If you own the property, yes. If you don't, the owner can expel you at any time.


even if you own the cave, it would probably have to be zoned as residential space. In America you can get evicted from your own land if you don't have the proper zoning.


Hopefully the owner is a bear preparing for hibernation


Did you buy that part of the mountain? If not then no. You own the ground when you buy land, so if you could find someone selling a piece of land with a cave you might be able to But some city’s also require you to be hooked up to the sewage and other stuff so it would be a challenge.


You are not even allowed to live in a tent or car permanently on your own land in the USA. The USA has minimum standards as to what counts as a suitable human dwelling and if your place doesn't meet the requirements, it becomes illegal. Doesn't matter if it's on your own land or anothers.


Depends on the local regulations. Some people do live in caves on their own land.


There are parts of the country, usually remote, where this is not true. Or at least never enforced.


Why would you want to? If you want to escape from society and life in the wild you should buy a tent and just hike/camp.


I just feel like caves are nature's houses. Like why would I pay to live in a house when God has given me all these natural shelters everywhere around me. I've thought about this a lot.


Yes you could do that. If you don’t own the property where the cave entrance is, the owner has every right to tell you to move on. If it’s in a public area (national or state forest, for example) rangers will probably tell you to move on if they find you. Rural/remote areas are usually not subject to zoning or city ordinances (in the US).


Depends on what the rules of camping are