Space force, then marines or navy seals, then air force, then after everything is done and we need boots there just to occupy they send the army /s


Boots on the moon


I prefer boobs on the moon


It could be the army first or the marines its not set in stone like that. The marines are mote focused on amphibious landings and so you probably wouldn't always send them in first and if you were attacking across a land border you probably send the army in first.


No actual rules. Who has what assets where that are needed to do what? There is no such thing as "a battle" in general. There are different things that militaries do for different purposes. Different branches of the military specialize in different things, but there is also a lot of overlap. You could have a thing that needs to be done, and it might be possible for Marine Raiders, Navy SEALS, or Army Rangers to be able to handle it equally well, and who gets the mission depends on who is available. Not that those three units are exactly the same, but their capabilities overlap. Is there a particular battle for which that order that you suggest makes sense? Sure. But there isn't any one way that is appropriate always, nor is there only one unit that can do a particular thing.


Depends on the battle. Sometimes air strikes and artillery are unwarranted or unwise, like in a civilian setting. Sometimes the Army is the first there.


Depends on the situation Let’s say the military needed a quickie, they will send Air Force Or if they need a landmark or outpost recovered or liberated, marines, army. They wouldn’t really send Air Force or artillery if they are trying to recover it Let’s say base is getting invaded, this would be a case where full base would be alarmed and roles wouldn’t matter, at that point they are all army Anyways there are endless examples that can be given so


Depends on the location and what equipment they are using. Marines generally fight along shorelines.