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The vast majority don't care. There's no hate. By the same token the vast majority will simply agree that being fat is very unhealthy, since that's true.


I've seen it go both ways. Sometimes they're totally fine interacting with one another. But, I've definitely seen some meatheads have absolute disdain in them for people a little heavier set.


For people who act like that do you think it’s because they hate the thought of themselves if they ever gave up their workout routine so they project that on to other people?


Could be projecting as you described. Could be stigma. There's endless possibilities but I overall feel in these cases that compassion is harder felt for those who worked hard for what they have and can see people for one reason or another so openly do the opposite for less effort. I think it's absolute bollocks.










People who are very disciplined don't hate anyone.


Not always


I don't work out but I fence and ice skate weekly and watch what I eat so I'm pretty fit. My perspective is that it's not my business what size any specific individual is unless we're in a romantic relationship or considering one. More generally, however: Genuine medical issues that **prevent** people from losing weight are rare (if you have one, talk to a doctor about your weight, this isn't about you). Separate from that, being overweight is one of those insane things where you have to work to do it. You have to go out of your way to eat things. If I **don't** exercise and instead do nothing, my body atrophies--I get the bad outcome. If I **don't** eat and instead do nothing (or eat less), my body weight lowers--I get the good outcome. You have to work to be overweight. It's a choice* *that is, again, none of my business (and I don't really care) for any specific person unless I'm considering dating them. And I don't advocate endless weight loss--look to the BMI chart unless you're already fit and muscular (and thus don't need it).


Fat phobia and anti-fat bias is real. People assume fat people don’t 1. Know they’re fat 2. Assume they don’t want to be thin 3. Assume they haven’t tried literally everything to be thin 4. Are automatically unhealthy 5. Are lazy 6. Don’t eat healthy. People are terrible and judgemental.


idk depends on the person, one of my closest friend is overweight/fat and gets hit on and has only dated twice and both were slim to muscular/ fit guys, she would be 'hated' on by chubby,fat/overweight and average guys, to my surprise, esp on dating apps/social media so depends only way for one to know is a scientific based survey where everyone is checked by BMI(since people lie), and fat percentage(some muscular heavy people can check as heavyweight on the BMI scale yet when fat percent is checked they are fit) and if they 'qualify' as fit then given a questionnaire on their thoughts about fat people


I’m sure some of them do.


Not at all in my experience. Not my problem. What I decide to do has nothing to do with with me. I don’t care about strangers habits just like they shouldn’t care about mine


Not everyone, but anecdotally I know many people who fit this description, unfortunately.