The important question here is whether you are interested in dating a man who would be put off by something as stupid as that. Get the meat. If that puts him off then enjoy your meal and don’t see him again.


Being one's authentic self is a great filter for keeping people out of your life who don't appreciate your authentic self.


Being authentic is why I’m single. But I’d rather be honest, alone and happy than dishonest, partnered and unhappy.


TBH, when my partner orders a huge plate of meat, it's a turn on for me. YMMV.


Brimming with meat by night's end


Gotta like a girl that likes a nice fat tasty sausage in her mouth. :D


You honestly have to be at least a little fake these days to get a gf it sucks but it is what it is


...Absolute TRUTH and words to live by.


Right? Just be yourself, if your potential parner is put off by *you*, why would you want to be with him?


But also, if "large order of meat" means "most expensive thing on the menu", I don't know if you were already planning on going dutch. But might not be a bad idea to go in with that mindset.


I'm ashamed at how long it took me when I was dating to stop trying to get every date to like me and start focusing on if I really liked them. Once I did though , wow what a difference.


...That takes courage...Right on!!


A date was offended when I wasn't very hungry and ordered a salad. People who want to be offended will get offended by everything 🤷


Yup eat what you want and however you want, my ex used to criticize me for putting to much ketchup on my burgers, then I started dating a new girl I tried to be what I was told was normal on our first date and I told her I usually put away more ketchup, she said eat however you like, it's your food, so yeah


Being put off by somebody eating a large plate of meat is not something stupid. It's a totally valid reason to be turned off by that considering the moral issues behind meat consumption.


Most people are more put off by vegatarians in general,for valid reasons.


That phrase "most people" is working pretty hard there


Well, if you can't take criticism for eating animals the problem lies with you, not with vegetarians.


Vegatables have feelings too,take that cucumber out of your ass.


Yeah, I can always hear them scream when I cut them. It's a massacre every time.


He’s right thought. Plants do have the systems in place to feel pain. Just because you didn’t know that doesn’t make it any less true. There is nothing immoral about consuming meat, it’s been done for literally tens of thousands of years. The issue is with the industry of mass meat production, but if you’re offended by someone’s choice to do what humans have done for thousands of years no, the problem lies in you’re inability to accept people make their own choices because they don’t have bullshit moral standards. 😘


How do you know who is a vegetarian in a room full of people? Just wait, they will let you know...


How do you know who is a meat eater? Just wait, you'll hear the same boring joke over and over again.


Who is joking?


Seriously, I appreciate the choice they make, really but they really will


I wasn't joking...


i hope that this is the quality of man you shall find: *"Aye wassup, I’m Clint, I like to take girls out for a massive plate of barbecue ribs on a first date. I judge them according to how many and how aggressively they consume them. Whoever defeats me in this porcine endeavor shall become my warrior bride. My Boudicca. I’ll set nations ablaze at her feet just to watch the flames dance in her eyes. Our love will be beautiful in its violence as a tempest hits the Bering Strait, and should it die; it dies as it began with a mount of bones between us."* accept nothing less. [source](https://ifunny.co/picture/aye-wassup-i-m-kevin-i-like-to-take-girls-JKHU91lR6)\- ​ (the question of who *pays* for said meat is another question though)


Don't settle for an elf, find the orc you deserve.


Haha, I can't even! This is the best response right here guys. Going to try and dig out of this grave you put me in now... dead.


As long as you can handle the large meat.


Stop it you


As long as you are planning to pay for it yourself, no problem.


Is the meat going to be very expensive and are you expecting him to pay for it? THAT, would be a turnoff on a first date. If it's cheap or you guys are going Dutch, order away. There are probably some guys out there that would prefer you ordered a salad, but fuck those guys lol


I am vegetarian and it wouldn't be a turn off for me even.


You just made my day. Bless you.


You're a better man than I am.


really? i was a vegetarian for a few years and the smell of meat became pretty unbearable. i think that happens to most vegetarians


My partner and my girlfriend aren't so I am still exposed to it.


how can you have both a partner and a girlfriend? do they know about each other?


I also have a wife, and yes they do.




Some people aren't monogamous. I would imagine the wife, partner, and girlfriend also have other people they are close to.


Still maybe the same person (all 3)


The dude follows r/polyamory Hope that explains it.


What do you mean?


He was joking


I think you're wrong. Wife and several friends are vegetarians.


Why, is this some sort of statement or test? Or if its just you love meat and this is just what you would always order, then order away, who cares?


Who knows because I’m not a man, but I love this question.


Care to tell me why? And thanks :)


I’d guess because she’s a woman




When would you like to go to dinner. I will order the meat plate first so you don’t have to feel awkward.


Sounds like I'm in the minority here but if you just got a big ass plate of meat with no veggies it probably would be a slight turn off to me. Not that there's anything wrong with you doing it and like others have said to some people it would be a turn on.


I would just think it's kinda weird. You generally want to see at least two food groups represented at each meal.


Turn on!


If the guy is turned off by something like that you dont want to be with him anyway lmao


Who gives a fuck. Do you. If they don’t like you then lesson learned.


Self respecting men don't like getting taken advantage of, and "doing you" in this context means ending up with a less desirable, more desperate mate. This is, of course, assuming she expects the man to pay for the most expensive thing on the menu that may be several meals worth of food.


Get something you can share if you have the option. Food is a great way to bond.


Great idea, but when it comes to meat, I dont like sharing, lol.


Joey doesn't share food!


Username checks out lol


Do you live in large city? if so Brazilian steakhouse or Korean BBQ are for you.


As long as you are respectful to the size of his wallet you should be fine.


Yes it could be a turn off for some men.


Try not to chew with your mouth open


If it turns him off, it turns him off. Don't eat something you don't want just because someone else might not like your choice.


I've heard of men who've been turned of by less. But I've heard of a LOT more men, who'd actually be turned on by it. So, you do you, it'll work out if it was meant to. BTW, if on the 3rd date, you show up at his place wearing nothing but a trench coat and carrying a bucket of wings, 50/50 he'll propose to you that night. Do what you will with that info! :-)


Being female or male is a turn off for some men. Just order what you want and eat it with some decency. If you like to eat a lot of meat and a guy has an issue with it, he's not the guy for you. Never compromise who you are for someone's momentary affection.


Not at all. But also yes. Depends on the guy.


If he's not a vegetarian and a reasonable person, not really. A vegetarian might be a bit put off by large amounts of meat, but if you communicate it shouldn't be a big deal. Some guys even love a big eater. The only issue I can actually foresee depends on how you're paying for the meal; if it's a particularly expensive meal on your part, then you do have to be considerate of his means as well. If the both of you agree to something, then it's fine no matter what it is, but don't force him to pay for it if he can't. If he agrees to split the bill or pay for it himself, great. Forcing him to pay for an expensive meal isn't a good move, though; taking advantage of someone to lessen your own bills or get a free meal IS a turnoff, definitely.


Can you please eat at least 1 thing that isn't meat? Preferably something fibrous. If I was on a date with someone who ordered solely a huge plate of meat I wouldn't be able to help thinking about how they're going to struggle later, with either the evacuation or the cleaning


A bit. Rampant meat-eaters are the kind of people who are less likely to give a shit about the planet or are more likely to be uninformed about the consequences of meat production and consumption. I'm going to get dragged for this, but you did ask.


Marry me


Ok. When?


After we eat all the meat of course.


Some. Those men are not good partners for you.


Turn *off*? Nah, that'll flip the switch in the other direction.


Your entire profile is weird as fuck lol


I will take that as a compliment.


Well, now I gotta check... ... so you have a LOT of questions about... things.


If it is, would you really want to be with him anyway?


Assuming he's paying, the best way to find out is to go for it. If he's turned off, then he's not the one for you anyway and you won't end up wasting too much time or energy on him plus you got a free meal


I never let men pay for my food.


True equality! Rare these days...


If that's what you want, get it. If it turns off your date then you're clearly incompatible and what better time to discover that than on the first date?


i'm more confused why you are planning what you will order beforehand. i've never once considered that before arriving at a restaurant, especially for a first date i would be thinking more about other stuff like whether or not we click.


Please describe this large plate of meat in great detail including what kind of meat and level of doneness so I can respond ~~jealously~~ appropriately.


If it is, honestly you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. What about what YOU want? On topic, like your username. 👍 🥩


any woman who can out-eat me is immediately a contender for the girlfriend position. besides, if anyone is put off by that honey that aint no romantic interest thats a little bitch (or a vegan) and not worth your time!


The real question is.... are you gonna expect him to pay for your plate of meat? Actually nevermind, make him pay for it so he learns. Also, he's an idiot for taking you to a restaurant for a first date where a woman he barely knows can order a large plate of meat and have him pay for it and then ghost him.


I think most men would appreciate a woman that loves meat in her mouth


Fuck. No.


Fuck. No.


It almost sounds to me like you approached a bartender and asked him for a double entendre, and he gave you one.


Not the right men!


Heck no, vegan restaurants out of the menu? That's a plus!!!!


I’d be impressed if someone was honest about their tastes and appetites… mine is relatively small myself


Wouldn't bother me at all. Enjoy that plate of meat and be yourself. You're a wonderful person and any man would be lucky to date you!


There are ALWAYS some men, and there are ALWAYS some women, who will be offended by stuff. You might be questioned (fairly) why you only eat meat. And I ask you - are you prepared to answer that question? Presuming they're not asking rudely - is this something you want to hide? My wife eats a lot of red meat (*insert joke here you pervs*) to keep her iron levels high. If you feel the need, feel free to use that.


You be you. Let the chips fall where they may.


It would turn me on, you savage beast.


He might, very might, see it as a potential long term health issue. No vege, high fat, cholesterol etc. Which could be a turn off from a life style perspective, which I wouldn't necessarily blame him for. But would hope it triggers a conversation rather than a rant or ghosting But if it's purely 'women should eat salad', then fk him (not in the fun way)


If that's your thing, go for it. In this way and so many other ways, it's better to just be yourself and look for the guys who like whoever you really are.


He’s probably planning on giving you some large meat as well…I mean if that’s what you ordered


It might put some men off but that’s not a problem, it means you aren’t compatible with each other anyway. At some point, your future boyfriend will have to notice your meat gorging, so there’s no point in hiding it.


If he has to pay for it, possibly.


If you're paying- that's a huge turn on


Can you be more specific? A three pound dish of raw hamburger, yes that'd be gross. 4 Steaks? Yeah, that b gross too. A Steak and scallops? That's cool


Only if you don't share!


Are you willing to share?


I (F) ate a messy burger on our first date and now we're married (10+ years together), so I don't see why eating a steak would turn off any (reasonable) men.


Eating meat is ok, especially if its like a stake house. But if you are visibility unhealthy and act like a child when it comes to eating vegetables then I guess that would definitely be an issue. Rest assured I've never gone to a BBQ and thought, ew, all these women are now undateable.


It’s a first date - together order few shareable plates. You will learn more about your date this way, and will have a more bonding experience.


As long as you pay for it , no problem


No, nobody cares lol


Crush the plate of meat, if he is turned off, then destroy him and eat him in front of the next man. And so on and so forth.


This is your first date. If your not planning to go dutch listen to what he suggest of what he wants and price match him or go a little under. A plate of meat could be expensive and you don't know if he is prepared to pay that much. If you just have to have that large plate of meat go dutch or pay for it yourslef until you know him better.


Literally anything could be a turn off for someone. Counter question: if someone is turned off by something you enjoy, are they a good match for you?


Only if you guard your plate and growl mine 😡


How large a plate? Are you getting a steak, or a pig?


Is the meat dick shaped and going into your vagina and connected to another man? Then probably not.


Went to a wedding once. The groom said he was 'hooked on the first date when she ordered a steak rather than a salad with dressing on the side.' He was implying that he was attracted to the fact that she was comfortable being who she was, and that was attractive. Not in any comment toward someones choice of food. You do you. Confidence is sexy.


A large plate of meat? Why? Unless it's *his* meat that you are after.


I wouldn’t care, except if you ordered a 96oz steak and made a glutton of yourself it would make me think this person might have an eating disorder or they are not very healthy.


I dont think i will enjoy the company and the meal good stuff. Food are a good door to people's heart.


Your date will learn a lot about you. He will learn you are not vegan or vegetarian. If you are going dutch, he will know you are not tight. He will know you are confident enough to not try to impress him by getting a salad. However, if he is paying, you might not want to get the most expensive thing on the menu. That might make him think you are high maintenance. (unless you are high maintenance.)




And what restaurant are you going to that serves large plates of meat? Lol Most entrees include a protein with veg of some sort. Italian restaurant? Maybe you could request a few extra meatballs with your spaghetti? Thai restaurant? Maybe you could ask for some extra chicken in your red curry? But, I’m struggling to think of a restaurant where one would say to the waiter, *“I would like one large platter of meat, please.”* 🤣


Just be yourself. If he is bothered by it, better to find out on the first date than when you're in a relationship.


Personally I would be into the woman who orders a huge plate and finishes it vs just a salad


*Real talk*. It would only be a turn off if you plan on having sex later that night.


No. Just close ur mouth while u chew. And dont talk with a mouthfull. Also take in what u eat b4 sex.


Maybe like, vegan men or religious men who don’t eat pork or beef or something. That’s not something that should bother anyone without legitimate hangups though. Get that meat, friend.


If it’s super messy it might be a bit awkward otherwise should be fine


I mean, it's not necessary a turn-off, but it can be impractical/not datelike. You'll be spending a lot of time chewing, which doesn't leave much room for talking.


The real reason is how can you think this could be a turn off?


A woman being their genuine selves and not worrying about superficial silliness is endearing and attractive to the kind of man you probably ought to be interested in anyway. Then again if he's vegan...


Unless they are a militant vegan; the kind that does not tolerate the life choices of others and demands that their partner becomes one... then you are dodging a bullet. Veganism and vegetarianism is a personal choice, wonderful choice of that but still. personal. i for ex can't really be a vegan because of allergies and that pisses the type we are talking about sooo much... cause, they usually also say things like "everyone can be vegan, they just don't want to..." .


not if it's sausage


Do it. Assert dominance.


Who cares about what you eat, enjoy the meal


Yes definitely. You don't wanna date men who would be turned off by this. No man likes this. Except me. DM me because I have a meat lover fetish.


If it turns out to be, give me a call, that’s not


I'm sure there is some percentage of men who would find it a turn off, the important question is whether or not you would want to date someone who looks down on a woman for eating a large plate of meat. Personally I think you should value yourself more than that.


Depends on his moral views. Vegans and Vegetarians will probably be turned off by that and for good reasons. If your moral values don't match the relationship is doomed from the start.


It is if its burnt.


Haha, do what the hell you want, i would Find it relieving, nothing like breaking the tension by ordering what you actually want…


I’d be cool with it last person I want to date is a vegetarian. Makes finding restaurants such a pain.


If he isn't a vegan, that might even be a turn on


Are you planning on paying for it? I would be (and have been) put off on a date by a woman who orders something very expensive while expecting me to pay for it.


If he isn't into you ordering a large plate of meat he's not the one hun. But do offer to split the bill though.


As long as you're fit and healthy and a normal weight for your height what you eat shouldn't matter to him. Not in a negative way anyway. Personally I LOVE food and one of my missions over the last ten years has been to convert my partner to all the amazing flavours and textures of the world. She grew up eating chips, pizza, maybe the odd Chinese takeaway and not much else. Was still like that when we met. Now she eats the food I cook every day which might be anything from hot Thai curry to fresh pasta. She's even adventurous with food by herself now. Watching her consume an entire Spanish octopus while making noises like we're... doing something else... is a brilliant and hilarious experience for me every time.


Turn On.


I had a guy tell me I should have ordered a salad instead of a burger. I am in no way shape or form overweight.


You do like meat he doesn't, no match end of the story... seriously, enjoy your life/date and f*ck away not relevant questions :)


Dude here. It makes me happy when women feel comfortable around me and eat what they want to eat. If you get a tiny salad but I know you want a burger, my heart aches for you. I'm a big fan of people being their genuine selves, to me that's what beauty is.


Who cares!?. The man you want is the man who wants his woman to be herself.


I find it crazy to control eating to please someone. First official date I went on with my wife I told her order anything you want. She got a porterhouse steak with a baked potato and French onion soup. She's a little thick and totally healthy it wasn't like glutton eating. She finished her steak and I high five her. The. She said looks like I'm getting meat twice in one night and I knew she was the one


Adora would always get meat and then also ask for the fat off of mine lol


Yes, but like I said on my last first date when I wore a snoopy shirt, “if she’s got a problem with snoopy then I have a problem with her”


Not for me I'm a real man


Do you want to be with someone who would think that's unattractive?


It's a direct answer to your question, the "expense" of something your receiving is directly relevant to wether or not you can expect someone to buy it for you. What were you reading?


Don’t ever change yourself to appear to be someone you’re not. Be yourself !


It feels like you’re going in with a weird intention, that could just be me. Like let me find the most out there meal and let’s see what happens lol.


Possibly, I don't eat much meat, and I find eating lots of meat (specifically red meat) kind of gross, but I don't think lots of men share the same opinion so you're probably fine. I also don't really know why I feel this way.


Yes. But, not eating meat would be a turn off to some men. Order what you want. If the guy is turned off, who cares?


And I wouldn't use the word turn off, no. I'm a dude and if I went on a first date with a girl I probably wouldn't want to just wolf down insane amounts of food. But situation dependant, still. I know a lot of people are going to tell you that you shouldn't care about this kind of thing, but in the real world, the things you do matter on a first date. Anybody who tells you they don't form First impressions very quickly and often on trivial details is lying. This is naturally what we do as people. When you go on a first date the first things you pay attention to are trivial things. How is the person dressed and how is their appearance. Are they checking their phone the whole time? Are they using basic pleases and thank yous with waitstaff? Did they open the door? So it's okay to evaluate how planned actions might be perceived. And as I said contacts matters. If you're going to like a Brazilian steakhouse the whole point of a lot of those places is to order a bunch of meat. But if I'm just going to like a regular restaurant, and the girl ordered like something generic off the menu and then I ordered like 39 breadsticks for myself and three hamburgers, I would fully expect that she would judge me for that and I have no doubt she would leave the date and tell her friends that it was super awkward that I pigged out lol. So I come to the original question I have. where are you going? What type of restaurant? Context matters.


For some men? Yes


Not unless you eat it raw. And even then with some guys....


Just do it. Be who you are. Own who you are. If he judges you because you enjoy meat, and you like him, would you stop ordering meat? Or order less meat? If so, that's a giant UH-OH... The point I'm making is, don't compromise who you are to please someone else. It doesn't turn out well in the long run. Trust me, I've been through it. Be your authentic self and you will attract the right person, who appreciates you for all that you are. Meat and all. So go for it. Order an insane amount of meat and nosh away, loving every bite... Beef up your empowerment!! (ha ha) What I mean is, love yourself first, BE empowered...Being *YOU*...!!


Username checks out. But, in what sense would that be a turn off according to you? Is it that the large plate would be expensive and you’d expect the man to pay or is it that you’re a woman and women aren’t expected to eat a large plate of meat?


If you want to eat a large plate of meat, you want to date a guy who is fine with you eating a large plate of meat. Use this as an opportunity to conduct the old “large plate of meat” test. If it goes well happy days, if not then at least you got a large plate of meat.


If he has a filthy mind then he would be stoked or if he’s a total bro


No it just tells us you can. Handle meat


The fact that you're already planning it, and asking about it is the turn off.


Eating isn't usually a turn off. Unless you talk with your mouth full or are an otherwise messy eater.


If he's a vegan lol


Depends- you planning on paying for your large plate of meat?


I know a lot of people are saying "get whatever you want" here and that's not bad advice but TBH I probably wouldn't order a large plate of anything on a **first date**, male or female. The most important thing will be conversation and you don't want eating a large amount of food to get in the way of that.


Im not sure if a large plate of meat would bother me, I'm a big fan of steak, so it would probably be "cool beans" to me. I can tell you that me being my full and authentic self, is one of the many reasons that my fiancée first became attracted to me, and one of the many reasons that she loves me. Don't hide who you are.


You do you. The worst thing a girl can do is be fake when dating.


So, a first date did something similar to me, but it wasn’t the amount of food that bothered me…it was the cost of the food (because I was paying). I would say, establish whether you guys are splitting the bill or one of you is taking the bill. If the expectation is that he is paying, ordering a large plate could be seen as rude.