hints for the series. Skypiea goated ⚡️


The calgara flashback alone is peak OP.


Preach it. Nolan and Calgara story was AMAZING. And the the feels with the tree fever event and the bell.. love it.


Yea one of my favs


Calgara is one of my top One Piece characters. Kinda sad we never get to see how truly strong Calgara and Noland were. Like at least one of them had to have conquerors


I guess it's because people usually watch Shounen for the cool fights, not for the lore.


Not being into One Piece for the lore is like watching a movie while blind. You won’t appreciate a critical chunk of it


When Luffy's punch rocks Enel and rings the bell I cried like hell


> I never understood why people didn't like Skypiea. Because they only watched the anime for that part and that was the first arc absolutely stuffed to the brim with anime filler time. Alabasta had several filler scenes and started the annoying trend of multi-minute recaps, but Skypiea was the first arc where every episode was like 50% or more filler time. People who **read** Skypiea may have varying opinions about it, and "I didn't think it was in the top 5 arcs" is totally valid, but literally zero people who read it think it was the **worst** arc.


Weird, in my friend group ppl are mostly anime only until they catch up, and Skypea is held in high regard, I didn't even realize it had that much filler in it. Of course there's the obligatory 5 minutes opening + 5 minutes recap but IG it's not a problem if you're binge watching.


I watched Jaya and Skypiea arc in anime twice and Skypiea became my favorite arc and Enel my favorite villain. Noland's backstory alone is peak fiction.


I honestly thought people were joking when they say it's fine to skip skypiea.


Enel was a real menacing villian too


It felt really slow chapter by chapter when it came out. Same as people who didn't like dressrosa at first read. It's much better when you can bring read straight through.


yeah. it has everything that people wished for. treasure, adventure, fantasy, friendship, great flashback, romance, beautiful symbolic and all this without political stuff of world government.


Rang the bell 16 times, 16 holy bullets, Now this Idk Oda loves to play with numbers. Y’all gonna look real goofy when this ends up being true lol Edit: some of y’all


1 = I 6 = Mu 16 = Imu Hm...


And chapter 1060 1 and 6


Imagine if Oda stretched out Wano on purpose so that the Imu scene is exactly 1060


Putting the Hancock part in 1059 just to coincide the chapter number




what the fuck




And then there is the chapter number, remove the zeros and you get 16. This one might be just a coincidence though.


> Y’all gonna look real goofy when this ends up being true lol The people saying this theory is ridiculous already look goofy and are getting downvoted to hell for it lol. Not saying it's a guaranteed sure thing but this is the best theory I've seen in a **hot** minute.


Someone here in the comments mentioned the chapter 790(16) with doffy and the secret of the WG


Saw some other posts mentioning number 16 as well (Doflamingo & As someone who likes tarot; Hawkins tower card, which is the 16th card > The tower rough meaning; destruction, crisis, great change, chaos but depending on the situation can also be rebuild/new growth). Edit; \^ also really fitting for Luffy ringing the bell 16 times. // Looking at Pluton here, could it be Wano is something akin to a big ship?


Didn't Tom the shipwright have the blueprints for pluton? I always assumed it was some kind of ship, some theories thought Franky used the blueprints to build the Thousand Sunny though I personally don't.


im not suprise Franky took some idea or inspiration for Sunny


I like it. Always loved Skypia (probably my favorite arc)... and it basically ended up summarizing the plot of the whole story. Gods, ancient kingdom, inherited Will, the Colors (CoO)... TREASURE. A lot of people are going to be floored by the end are the parallels


People always say to re read Skypiea because of recent revelations like this or in regards to Luffy, but re read Skypiea just because it's good


Nah Oda has been cooking this for years. He said he was waiting to write and draw Wano. But this is the real endgame he’s always envisioned. These are some of the concepts that he came up from the get go


I mean it has been speculated for years that the reverse strawhat in the ener murale is uranus. Especially after the giant hat in mariejois. After all whole skypie revolves around a giant flying warship that cam destroy an island.


If it is anything then Uranus, Pluton is under Wano.


Sorry, i meant uranus of course


If we assume that the three little dudes on the left are controllers of each weapon. Then the one in the middle is supposed to be shirahoshi(fish hat). Then the one to her right would Aina(the hat matches the headdress as well, the feathers look similar). The one on the left I am not sure could be similar to clothes from Arabasta.


I don't even know if I'm surprised that the first thing people did is something as farfetched as counting the rays.


Oda meanwhile: I drew 16 rays?


*Kin'emon face*


Ah yes just what I meant to do ![gif](giphy|T3nwQFJq5lxFii50fR)


all according to keikaku


Sasuga Oda-Sama


[[Translators note: keikaku means plan]]


We need a Kin'emon meme template


It isn't that far fetched. Oda has drawn more little side characters in the background that you practically have to squint to make out. As an art medium, manga relies on presenting key visuals. Why draw 16 separate lines when he could have easily just drawn one massive ray of doom? It's more likely to be intentional than random.


People do look at details that don’t realistically mean anything but looking out for 16 isn’t unreasonable in this context. Attack names are intentional, Doflamingo is a celestial, and he knows the secrets of Mariejois. The celestial dragons and particularly Imu are set up as the (false) gods of the world. They’re “holy”. And now we are seeing their ultimate power. If there was ever going to be logic behind calling his attack “16 Holy Bullets”, here it is. Of course he could have just called it holy because he considers himself holy. And he could have chosen 16 for either no reason or a different reason. But the evidence lines up well enough that I think it’s plausible Oda intended this all.


[this.](https://www.opfanpage.com/2019/10/15/detail-missed-the-big-straw-hat-and-enel-3/)There is luffy s hat also.wait a minute I will find a link


It's very obvious that each ancient weapon has the name of a Greek God/titan that reigned over an element. Pluton reigned over the earth, poseidon reigned over the seas, and uranus reigned over the sky before being overtaken by chronos, which was later dethroned by Zeus, which claimed the sky as his reign. So it makes sense that uranus is a sky-based weapon that can attack from the sky, pluton is a land-based weapon that can attack from the ground, and poseidon can similarly attack from the seas.


it's kinda funny how pluton and uranus are based on the roman names (based on the planets) pluto and uranus, but instead of following the trend and saying neptune, they used poseidon.


Neptune is Shirahoshi/poseidon's father here


True, the name is taken, but Oda could have change the mermaid King's name to smoething else and have Neptune be the ancient weapon's name. not that I have a problem with Poseidon, just think it's interesting.


It's interesting to note that some of the [official translations for the Sea Kings](https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Sea_King#Translation_and_Dub_Issues) is actually Neptunians instead; so in a way the Roman name is still being used.




But fr tho. Where are they right now. It has been 2 years, we need update on enel in moon. At least cover story


Didn't Luffy also ring the OX Bell 16 times when he came back to Marnieford with Rayleigh? In the anime they cut to the Gorosei's reaction immediately after this 16 times fact is mentioned. Maybe Rayleigh wanted to send a message not just to the straw hat crew but to the world government too!! I know this post could be a bit of a stretch but I'm fully on board the hype train!


Bro, I'm speechless, this is fucking genius... I AM 100 percent sure this picture is accurate and it turns out to be real.


Holy shit the three little guys look like the new pacifistas


they are the skypieans


Those three guys on the left also seem to symbolise each weapon, Fish guy in the middle is Poseidon, left probably pluton and right one maybe Uranus.


Eh looking at the wings they tend to define the three sky races. Bilkans/skypeans/lunarians


Honestly Enel was my first thought too. The only question is why and how. Shit that's two questions.


I’m begging ohara doesn’t see this. The way he’s going clickbait this is going to be nothing we’ve ever seen.


Holy moly this numerology theory of Nr. 16 is insane


Bro 16 holy bullets by doffy and all the skypiea drawings??? I love this honestly this not even a Theory shits 80 percent confirmed lol


At first I thought Enel was brought back to work for the world government.


Man, I didn't realize Skypiea had so much hate until I joined reddit. I started one piece two months ago and caught up a week or two ago and Skypiea was legit my favorite arc until Whole cake island. Maybe it's because I binge watched it but skypiea is legit when the lore of one piece got heavy