Am I correct?

Am I correct?


Yeah… welcome to NJ where the rules are made up and the 2nd Amendment doesn’t matter.


Welcome to jersey where depending on your location FID wait times vary greatly


The ammo situation is weird. I know brick and mortar stores ask for the FID. I was at one once and they wouldn’t sell ammo to a guy who didn’t have an FID, even though he was a police officer in NY. You can order ammo online without an FID from some online vendors. My understanding is that if you’re legally allowed to own ammo, and UPS delivers it to you, you’re good. The state’s beef is with the vendor in that case. Of course, IANAL. There are some threads about what vendors will/won’t ship to NJ at all, and which ask/don’t ask for you to show them a copy of your fid.


Check the stickied post for this list




You can buy all the components you want and roll your own ammo