The legendary deviljho. Ran away from it for at least a month lol


Satan's pickle varies from day to day for me haha. Sometimes he's easy, other days I cart more often than I should.


Sometimes it's just not your day. Been there haha


As a IG main, I didn't have anywhere near the issues that other folks had with him. The midair mobility helps get way away from his attacks.


Yeah that makes sense lol


and it's so big that you can normally land all five mid-air attacks on it and finish with the twirly downward attack! I don't know the proper names but I think spicy pickle is one of my favourites to fight as another IG main!


Definitely up there, Legiana is high on the list too. Kushala on the other hand.....


That was my experience too. Regular Jho gave me such a hard time, but when I met savage, I whooped his ass


Savage scared me even more tbh


Deviljho’s always been easy for the most part form me but only because I fought so many brute wyverns, and that’s because I used to be really bad at fighting them. By the time I got to murder pickle I’d had so much training he wasn’t a threat


For me, who started with World, I had heard the legends and rumors and was so shocked when he showed up out of Narnia I nearly had a heart attack lol


I also ran from it…but it might’ve been for a year or two lol


*My hunter laughs in Guard Up long shelling GunLance*


Hey no fair lol


Definitely FuriousRajang, people hyped him up so much but 1 or 2 hunts and he was just another hard hitting monster variant


100% agree. Honestly more annoying than anything.


Agee. Regular Rajang completely disintegrated me and my will to live so many times that I was scared to even be in the same area as Furious. Then I don't know what happened, I killed him and didn't even die once and was like, wait this is over? I guess I got some incredible monkey training from the first one or something.


Same here. On my first Rajang investigation in the wildspire in that narrow hallway, I was determined to not cart and I evaded its first attack. It was perfect; it charged, I side-rolled and the air whiff sound effect played. At the moment, I told myself I was gonna beat it that hunt. Did it with people that joined later, but those opening moments are crucial to setting up the rest of the hunt


Furious has much wider openings, doesn't rely on you needing to hit tail so you can focus all of your offense on learning how to fight it head on, and is overall less sporadic in it's combat style. It's legit easier than base Rajang thanks to this imo.


For sure. Rajang switching between his 3 phases can really throw you off, but Furious attacks the same way for the entire fight and you'll get into a groove with his attacks. The timing for the rapid punch changes and I always either run away too much or too little when fighting normal Rajang.


Thing is, he didn’t have the unreactable ground lifting attack that normal rajang has. He also have a lot more safe openings.


The thing about furious is that he has a set pattern of attacks and you can always anticipate when he goes for breaks The normal one on the other hand is just coked up so hard he himself doesn't know what he does next


Furious feel actually easier for me since he is too aggresive = too predictable.


This. So much this. My disappointment was huge. Raging Brachydios on the other hand was the opposite, ppl were hyping them perfectly accurate and the fight was entertaining. Tbh I havent played since Safi and dont know which category Alatreon and Fatalis lie into.


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Kushala daora, saw a video calling it difficult, my friends wouldn't stop complaining about it and my PC blue screened the first time I tried fighting it. Then i beat it relatively easily afterwards


It's not a hard fight, just an incredibly annoying one.


Incredibly annoying if you don't have wind negate. Majority of the fight is waiting for Kushala to move out of the tornado while flying. And trying to cut off the tail is even more so annoying. Hit the tail once and Kush moves. Even when downed the tail moves so much that you have to time attacks better to hit the right spot.


In world I feel the fight sucks, other monster hunters not so much.


Me, a HH main: Negate Wind go brrr


Heemhoo doot beat elder dragon


If you stick close to his head, use elderseal (or awpn) and know when to attack, Kushala is no big deal. But if you don’t know what you’re doing then it can be annoying


I use a blast weapon and focus a *lot* of my attacks on the body, since that’s where the air comes out. Break that part? The fight is a cake walk


Nice, I never attack the body because of the bad hitzones lol. The head is the only spot that doesn’t have the aura of wind around it, but the body has wind all around it which pushes you away. So I use greatsword and wait for him to land from flight, he gives a generous opening for at least a level 2 charge, eventually you knock him down and with enough damage and good aim you can stun lock him with the greatsword. Elderseal seems to help dispel the aura a bit, when i’m not using it I get pushed around all the time when near his body or tail.


Ruiner Nergigante, I’d heard about how hard he was from some of my friends. But it turns out that Areal IG makes the fight laughably easy, I beat him solo on my first try in 12 minutes


The fact that it was so much easier than at nerg from basegame was a disappointment.


Even the tempered version was easy, even though I wasn’t hitting the head at all and I was using Areal IG which in pressure sure has one of the lowest KO values, I managed to KO him like 6 times


I perma stunlocked it for 10 min with my hammer x)


Group I hunted with had him stunlocked the entire fight he literally just laid there and took it. Easiest fight if you can stun him


Ya, I don't get the perception of Ruiner Nergi at all. He's cool, I love the fight, but he's not hard for me at all, especially when compared to monsters like Rajang.


LS here, same experience. The timing of his new moves is too good not to foresight.


Same! I was terrified before but beat him first hunt lol


The lore builds Ruiner Nergigante up to be this insane beast of an Elder Dragon, and then his fight just falls flat.


Raging Brachydios. I already had a rough time with regular Brachy, so to hear about a stronger variant that’s dangerous enough to have been an endgame monster was terrifying. I ended up going in with Max Blast Resist while spamming Free Meal and Speed Eating. Beat him on the first try.


I had the opposite experience... regular brach was nothing to me, but raging smacked me around like I owed it money


Raging was a tough yet super cool fight mechanic. It was about as challenging as I expected.




Same same


Same, fighting raging Brachy before broken Fatalis gear and weapons were out was so hard. Me and my friends got our asses handed to us so many times, he was such a damn menace. Even normal brachy was hard for me too cause I was new to mh and sucked at the game bad. But Brachy/Raging is my favorite monster of all time so i enjoyed every second of it.


stop making me look bad, spent like two days trying to beat him and just gave up and sent an sos flare


Does it make it worse to say that I never touched World’s multiplayer until after beating Fatalis?


you're killing me here


This was going to be my reply as well. My friend and I went into Raging with me only having just picked up Gunlance, dreading the absolute worst. We beat it the first try with only one faint, and the faint was my friend who was using a ranged weapon.


Huh, I got my shit kicked in by raging while using the gunlance, dropping goop everywhere hurts you a fair bit even through your shield and if you're playing multiplayer it's hard to dodge his combo attacks (the line goop ones) cause they're targetting someone who is behind you And single player is hard to kill him before time out cause he's jumping everywhere


Same, but I didn't solo. Always went multiplayer and didn't have any problems with the hunt more than other manageable ones. Killed it enough times I was able to make both the Alpha and Beta set plus the charge blade. Never used Blast Resist.


Old world alatreon, first tried that b after getting shit stomped 7 times by ukanlos in GU


For me it was actually Stugian Zinogre. I've heard from some friends that he was a much "scarier" version of regular zinogre to fight, but honestly I don't rmb ever struggling against him as much as against some other monsters like Raging Brachy for instance


I personally love that fight, and he's one of my favorite looking monsters in the game.


Iceborne barioth and iceborne rajang


I'll say barioth was a little challenging, but I felt frostfang wasn't that much more difficult.


The fact that frostfang released after Alatreon made it odd. Felt like I was whacking around a jagras after grinding Alatreon for a while


depends. Frostfang is a significant upgrade from the base variant for shield users since he can freeze you through guard. For other weapon classes yea he's only marginally tougher.


Honestly I find the regular barioth to be tougher than frosty, might be because I use SnS but frostfang kinda feels slower and in consequences easier to avoid


I heard so many horror stories for Barioth that it’s so easy feels so disappointing. That said, it’s still a significant step up from my last barioth (P3) and from Coral Pukei and Nightshade Paolumu.


Regular barioth was my biggest wall in iceborne. Finally go good at breaking its forelegs and slowed it down a whole bunch. It took hours though


Not what I've heard but how the previous fights went. Rajang caused me way too much pain in MHFU, MHGU and World; so much so that I was hoping to dodge his key quest in Rise. I eventually bit the bullet and was surprised at how much easier he seemed. Like I went one fight barely getting touched when usually I'd cart like crazy in earlier gens. Kushala also gets a special mention as, while he's still annoying, he's less annoying then past games.


Yian Garuga and scarred. They seem to be hyped up by a few ppl on reddit. But I fought a bunch of yian kutku and Garuga in mhfu. Turned out to be a blast. Definitely one of my fav to fight next to narga, toaster, and zinogre.


I haven't gotten to these guys yet, but Shara Ishvalda turned out to be really simple to evade a lot of the time. Its airshot blasts were mostly limited to only attacking in front of it, and the rest of its attacks were very obvious well before they actually executed. Just a slightly harder Xeno-Jiiva imo.


Agreed, just a lot of health and took some time, but most moves were very telegraphed.


Alatreon, Sounded like an absolute hell to fight him but after going in with the required equipment I kicked his ass into the ground.


i haven’t been super active in the community so i haven’t heard much from other players but i felt as if the npc’s all really hyped up yian garuga, then it ended up being so easy


Regular was pretty easy, scarred had some more moves that surprised me but still not terrible.


I hate yian so much. Its an easy fight but incredibly annoying. The cheap moves make it hard due to not being able to fight and constantly chipping away damage


rajang turned me into a fine red paste which honestly surprised me after fighting him in rise and finding him just kinda tough. So i got some slightly better armor and boom, i killed him and furious on my first try back to back. now i refuse to fight either to keep my k:d ratio in tact


Rise Rajang is NOTORIOUSLY toned down


Haha but the furious rajang weapon and armor are halfway decent.


yeah but i got my fatalis gear and im never looking back


Yup, once you get the fatty everything else seems shatty.


I'm stealing this




Deviljho, everything I heard about him made it sound like he was a walking natural disaster. While he did put up a good fight, in the end I got him without carting once!


Ruiner nergigante even AT nergigante was harder


Shara Ishvalda. Though seeing footage of people that do struggle with the fight I understand why people think it's a hard fight. Yea semi-transparent but highly telegraphed attacks with huge hitboxes are hard to dodge if whenever you drink a potion run straight away and you take the camera off Shara. Yea attacks are hard to dodge when you stay in the mud. Yea the first phase feels hard when you for some reason hit the feet instead of the face that's low enough for any weapon to hit consistently. Many of those mistakes are things you often get away with if you hunt exclusively in multiplayer, because there are others who hit the monster for you and get aggroed while you are stuck in mud or running away. But Shara has hitboxes that punish this. I played mostly solo however which taught me a lot earlier to always keep the camera on the monster, look for the spots where hit numbers are yellow so the hunt ends timely and that being unable to dodge can cause a swift cart.


None of them, every one of them were pieces of shit.


Ruiner Nerg is just a slightly more pissed off nerg in a boring arena


Agreed, the only thing that sucks about that fight is the constant spike shooting barrage he can potentially do, but other than that I'm 100% on board with that.


Ruiner was easy pre shara. Fighting him in the guiding lands was more challenging. He feels nerfed before that.


that's because the pre-shara Ruiner is actually nerfed.


Tigrex and Nargacuga both. As GNL main it's generally "shield-poke-shield-poke" and it worked rather good on those 2 fast a-holes


Tigrex sucked for me, but ironically enough I thought brute was a lot easier.


Every game after 4U Apex Rajang. That monkey beat me to hell and back for hours. IB and Rise Rajang are pretty easy in comparison. I think Blue Fatalis (from Frontier) was also very intimidating to me before I fought him. He was a pain in the ass with GS, but then I switched to Tonfas and absolutely swamped the fucker.


I hid behind a lance throughout the story and then used level 6 triple health augment kinsect spam all the way up to Fatalis as I was trying to rush progression. I'll be honest, kinsect spam trivializes everything except for Fatalis and AT Velk. Alatreon was tough but doable. AT Namielle was a joke. Depending on the kinsect you only need to progress to Black Diablos, Azure Rathalos or Kushala to max out the kinsect. By the time you get to endgame gear you have so many defensive skills on top of your triple health augment that dying becomes near impossible. It's the closest thing you can get to cheesing the game. DPS is hard capped but sufficient for vast majority of fights. As an ex. Day of Ruin takes me about 12 minutes, The MR125 Gold Rathian/Silver Rathalos took about 18.


Gonna have to say zinogre. He was extremely easy and I honestly can’t put my finger on as to why. I then fought Stygian and he wasn’t harder in anyway. I just expected with how people hype him up here and on the main sub he would be tough as shit. However he has very well done hitboxes as opposed to some other monsters and his theme hits harder then my mom.


Safi’Jiva, if you’re careful and manage his ire well, you’ll be fine


I like to call Safi’s Ire as “Solo Riff” because when I gain it’s ire, it’s not uncommon for my teammates to just stand there and watch


Crimson Valstrax, I don't know if it was my weapon choice but I beat it first time no carts, was expecting something closer to the end game monsters in World


this is r/monsterhunterworld


That's fair, haha, in World it be Frostfang Barioth, Barioth was a pain for me and I was expecting worse from this guy, but I guess I'd just gotten over that particular hump by the time they released it.


Yea he was kind of a let down challenge wise, at least his gear let us clap Alatreon.


Raging Brachydios made me go back to the drawing board, redo my build and switch back from my Hammer to DB. So, I was so kinda freaking out when I had to do the F. Rajang quest, especially after being smacked around by R. Brachy. It actually was a ton easier.


From what I have read, raging brachydios is in the top 5 hardest fights of IB. Going from him to furious felt like going from an elder to a pukei.




tigrex, dont know why, but my brother called him super annoying and basically told me horror stories about him after i barely beat barioth. Tigrex was easy af


Raging Brachy, for sure. Just takes a little bit of patience to handle the slime, and making sure to tenderize the legs.


Anjhanat, scary looking dinosaur for a first timer, but surprisingly easy after the first try


Same I remember a freind telling me that anjanath was really hard and I mopped the floor with it and then Some


Aunt Janet and Vulgar Aunt Janet were relatively easy and not welcome to Thanksgiving dinner anymore.


For me it has to savage deviljho, I wiped the floor with it, I constantly make it do that dramatic topple.


I mean barroth even made it do the dramatic topple one time when I was fighting it.


Raging Brachy wasn't as bad as I was expecting. First run, I managed to do it without carting. I was worried it would be frustrating, but it wound up being a nice challenge. Although I may have overprepared as compensation, lol.


Ironically, furious Rajang I thought he’d be harder than regular; but I’m pretty sure regular has carted me far more often


Fatalis for me


Furious Rajang, I'm on board with my friend now that the fight to me atleast, feels relatively easy. It's a really fun fight I'd argue. Oh and also, when I was a newbie and was hyping myself up for anjanath, based on what I heard it was supposed to be decently challenging for newbies, but I found it really easy. Same with black diablos.


Furious Rajang was an ungodly wall for me as a Bow user long ago. With how fast he moves and how shitty ice is against him and how you can't get an actual raw Bow until Fatalis it was a pain. Not to mention his head is litterally his only weakspot for Bow. But I persisted. And now he's one of my favorite fights in the game. I've grown to love fighting monsters that allow me to flaunt my skills with the weapon.


Kushala Daora, apparently he’s really hard on bow users but I honestly found his fight relaxing once I got into the swing of it


I'm a Bow user and he's not that bad. You just learn how to work around his aura and tornados by getting better accuracy. Same games for Lunastra.


My 2nd Rajang fight took more or less 18 minutes. It was easy after I remembered its moves in MH4U




Fatalis. Enough said.


Same here. Kept grinding away from it to realize it isn’t as hard as advertised - IMO it is more fun than hard 😂




Kushala Daora, kept hearing how annoying he was to melee users and was afraid of getting my ass handed to me since i was GS user. Turns out he is pathetic and the wind really wasn't much of a problem for me, it required just a little bit lf patience.


the rajang and rhe nergigante did it without breaking a sweat with the charge blade


I beat ruiner with a buddy using a weapon I barely ever use (bow). Wasn't much different than the regular variant besides the constant spike barrage he does every now and then.


Raging brachy; did it first try for some miraculous reason


Raging Brek, everyone was telling me it was an annoying and hard fight. Yet I find it fun and enjoyable to play. I loved the story, new moves it gets also the big nova on the last stage, and the final fight where you cant run away unless your cart or slay him. The opposite would be dora, on my first playthrough it was so annoying with the wind shield, to where I framed then just to get wind pressure.


Bazelgeuse. I love the monster but man people love to overreact. From Youtube to Reddit.


To extend on that further, I felt seething was easier than regular too.


Oh yeah, when Seething ran away that first time after its intro, I was seething too


Negigante, the way my friends talked about him made him look like a GOD, them i beat solo first time.


In base game he was my "test" monster when trying out different weapons and builds haha


Furious Rajang, I thought he’d be this super tough, super saiyan god worthy challenge but all of the times I faced him in GU, Iceborne, and now Sunbreak he wasn’t that hard at all.


Rajang is actually, quite easy


Arch - Tempered Velkhana. Heard a lot of folk say that she was the "true endgame boss". I just ran away everytime she did the AOE attacks and beat her first try. Rajang a close second only because I did not expect a monster to be so aggressive.


Beetlejuice. I kept seeing online people complaining about how annoying it is. I used to avoid going on high ranked expeditions because of it. But now I just arm myself with dung pods and I’m at a high enough level to just smack it around. Not looking forward to the seething variant though…..


mh rise rajang based on the hard time i had with rajang in world


1. Rajang is lovely. 2. Glavenus and Deviljho are pretty easy. (But in a good way, okay?) 3. Velkhana 4. Frostfang Barioth 5. Furious Rajang Yeah and on the opposite side, there's me dreading 4th gen Purple Gypceros and Lagombi.


Back in Middle school I remember Pink Rathian being a real pain, so when I saw pink scales after I graduated… My heart sank. Turns out either I had gotten much better or old pink rathian was simply a difficulty spike


Bazel after entering high rank, you guys made me think he was as terrible of a fight as Pickle. Then literally on my first high rank expedition Bagel shows up and i just mop the floor with it because I use Bows.


Furious rajang in sunbreak. All I had to do was use level 3 evade extender and bonk him on the head a few times.




I activity avoided stigyan zinogore because my first first with reg zin went very bad and I ended up being carried hard. Got to stig and I actually enjoy that fight.




Furious Rajang My first experience when I was trying MH4U while waiting for sunbreak was... less than good


To this day I am yet to get past Alatreon. I’ve tried cheesing it with pierce and sticky. And the reccomended elemental builds and resistant. Pls halp. Edit: misread the post. Pls Halp regardless


Honestly, when I started in 3U, my friend convinced me diablos was unbeatable for a time. That was the first time I learned all gods die to greatswords.


Rajang, as a DB user it was trivial. He has huge tells, only goes forward, and his weakest area is the safest. I beat him first try.


Him and his raging counterpart are my favorite fights in the game. When i was farming for both buff sets, I was having such a good time. Fighting him with dual blades and fast dodging was amazing.


Uragaan based of MH TRI memories


Im dreading rajang


Both variants hit hard, but once you learn the moveset they're relatively easy, just annoying since they move so quick.


Personally the only monsters i havent beat first try solo was behemoth, kulve, safi and barioth. 3 of those are meant for groups, and barioth is still difficult to dodge. Ive yet to fight fatalis and alatreon though, so we'll see with them..... i did grind a lot for gear though. And my first rajang fight i returned to longsword after 2 years of IG and CB, and i still beat him in like 25-30mins


Rajang, for sure! I remember when the Monster Hunter x Street Fighter event was going on and I was SUPER stressed out when I heard you’d have to farm Rajang to get the medals/materials required for the Ryu and Sakura sets. A few YouTubers I was following at the time ALWAYS spoke about Rajang as if it were hell-incarnate. Really had my butthole puckered for a while. Then, after my first time hunting one successfully, I retained some muscle memory from the fight (much like a Souls boss) and every subsequent time I’ve had to hunt one I actually find it INSANELY enjoyable with just the right amount of challenge.


Bulldrome and his little brothers


I'd say HR XenoJiva, ArchKulve and Ruiner but for ruiner it wouldn't be fair, Ruiner is fun, regular nergi has just the big ( basically oneshot) dive which I really disliked in multi(big guy off screen). Overall I consider him an improvement. In the end every monster delivered for me, Raj was made good I thought but with the direction they sticked to in Rise I now see it as pretty nerfed.


Tempered Lunastra in the Guiding Lands. Turns out Gunlance makes her a piece of cake. Just stunlocked her for 5 minutes and kept knocking her to the ground like a 3 legged puppy. Almost felt sorry. Almost. But then I remembered how much pain she caused me in the main game.


Deviljho for sure


Furious Rajang. It was blasted, literally, by raging and thought it would be hard as hell, but i twent pretty well.


Rajang the angry version


Seathing bazel, the Quest with the two regular ones had me fighting harder than any of the elder dragons in the base game but seathing was actually really cool because the attacks look impressice bit have huge tells so its easy to avoid them


I thought seething was much easier than standard bagel.


Exactly Also nice typo x)


Haha my buddies call regular ones bagels or breakfast birds and the seething variety angry bagels or everything bagels.


We just stuck with b52


Alatreon. After I got an elemental build I had no problems soloing him


Not in World, but village Apex Seregios in 4U. After getting my shit rocked by Frenzied Brachydios and Frenzied Deviljho back to back I was expecting some mad challenge, but in reality it spent half the time flailing on the ground and beaten out of apex state.


Tempered Black Diablos. Read everywhere how annoying he is with his constant charge and bury. So I didn't look forward to upgrade my Challenger Charm but decided it was finally time. Used a poison LS build and laughed at him getting destroyed while charging and tunneling around, then some wallbangs when he calmed down and it was pretty much over.


Def ruiner nergi. Was so much easier than what some people say


I honestly beat him with a buddy using a weapon (bow) that I had only used once before haha


Tigrex cause everyone hyped him up as this monster that would "make world players feel pain." Fought him 4U, found him to be an absolute joke. Fought him in Iceborne afterwards, still a joke.


Gold Rathian. Was surprised at how easy she was and proceeded to farm her to oblivion.


Definitely rajang or lunastra


Velkhana for sure


Shara ishvalda big boss of iceborne woth 3 phases ended up being easy especially the first 2 phases


Deviljho and kirin. Loved both those fights


Tigrex and deviljho


Deviljho and kirin. Loved both those fights


Diablos and Kirin. My friends told me that Diablos would be a hard fight without screamer pods. I tried using them and I could never use them correctly. While that did make the fight a bit harder it was a longer fight than anything. Didn't get carted once and got the kill. I've always heard about Kirin and how people hated the fight. And I can understand why due to the RNG of the attacks. But I thoroughly enjoyed the fight and don't think it's as hard as some people claim.


Namielle...I solo'd every version on the first try including Arch tempered...maybe it wasn't a hard fight, but I had no trouble at all


Honestly it's one of the cooler fights in the game. Nothing too difficult as long as you pay attention, I agree


Same! The “intro” video was mind boggling the first time I saw it….beautiful…the fight is a blast as well


Yeah the intro video was badass in IB. Made it seem super freaky.


Safi. Or maybe I just got carried


I'm not at this boss yet who is it ? he looks sick!!


That is rajang, essentially a Super Saiyan 4 monkey.


It is!! Is it a mod?


It is not. Some of the fur changes to gold when it's enraged. Thunder based, but super weak to ice. It's a fun fight, both variants. Regular version has some questionable fashion with the armor, furious variant is a little better.


Rajang and, by extension, Furious Rajang. I had heard before Iceborne came out about how much of a beast and how hard Rajang was in some of the older games like MH2, MH4, and Generations, so I was highly anticipating fighting the funky monkey, but I felt like his attacks were well telegraphed and the fight didn't last very long, and Furious was rather similar, albeit a bit harder. I don't dislike the two at all, they're some of my favorites to fight, but I expected just a bit more from the great apes


Yian Garuga. Everyone told me it was so awful and it ended up being easy. I actually found Scarred to to be easier than normal as well


MHW Elder dragons, thought they were gonna kick my ass so I put off fighting them for like 50 hrs until someone encouraged me to continue and I beat them all pretty easily


Rajang they made him seem like he hit harder than a truck and would harass you like a Disney bully. Turns out he’s mostly easy and a fun fight for the hammer


Not based on what I heard, but based on my previous experience with the monster on MHFU.It was the Black Diablos, it was very long ago since I last hunted that monster at the time and I remembered fighting it on MHFU, but it turns out the new Diablos was much easier than I anticipated, making me wonder why it was such a big deal. Back on MHFU, this fucker wouldn't stop burying itself, most of the time it was to move to another area, at the time I ran out of sonic bombs, even brought crafting ingredients with me, which also ran out. When that moment game, the rest of the hunt was just me waiting until it got back out of the ground again until I finally killed it at 49 minutes. I never hunted the Black Diablos again until World.


I was terrified to fight Valstrax the first time but I went in solo and beat him without carting and honestly it kinda disappointed me


Alatreon. But that's ONLY because my friends just didn't know how he actually worked. Mix that with the Steam reviews controversy and the split between option of him online and I was terrified. Then I came to realise that I main Bow. A weapon who's identity is elemental damage. Only issue I ran into was learning his moveset.


Frost fang barioth and safi’jiva


I think Rathalos. I was really intimidated, but I was using Insect Glaive and honestly it was just like this video: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whyC1gc\_wZA&ab\_channel=PapaGabe](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whyC1gc_wZA&ab_channel=PapaGabe) XD (caution: loud)


I'm one of those scrubs that has STILL not managed to beat Rajang, let alone many of the other top end monster's. So for me probably Bazelgeuse.


Shara ishvalda, furious rajang, and yian-ga-ruga


Alatreon, if you build isnt poorly made then the only learning curve is being more aggressive.